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  • Web Walker - Uktena he may be, but you will find him mostly in the Cities. His allegiance to the Web Walker Camp lands him the title of Urrah, like the Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers.
  • First Nation - A staunch fighter for the civil rights of the First Nation tribes of America. Injustice will never be forgotten or forgiven as long as a blind eye is turned.
  • Occultism & Spiritualism - Born and raised a Pauite comes with beliefs and knowledge of rite and chant. Heal the land and the spirit will follow.
  • The Banebreaker - Being a member of the Sept of Enduring Spirit, Burt is mentored by Banebreaker, the Ritemistress of the Sept. It might not be out of the question that you are referred to her student for some questions.


I am Spider Catcher Shaman of Great Uktena's Children, Son of the Paiute. Called to the lands of my grandfathers to run with the Ghosts of Uktena, bind myself to the city and serve it's sept.


I came to Prospect to learn about how the Urrah manages to survive in such sterile, harsh environments. The Weaver is strong in the cities and yet they forsake the forests for concrete, steel and glass. And it is with the Web Walkers that I have found the reason, the purpose.
I have joined with others, likeminded Garou, and together we have formed the Ghosts of Uktena. I have claimed leadership and I serve as Alpha. Within these walls of steel and concrete, we seek lost magic and forgotten artefacts. In a way, we are a group of highly specialised Monkey Wrenches as we often have to liberate secrets and items found.


Ghosts of Uktena

  • Remi - Collateral Damage, my Packmate.
  • Elliot Walker-Rose - Devil's Advocate, my Packmate.

Burt Whitecloud

Human Tribe:  Pauite
Occupation: Urban Shaman
Ritename: Spider-Catcher
Auspice: Theurge
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Uktena
Camp: Web Walkers
Sept: Sept of Enduring Spirit

Pack: Ghosts of Uktena
Pack Position Alpha
Rank: Athro