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In addition, anyone may remove an entry that no longer appears in +hangouts or +dir.

Public hangouts (+hangouts)

Name Description Type Location Resources
Aces and Eights Card Club Casino Gambling, Entertainment Prospect - Harbor
Akkadia Hookah lounge and dispensary Shop Prospect - Downtown
Alpha Sigma Sigma UCP Sorority Chapter House University Prospect - Downtown
Apothecary Gardens Natural Garden Outdoors Prospect - Downtown
Artemis Rhythm and Blues Club Nightclub Prospect - Downtown
Ashes To Ashes Upscale Cigar Lounge Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Atlantis Atlantis Themed Nightclub Nightclub Prospect - Downtown $$ (club) $$$ (lounge)
Baagh Ashram Indian Retreat and Tea Shop Cafe Desert
Bailando Tapas bar, restaurant, Latin dance Cafe, Dining, Nightclub Prospect - Downtown
Bayside Park Public Greenway Outdoors Chula Vista
BBQ_Burgers_&_Brews Restaurant and Tavern Dining Escondido
Belvedere Club Rooftop 20's Jazz Club Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Blakesley's Steakhouse and Bar Upscale Dining Dining, Bar Prospect - Harbor
Blue Ruin Bar and Hookah Lounge Bar Prospect - Harbor
Boardwalk Boardwalk West of Harbor District Outdoors Prospect - Harbor
Body Shots Traditional Strip Club & Bar Bar Prospect - Downtown $
Bourbon And Bedlam New Orleans Style Bar and Lounge Bar Prospect - Harbor
California Belle Riverboat Casino Gambling, Entertainment Prospect - Harbor
Caravelli's Ristorante Italiano Upscale Authentic Italian Dining Dining Prospect - Downtown
Carlton Pines Members only club Prospect - Harbor
Catmosphere Cafe Cat Cafe Dining Prospect - Harbor
Chemtech Stadium Sports Stadium Sports Prospect - Downtown
Chinatown Chinatown Outdoors Prospect - Downtown
Chinatown Market Alley Alley Market Space Shop Prospect - Downtown
Chrome Industrial Club Nightclub Del Mar
Chula Vista Southern Suburb Outdoors Chula Vista
Cirque Nouveau Carnival and Contemporary Circus Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Club 215 Gentleman's Club/Burlesque Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Club Extacy Ecstasy at its finest, Music and dance Nightclub Prospect - Harbor
Cobre Desert National Park Desert Park Outdoors Desert
Comicopalypse A place to come and get your nerd on Entertainment Prospect - Harbor
Coronado Ferry Landing Shopping and Beachfront Park Outdoors Coronado
Coronado Yacht Club Upscale Mooring and Dining Dining Coronado
Cosmic Entertainment Family Fun Center Entertainment Prospect - Harbor
Cuephoria Pool Hall and Arcade Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Curry Corner Indian Restaurant Dining Prospect - Downtown
Cybotrek Cafe After Hours Dining Dining Prospect - Downtown
Dark and Steamy Night Book Cafe Cafe Carlsbad
Detonation Boulevard Instrument Repair and Music Shop Prospect - Downtown
Die Damenhalle (Escondido) Concert Hall Entertainment Escondido
Dilapidated Playground Playground in the bad part of town Outdoors Prospect - Downtown
Donovan's Gentleman's Club Strip Club Nightclub Escondido
Drydock Military base bar Bar Prospect - Harbor
Dusk til Dawn Training Center and Obstacle Course Fitness Carlsbad
Emerald Dragon Sake Bar Shen Neutral Ground Bar Prospect - Downtown
End of Times Laser Tag Arena Entertainment Prospect - Harbor
Eternal Fun Emporium Indoor Waterpark, MiniGolf, Bowling, etc. Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Far Horizons Vietnamese Restaurant Dining Coronado
Fashion Valley Mall Ritzy Shopping Mall Shop Prospect - Downtown
Fifth Third Strip Mall Strip Mall Shop Prospect - Downtown
Gaslamp Square Tourist/Romantic Destination Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
GODF Masonic Lodge GODF Masonic Lodge in Prospect Prospect - Harbor n/a
Granny and Pa's Flea Market Flea Market Shop Prospect - Downtown
Guardian Games RPG Gaming Shop Books Prospect - Downtown
Hagane Sushi Forested, Traditional Sushi Shop Dining Forest
Hotel Coral Essex Beachside Hotel and Spa Health Coronado
Hotel Coral Essex Casino Gaming Hall and Fight Arena Gambling, Sports Coronado
Hotoke No Sake Microbrewery and Bar Bar Prospect - Downtown
Inspired Revolution Fusion Tea and Bath House Dining Prospect - Downtown
Irish Times Pub Irish Pub Bar Foothills
Islamic Center Mosque Religious Prospect - Downtown
Izulu Atmospheric Bar Bar Chula Vista
Jolly Dragon Medieval Irish Inn and Tavern Dining Foothills
Kingfisher Golf Course Golf Course and Country Club Entertainment Prospect - Harbor
Kokuren Kyabakura Japanese Hostess Bar Bar Prospect - Downtown
Lady of the Lake Upscale Celtic Pub Bar Chula Vista
La Amapola Park Neighborhood Park Outdoors Prospect - Harbor
La Puerta Cantina Latin Bar Bar Prospect - Harbor
