2019.03.08:Witches Brew Grand Opening

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2019.03.08:Witches Brew Grand Opening
The Witches Brew has a grand opening celebration
IC Date March 8, 2019
IC Time Evening
Players Akna, Anyu, Bieta, Branton, Bronwyn, Burt, Caerus, Johnathan, Lilian Handover, Marshall, Mikael, Molly, Mora, Paul, Robert, Roger, Thadius, Yaretzi, Valentina
Location The Witches Brew
Spheres All

Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Main Room

       When entering the shop, the door will chime from an old-fashioned little bell set above it. First to assault the senses are the scents within the shop, there are heavy herbal smells along with delicious scents of baked goods. Describing the shop itself, it can be considered broken out into two sections. A front section that is the entirety of the front of the shop houses the cafe portion, and a back section that is split in half with one half devoted to tall bookshelves and a wide-variety of books, while the other half is devoted to a huge herbal and apothecary section that includes needed supplies for the practicing pagan. Separating the front and back sections of the shop is a long, rectangular glass counter for specialty items and checkout. It has a narrow space to enter and exit in order to serve customers and check people out from the cash register that is at this counter. There is a sign that states, 'If you can not find the book you are looking for, please enter your request in the special order book.'
       The front of the store has nooks built against the front windows that are comfortable window seats with piles of cushions for the customers to sit and read, chat or snack comfortably. There are also plush, comfortable seats that have high cushioned arms arranged in cozy triangles around little tables for people to relax and chat. Just to the left beyond the cafe seating is a long glass counter that is displaying a plethora of baked goods, all very interesting and all very delicious. Behind the counter is a barrista that can also offer a multitude of drinks, from coffee, to tea, to water or any non-alcoholic drink. All drinks are delivered in unique cups, no two cups are alike, and they are all porcelein. 
       In the far back of the room, behind the bookshelves and shelves of merchandise are two doors that are always closed. One door has a sign on it that says 'Employees Only', the other door says, 'Private'. At the front of the store, there is a set of double-glass doors on the right hand side that lead into an expansive greenhouse, although the glass windows are often misty due to the moisture of the greenhouse beyond.

Table Filled with different Pastries

       This table is filled with small plates that have samples of all the types of Pastries the shop offers.
       There are Dragon-ssants, a mixture of a dragon in croissant form, that are Black dragons with chocolate accents, White dragons with white chocolate accents, Red dragons with Strawberry accents, and Yellow dragons with Banana accents. In addition to those, there are samples of Medusa Rolls, which are cinnamon rolls with medusa hair, there are Rolled Snake Rolls, which are snakes rolled up, coiled ready to strike and inside is raspbery blood, there are also samples of the signature items, the Tree of Life pies that were made into mini pies, there are the Cthulu mini pies, and finally there are cute little waffle monsters with strawberries and whipped cream. Each item is placed on a single small porcelein dish, and next to the table is a big bin for used dishes to be set. Each dish also has a little fork if it is required.

Table covered with free Gifts

       The table is arranged cutely, with a long black tablecloth with silver embroidery beneath and witchcraft symbols along the edges. On the table are quite a few little jars with pretty ribbons and labels, each of the labels are for some sort of herbal remedy, a few read things like 'Slumber Tea', 'Cold/Flu Reducer', 'Purification Tea', 'Cleansing Tea', 'Energy Tea'. Most of the things on the table are edible. The few things that are not are the small starter plants of Lavender, Mint, Sage and Rosemary. They're in little peat pots that are ready to be planted for anyone who wishes. The other non-edible items are things that are burnt, like different incenses to cleanse the air, purify, send away bad spirits, that type of thing.

Table with Drinks

       The table is arranged cutely, with a long black tablecloth with silver embroidery beneath and witchcraft symbols along the edges. On the table are several huge mason looking jars with spouts at the bottom. Each jar looks like it's infused with different fruit, one looks like it's infused with strawberries, one with kiwis, one with lemon, one with a mixture of mint and raspberries. The large jars have different clear glasses around it, ready for someone to select and fill with their selected drink. To the right, is a large basin that can be filled with the dirty glasses after they are finished.

Anyu smiles at Mora and then Akna, "Hello there! Sorry for the mess, we're preparing for the grand opening!", she says excitedly. Then she says to Mora, "Thanks! Can you put that box by that table up front? It has the samples i want to give out.." Then she goes over to where Mia is and starts to prepare all the pastries on the table for samples.

Mora nods and gets to work "Anyu here is the owner and boss of the store. I am here to look pretty and reach the things on the high shelfs while making sure the green house is up and running."

Robert knocks a bt on the front door, checking to see if it's open just yet, popping his head first when (if?) he finds the door unlocked. "I heard there were goings on going on, am I in the right place?"

Anyu smiles as she looks up and sees Robert. "Oh hello, welcome to the Witches Brew!", she'll say with a bright smile. Grinning, she nods, "Yes, you're a litttle early, we're still setting up, but if you want to come in, you're more than welcome! Have a free pastry.", she offers with a chuckle.

Akna nods and watches the others enter. She doesn't seem to question the tables and party stuff. She just watches.

Mora eaks as she hears a beep from the greenhouse "Cad e an ifreann, ni ag an am seo." the Irish woman says with a bit of anger "I will be right back.

Robert is offered a free pastry, takes a free pastry. "Quite an interesting place you've got. I certainly am enjoying the freah pasty smell." and biting into one, "And taste."

Anyu grins over at Robert and says, "There's drinks too, feel free to partake. Today is a celebration and the Witches Brew will celebrate with all who wish to participate with us." She'll look over at Akna then and smiles, "If you wish food, you may also partake if you wish, please feel free." When Mora curses and heads to the back, she'll grin and then move to the other table, where she pulls stuff out of the boxes, to arrange on that table. It looks like small seedling plants and little jars with ribbons and labels. All looks crafty and all homemade. She'll look at Robert then and smile warmly, "I hope you take a look around, we have a lot to offer.."

Robert does, indeed look around. Especially the apothicary section, checking the various bits on sale, careful to keep pastry fingers from touching anything. "Not a bad selection."

Mora comes out later with a young man by his ear and stops when she sees Anyu "Ms McCoy I cought this as... young man trying to pick the lock to the storage area."meening the private plants. "I will escort him out of the building." The man is scared shitless as he is afrade to insult the amazon redhead.

Anyu pauses and looks up as Mora is escorting someone out. She'll sigh and then shake her head, "Child, you do realize Mora just saved your life?" She'll shake her head and say, "Thanks Mora.." Finishing arranging the table with the gifts and plants, she'll look up at Robert then and smile at him. "Thank you. Here are the free gifts, please feel free to choose an item or two from it ... they are free samples of our wares from the apothecary section of the shop."

Robert leans toward the errant young man.. "Didn't you know that witches can ruin your social life? A well placed wart can really turn off a date."

Burt steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

The man is very scared for him life and does not fight getting kicked out after Mora opens the door for him and lets go of his ear "He could of not opened the door he was using a bobby pin." the Irish woman says as she goes back to setting up he tables around here.

Burt walks in hestitantly pausing after a few steps to look around. He gives off the impression that he's been here before and was looking for new stock. The young man smiles politely as he continues wandering forward.

Anyu offers Robert a grin and says, "I don't give warts, but that's a splendid idea.." her tone is clearly teasing. Winking, she'll then go to the other table, the table with the drinks and begin to set up the glasses there. Mia comes from the back with a few large containers with little spouts at the base, filled with liquids that look fruity. This is obviously meant for the drink table. When Burt enters, the door chimes and Anyu will look up with a grin. "Welcome to the Witches Brew!", she offers warmly.

Robert does take out a phone to jot some notes. "I know a few people that might want to share some info on things that don't grow so well locally. "

Mora looks up as the bell rings "Hey Burt come on in." said like she is a old friend "Would you like a tour of the place?" she asks him

Burt lets shoulder slump a little, relaxing at the sight of a familiar face. "That'd be awesome. I just got some books from this place a couple of day ago. Neat.".

Paul has arrived.

Mora Grins a bit and says "You know close friends dont get discounts." she gives a joking voice. "But come with me to what the beautifull Anyu higherd me to do." she guides them to the greenhouse.

"Yes I met him when he came in earlier.", Anyu will say with a bright smile. She'll move over to the drink station and lift the heavy drinks with a bit of effort, she's obviously weak, like a weakling. Still she doesn't ask for help. She barely makes one to the table to arrange it without spilling. Only 3 more to go! "So, I'm Anyu..", she'll say to Robert with a little huff of breath. "Really good to meet you. I'm the boss witch here.." Burt is given a grin as Mora teases him.

Robert reaches over to help, because, gentleman. "Can good looking men get discounts?"

Paul wanders in after parking the Jeep and looks around for Paul. But the wonderful scents hit his nostrils and they flare. "Wow, it really smells /good/ in here!"

Burt chuckles, "Well I'm not super worried about money. I uh yeah let's see that greenhouse.". He waves at people following Mora.

Robert adds.. "Robert, definately a pleasure."

