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Lorna Otterington
Lorna is a biker from a tiny village in Yorkshire, in the UK. She has the attitude, and the accent, to match. If you can't understand what she is saying, that is definitely your problem, not hers. She was raised as a loyal, and useful, member of her pack. At some point in her childhood, she manifested strange abilities that did not seem to be gifts from Gaia, and when she failed to transform into garou, she was put in a very strange position of being very useful to the pack, but having no clue how her abilities worked. Until Cain turned up. Cain is a dog. Maybe. He looks like a shiloh shepherd, but is vastly larger in size. He is a truly huge animal. He also claims to be a spirit guide, who has turned up to teach her how to use her special abilities. What he gets out of the arrangement is unclear, but he obviously has some sort of motive. Lorna has yet to work out what it might be, but they have become inseperable friends. His name, Cain, is a placeholder. He refuses to reveal his real name, so for now, and possibly always, he is Cain... short for canine.

Some time ago, she took all the money she had saved from her job at the local garage back home, and embarked on an epic road trip accross the USA. She saw many amazing things... and ran out of money when she hit the west coast. She is now working whatever cash in hand jobs she can find to save enough to continue her journey.

Her motorcycle of choice is the 1954 BSA A7SS Shooting Star, with a 1966 Watsonian Grand Prix sidecar, both in metallic mint green. It is a lovingly restored and cared for vehicle.

rp hooks
  • Kinfolk: Always up for some Kinfolk and Garou RP!
  • Mechanic: If you want it fixed - I'm your girl!
  • LBGTQAI+: I'm always keen to get involved!
  • Psychic: Lorna's a psychic, and a powerful one, too!
  • Akio - He's a foxy fella!
  • Branton - We have many interests in common, and strange brains!
  • Cash - Nice bloke, and not averse to a daft wager.
  • Irsa - Den momma, and someone I respect a lot.
  • Marina - I fixed her boat. (This is not a euphemism!)
  • Erin - She's the Boss! Well, my boss, anyway. And a wonderfully generous person.
  • Jackie - Another petrolhead. Sister from another mister!

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Name Lorna Otterington
Occupation Mechanic For Hire
Height 5 ft 8 ins
Weight 130 lbs
Race Homid Kinfolk
Tribe Bone Gawers
Nature Optimist
Demeanor Jester
Appearance ***
Intelligence ****
Perception ****
Jury-rig **
Mechanic ***
Repair ***
Guide ***
Ability Aptitude Computer
Ability Aptitude Mechanic
Good Old Boy
Faint of Heart
Animal Psychics **
Astral Projection **
Channeling ***
Cyberkinesis **
Cyberpathy ***
Mind Shields **
Psychokinesis ****
Psychoportation ***
Telepathy *****