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Calvin Holden
This gentleman has an odd look to him, firm jawline and prominent cheekbones that might make one think of nobility but the scratchy scruff on his face and along with those seen a bit too much eyes make a solid impression difficult to make. Hair and eyebrows are light brown, with hair that tends to be a mess, shorn tightly to his head on both sides of his head. Generally left unruly up top, but short enough to stay out of his face. Looks good though, like the right amount of avocado on a sandwich. The hands are where this man has collected his experiences, they are etched in scars over his thumbs and the back of his hands. A cocky sort of half smirk tends to keep itself upon his face, to go with a strut like a tomcat who knows he owns the neighborhood.
RP Hooks
  • Scrap Whisperer — He knows about junk. It talks to him, and he talks to it. A lot. Too much.

  • Coffee Snob — Obsessed. So obsessed. Folgers Causes Frenzies.

  • Urban Garou — He is the theurge you wanna talk to if you want to mess around in the city.

  • Juliaxxxxx"This one is mine."
  • Caitxxxxx"Decidedly unhelpful sometimes."
  • Acaciaxxxxx"Thanks for the home. And other things."
  • Burtxxxxx"I appreciate you a ton, dude."
  • Johnny Law "I have no idea what got this one stuck on me, but he calls an unplugged housephone nearly once a damn week!"

Full Name: Calvin Holden
Age: 22
Apparent Age: Twenties
Deed Name: Drinks with Spirits
Race: Garou
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Bone Gnawer