Mora moves to Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Greenhouse Burt moves to Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Greenhouse

Anyu looks at Robert as he offers to help and says with a bright grin, "Well, Good looking men who HELP me definitely get discounts.", she says with a positivie cheerfulness. When the door chimes again and Paul enters, she'll look over and offer a warm smile to Paul. "welcome to the witches Brew! Come in, help yourself and relax... There are free items on all the tables, take a look around!"

Robert gives Paul a wave once the items are in place. "Well then, good deeds are rewarded."

Paul looks over the free gifts with a grin. "Cool... Alchemy stuff." He helps himself to several and then eyes the pastry table. He also freely helps himself here, and finally moves over to Robert. "Hey, look at this shaped pastry..."

Bieta steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Robert takes a snake roll off Paul's plate while his hands sre full. "Watch this one, or you won't have any pastries left for the other customers."

Anyu actually looks pleased when Paul takes the samples and the pastries. She'll look over at Robert and grin at him. "Well, you did a great deed, what reward would you like? Other than the free pastries and gifts?", she asks cheerfully. "Oh, try one of the drinks? They're delicious, fusions. One is strawberry, one kiwi, one lemon, and one mint raspberry, you can even mix and match!"

Mia, for her part goes and brings the cart back into the kitchen back room area, and then will return to help cater to customers, providing drinks and whatnot.

Thadius steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Anyu adds after the fact, "I can always bake more pastries. Make yourself at home here."

Bieta and Kasia walk in through the door and Bieta says, "Are you sure you want something with a big spider on it after what happened this afternoon?" Kasia laughs and says, "No." She stares at everyone present and waves when Bieta says, "Good day!"

Paul says, "Bobby, I'm willing to pay." He looks at Anya then and grins, "But he's right, Ma'am. I do have a huge appetite. Can't help it."

Robert looks the table over, counting them.. "Yeah, you'll probably need more." and looks up ss the next batch of people walk in, and 'escorts' Paul away from the pastries to work on what he's started.

Lilian steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Anyu looks up as the door chimes and more people enter. She'll declare with a cheerful demeanor, "Welcome to the Witches Brew! Please, partake, and look around, we are an OPEN house to everyone this evening!" Mia also smiles and echoes the Welcome, although she stands near the drinks and food to help offer giving them pastries and drinks. Looking back to Robert and Paul, anyu will grin at them, "Well, today is a party, we are here to celebrate my joy of opening this shop and share the joy with the entire community. So please just feel free to eat, and be merry." She'll chuckle at the mention of getting more pastries. "Don't worry, we have more in the back!"

Bieta and Kasia head over towards the table which is covered with small pastries. With wide eyes and the hint of a smile, Kasia looks at all the delicious and creepy looking creations while her mother speaks softly to her.

Paul frowns at Robert, "BObby, I am not a pig. I am not going to eat up the whole table..." as he is being lead away.

Lilian nods, "Thank you and to be honest was here in the morning and wanted some more sweets." yeah she will go for some pastries and coffee, then looking to some of the people here with mild curiosity as she browses the shop. There is a wink oddly to Robert and Paul.

Robert gives Lilian a grin as they all take their snacks. "They are damn good though. And I just /love/ the dragons."

Anyu smiles cheerfully and looks over at Mia, "Can you go restock the pastry table?" Mia will giggle and then move to the back again with her cart, ready to reload with pastries. Anyu smiles and then looks over at Lilian, "Well I'm glad you came back. This way you can try out all the things, oh and don't forget your free gift! You can take a few that you are interested in of coures..", she says warmly.

Bieta, who is dressed in a simple black dress with a red cashmere cardigan and black pumps looks over at the man whom Robert seems to be leading away. Kasia is staring at him too. Bieta looks at Kasia and says, "Have you decided what you want?" Kasia says, "I would like a chocolate dragon please." Bieta gets Kasia a plate with a chocolate dragon croissant on it and she grabs herself a banana dragon. She walks with Kasia over to the drink table.

Thadius slides in thru the door with the group of people. Scratching his head he appears overwhelmed by the masses. He grabs an apron, the badge of employement, throws it around his head and moves quickly towards the greenhouse. A sheepish expression followed by a cthulu 'high five' sign (imagine wiggling fingers under his chin) towards Anyu, referring to the pastries, is thrown before he races off to the greenhouse.

Lilian grins, "There is a rumor some might even be in town, or are they dinosaurs." with a grin, "I can never tell them apart really." in a light voice making a jest come some sort. "I need some things of interest for the new place...still setting up my place."

Anyu laughs as she watches Thadius race through with his Cthulu greeting. She winks at him and says, "Get yourself a pastry on the way.." Yes, she's even feeding her employees. Looking over at Lilian again, she'll smile, "Either way, a dinosaur or a dragon, I want to see it!" Winking, she'll point to the lavender plants, "Why don't you snag a lavender? Then you can take it home and grow it..."

Robert thinks about it a moment, "If the big lizard breathes fire, it is a dragon."

Bieta grabs glasses for Kasia and herself. After they each choose one of the wonderful fruit drink infusions, Bieta and Kasia take their treats and drinks and start to look for someplace to sit down. Both mother and daughter stare at everyone else in the store.

Thadius picks up a pastry on order from Anyu as he dashes thru. He holds it aloft as though it were a prize. Catching the eye of another npc lady browsing the books, he offers, and reliquishes the pastry 'on the house' before passing thru the doors.

Anyu looks over at Robert and grins at him, "Yeah, true... although aren't there some dragons that breathe water? Or ice? Or other interesting things and not just fire? Chinese mythology has dragons controlling the elements of nature..", she adds with a curious cant of her head, her bright blue eyes sparkling with amusement. Mia comes back with her cart and begins to restock the pastry counter. "Please feel free to wander the store, the greenhouse is also open..."

Paul picks up his dragon pastry, and playfully shakes it at Robert before he bites off its tail.

Robert hmms. "Yes, true enough. But dinosaurs are animals. Dead perhaps, and a favorite of children of all ages, but still.. they just breath air like the rest of us vetebrates."

Lilian nods, "So how is the practice going for you all." as she moves to nibble a pastry and worship her coffee. Speaking of thing the Battle Ship of Feather of Maat still about?"

Bieta and Kasia sit down in the cozy window nook and start eating. Kasia looks at Bieta and says, "Can we go look at the greenhouse!?" Bieta says, "That sounds like it would be fun. Let's finish our snacks and drinks first." Bieta sits down at Cozy Window Nook.

Anyu smiles at Bieta and Kasia, "Don't forget your free gifts on that table over there. There are some wonderful homemade, organic teas there...", she offers. Wandering around, she'll pause near Robert and Paul, giggling as Paul plays with the pastry. "True, unless they're water breathers..", she'll tease, "Dragons that is. But Dinosaurs yes, according to the research they've done, all dinsoaurs breathed air, right? Relatives of birds?"

Robert gives Lilian a grin. "Usually, but I've been running like a headless chicken most days, so I'm not the best person to ask." and glances at Paul when greenhouse is mentioned.

Lilian nods and moves to chilling and listening for now, well and enjoying the place. She is starting to note books and little kick knacks for purchase.

Once Bieta and Kasia finish their treats and drinks, they take their used glasses and plates over to the basin for dirty glasses on the drink table. Kasia follows Bieta in the direction of the green house.

Bieta moves to Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Greenhouse

Yaretzi steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

There is music playing, just loud enough to be heard over light chatter, sounds like it's Lindsey Stirling, something upbeat and fun. Anyu walks over to the middle glass counter and smiles as she watches people moving about and perusing the store. She'll look over at Robert then curiously. "You own a shop?", her tone is curious.

Lilian is sipping her coffee and listening to the people chat and check out the shop. She seems in a good mood from the smile on her face.

Paul has been quiet as he finished off his plate of pastries. He nods to Robert. "I'd sure like to see that greenhouse."

Robert shakes his head a moment. "No, I'm a veternarian, but I do know quite a few of the shopkeepers around, and have certain skills with herbalistic medicine."

Thadius comes in from Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Greenhouse

"Oh! Then you'll really love the greenhouse. We have an exchange going on with another greenhouse here, so ours is getting more full." Anyu says with a bit of pride. She'll smile brightly and then look over at Lilian, "Did you get your free gift?", she'll ask and point to the table of stuff.

Marshall steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Lilian looks over to that table and the little pile of things she is buying for her self that keep gathering at a table. "No I had not thank you, still getting these two books, these two things though."

Thadius dashes back in from the greenhouse with an armfull of lillacs. Passing by Anyu he half-whispers, "Mora says she'll be out in a bit." Before he can get a reply he's off again. Grabbing Mick's help (another employee) he's out the the front of the store to tidy up a mess made by some kid.

Paul says, "I work a lot with plants, especially those of the desert that help with natural healing. And with Bobby at the pet and vet shop.""

Marshall steps inside the witch shop, dressed up but not in his usual conservative attire nor in his grunge wear from earlier. The combination of blue jeans and a nice, dress shirt seems like a mix between the two.