Lucky Cat Roadhouse Roadhouse Bar Bar Idyllwild
Lucky Dings Pachinko Parlor Backroom Pachinko Gambling Den Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Magic Box Occult and Coffee Shop Shop Prospect - Harbor
Maple Park Urban Park Outdoors Prospect - Downtown
Margaritaville Tourist Bar Bar Prospect - Harbor
Montserrat Recreation Center Gym and library Fitness, Books Prospect - Downtown
Nature Trails Hiking Trails Outdoors Forest
New Horizons Asian Pacific community center Prospect - Downtown
North Beach Beach North of Harbor District Outdoors Prospect - Harbor
North Beach Athletic Park Athletic Park and Gardens Outdoors Prospect - Harbor
Oceanography Dept. Foyer Cafe Campus Cafe Cafe, University Prospect - Downtown
Old Globe Theatre Open Air Theater Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Olympian Diner Cheeseburger Eatery Dining Prospect - Downtown
O'Tolley's Family Restaurant A popular fast food joint Dining Prospect - Harbor
Pequena Colina Agricultural Area Attraction Outdoors Foothills
Pilot Travel Center Last Truck Stop Before Border Imperial Beach
Pink Cinema Asian Theater and Cinema House Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Prospect Botanical Gardens Indoor Gardens and Restaurant Dining Prospect - Harbor
Prospect Roasters Coffee Shop near UC Prospect Cafe Prospect - Downtown
Public and Main Family Restaurant Dining Imperial Beach
Rainbow Rose LGBTQ+ Nightclub Nightclub Chula Vista
Rhapsody Dance Club Nightclub Prospect - Downtown
Rolling Thunder Lanes Bowling Alley Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Royal Cajun Cabaret Dance Revue and Nightclub Nightclub Carlsbad
San Seraph Cop Bar Bar Prospect - Downtown
Sea Breeze Plaza Recreation Center Prospect - Downtown
Shaherazaad's Middle Eastern Restaurant Dining Prospect - Downtown
Silver Creek Lodge Mountain Lodge and Restaurant Dining Idyllwild
Skatepark Skate Park and Shop Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Skyn Strip Club (Fae Friendly) Nightclub Prospect - Downtown
Smoke and Barley Barbecue Restaurant and Microbrews Dining Prospect - Downtown
Stay and Nom! Friendly Vegan Diner Dining Prospect - Downtown
Steamed And Hammered Steampunk Tavern Dining Prospect - Downtown
Styx and Stones Seedy Pool Hall Bar, Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Sunset Thoroughbred Club Horse Racetrack Gambling, Sports Prospect - Harbor
Sunset's View Beach Beach and Cafe Cafe Coronado
Sunset's View Resort Plaza and Entertainment Entertainment Coronado
Sun and Moon Navajo Bar and Restaurant Dining Desert
Surfer's Cove Popular Surfer's Spot Outdoors Prospect - Harbor
Surf Shack Beachfront Eatery Cafe Prospect - Harbor
Tea House Chinese Tea House Cafe Prospect - Downtown
Teatro di Sofferenza BDSM Club Nightclub Escondido
Tech Addiction Tech Store and Cafe Cafe Prospect - Harbor
The Back Door LGBT Bar & Lounge Bar Del Mar
The Crypt Goth/Industrial Club Nightclub Prospect - Downtown
The Flying Tomato Best Comedy Club On Grid Entertainment Prospect - Harbor
The Gardens Gardens/Fancy Restaurant/Club Dining Prospect - Downtown
The Gatsby High End Nightclub Nightclub Prospect - Harbor
The Murder of Crows Rock and Country Bar Bar Prospect - Harbor
The Oasis Casino Native American Casino Gambling, Entertainment Desert
The Shoals Beach South of Harbor District Outdoors Prospect - Harbor
The Sideshow Carnival-Themed Club Nightclub Prospect - Downtown
The Winter Palace Ice Skating & Russian Food Dining Prospect - Downtown
Tiengong Teahouse Hong Kong-style eatery and teahouse Dining Prospect - Downtown
Timeless Tokens Cutting edge video game arcade Entertainment Prospect - Harbor
Tumbleweed Cafe and Bar Bar Bar Imperial Beach
Twilight Lands Asian Club Nightclub Prospect - Downtown
Twisted Toppings Pizza Parlor Dining Prospect - Harbor
UC Prospect University of California, Prospect University Prospect - Downtown
Ukiyo Sushi Sushi and Wine Bar Dining Prospect - Downtown
Under Wraps Warehouse Rave Club Nightclub Prospect - Harbor
Unhallowed Grounds Not your Regular Coffee Lounge and Bakery Cafe Prospect - Downtown
Utahime Karaoke Japanese Style Karaoke Bar and Lounge Bar Prospect - Downtown
Vieux Carre New Orleans Style Dining Dining Prospect - Harbor
Vieux Carre Courtyard Scenic Courtyard Dining Dining Prospect - Harbor
WaffleMania Old Time Breakfast Dining Dining Prospect - Downtown
Washburn Recycling Recycling Plant and Street Hangout Prospect - Downtown
Wicked Worlds Gaming Play Testing Center Entertainment Prospect - Downtown
Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe Pagan Bakery, Books and Apothecary Shop Prospect - Downtown
Wyldman Library UCP Campus Library University Prospect - Downtown
Zhiva Dance Club Nightclub Prospect - Downtown

