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I resign myself to silence.
I will never blow your cover.
- Indigo Girls, "Left Me a Fool"



Fellowships are groups of Kinfolk who work together for a common purpose. Some are exclusive to certain tribes, while others may encourage membership from all tribes. Some are simply small groups of friends in a local area, while others are highly organized and mobile. Some have membership requirements based on both tribe and skill, yet others have open-door policies. The common goal though is to keep the lines of communication among werewolves and Kin strong worldwide.

Source: WW3074 Kinfolk Unsung Heroes pg. #41 - 45

The Black Eagle - An American-based mercenary outfit in the years leading into the Apocalypse, comprised exclusively of human Get of Fenris Kinfolk.

The Gaia Network - Children of Gaia Kinfolk fellowship with the state purpose of keeping track of and organize their tribe.

The Locksmiths - Glasswalker Kinfolk Fellowship and digital network used to track Pentex companies and products. They have a more open policy, as Glass Walkers seek to bring some of the other tribes into the data stream and learn from them such as the Gaia Network.

NAMID (North American Indian Decree) - A Wendigo and Uktena Kinfolk Fellowship that seek to break the harmful cycles found in Native American reservations and the wider Native American community.

The Silvertree Genealogical Society - Silver Fang kinfolk devoted to tracking and archiving the family lines of the tribe and others.

The Sisterhood - Organization of Furies and their Kinfolk who work for the good of the Tribe.

Viatopia - Open to Kinfolk of any tribe, is a sort of "homeland" for Kinfolk in southern Minnesota.

Widdershins - A Celtic folk formed in the 1990s, whose membership and management are Fianna Kinfolk.


Kinfolk can learn Gifts that are Rank 1 for the breed they are kin to at staff discretion.

  • Gnosis: If the gift requires Gnosis and your PC does not have the Gnosis Merit, then you cannot take it.
  • Rage: Any gift that requires Rage is not allowed.
  • See XP Chart for costs.

Kinfolk Only GIfts

These Gifts are ONLY available to Kinfolk PCs.

Dona Nobis Pacem

Source: WW3074 Kinfolk Unsung Heroes pg. #55

Description: The Kinfolk is able to maintain an aura of peace over herself and anyone she touches.

System: The Kinfolk can use this Gift only once per scene, and must expend one Willpower point for the effect to occur. Humans in her immediate vicinity must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 8, to continue any sort of argument or violence. Garou so touched are at +2 difficulty to frenzy. A Unicorn-spirit or a Dove-spirit teaches this gift.


Source: WW3074 Kinfolk Unsung Heroes pg. #55

Description: A Kinfolk uses this Gift to hear the "echoes" of earlier conversation in an empty room.

System: At least five minutes must have passed after a conversation before the Kin can invoke this Gift. He rolls Perception + Empathy (Diff 7) to "hear" what words have been spoken. With one success, he can hear conversations that have occurred within the last hour; with two successes, he can hear the past day's chatter. With three or more successes, he can tune in to a conversation up to a week old. A Dog-spirit or Wolf-spirit teaches this gift.

Eve's Touch

Source: WW3074 Kinfolk Unsung Heroes pg. #55

Description: This gift allows the Kinfolk to soothe the wounds of other humans or animals, through his or her touch.

System: The Kin must roll Intelligence + Medicine, difficulty 6, and touch the wound with his hands. The wound can't be from any source that would normally be considered aggravated. The target's injuries heal one Health Level per two successes. The Kinfolk may attempt this healing only once per person per day; the Gift is taught by a Pelican-spirit.

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