Anyu is leaning against the glass counter in the middle, where the checkout is. She'll grin at Lilian and nod, "Maybe I should get little baskets... that's a good idea! Make it easier for you to carry numerous smaller things." See, she's already getting inspired. As Thadius dashes back out of the greenhouse with his lilacs, she'll smile armly at him and nod, "Thanks hon." Watching him dash away, she'll grin, her eyes sparkling with amusement. Looking to Paul and Robert again, she'll nod, "Oh, if you find any plants we don't have, I'd be willing to purchase a starter from you... we're trying to fill out our greenhouse." When Marshall steps into the shop, she'll lift her gaze and smile warmly, "Hey sweetie, welcome!" Awfully familiar greeting to a customer.

Robert gets a short message and checks his phone, "But.. just got a call, and may need your help on something."

Robert nods to Anyu. "Will keep it in mind, take care, and I hope it goes well." giving Lilian a grin on the way out and into the night.

Robert has left.

Branton steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Lilian is looking over her two book she is going to get, and checking over some other things as well trying to make some decisions on some pretty's.

Marshall, once he spies Anyu in the crowd, walks or slinks over to her through the people to offer her a brief, if still heart-felt hug of congratulations. "This is great..." he smiles at her and looks around at everyone stuffed into the space. He doesn't want to take too much of her time since she's probably being pulled in a dozen directions at once but he does take a moment to reach into his shirt and pulls forth a simple, quartz crystal point of a necklace that she would recognize as one from her stock. It would appear as though the boy has made the leap and converted to a pagan-friendly identity. "I just wanted to say thanks for your help...and your help the other night." Without going into too much detail he just nods his head to her - a silent salute of respect and appreciation.

The shop is filled with customers, and the front is decorated with three tables, one with pastry samples, one with infused drinks and one with gifts. Mia is walking along them keeping them straightened, and Anyu is at the center glass counter where the check out is, leaning against it and smiling as she chats with others. She'll wave to Paul and Robert who have just left. "Thanks for coming!", she'll call out to them. As Marshall gives her a hug, Anyu will smile in delight and give him a hug back. "Thanks hon!", she says cheerfully. "This is definitely a happy celebration!" When he shows her the crystal, her face lights up and she'll smile at him with such warmth, "I am always happy to help, always. And I'm so happy... we need to chat later, when ... well, after the party.", she says with a grin.

Thadius heads out the front door to clean a mess outside, but then he's back inside moments later performing upkeep for today's event. <ooc, I'm heading out but IC, I'd be here just as background noise> Thanks!

Branton makes his way in the front door and steps out of the way, pausing to have a look around before he ventures much further in.

Lilian finally makes some choices, then heads to the counter with her books and pretty's smiling, "All this and so taking a coffee and pastry to go too, cause like good. Free." There's so many different faces in the shop tonight so Marshall's eyes are constantly glancing around to see if he might recognize someone. Anyu's warmth is hard to miss as she hugs him back and gives him the reminder for some later conversation. "Sure thing. I'll find you when you're not so...busy" he looks around the place to accentuate the point. There's something about this bookworm - a resonance that makes his smile, his face or maybe just his presence seem to stand out within the crowd. He's as bright and shiney like a bright penny.

Burt comes in from Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Greenhouse

Burt edges out of the greenhouse with a furitive expression. He looks around eyeing the exit, he waves to the general populace casting one last curious glance at Anyu before leaving.

As Lilian makes her decision, Anyu will chuckle and move behind the counter to check her out. She'll even wrap the books in wax paper with string to make sure they are safe on transport, she cares that much for books. When she's done, they all go in a cloth sack and she'll do the monetary exchange and offer the bag to Lilian, "Here you go. Mia will have your coffee and pastry to go, hope you had a wonderful time and hope to see you again!", she'll say with a bright smile.

Her bright blue eyes look to the door as Branton enters, the bell above the door warning her he's entering, and this causes her to smile, "Welcome to the Witches Brew!", she'll say to him, and her eyes linger on him a bit more, staring just a tad too long. As Burt passes through, she'll break her gaze from Branton and smile warmly at him, "Oh leaving already? Well hope to see you again, take your free gift ok? Or another pastry! and thanks for coming!"

Ayahuasca is a hell of a drug. It's the kind of thing that causes you to spend a day and a half in the desert and when you finally come in, all of your shit has been shifted around. Your good memories have been shoved into the container where you keep the memories of the high school locker room, and all of your sad memories are where your memories of really bad vomiting are supposed to be. It's all messed up in her head, and Yaretzi should probably be really, really thankful that she actually made it into the city with almost no assistance (barring a very nice elderly man on a bench feeding pigeons). She nearly runs into Branton, who she doesn't recognize, and she blinks at him, and looks maybe a little too long at his face (turns her head slightly to one side and then the other) before excusing herself by way of non-verbal gesture-apology. The dark-haired woman then proceeds to wander her way toward the front counter, a furrow gouging itself into her brow, like she's trying really, really hard to remember why she's in this place. She seems to be having a hard time keeping still too---she sort of shuffles from foot to foot on her way to the front counter, head swaying like she's dancing, just a little. It's a book store. With food. And plants. Lots of hats. Eventually small, freshly-tattooed hands hover above the mirrored glass of the display case. Everything in there is delicious. Fuck.

Lilian hands her cash, she has a good amount of it in her wallet, "Thank you and this is really nice place." as she gets refill on the coffee with her purchases, and a pastry, then spotting Branton, "Well well interesing seeing you here."

Burt pauses from his exit to wheel back and grab one of the free gifts. He holds it up appreciatively, "Thanks! Everything looks great! Uh...bye?" and continues his way out.

Burt causes the front door to jingle by stepping back out the front door and onto the street.

Akna has been sitting quietly so far, observing the others present for the opening. An empty coffee cup sits in front of her.

Branton nods and smiles at Anyu when she greets him and again at Yaretzi, not really focusing on the odd looks. He makes his way over to the table of free gifts to have a look.

While Anyu plays the host, Marshall enjoys wandering around the shop and stopping occasionally to help himself to one of the fantastic baked goodies. He doesn't know that many people, yet, but he's doint his best to look for those people that might seem interesting enough to talk to. In the meanwhile, he'll find some interesting points around the shop and go look at them more closely while he has the opportunity.

Burt gets a friendly wave as he leaves and Anyu smiles brightly. Although when Yaretzi enters, Anyu's bright blue eyes will rest on her a bit and then chuckle, pointing at the pastry table, "Take some samples! Be welcome to the Witches Brew! It's a celebration!", she calls out happily. Mia cheers and hands out pastry plates with samples to people going by.

Looking at Lilian, Anyu will smile warmly at her and then say, "Thank you so much. and thank you for coming!" Her gaze slides over to Branton curiously again, lingering on him. "Oh, please pick out a free gift or two, there are some great herbal remedies there, and teas."

Johnathan steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Lilian i heading out with some Books in hand just bought and a coffee, she looks good, slightly tanned as well, then as Johnathan enters she stops, and well is not sure what to say now. She is just well, staring at him.

Marshall moves to Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Greenhouse

Yaretzi is not interesting enough to talk to. If anything she seems moderately overwhelmed by the idea of choosing what kind of brownie she wants. There are so many options. Or no options. She's not even sure about that, and eventually takes one at random, far too still-sort-of-intoxicated to really appreciate the pastries in the way they deserve, because they are all themed and the thing she is now putting almost whole into her mouth is a freaking masterpiece and she doesn't deserve it, but isn't that just life? You don't get what you deserve, you get what you are given. By very nice waitresses. She perks up at the mention of tea, and swivels toward Anyu in a manner that is all about unwasted movement and precision---like a fucking chameleon. "Did you say tea? Do you have tea? Or just leaves?" It's a very important question, and the dark-haired woman seems intensely invested in the answer. She gestures expansively with her tattooed fingers. As if to encompass the whole store---find some tea leaves! Where are they hiding?

Branton nods at Anyu as he looks over the various remedies and comments with a grin "Better living through Alchemy." Then he beckons Yaretzi over to the free gift table "Infusions more than actual Camellia sinensis. Suppose it depends on what you're looking for and what you need it to accomplish. Our if you're looking for something ready to drink that table's over yonder."

Johnathan looks around the store with a smile offering a nod to Mia. He was wearing a victorian jacket over a frilled romantics poets shirt, pair of tight leather pants and sleekly designed combat boots. He offers a nod towards Anyu. "Grand Opening hmm? Seems to be going quite well." His eyes pass over Lilian and offers a nod to her along with a soft smile. He wanders over to the pasteries picking up a medusa roll since he had yet to try one of those. Lilian moves closer to him, "You look really good Johnathan, finding your place here, allot happened on my journey." with a softer sort of sad smile. The nod well...

Akna watches Anyu do her thing. She's the only person here so far that Akhna knows since Mora left. She does give a glance at the dessert table but doesn't make any move towards it yet.

