Black Stag Forge

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  • Vesta and Journey signed the place over to Jake at Christmas. Now it's his.
  • Jake He now owns the place and is doing an amazing job.
  • Billy Blacksmith, inventor and assistant.
  • Skully Blacksmith and instructor.
  • Giselle Flameworker/Glassblower/Public Relations


These are people who regularly hang out at the forge.

  • Brooke Tech wiz. Helps make sure our computers are up to date.
  • Halle An excellent teacher. Sign up for one of her classes.
  • Kevin Always around to help!
  • Journey Helps to make sure the facility runs smoothly.

Feel free to add your name here if you'd be considered a regular

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RP Hooks


Need a weapon? You came to the right place. The forge specializes in producing the highest quality metalwork you can find and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ritual Items:

Need a ritual item? No problem. Our staff is happy to help you design whatever you need.

Iron Work:

Aside from weaponry, household and ritual items, the forge manufactures any custom piece you require, quickly. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Flame Work:

Flame work is now being done at the Forge. Glass blown decorations and functional items are now available for purchase or to be made on request.

The Perfect Gift:

Nothing says 'I love you' more than a one of a kind, handcrafted gift. We will help you design the perfect present for any special day; birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, you name it. And remember, Mother's Day is coming! Mention our Mother's Day Special to receive 20% off!

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With such a large space within the old, converted warehouse, it's important to help players keep certain locations familiar in their mind when they pose. To facilitate a consistency in reality (so that everyone knows that the forge is on the -left- side of the warehouse, etc.), there are some maps for people to reference.

Cellar Forge Loft Roof
The Old Cellar
The Forge, Ground Level
The Loft, Second Level
The Roof, Top Level

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Iron and Steel
These items are in a display case on the right-hand wall as you enter the forge.

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Jake keeps a few items on display in an area next to the gallery of stag-related items along the right-hand wall. The weapons are further in along the wall, roughly opposite the forge.

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Some of the glasswork the Forge has produced

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Black Stag Forge

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Location: Corner of Maple and G street


Commercial Forge


Two-story, brick warehouse.
Former bottling company.




Temporarily Giselle




Theoretically, the place is open normal hours, but handwaving of +time is acceptable if you have a reason to.


The forge is listed in +hangouts as a Commercial Forge. There are business hours. It is a hangout, but most of the RP that goes on in there is sphere-specific. We are just about always willing to wave +time for people who would come during normal business hours or who have requested an after-hours appointment. It isn't intended as a place where non-shifters would go to just hang out, however. Please keep this in mind if you want to come by.


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The choice of music heard on the overheads is often eclectic and varied! Herein are some of the tracks our employees (but mostly our manager) insist on playing:


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