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I am descended from WHAT?

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The street in the small Arizona town was hot beneath the blazing sun. That didn't bother Halle so much as the lack of vegetation in the surrounding desert. When the two men approached expressing a desire to speak with her, she was a bit reluctant at first. But eventually relenting, she stepped with them into a nearby diner. The nod of acknowledgement from the waitress to the men went unseen by Halle, as did the woman turning the sign to read "Closed".

Luckily nothing nefarious was planned as they sat with Halle in a booth, having the diner to themselves as they told her a story of men who could turn into wolves, and their descendants. Descendants that they claimed not only included Halle, but that she was a descendant of heroes amongst their people. Though it would seem a fantastical story to believe, actually seeing the men turn into wolves was enough it would convince even the biggest skeptic.

Halle only spent a week with the Sept, learning about the Garou. They argued over what tribe she was descended from, and in the end she chose to move on and continue to California and away from the desert. Now that she is in Prospect, she is finding that other Garou are noticing her heritage. Who knows what stories await?

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Kevin - Won my heart. Love you even while we're apart. I'll see you in 100 years.
Jake - Like my brother. You're family now.
Alessio - a safe haven in a storm
Cari - always a pleasant sight
Galen - how far we've come since singing and dancing, and tree roots
Journey - seems to show wisdom
Nausi - kreeeee!
Phil - still remembered
Yuri - I'd still be wandering town without you

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Halle Kim
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Apparent Age: Early 20s
Race: Kinfolk, Children of Gaia
Occupation: Trades berries and flowers occasionally
Pure Breed: 3
Played By: Ashley Ann Vickers

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RP Hooks
The Forest She's there a lot.
Trading Halle seldom has money, but will trade berries, fruit, and other things.
Give a Grrr for Gaia Join the battle to save the planet.
Music Halle loves music and is herself an excellent singer.
Technologically Inept She's not used to all these fancy gadgets.
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Played By: Ashley Ann Vickers