At the eager question from Yaretzi, Anyu will lift her bright blue gaze to meet hers and give her a rather wicked grin. "Why yes, we have tea, lots and lots of tea. Fresh, dried, mixed, not mixed... you can even order it at the cafe. You want tea? We got it." Winking, she'll look to Branton then and her eyes sparkle with mischief, "Why yes, although my alchemy is quite organic and fresh, no chemicals here!" Another wink, and she adds, "If you don't want the free food that is offered, you may also order, Mia is here to assist..", she'll gesture to the pink-haired bubblegoth. As Johnathan enters, Anyu will offer him a bright smile, "Hey sweetie! LOVE the dresses!! They look awesome!!" She'll point at Mia and say, 'Mia, swirl for him!" Which mia obediently does, good slave.

"Both." Says Yaretzi in a tone of voice that suggests that she had decided to opt out of decision making rather than think about what she actually wants, and who doesn't want free tea? The little mestizo woman shuffles over to the table, all econonomical, considerate movement. As if her body has fallen back into a mode of wasting no energy---as if she isn't eating a brownie the size of her face. Her head sways slightly as she looks Branton over again---one eye, then the other, subtle but obvious enough if you're looking (why would you be?). Then her gaze moves back to the bags. "What's that? Camelia tea?" She asks, sounding more curious than skeptical, although really she sounds both. Johnathan is dressed to the nines, or whatever goes higher than that. Yaretzi settles in at a sad 2.5---loose comfortable shirt, skinny jeans that have been all but impregnated with sand, and, inexplicably a sweater---she'd had chills earlier.

Johnathan smiles at the twirling of the dress "Looks wonderful Mia" nodding to the girl then to Anyu "And thank you dear, I am merely glad you all like them" he looks over to Lilian "I am glad to see you are well Lilian, I hope your journey has gone as well, and that you found or gotten closer to find what you were looking for." keeping his face a soft neutral expression or at least trying, he never had a good poker face.

Branton nods at Anyu and grins "Everything's made of chemicals when you get right down to it but I catch your meaning." Then he heads over to the drink table and goes for the container with mint in it.

Lilian nods, "I did just time got away from, and all the sudden it was months." with a look to him, "Well I have a place in town, if you want to visit or talk...umm. It is good to see you." moving back and almost knocking over a table some drinks. "Good to see you, again." heading out fast.

Mia spins happily for Johnathan and then she'll ask Yaretzi, "what kind of tea would you like to drink? I can brew some for you, or there is some iced.." Anyu, on the other hand, is smiling proudly at Mia's dress and looks at Johnathan with a warm smile, "Well, I adore them, you are a master craftsman of the highest sort. You should leave some of your cards here! I can send some people your way if they see the dresses you put on the girls.. it's free advertisement.", she'll say with a wink. Pausing at the interaction with Lilian and him, she'll watch as the girl basically flees the room. Johnathan is given a curious look but Anyu does not pry. Her blue eyes fall on Branton again, and linger once more, staring at him with interest really, he's interesting to look at. "We should chat then, I'd love to have a professional discussion with you.", she says cheerfully. "Also, we order supplies for a variety of folks, if you need something, we might have what you desire."

Hot drinks, hot drinks, hot drinks. "Do you have Mexican Hot Chocolate?" Her brain is in seven different places at once, and none of them are talking. "Supplies for what?" See, it's already moved on---probably best to just let this train of thought derail itself and cause the kind of fiery explosion that we all deserve to see at least once. She wanders back to the dessert area, and starts looking around for that, but no, one pastry is probably enough for one day, unless any of them have meat in them. She double checks to make sure they don't. She does offer a glance to Mia's dress---it seems to confuse her.

Branton nods and grins at Anyu "Among other things if you have an Import license for it I'm looking to get some greek mint, and maybe barley. I've done a local preperation of Kykeon but I'd like to try something a little more authentic if I can, I've already got a line on some lemons. For some of my other experiments I'm sure you've got some other stuff I need." Then to Yaretzi asks "Tinctures, Extracts, dyes, and paints. I've branched out to making my own."

Mia will grin at Yaretzi and say, "Yes we do.." She'll turn to the cafe counter and begin to make that mexican hot chocolate for the woman who will likely forget she wanted it. Anyu watches with an amused smile playing across her lips and she'll grin before her attention falls on Branton again, her bright blue eyes meeting his interesting ones. "MMm, I could get them, I have a friend who has a friend who can import things. It's good to have friends, right?", she'll say with a wink. "Do you have any specific experiments you are working on?", she'll ask conversationally, "Or just playing a bit to see what you want to work on next?" Leaning against the counter with her hip, she'll cross her arms beneath her chest in a comfortable pose, she's often leaning.

Yaretzi nods sagely to Branton. "Oh." So the expression and the statement don't at all match---cool. "Do you do tattoos? I do my own tattoos, but I just burn things and. Boop." She says, as if that's the sound a needle makes---which it isn't, not by a long shot. Where is the cool blood and screaming? Lame. And no---Mexican hot chocolate is comfort food. Yaretzi might forget that she's asked for it, but she will never forget that she wants it. Mia's reply recaptures Yaretzi's interest, and the little dark-haired woman moves to watch the...bright, colorful-haired woman wearing a cupcake skirt as she makes the kind of hot chocolate that Yaretzi deserves. Spicy. Branton shrugs at Anyu "Mostly playing with dyes at this point. Seeing what preperations turn what media what colors." Then he shakes his head at Yaretzi "No, and that sounds more like branding. I have made custom irons for that before though. I'm a metal worker primarily." and he fishes out a small stack of business cards to pass out "Branton Kholer, Kholer Kustom Manufacturing."

Johnathan was eating his medusa roll seeming abit shell shocked for a moment before he shook his head and smiles towards Anyu "These are very good" moving towards the counter with a broad smile. There was a hint of sadness to his expression but he kept the smile which was not fake just a mixed bags of feelings, the tailor really did wear his emotions on his sleeve.

Bieta and Kasia, her seven year old daughter, stare at everyone else in the room as they make their way over towards the table with the food. On the way, Bieta says, "Good Evening!" Once they arrive at the table Bieta gets one of the snake pasties with the red jelly for Kasia and grabs a waffle for herself. Mother and daughter head over to the drink table. Mia offers the mexican hot chocolate to Yaretzi rather swiftly, it's in one of the unique porcelein cups. "Here you go..", says the perky, pink-haired goth. Anyu looks from Branton to Yaretzi and blinks, her mouth opens to reply and then Branton answers, to which point she'll nod. "Yeah, that sounds like branding. Tattoo's are with dyes... pushed under the skin." Then she looks at Branton more curiously, "Metal work?" Her smile brightens and she'll take a step forward to take his card, looking it over. "Cool, that sounds great. What kind of metal work do you do?" Johnathan's comment causes her to lift her blue eyes to him and she'll smile warmly, although his sadness causes her to look concerned and she'll move over to him and just give him a hug. Hugs for free!

"No." Says Yaretzi, though she stretches out the word as if she's enjoying the taste of it. "I have those too, but these ones used a needle." she tells the man, wiggling her fingers at him---fingers that are decorated with a number of markings on each finger of the left hand. She peers at his business cards---more as if they are a novelty than as if she wants to take one. Then her chocolate is here, and she smiles brightly---like a child on Christmas, although the mug gives her pause. What the hell is that? Yaretzi glances at Anyu, brow furrowing. "I know." she wiggles her fingers as if to prove it, and those are definitely still-healing, homebrew tattoos. So the sound effect had just been the first noise she'd thought of. Good.

Mora is not much later behind Bieta and her mini me, but walks pass them in to the store proper as goes to a see if one of the customers needs help. She does give Akna a hello wave in return. She slips behind the cash register to cash a few customers out.

Mikael steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Johnathan returns the hug holding onto Anyu for probably a few more moments then he intended, once it is done he steps back and nods to her with a soft smile, the sadness not gone but definatly dampened. He smiles as Mora steps into the store offering a nod and a wave to her "Looks good on you" he says with a proud smile

Johnathan whispers "Thank you, my ex. I thought I worked through it, I am sorry"

Bieta and Kasia move over to the counter and both order cups of spicy hot chocolate. While standing at the counter, Bieta notices Johnathan and says, "Hello, Mr. Oneiroi. It has been a long time."

Molly steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Branton grins and shows his rings "One of the reasons I wear so much bling. I do my own advertising." One is a textured grey metal and one looks like a number of metals blended together to look like woodgrain.

Anyu doesn't seem to care she's hugging Johnathan in the middle of all the customers. He was sad, she felt it, therefore he required a hug. She'll hug him for however long he needs, and when he's done, she'll pat his arm gently. "I'll give you more hugs later then.", she'll reply to his soft whisper with a warm smile. As Bieta and her daughter return, she'll look over to them and smile, "Welcome back, did you enjoy the greenhouse?", she'll ask curiously. Yaretzi's wiggling of fingers to show off the tattoo's cause Anyu to give her a grin. "I see, well, self-art is a form of art...", she'll reply with a grin. As Mora poses for Johnathan, she'll look pleased, "Doesn't she look beautiful, that dress was amazing Johnathan, you really did outdo yourself.", she says proudly.

Anyu looks at Branton's rings then and just ooooh's. "I NEED to talk to you later then.", she'll say immediately, his card that he gave her is stuffed in her cleavage for safe keeping. "Seriously.... I have some needs.", she says with a grin.

