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Galen grew up in San Francisco. From the time he was very young, he knew his family was odd. He had no clue how odd till he was entering highschool and his parent revealed the family secret to him. They were both kin of the Fianna clan of wolves, and it turned out Galen was kin as well.

That can throw you for a loop but his world was really messed with the next year when he underwent his Chrysalis and his fae nature manifested. Now he has not just one major secret but two, and this one he had to keep from his family as well. He managed to get through high school and into San Francisco university, but the stresses of a triple life were too much and he ended up flunking out. To his parents, this was an embarasssment.

So, when his fae side provided him with a reason to move south to Prospect, he jumped at it. His shamed parents were not resistant to the move, so, with a servant of the family (Giles) to both watch over Galen and keep him from being a further problem, Galen set out to find his own way in Prospect.

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RP Hooks
Student : Starting in January 2013, Galen will be taking theatre classes at the University.

Kinfolk : Galen is kin to the Fianna tribe.

Changeling : He is one and always up for dreaming tinged activities.

Woods : He is searching for something in the woods, want to help or maybe hinder?

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Fullname: Galen Michael Sullivan

Name (Mundane World): Michael Sullivan

Name (Dreaming) : Sir Galen ap Fiona

Sphere : Changeling

Kith : Sidhe

House : Fiona

Tribe : Kinfolk of Fianna

Age : 19

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