Places of business (+dir)

Name Description Type Location Resources
7-11 Convenience Store Food Prospect - Downtown
Airport Prospect International Airport Travel Prospect - Under Highway
Alanna's Flower Shop Flowers and Trinkets Shop, Open Late Shop Prospect - Downtown
Angel's Tower Private Condominiums Carlsbad
Argent Photography Studio Photography Studio and Gallery Art Prospect - Downtown
Artists' Guild Public Art Studio and Gallery Art Prospect - Downtown
Atlantis Event Center Party/Event Center Carlsbad
Backcountry Outdoors Well-Kept Outdoor Supply Store Outdoors Prospect - Downtown
Best Start Birth Center Midwife Office Health Forest
Bike-by-Knight Couriers Bike Couriers Delivering in Prospect Prospect - Harbor
Black Dog Customs Motorcycle Repair Shop Automotive Imperial Beach
Black Ridge Building Office Space Office Prospect - Downtown
Black Stag Forge Contemporary Bladesmith Prospect - Downtown
Blessed Isles Jewelry Jewelry Store Jewelry Prospect - Downtown
Blue Skies Financial Financial Consulting Prospect - Downtown $ to $$$$$
Bubba's Pawn and Liquor Pawn and Liquor Shop Pawn Prospect - Downtown
By the Plot Community Gardens, Shop and education Shop Prospect - Downtown
Callahan's Curios Curio Shop Shop Prospect - Downtown
Cementerio De Los Santos Old Spanish Cemetery Cemetery Escondido
Chagas' Pawn and Goods Pawn Shop and Sporting Goods Pawn Prospect - Downtown
Chemist Shop Medical Supplies Shop Health Prospect - Harbor
Classical Museum Art Museum and Wedding Venue Museum Prospect - Downtown
Cleansing Rain Rehab Upscale Rehab Center Shelter Prospect - Harbor
Cliffside Village Shopping Center Strip Mall Shop Prospect - Downtown
Costco Warehouse Grocery Superstore Food, Shop Prospect - Harbor
Council for Lucent Learning New Age Self-Help Cult HQ Prospect - Downtown
CrimeClean Inc. Police Scene Cleanup Services Prospect - Harbor
Daphnne's Hair and Nails Upscale Hair and Nails Salon and Spa Cosmetic Prospect - Downtown
Del Mar Station Beach side train station Travel Del Mar
Dezso Downs and Parlor Race Track and Parlor Sports Idyllwild
Down the Rabbit Hole Medical Marijuana Dispensary Health Prospect - Downtown
Dream's Edge Tasteful Adult Shopping Shop Prospect - Downtown
Dusk til Dawn Dojo Martial arts Studio Fitness Carlsbad
Eirsway Clinic Psychiatry Clinic Health Prospect - Harbor
Emerald Plaza Affluent Commercial Office Skyscraper Office Prospect - Downtown
Enchanted Treasures Oddities Shop Shop Prospect - Downtown
Ericksen and Associates Law Firm, Criminal and Civil Legal Prospect - Downtown
Fabrizio Belotti and Associates Commercial Law Firm Legal Prospect - Downtown
Feather of Maat New Age Bookstore Books Prospect - Downtown
Fellowship of the Paws Pet Shop Animals Prospect - Downtown
Fenghuang House Community Center Prospect - Downtown
First Resort Urgent Care Emergency Room and Urgent Care Health Prospect - Downtown
Five Tribes Confederacy Native American Reservation Desert
Flying Zombie Tattoo Tattoo Parlor Cosmetic Prospect - Downtown
Fortune Plaza Bank and Trust Bank and Office Space Office Escondido
Frost Security Security Firm Security Prospect - Downtown
Fry's Electronics Big-Box Store and Electronics Retailer Shop Prospect - Downtown
Furor Poeticus Cafe and Arts Center Art Prospect - Downtown
Gam Saan - Airstrip Abandoned Airstrip Travel Escondido
Glass House Pawn Brokers Antique/Pawn Shop Shop Prospect - Downtown
Golden State Bank Bank and Office Space Office Prospect - Downtown