Mikael walks through the door, dressed casually in jeans, a lightweight sweater and a jacket. He glances over the different tables, chosing immediately a glass of the strawberry mint drink as he examines the other items.

Molly wanders in from off the street, probably just behind Mikael. "Hoppin' joint," she comments to herself as she glances over the crowd. She looks down again, checking something on her phone, then tucks it away into her purse.

Mora aproaches Mikael "Welcome to Witches Brew, this is our grand opening. If you need anything please ask me." she points to Anyu and Mia. She lets him to answer but then looks to Molly as she just noticed her "And the same thig for you miss."

And suddenly a cellphone goes off...one that has been shoved into a sweater pocket. It's something from Coco that has to be marginally embarrassing for the person carrying it---at least it would be, if she weren't high as hell. She pulls her phone out of her pocket, answers it, and makes a noise into the receiver, before making another one and hanging up. She waves at Anyu and maybe Branton too, since he's in that general direction, grabs a bag and shimmies out of there in that same sort of dancy swaying motion she has been using as a sorry excuse for walking all evening. She exits through the door---it hits her hip on the way out and she calls it a not-so-nice word in Spanish, but then she's gone!

Johnathan looks to Bieta "Yes it has been a long while" smiling to her "Though I am usually at my own store most of the time" looking over to Anyu mouthing a thank you to her. Then looking over to Mora and her dress again. "Now now, you going to make my head grow three sizes to large or something like that" shaking his head. "I just work with what inspiration and framework I am given" seeming to be more at ease with his work being in focus now, the smile growing.

Mikael smiles brightly to Mora, "Merci, Mademoiselle," His eyes go to Anyu as he continues, "I met the owner, and was told of the opening. I am glad I managed to make it at least before you closed. The pastries are just as amazing as she described them."

Bieta is wearing a simple black dress with a red cashmere cardigan and a pair of black pumps tonight. She put a couple of red roses down on the counter next to her waffle and Kasia's treat while the two of them wait for their hot chocolate. Bieta looks from Mora to Johnathan and says, "Mora did not tell me Johnathan made her dress. It is very nice."

Akna finally gets a pastry before returning to her seat with it. Taking a bite she blinks, winces a bit, and sets it down. While she definitely swallows her food she doesn't seem to be eating anymore of it. She looks around a bit, probably hoping no one saw that.

Branton nods and grins at Anyu "I'll bring by a sample case sometime. I gotta go for now though, keep my card handy."

Molly glances around again, getting her bearings, then heads over to the counter to order something. She pulls her phone out and fiddles with it a bit while she waits, the glow reflecting off her glasses. She glances up from time to time, and happens to notice Johnathan. She flashes him a quick grin if he happens to look her way.

Mikael glances to Branton, having met the other man briefly. He reaches for a sampler plate of pastries.

Anyu's bright blue eyes follow Yaretzi as she waves and she'll grin and wave to her, "See you!" Then she'll look at Branton and nods to him, "Thanks for stopping by, and I'll definitely see you again.", she promises with a grin. "Take the freebies!", she reminds before she looks up and sees Mikael coming in with Mora. "Oooh, lovely!", she says cheerfully to Mikael and grins brightly to him. "I have a new hat, I need to show it to you..", she tells him excitedly. "and WELCOME to the Witches Brew! Try out some of our free dishes and maybe take some of the other freebies?", she asks with a bright smile. She'll dance on over to Mikael then, apparently super excited to see him. "I neeeed you to meet Johnathan here, he's the tailor I was talking about, the MASTER tailor."

Amberlee has not ACTUALLY been here all day. No she has NOT. In fact, she left HOURS ago. But NOW she comes back, all tatted up and looking DEEEEEEEVINE. But still all by herself. SHe pushes open the door like she owns the place, skimming the room briefly while she talks on the phone.

Roger steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Johnathan offers a nod towards Molly as he sees her with a smile. Then looking between Anyu and Mikael. "Well I attempt to be a humble tailor, but it is hard with so much praise flying around" shaking his head somewhat. "I really should leave some pamplets or something here for my own store, and get some of yours for mine" he says with a grin "I feel there is a large cross section in our customers that would enjoy both properly"

Mikael takes a sip of his drink, and then gives Anyu a bright smile. "Bonsoir, Mademoiselle. Your shop is indeed delightful. A hat? Where is this hat?" He follows her eyes then to Johnathon, and a brow arches. "Oh, I know of the Monsieur. I have seen at least one of his gowns at a recent gala. I have yet to go by his shop." He doesn't mention that he recalled him from one eve prior, at a time that he was having a rather bad evening.

Anyu grins over at Johnathan, "I told you that you should leave cards here, or pamphlets. The girls will model your goods, like they are now.", she'll say with a wink. When she looks at Mikael again, she'll give him a warm smile, "The hat is upstairs, I was saving it for the next time I go out dancing.", she'll say with a wink. "I'm glad you came to see my store. This is the celebration of my dream, so please, eat, drink, be merry, take some plants..", she'll say with a grin. Looking over at Molly, she'll smile and say, "I'm Anyu, the Witch in residence, pleased to meet you! And welcome to the Witches brew!"

Rather than try to juggle all their items and risk spilling the hot chocolate, Bieta and Kasia sit at the counter and stare at everyone else around the room while they eat their food and drink their spicy hot chocolate. Bieta says, "Johnathan, may I have one of your cards? If you have a website, then I might like to see some of your other work."

Through the door ducks a Roger! The giant man smiles upon entry and approaches Mia. "You know what I'm here for," he says wryly. Sure enough, there's a mocha being made along with the rest of the orders present at this opening. The bruiser nods at a few familiar faces, and of course there's boss lady herself, the woman of the hour. "Hey Trouble," he says amiably to Anyu with a wink. "I see you've got a spread ready for this shindig."

Molly has been a bit absorbed in her phone while she waits. Grand openings always draw a crowd and this looks to be no different. Her head snaps up as she hears Anyu's voice aimed at her, then she flashes her a slightly embarassed smile as she was caught off-guard. "Hi! Thank you! This place is amazing!" The enthusiasm was perhaps a bit forced, but she didn't want to offend by ignoring the hostess. Even though she was for a bit.

Johnathan offers Mikael with a nod and a smile "You should come by sometime. I do more then just gowns and dresses, though they do seems to be quite liked" looking to Bieta "Well of course" producing one from his jacket pocket, black with silver script speaking of all the information one would need to visit or communicate virtually or physically. "I do have a website and online store, though only with select amount of items, I would work myself to death if I needed to stock both an online store and the store itself. But I do take custom orders online as well."

Anyu will give Molly a warm smile and chuckles softly, "Thanks, please feel free to try some sweets, they're delicious." She'll look back to Johnathan and Mikael and smiles as Johnathan sells his goods towards Bieta. Anyu just looks happy, pleased to the core of her being. As she hears the word Trouble, she'll turn and see Roger has entered and her smile brightens, "Hey big guy! Yep, all prepared and ready to be devoured." She's talking about the food, right? There ARE children here though, so Anyu is keeping it mild. "Free pastries to your hearts desire, eat up! Oh and don't forget your lavender plant it's free..", she'll grin at Roger playfully. "You DO like lavender, right?"

Mikael nods to Anyu, "Then I look forward to it. I hope I am out on the town at the same time." He nibbles at a pastry, and arches a brow with pleasure in his expression. "Excellent. Jacques would be envious no doubt. He smiles to Johnathon then. "I truly should, as my friend rarely gets to design anymore. He is way too busy with other duties. Forgive me for not at least coming by to see your shop. But if your suits are anything like your gowns then they will be amazing."

Bieta leaves her seat long enough to take the card from Johnathan and her fingers graze his when she does. She reads the card before reaching for a cardcase inside her purse and putting the card away. "Thank you, Mr. Oneiroi."

Molly stands on her tippy-toes to get a look at the table with the free samples. She's already pretty tall so it works out, even though she's finally getting close to the counter. She seems to consider it, but getting out of line right now would be a disaster. Finally, her turn. She tucks her phone away again and gives Perky Mia a friendly smile. Molly orders the plainest, blackest coffee the shop offers, and then has a short conversation about the type of loose tea sold here. Finally she settles on something appropriately exotic and Asian. She waves off the offer of a bag, and just takes the small cannister. "Save the environment! Skip the bag! Am I right?" Of course now her hands are full of coffee mug and cannister of tea, so she has to juggle that for a moment while she tries to get her credit card out. Behind her, a few looks of mild annoyance and bemusement. Finally she gets it sorted out and gets the hell out of the way.

Akna is still sitting at her spot with the uneaten dessert, but otherwise is engaging as much as she has so far, which is to say that she is merely watching rather than talking. However she does have another cup of coffee!

