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Information Snapshots

Name: Jackie Hagen
Age: Mid 20s
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 120-130ish
Eyes: Prussian Blue
Hair: Dark Brown, shoulder length and usually pulled back.
Appearance: 3
Notable Merits: Good Old Girl
Played By: Jennie Jacques

Contacts Quotes
  • Leif: Way more reasonable than I would have expected.
  • Reno: Seems decent, for a cowboy.
  • Branton: This guy knows a lot of neat shit, that I do not understand at all.
  • Erin: Seems nice, but also really weird.
  • Lorna: She's cool. It's nice to find another gearhead among the kin.
Story Hooks Notes
  • Is into street racing, using a customized electric Subaru Impreza.
  • Has a criminal record for the above racing.
  • Knows her way around a tool box, can work on cars and fix busted things.
  • Has started helping out at both Madd Mods and Riley's Kustoms, if you need some vehicle care.
  • Jackie moved to Prospect in May of 2022 from the East coast (tri-state area near NYC), driving cross country.
  • She has repeatedly made it clear that she is a messy eater.

RP Logs