Golden Sunset Galleries Upscale Art Gallery and Exhibit Hall Art Prospect - Downtown
Green Bamboo Massage Parlor and Geisha House Health Prospect - Downtown
Green Offices High Tech Eco Friendly Office Building Office Prospect - Downtown
Greyhawk Ranch All Things Equine Animals Foothills
Haitian Refugee Center Community Center Prospect - Harbor
Hands of Hope Mission Mission, Shelter, and Soup Kitchen Shelter Prospect - Downtown
Hidden Wisdom Place of Hidden Eastern Knowledge Shop Prospect - Downtown
Honeyed Happiness Sweets Shop Food Prospect - Harbor $
House of the Rising Sun Seedy 60's Asian Hotel Prospect - Downtown
Hunter's Game Weapon Mods and Shooting Range Sports Forest
Idyllwild Arts Academy Performing Arts School Art Idyllwild
Ink Rituals Tattoo and Body Mod Prospect - Downtown
Iron Rose Art Maker Space Art Prospect - Downtown
Joint Base Prospect Military base Prospect - Harbor
Kitai Sento Japanese Public Bathhouse Health Prospect - Downtown
Kitten Itza Big cat sanctuary Animals Forest
KROG Radio Local Radio Station Prospect - Downtown
Legal Aid Office Low Cost Legal Clinic Legal Prospect - Downtown
Madd Mods Fix-it-Shop Automotive Prospect - Downtown
Made by Hand Hand Crafted Furniture Furniture Prospect - Harbor
Magadon Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Offices and Labs Health Prospect - Harbor
Makani Gym and Youth Center Fitness and Martial Arts Gym Fitness Prospect - Downtown
Marici Buddhist Temple Buddhist/Taoist temple Religious Prospect - Downtown
Masuko Modeling Modeling and talent agency Prospect - Downtown
Mesa Massage Massage Parlor Health Prospect - Downtown
Metal Collective Art Collective Art Prospect - Downtown
Methuselah's Pawn Shop Pawn Shop Pawn Escondido
Miracle Kim's Dry Cleaner Prospect - Downtown
Missionary Baptist Church Baptist Church Religious Prospect - Downtown
Mitsunohana Dojo Bushido/Karate/Aikido Dojo Fitness Prospect - Downtown
Mount Hope Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Prospect - Downtown
Museum of Making Music Musical Instrument Museum Museum Carlsbad
Museum of the Macabre Wax Museum Museum Forest
Natural Creations Interior Decor and Furniture Furniture Prospect - Downtown
New Hope MMA Fighting Gym with an MMA focus Fitness Prospect - Downtown
New Hope Sanctuary Homeless Shelter Shelter Prospect - Downtown
New Transitions Women's Shelter Shelter Prospect - Harbor
Oasis Day Spa Relaxation Day Spa Health Desert
Omega Security Solutions Security Company and PMC Security Prospect - Downtown
On Target Specialty Weapons Shop and Shooting Range Shop Desert
On Wings of Angels Foundation Medical Transportation Foundation Health Prospect - Downtown
Parfumerie Oubli Bespoke Perfumery Cosmetic Prospect - Downtown
Pleasures of the Flesh Butcher Shop/Specialty Meats Food Forest
Po Boys Pawn Pawn Shop and Loans Pawn Tijuana
Point Blank Range Indoor Shooting Range Sports Prospect - Downtown
Port of Prospect Public and Industrial Docks Travel Prospect - Harbor
Prioress of the Rose Convent Religious Idyllwild
Prospect Fire Department Fire Department Civil Prospect - Downtown
Prospect Memorial Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Prospect - Downtown
Prospect Memorial Hospital Hospital Health Prospect - Downtown
Prospect Outdoor Greenmarket Open Air Market with Food Trucks Food Prospect - Downtown
Prospect Police Department Police Department Civil Prospect - Downtown