Johnathan smiles and nods to Bieta "You are welcome" he looks over to Mikael "My dear sir, in my own opinion they are, as I do wear them myself upon occasions, and of course with the right messurements they will be as comfortable as they are sharp, in any cut or style desired" smiles to Anyu "Well I only have my own personal cards, will need to get a new set and perhaps some pamplets printed. Not put to much budget into advertisment to be honest"

Roger blinks and looks towards the plants, responding, "Yes?" That's not encouraging. "How often do you water lavender. Is it like a cactus?" He hopes? It's probably nothing like a cactus. The bruiser collects his mocha and sips contentedly while selecting a chocolate dragon to gnosh upon.

Anyu smiles at Mikael warmly, looking rather delighted at his compliments. "I doubt he would be envious but, I would hope he would at least enjoy. Professional pride of mine and all.", she'll add with a wink. Looking back to Bieta, she'll smile and then say, "Your daughter would look so cute in one of his dresses...", she'll say cheerfully. A glance around and her eyes will fall on Akna a moment and she'll smile before looking back to Johnathan again, "Sweetie, I can do that for you, you want me to print some things out? I have technical skills too! I can use a computer!" Ooooh, she's l33t! Not. Roger. Now, Roger gets a look, and a blink. Then Anyu will laugh, "Okay, I am not giving you a Lavender, you will torture it to death and that would hurt my heart."

Bieta says,"Kasia and I will take home some of your lavendar. We were just waiting until we were ready to leave before deciding what we wanted to take home. However, if no one wants to give the lavendar a home, we have plenty of room at my place." Bieta puts a bite of waffle in her mouth.

Mikael recognizes Roger, and gives the man a nod of his head as he stands nibbling on a plate of samples with a strawberry mint drink. He chuckles at Johnathon. "Then I must stop by soon. I do have a performance planned for next month, and could use something in particular for it."

Molly takes a careful sip of her coffee as she edges through the crowd, making her way off to the side and generally out of the way. Skillfully, she manages to avoid getting bumped and spilling hot coffee anywhere. As she stands there for a moment, blowing on her coffee, she discovers the flaw in her plan: her hands are full and her phone is still in her purse. Curses! She formulates a new plan, then starts edging over in Johnathan's general direction.

Roger seems to relax a bit once he finds he won't be responsible for keeping something alive. Taking a sip of his mocha, he decides to be somewhat social and returns Mikael's nod, though interrupting him while he speaks to Johnathan seems to be too rude even for the big lug. So he instead opts to go join Akna where she people watches. "Good party," he comments awkwardly. "You should try the dragons, if you haven't. The medusa head's good too."

Johnathan nods to Mikael "Well do make sure to get in well in advance. I can work quickly but there are limits to my tailoring magic. I can not produce a full outfit, suit or dress in just a day and I do have orders which I am working upon. To Anyu and Bieta he smiles "Well, for the child might not be the best to bring to the store, there is an adult section and I am not certain if Dr. Dymna would like her daughter to see such" looking over to Molly comming his way he smiles and looks to her "I do hope that your students were dually impressed and it went well?"

Mikael notices the door to the greenhouse, and with a nod to those around him he wanders in that direction.

Mikael moves to Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Greenhouse

Bieta considers, "I could bring my daughter's measurements with me to the store. However, I would need a dress made for more than just my daughter. Would you be available tomorrow for me to stop by and discuss this with you? Tonight, I would just like to enjoy the party."

Caerus steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Anyu looks over at Bieta, "Oh goddesses bless you, please, take a mint too... Lavender and mint, we have a bunch of starters you can take and plant. Your little girl will love it.", she says cheerfully. "and mint is tasty!" Smiling warmly, she'll look over at Mikael and then grins, "I still want to dress you myself too... when can I?", she asks him directly, her bright blue eyes lingering on him a long moment. Her look breaks and she turns to Johnathan with a playful grin, "You are a master magician tailor, don't sell yourself short..", she says with a wink. As Mikael wanders to the Greenhouse, she'll wander over to the gift table and pick out a couple of plants to pick up and bring to Bieta and her daughter, "here you go, these will be great to plant..."

Bieta looks over at Anyu and says, "Anyu, I could not take so many. We already have a food forest at home with plenty. Let someone who does not have anything at all have some of these. If we took so much, then I would feel greedy. We already give away so much of our own to others!"

Bronwyn steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Molly hides a sheepish grin as she takes a careful sip of her coffee. "Um... actually I still haven't gotten up the courage yet," she says to Johnathan. She glances at the others he's been chatting with, then looks back to the tailor extraordinaire. "I just wanted to say hi real quick. 'Hi!'" She gives another sheepish grin, a small wave, then moves on, carefully making her way in the general direction of the door.

Caerus wanders in and pauses just inside the door. He smiles oh so easily as he looks about. He nods approvingly. He looks here and there, eyes falling on this and that, and then looks over the people and nods to them that look his way.

Johnathan nods to Bieta "Of course, any time really. Feel free to drop by and we can discuss it then. Shop is open almost all day and most nights" looking to Molly "Aw, that is a shame, you really should try. And Hi" offering a warm smile to her, seeing though that she was heading towards the door he shook his head lightly. He looks to Anyu with a smile "Now now Anyu, I can make you something that you can dress him in if you want." winking to her with a grin.

Bronwyn comes in RIGHT behind Caerus. Like RIGHT behind. When he pauses, she.. doesn't quite.. Bump. Just a little one. She glances up at Caerus's back and just.. waits.

Anyu hesitates as Bieta doesn't want both and then just offers the Lavender, "Just this then?", she'll ask with a smile. "You volunteered to take Roger's lavender, now you are on the line for it." She'll grin and leave it there for them before she turns to put the mint back. Johnathan gets a slow grin, a wicked little glint comes to her eyes, "Yes please.", she says, "I want to dress him in something beautiful, He said he would be willing to go drag for me. I want to do his makeup... I will make him my ultimate masterpiece!" She sounds like she should be cackling like a mad scientist at this point in time, but she doesn't. Instead, she turns to the door as it chimes and smiles as Caerus enters, "Good evening, welcome to the Witches Brew! Please enjoy our hospitality!" Bronwyn also gets the welcome if she's RIGHT behind Caerus. Almost immediately, the mint that was put on the table, falls off to the floor, apparently Anyu set it too close to the edge. Poor mint, now there's dirt all over the floor. Mia quickly runs over to pick it up while Anyu looks on in shock. Her poor mint, Anyu killed it!

Neither Bieta nor Kasia were the sort to miss a newcomer entering as they had a tendency to stare. Kasia stifles a smile when the young woman behind the man at the door bumps into the back of him after he stops just inside the door. Bieta regards the man for a moment and takes a drink of her spicy hot chocolate.

Valentina steps through the front entrance, causing the bell above the door to jingle.

Caerus turns to looks at Bronwyn. He seeks out her eyes with his, and his seem to smile, "Funny meeting you in a place like this. I thought our paths would cross somewhere else at another time." He offers her a small wink and then turns to Anya and nods. His voice is as smooth and delicious as liquid choclate, "Yes, good evening. Thank you for your invitation." He moves over to take up one of the white choclate dragons, "I always wanted to nibble on a dragon." He takes a bite an nods in a pleased sort of way.

Molly is just to the side of the door, finishing her coffee as she waits for the traffic jam near the entrance to clear a little. But she's in no hurry. Her gaze wanders back to Johnathan, the only other person she knows here, and she gives him another sheepish grin before looking away again. Finally, coffee finished, she sets the mug on a convenient table near the exit, then squeezes past and out, cannister of tea tucked under one arm. "'Scuse me, pardon me."

Mikael comes in from Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe - Greenhouse

Roger smirks as Bieta's entrusted with his cact- err, lavender. The big guy's content to keep nursing his mocha and nibble on his dragon as people keep spilling in. Deciding in fact to take a load off, he opts for a preferred seating location and kerplops. Kerplops, I say! Carefully though, as a full kerplop could become a kerthump if he landed on the chair incorrectly, and nobody wants that.

Mikael returns from the Greenhouse, with an impressed expression on his face. His plate is almost empty, and his glass is already there. He glances around the room, and moves to place the glass wherever the empty ones seem to be accumulating as he catches up on the current topic of conversation.

Bronwyn beams a smile up at Caerus and she nods. "That happens sometimes. Sorry." .. then continues to wait until he moves before she ALSO moves inside. She eyeballs the broken mint and frowns. Poor mint. He had so much to live for! Ah well. There's food. She walks over that way and tips head head a little to the side, staring down a dragon. She squints. SQUIIIINT... then reaches out and pokes one. Just one. That seems to be going just fine, so she picks it up, careful not to tain---touch -- any of the others and she takes a little bite. So far so good! She lurks there in the background, just studying the people around her.

Alas, poor mint, we knew him well. Anyu does walk over and picks up the mint as Mia fixes the pot, then the plant is reput back in the pot. Luckily, it's mint! You know how hard it is to kill mint? This shit can grow in an apocalyptic zone! Anyu looks content as it is replanted, and then brushes the dirt off of her fingers with a quick few swipes of her hands together as she smiles and turns to look towards Caerus again with a warm smile, "You also get a free sample or item over here at this table, you can pick a couple, there's teas and lavender or mint..", she'll say the last with a chuckle. Bronwyn is smiled at too, especially as she tries her little pastry dragon-ssant. She'll wander over to Roger and then look down at him, "You want more pastry? or coffee?", she'll ask with a smile.

