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The scavengers and survivors of the Garou, the Bone Gnawers are seen by the other tribes as little more than mongrels who sift through the waste of mankind. The Bone Gnawers see themselves as underdogs, waiting to triumph against overconfident foes.


Active Bone Gnawers

Tribal Leaders

Name Rite Name Auspice Breed Gender Rank
Irsa Rawlins Hammer-Tooth Theurge Homid Female 4

Gnawers by Auspice


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Tribal Holdings

xxxxxWelcome to the Big Time, baby! The Bone Gnawers of Prospect have done quite well for themselves, establishing a Tribal Colony within the city that's affectionately called The Dead Mall. Mainly because it IS a dead mall. Click the link to visit it's amazingly well done page! The population of the Dead Mall is assumed to fluctuate regularly as 'working bums' leave to make their way through the city on scavenging and pan-handling runs.
xxxxxSafe and guarded, with residential on the second floor and community life on the first floor, it's a perfect place to raise Kinfolk family. The tribe grows fresh food throughout the mall to contribute to a communal kitchen in the Food Court, there's coupon clipping days for mass grocery shopping, the occasional rural hunting for fresh meat, and more often than not some goods that 'fell off a truck'. Alchemists within the tribe provide hygiene products, several stores have been refurbished to supply second hand clothes and furniture, there's even a stocked clinic and a school for anyone that needs it. As a bonus, there's a gym with scavenged and home-made fitness stuff, a full night club and a bar serving alchemical drinks made with booze from an enchanted still! Recycling and scrap can be found outside in the parking lot.
xxxxxDon't worry about the furry monsters, there's a Rage Suppressor set up around the Food Court koi pond that sets Rage difficulties to 9 throughout the entire mall. And don't worry about living rough, electricity is provided by enchanted objects, and there's a bath house with tubs and hot water on the second floor!
xxxxxFor more information or questions on the Dead Mall, see Acacia.

Bone Gnawer NPCs of note

xxxxxAcacia acts as a custodian and "bank" for the Dead Mall. Her duties include keeping the place clean, delivering clean laundry to residences, and keeping the food bowls filled for the local wildlife/spiritlife. She will bank monkey for Kin and Kind (interest free of course) so they can establish savings, and can provide other help with financial matters.

xxxxxBilly Johnson, Rite named Iron Flail, a Rank 5 Homid Ahroun, is the Warder of the Sept of the Enduring Spirit, and lives permanently at the caern with his NPC Guardian pack.

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Source: WW3852 Bone Gnawers Revised p. 43

xxxxxRebellious Bone Gnawers conduct elaborate "street dramas" with their extended families on the streets. Responsible ones join packs, working with other tribes. Within both groups, heroes answer a higher calling. Each month, they volunteer some of their time to help a cause. They may feel a need to help unforunates around them, explore the world, spread culture and knowledge, or muster packs of Garou for war. When Garou of the same tribe believe in the same ideals, the fall into the same camp, working together for the same heroic ideals.

xxxxxSome camp followers are formally initiated and accepted; others fight for a camp's cause for personal beliefs, regardless of whether others accept him. If a camp follower can't find others of his kind, he may ask other Bone Gnawers for assistance. At tribal moots, respected (and infamous) heroes from different camps debate their different points of view. They're always working to recruit Bone Gnawers who belong to packs that are willing to help them, if only temporarily. On the other hand, just as other tribes have elite camps, the Bone Gnawers have a few that are so secretive or illegal that they recruit covertly. Garou who regularly help a camp's followers may also get help in return - Bone Gnawers trade favors as easily as pack rats trade shiny things.

Deserters - The Deserters are a camp that searches for a sanctuary for the Apocalypse. Some seek a second Gaia, others just a place far, far away, but either way, they do not want to stick around for what's about to happen.

Frankweilers - This camp focuses on the protection of museums, libraries and other places of culture within a city.

Hillfolk - The Hillfolk are compromised of rural Bone Gnawers, who have eschewed the life within the city for the wilderness.

Rat Finks - The Garou of this camp are spies and information gatherers, a network of kinfolk and Garou who work low-end jobs that just so happen to give them access to high-end information.

Road Warders - This camp is compromised of nomads who guard the streets and travelways against incursions from the minions of the Wyrm.

The Hood - This camp is dedicated on distributing the wealth from the rich to the poor, provided that the money they provide is used for useful things.

The Swarm - This pack focuses on the war-aspect of rat, concentrating on dirty fighting and exploiting every advantage they get over an enemy. The have specialized in urban terrorism, striking against the Wyrm and instantly disappearing.

One camp is ostracized and banned among the Tribe

The Man-eaters - This camp gains power by breaching the tenet of the Litany that forbids cannibalism of human flesh. They are few today and many of the remaining have allied with the similar Eaters of the Dead camp among the Silent Striders.

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