Prospect Zoo City Zoo and Animal Habitat Animals Prospect - Downtown
Rescue Tower One Lifeguard Station Coronado
Riley Kustoms Motorcycle Chopper Shop and Repair Automotive Prospect - Downtown
Road Rash Motorcycle Repair Motorcycle Repair Automotive Prospect - Under Highway
RosaBlanca Imports Import Car Dealer Automotive Carlsbad
Ryugu-jo Emporium Asian Occult Goods Occult Prospect - Downtown
Sage of Thyme Apothecary Shop Shop Prospect - Harbor
Scalene Gallery and Rare Books Gallery for Rare Books and Art Books Prospect - Harbor
SCIENCE! Museum Art, History, Observatory, Park, Food Museum Prospect - Harbor
Seaside Music Academy Music School Art Prospect - Downtown
Seccombe Restorations Restoration Shop Repair Prospect - Downtown
Semibreve Sound Store Stereo Shop Shop Prospect - Downtown
Serpentine Fire Ballroom and Ballet Dance Studios Fitness Prospect - Downtown
Shadowmoon SFX Studio for Props/Costumes Prospect - Downtown
Shangye Shinsha Japanese Shinto Shrine Religious Prospect - Downtown
Star Investigations LLC Private Investigative Services Prospect - Downtown
St. Martine Catholic Church Inclusive Community Church Religious Prospect - Downtown
St. Steven's Cathedral Catholic Diocese Cathedral Religious Prospect - Downtown
Studio Tora Art Studio and Gallery Art Prospect - Downtown
Sunset Customs Custom Garage Automotive Prospect - Harbor
Tanaris Yoga Studio Yoga Studio Health Escondido
The Lost Art Occult Book Store Occult, Books Prospect - Downtown
The Market Open-Air Food Market Food Prospect - Downtown
The Meat Market Butcher Shop Food Prospect - Harbor
The Pendragon's Dance Modern Sword School Fitness Prospect - Downtown
Thorn Building Office Space Office Prospect - Downtown
Thru the Looking Glass Occult Books and Supplies Occult, Books Prospect - Downtown
Tough as Nails Hardware Store Hardware Store Shop Forest
Trinity Heights Psychiatric Hospital Health Prospect - Downtown
Tropicana Hotel Hotel and Casino Gambling Escondido
Tsubaki Grand Shrine Shinto Religious Shrine Religious Idyllwild
Underhill Funeral Home A funeral home. Allegedly haunted Prospect - Downtown
Velvet Dreams Alternative Clothing Store Shop Prospect - Downtown
Velvet Lion Media Media Company Carlsbad
Versailles Convention Center Exhibit Hall, Outdoor Amphitheater Prospect - Harbor
Walgreens Drug Store Health Prospect - Downtown
Water Willow Moon Bodywork and Shamanic Healing Health Prospect - Downtown
Weeping Fern Apothecary Oriental Apothecary Health Prospect - Harbor
Westwood Community Clinic Community medical services Health Prospect - Downtown
Whispers of Widow Paris Occult Curiosity Shop - Books and Supplies Occult, Books Prospect - Downtown
White Lotus Dojo Martial Arts dojo Fitness Prospect - Downtown
White Wings Antiques Antiques, collectables, and rare items Prospect - Downtown
Wicked Mystic Books Strange Bookstore and Oddities Museum Books, Museum Prospect - Harbor
Wing Kong Exchange Import/Export Warehouse in Chinatown Prospect - Downtown
Wright Field General Aviation Airport Travel Desert
Xi Wangmu Cemetery Historic Chinese Cemetery Cemetery Prospect - Downtown
Zimzala Surf Bin Surf and Skate Shop Sports Prospect - Harbor
Zzyzx Health Resort Abandoned Desert Health Resort Health Desert

Apartments, houses, etc.

See: Living Resources

Businesses with separate wiki pages

Note: Some of these no longer exist in-game. We may eventually get around to moving those to a 'Former Businesses' category.

See also: Business/Miscellaneous