Caerus nods with a small smile to Anyu. "Thank you." He finishes off the dragon and then moves over to the book section and starts looking at all the different titles. His left hand reaches up and seems to touch each book as he looks at the different titles. They casually move a book in, or a book out to make things nice and even. It seems more an unconscious thought than something he is trying to do, as if he tends to work with lots of books that he cares about. Perhaps he is a librarian.

Nobody looks down at Roger! Well... when he's standing. Or unless they're on a ladder. But in this case he's sitting, so it's ok for most people to look about straight on or even down. The particularly short are still screwed. The giant sips his coffee and gives Anyu's waist a squeeze with his hand. "Nah, I'm good, but thanks for asking." Content, he is. Relaxed. And let's be honest, the best foods are when everyone has left and the host ASKS you to eat more food so they aren't stuck with it. Guilt free noms...

The Employees Only door swings open, and from it comes Val trailing a small mist of marijuana smoke and CS gas. Her left eye is black and swollen, and her burnt out joint dangles in the hole where the opposite incisor used to be. Over her shoulder, resting and in one hand is the remains of a louisville slugger, and over /that/ is a yellow safety vest. Her free hand raises in a far to carefree wave as she just starts for the counter. "Going to need a cup of espresso, just like, whole cup, just espresso. And one of those cthulu things."

Bronwyn smiles right back at Anyu and nibbles her way through her dragon-ant. Or whatever it's called. For now, she's content to people-watch, just breathing in the fun atmosphere. Something.. somewhere.. catches her attention and she pushes away from her spot to roam over toward the herbs. Val gets a quick look and a nod. She totally gets it. Then herbs!

Johnathan moves over and picks up a dragonssant to munch on. Smiling as he looks at the people gathered and then to Anyu "I am certain we can work something out that will be fun for all" nodding to her with a grin. Looking over to Val with a raised brow as he sees her though offering her a nod and a warm smile.

Mikael smiles at the others that have arrived since he went to look over the Greenhouse. He nods to Caerus and then gives a curious smile to Bronwyn as he reaches to get himself another dragon-ssant. He must like them. "Bonsoir, Mademoiselle. Pardonne moi." He glances the to the door as Val enters and arches a brow.

Anyu looks at Roger and smiles, "OKay okay.." She'll wink and then drift off slowly, heading to Johnathan this time. Stopping next to him, she'll bump her hip into his and say playfully, "I know he's willing, I'll set it up.." That playful, wicked smile comes to her lips and she glances over at Mikael again with a teasing glance. She's not talking about him, is she? Then Val comes in, from the back door, and with a what?? She'll look over and blink a few times. Obviously Val confuses Anyu quite a bit, but Anyu keeps on trying. She'll smile and say, "Hey, welcome again.. uh.. should I ask about that?", she'll point to the louisville slugger. Mia, on the other hand seems to get Val completely, or something, because she smiles brightly in Val's direction and gives her espresso in a HUGE cup. Sliding it across the counter to val, Mia will then give her one of the cthulu pies, it's a mini pie today!

Roger doesn't get Val at all, as he just stares at her and openly asks, "The fuck happened to you, girl?" Ahh, so subtle and appropriate. The man couldn't read a room if it was in a coloring book. Confused, if not concerned, the bruiser remains seated while giving Val a once-over.

Bronwyn was JUST reaching for something when Mikael sneaks up on her. She jostles the jar and does some sort of weird, awkward thing where the jar falls, but she catches it, but doesn't, and there's some juggling mumbo jumbo and it ALMOST hits the floor, but it catches her foot just as she's trying to pull it back so it doesn't get powdered goldenseal all over it, and the thing launches into the air and she fumble/juggles it briefly and then slides it right back into place, but on its side, still sealed, nothing broken. This all happens sort of over there in the corner and Bronwyn glances around because NO ONE SAW THAT because it didn't happen. She then STARES at Mikael. "Bone-swar. Hi."

Bieta and Kasia stare at Bronwyn's antics. They were a little difficult to avoid. Kasia starts to laugh and tries to muffle the sound by stuffing some of her dragon in her mouth. Bieta tries to look somewhere else, which means she is now looking at Caerus. Bieta says, "Good Evening!"

Mikael looks at Bronwyn with both an amazed and a slightly apologetic expression on his face as he watches her little wonderful 'trick' with the jar. He continues to smile though as she speaks to him. "I did not mean to startle you. You have... wonderful reflexes."

Val roots around in one of her pockets for a long moment, an awkwardly long moment, before she just casually pulls out a wad of bills and coins and tiredly tosses it on the counter. It is probably double the amount of her order, but about a quarter of it is in euros, a quarter in canadian looneys, and there are probably a few pesos mixed in with the greenbacks. A sort of just, nod to Mia, as she bends down to just lean the shattered baseball bat and reflective vest against the counter so she could use both her hands to take her food and drink. Just casually leaving them behind there as she moves back towards the chairs. "They are starting to get real worried, aiming high now. But I got the beanbag gun from one of them, so ended up on top." A short nod, and she just flops down into a chair, somehow not getting espresso bloody everyhere. Raising the cup in a sort of salute at Roger. "No gods. No masters."

Johnathan chuckles and hip bumps right back with a grin "Good to know, I will make sure to get messurements and see what we can whip up" stealing a hug from Anyu again holding on to her for abit longer. Looking over to the rest of the people present with a soft smile. The tailor seemed abit out of focus, but trying his best to keep to the joyful and entertaining mood of the store and its patrons.

Roger gives Valentina a long stare and then just finally shakes his head. "You know what? I already know too much. I'm just gonna pretend you don't make any sense to me." Right, that's a stretch. The bruiser snorts with amusement and holds up his hands as if to say, 'I give up' before sighing and slouching comfortably. "Guess you better start ducking, girl."

Anyu loves her store, the people who come here are always SO interesting. She'll grin at Johnathan and lean against him as he steals a hug and holds onto her. Apparently she's a hugger and doesn't mind the touches. Giving Johnathan a soft smile, she'll nod to him and then look towards where Caerus is perusing her books and fixing them. THAT makes her smile, a lot. A lot a lot. Then, there's Bronwyn's juggling act, well, she didn't break it, so that's good! She'll grin and then look back to Roger and Valentina, a slightly concerned look on her features. "So, Val... do you need a healing drought or salve or something? I'm not sure if you're hurt, but I think you might be..." And it's STRANGE that Anyu can't tell, which obviously bugging her.

"Wee wee mercy buckets. Queso sarah!" See? Bronwyn speaks French too! She sort of sounds like she's yelling at Mikael - or maybe just really excited. "Donde esta your middle nombre? You didn't startle me. Goldenseal." She makes a little frowny face. Blech. No really! She pokes out a hand. "I'm Bronwyn. No middle name. YET. But I figure if they sell magic at this place, there's bound to be one here somewhere for me. And peanut clusters."

Caerus pulls out a book and opens the cover to look at the title page. He nods a little and sets the book aside and continues to look at a few other books. Not finding anything else at the moment he comes over to Anyu and waits on her to speak with him. He shows her the title page of the book, 'A Ghost of a Chance.' "Even though this says third edition, it is actually a first edition, the other two are single copies of a manuscript so that he might claim rights to his ideas. So this is actually a first edition. The author lives here in town and will sign it for you if you send it in a return package with a little appreciation note. He might even come and do a small talk for you and your customers. A most interesting character if I don't say so myself." He grins over at Bronwyn and looks back to Anyu.

Kasia swallow her mouthful and looks at her mother. She taps on Bieta's shoulder and whispers something into her ear. Bieta and her daughter get up from the counter and Bieta hands Kasia the lavender plant and one of the two roses. Bieta takes her own rose in hand. Both mother and daughter start to head towards the door.

Mikael reaches out his hand to brush Bronwyn's hand with his fingertips but doesn't totally grasp it and actually shake it. "I am Mikael Rousseau. A pleasure to meet you, Mademoiselle Bronwyn. They have many tasteful treats here. I am certain you can find something you will like." He seems to be amused and perhaps a bit charmed by Bronwyn's attempts at French. "And even perhaps a potion that will give you a middle name."

"Sure lay it on me." Val notes to Anyu, her hand moving back into her pocket to pull out...is..that. Yupp. That is her tooth. She gives a grunt as she just sort of shoves it back in place with a small hiss, then takes a sip of her espressor. Her face appears more exhausted then anything. "Hey John, how is the shop, and no feeling her up in public." Then a look back to Roger. "You take your hits to give them, and I stand wherever I hear the people sing."

Bronwyn turns that not quite handshake into a fistbump and she nods. "Yes. See, I like how you think, Mickey." She waves a finger in his direction. "What's YOUR middle name, though?" She turns around back to the herbs again, loooking... looking... then she squints and leans a little closer to the herbs. "T.. no, that's the wrong color." She touches the next lid. "ALSO a T. Wrong color." Next. She taptaptaps the lid and nods. "That's it. That's what I'm looking for." Cream of Tartar, specifically. "I don't see any here, so I'll make my own, I guess," she says to really no one in particular.

Akna is still sitting in her little area drinking coffee. She's been mostly quiet tonight and remains so for now!

Johnathan looks to Val "Shop is fine thank you, and I am -hugging- her got abit of a gutshot earlier." shaking his head "Ex who left for Europe showed up. I was not prepared so.. yeah. Need to work it over more in the noggin again meditate and sleep on it again" shaking his head

Anyu looks at Caerus as he approaches with the book and blinks rapidly as he describes it. "First edition?", she'll gasp, gape and step forward immediately to look at the book. She doesn't seem to care about personal space because she's all in Caerus' while she's leaning in to look at the book. "Oh my gosh, wow... I didn't notice.." She'll look up at Caerus and stare, "I'm Anyu by the way..", she'll offer her hand. "Thanks for the advice, that's really cool of you. You must really know your books!" Looking over at Val, Anyu will say, "Gimme a second and I'll get it for you." Johnathan is given a compassionate look and she'll give him a soft smile.

Mikael tries very hard to only discreeting watch Val with her tooth, but can't help a little shiver as she takes a drink after simply placing it back into her mouth. He smiles then to Bronwyn, "Actually it is Antione, Mademoiselle." Hearing her say cream of tartar he states, "Perhaps they have some in the kitchen? Are you making Meringue or attempting to remove a stain?"

Caerus smiles at Anyu, "My pleasure. Nice to meet you Anyu." He reaches into the satchel at his side and pulls out a pen and a sticky note pad of bright green that is lined. He scribbles a small note and hands it to Anyu, "Send this note with the book and I am sure he will come give a talk." The note reads, "Jack. Sign this book for me with one of those clever things you tend to write. You must come and see this charming little shop." It is signed with the name: Caerus Cray. He says, "There. I am Caerus. I'll come back again, if you won't mind."

Roger finishes off his coffee and rises with a streeeeetch. The big guy approaches Anyu and gives her rump a light swat to snag her attention, because he's the picture of appropriate behavior. "Hey, I got somewhere to be, but congratulations on the store, Trouble. You earned it. A wink and smile are given as he prepares to depart.

Bronwyn shakes her head at Mikael. "Sauce. Tartar sauce. It's National Tartar Sauce Day, National Peanut Cluster Day, National Middle Name Day and also Preschooler Day. And also Be Nasty Day, but not in public, probably. It seems like a VERY important day. And there was a preschooler here, so I KNOW this place celebrates. I already had a peanut cluster, now I need some tartar sauce and a middle name before I can sleep."

"Man, you might have had a worse day than I did." Val notes to Johnathan. She raises up her cup again, taking a long sip as she leans backwards in her chair. Roger escaping her once more. Caerus however was still in the danger zone. "I don't think you ever really told me about her, and to be honest, I don't expect you to start. But I wouldn't go rush back into thing." But slowly, slowly, her hand raises to point at Bronwyn. "Priscilla."

Anyu's eyes widen slightly at the swat to her rear and she'll turn to look at Roger. Suddenly, she grins and nods to him. "Thanks hon! And thanks for coming, take some tea.. it'll be good for you and you don't even have to keep it alive." Winking, she'll look back to Caerus and then take the note, looking down at it with a soft smile, until she gets to his name and she'll go "Oooh, really?" Flicking her bright blue eyes up to Caerus again she'll smile brightly, "Mr. Cray? Really, awesome, yes, please do come back again. Any time you are most welcome!" She actually seems rather excited to meet Caerus now.

Johnathan chuckles "I have no idea what day you had but it was not that rough just head shit really." looking to Val and shaking his head moving abit closer to her "I haven't talked to much about it, not exactly something people want to be hearing. But if you want I can give you the scoop sometime" shrugging abit "And not rushing back at all. She has her own journey, the paths split. I will continue to walk mine, I am not running back to that crossroad"

Mikael chuckles softly, "Too bad we are not at my restaurant. There is a lot of that with the fish." He points then to Val. "There, you now have a middle name."

Caerus says, "I am only Mr. Cray to people who are not my friends. Call me Carus if you will. I will most definatly come back." He puts away the pad and pulls out a business card and offers it to Anyu. It reads, 'Caerus Cray | Historical Investigations | (888)555-1212.' Call me anytime if there is something I can do for you." He looks around, "I love places like this, least I can do is support you with a little of my time."

Bronwyn turns toward Val, staring her down for a moment. "With what authority do you imbue me with this name?" she asks, totally serious. Because this is IMPORTANT, dammit. There is a right way and a wrong way. "You can't just go around handing anyone just any name."

Roger collects some tea, because he can do THAT much, and heads for the door after snagging another dragon-ssant for the road. OMNOMNOMNOM!

Mikael turns to Anyu and smiles at her, "Congratulations on your opening, Mademoiselle. You have excellent items, and a beautiful garden. I shall return."

Mikael grins at Bronwyn. "Night!"

Caerus looks batween Bronwyn and Val, "Aha! I have it." He reaches into the satchel and pulls out one of the famous and fabulously magical eight balls, "Let us ask the Magic 8 Ball."

Anyu looks pleased, like super-duper pleased as she takes Caerus' card. She'll look at it as if memorizing it and then it goes into her cleavage with all the other cards she has. It's the perfect pocket after all. "Well, thank you Caerus. I really appreciate it, little shops like mine are built on support of people like you." She'll look pleased and take the book to put it on the counter, along with the note, and then go get that drought she promised Val. It takes her a minute, and soon, she'll come back with a little teacup filled with a mixture that she'll offer to Val. "here, drink this..." There's a pause as she waves to Mikael and then looks at Bronwyn curiously.

"I started this journey alone, and I will end it alone. But that does not mean I walked it alone." Val nods to Johnathan. Then her hands are back in her pockets to retrieve.... an apple. Spraypainted gold with a single word sharpied on it 'Kallisti'. This she tosses at Brownwyn with a grin. "As Omniscient Polymother of Virginity-in-gold, and High Priestess of The Heretic Fringe and Protestant Persuasion of the Erisian movement of the discordian society." Then she takes the draught from Anyu and straight up chugs it. Silent for a moment, her senses up and aware, checking her timelines, seeing what changes, seeing if it /works/.

Bronwyn turns to Caerus and just.. stares, her eyes slooooowly sliding down to the magic 8 ball. "DO you have ANY idea what's in the dye in those things? Not to mention it's plastic and the icosahedron inside has a weird little additive that makes it float properly in the alcohol so it doesn't corrode. So let's NOT consult THAT thing, no." She shudders at the very idea and as the apple is tossed her way, she reaches up and snatches it out of the air almost casually and sets it down on the nearest surface. There will be little scorch marks where her fingers touched the spray paint and she wipes her hands on her pant leg. "Priscilla. Cool."

Akna watches Bronwyn for a few moments before asking, "What is.. tartar sauce? Is it like ranch dressing?" She is legit serious.

Caerus gives a small nod at Val, "Nice." He looks to Bronwyn and and then looks down at the ball, "Never thought about what was inside the liquid. Interesting thought." He puts the ball away, "Well it is a fine thing you have found your middle name. Congrats on that." He nods to those in the store and heads toward the exit.

Johnathan shakes his head as she throws out a Kallisti apple again smirking to himself "How many of those you got honestly?" smirking somewhat. "Company is always nice, I hate to travel the path on my own, but it seems to be the default. So just have to enjoy the walk and see just which path cross or at least run parallel" shrugging abit

Val drinks the mighty healing draught, wich well, doesn't really seem to agree with her. Likely because it is like an herbal tea, and they all taste like absolute ass. She leans over to cough some, and when she rises, her black eye is well, gone, and her tooth is reattached fully. A small little nod. "Thanks. Tastes like shit though." Then a look to Johnathan. "Man, it is an apple, some spray paint, and a sharpie. Like...seventy nine cents. I just make one whenever I need one."

Anyu waves at Caerus as he leaves and begins to do some clean up, picking up used plates and putting them in little bins. She'll glance over at Val and then pause, smile at her and nod, "Well I'm glad you feel better..." Grinning, she'll then take the big bin and say to Mia, "I'll take these back, k?" Anyu doesn't actually take credit for it, she just says she's glad Val feels better, so there is that morality line she doesn't cross. She'll carry the heavy stuff back then, the phone rings, so Anyu answers and will be away awhile.

Bronwyn watches Val and rolls her eyes then looks down at the apple and snorts. "I reject the name Priscilla. I think you just made all that shit up. But that's cool. It's past half night anyway. I miss it for another year."

Johnathan looks to Bronwyn with a raised brow then over to Val curiously. Not quite getting it tilting his head as he watches the two of them.

"Nah. Actual religion, sort of. Only one I ever found that spoke to me at least. So take that as you will. In the end, you are a free woman, and the only authority you need is your own, and your own morals." Val nods her head sharply, sipping at her cup as she looks to Johnathan. "You know me, and you know I trust you more than I trust most. Just saying that if you need to talk about it sometime, you know how to get in contact."