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He seems a mystery to most, at least those who don't spend enough time with him to be able to remember more than the arresting amber eyes underneath unruly blue-black hair ~ he's the guy who hangs out at the edge of the crowd, who doesn't seek the limelight, the one who seems to move quietly and unassumingly, there one moment and gone the next. He's found more often than not in the countryside, roaming the woods near his cabin while searching for Herbs, enjoying the company of the local wildlife, or simply sitting somewhere and reading a book.

Curiosity has him venturing into the city a bit more, and since his arrival his social skills have increased, but he still seems to cautiously hang back to all except a few... perhaps there is a cause for his preference of animals to people.

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Family and Closest Friends

Robert My Best Friend, and a lot more. Smart as a whip, and unfortunately he knows it. He's better with folks than I am, I'm better with animals than he is, animal doctor or not, so it works out. He is the other half of me.

Niccia SO proud to know this cousin. Such a beautiful Lady. I have so many questions, I look forward to learning some answers.

August He's with Niccia, and such a proud and strong man he is. I'm glad thus far I could prove myself to him, and to her.

River 2.0 Seems she is another cousin. I look forward to getting to know her, and working with her at this school.

Rashad He can really make some great wine, and I don't normally like wine!

Chuck My boss, and friend ~ interesting and all around good guy, he keeps surprising me. I'm good with his animals, not so good with customers, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Quinn Sweet generous Lady, I enjoyed our talks. She really knows how to help folks out. I'll help in any way that I can.

Liam Has to have a Southern soul, he can cook some great Soul Food, among his many talents. Hope to get to know him even better, I think we can learn from one another.

Revi Very unique Lady, very different from what I expected, enjoyed our talks. She's with Liam, and their kids like waffles.

Bronwyn A surprise a minute, she's very... unique, even among the folks that I have met so far. Really likes socks, but don't even say the word 'Spider' around her.

Kasumi An impressive Asian Lady that I'm proud to call a friend. Learning some interesting things from her, and she's helping me come to grips with some things.

Kalisha Interesting Lady I hope to get to know more, she has a beautiful place.

Journey Proud to know him, he's wise and helpful, could learn a lot from him. Would like to hear of his travels. He's a strong supporter of Sunhome.

Vesta She's with Journey, and knows how to make people feel to home. Would love to learn more of her, and from her.

Natalie H. SO happy to have met her, she seems a wonderful Lady. Look forward to getting to know her better.

Hunter M Can't believe it, I now know a Rodeo star, an amazing guy. He's with Natalie, and they seem like the perfect couple.

Phillipe Has the Garou Preserve, nice to have met him. I hope to get to know more about him, and hopefully not be a nuisance in the process.

Valentin He's with Phillipe, and helped me connect with my Folk, and I appreciate that. Hope to get to know him better.

Adelard Robert's cousin it seems. Quite impressive.

Clarisse Sweet Lady that works at the shop and out at Phillipe's place.

Friends, Allies, and Folks I've met

Arielle A really beautiful Lady but only seen her in the water.

Cypha All I can say is.. Wow!

Wyatt Slack Very interesting man, seems to have his head together.

Iseult Biker Lady, and seems to know a lot.

Ada Don't know her well, but hope to change that.

Iris Another I don't know well, but hope that changes.

Faith Policewoman. Home we can help each other in the future.

Catherine Another policewoman. Great to be in good with the local Law Enforcement.

Branton Another craftsman. Hope to get to know him even better.

Dragomir A man that Robert and I both respect.

Felicity Smart, rich and I'm glad we could be of help.

Halona A wise Lady

Brooke A Lady great with computers.

Sergei Wild man? Powerful and seems a good sort. He sure knows how to make it cold though.

Alecto A strong, proud woman. You have some beautiful little ones.

Amberlee I think this Lady could do just about anything! Thanks for helping us with the Tigers.

Eloise One fine Lady, and I mean that it a respectful way. She sure helped me in a pinch, and I appreciate it. Learning a lot from her.

Balance Sure was nice meeting John, but we didn't get much time to talk. Man, what a wild night. Hope to get to know him better.

Charlene Another Southern girl!

Aurora If she isn't Southern, she has our hospitality, an amazing Lady, my thanks for adding to my Herbal garden. I see us working together in the future.

Stella We seem to be on the same quest for knowledge, and she shares my love for my folks' Homeland. I plan on getting to know her better.

Salimah Wish we would have had more time to talk, sure would have loved to know more about that bracelet.

Octava I was lucky to meet this smart, interesting Lady, and it's all thanks to Alphie.

Alphie I plan on stocking up on special grapes just for him.

Gwydion I think keeping the card this man gave me is a good idea, something tells me he really could tell what I ate for dinner last week.

Andy A great guy to know.

Giselle Really nice Lady we got our cabin from, and another Herbalist. I look forward to working with her in the future, hopefully. Oh, and love her birds.

Jake Nice, and makes you feel welcome. He's with Giselle, and hope to get to know him better. Another that is different from expected.

Chullain Huge and friendly. Another that is different from expected. Glad I could help at the right time. He does have intriguing friends, too bad I can't see them.

Nathaniel Another Doctor, works for the Medical Examiner's office and he's Chuck's friend. He seems to be a good guy, so I'm willing to help him out.

Solara Our friendly neighbor. I want to know more about this unique Lady.

Amethyst Our other neighbor, she loves plants and herbs as well. I look forward to working with her, and getting to know better.

Aodhan MacBhaird Quinn's cousin, and seems a nice enough guy. Smokes a pipe with amazing smelling tobacco.

Nascha One Lady who knows where her life is headed, and isn't afraid of her future, she's embraced it. I think we'll take her up on her offer to see that tree.

Andy Any man that keeps a possum on his shoulder is someone I want to know better, animals are great judges of character.

Dusk A musician that seems nice, just don't give him messages about his eyes ~ last time I try to relay a message from a Lady!

Bishop A smart Lady. Seems to 'really' like coffee, she's always in Roasters. She's good at reading people, and has great taste in books.

Hayden A great singer, another Southerner, and it seems we have a few things in common.

Norm He's a great guitarist, seems to be a nice guy. He's going to be working part time at the pet shop now, so probably get to know him better.

Erin A nice Lady, got a sweet little girl, but still not sure how to exactly take her. Another one you don't mention 'Spider' around.

Carica Fun Lady, got some great advice from her, hope to see her again in future.

Cynthia Confusing Lady, not sure what to make of her, but Robert is intrigued, and if he wants to investigate guess I'll tag along.

Tabia I'm so jealous of her travels, we have so much more to talk about, I hope I get to help with her Arabic in the future.

George Impressive doesn't even start it, I hope to get out to that Island soon, there's so much I want to know.

Doyle Seems like an okay guy, I think he might be a Viking.

Brittany I think she's going to Mars with Isaac. Kind Lady that gave me directions, and an invite, to Smoke and Barley, I owe her a BBQ dinner.

Isaac He's going to Mars... I think.

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Paul Barakat

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"We say Grace, we say Ma'am, if you ain't into that we don't give a dayum"

...Country Boys Can Survive - Hank Williams, Jr

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RP Hooks

He loves Animals, and if you do as well then strike up a conversation. He currently has a job at The Fellowship Of The Paws pet store, normally there in the early morning before the shop opens. He is often seen with a smoke colored Egyptian Mau kitten named Khalid.

He often wanders the Forest, as well as trails in the city's park. He is interested in plants, and herbs, so if you are as well, strike up a conversation.

He seems to always be hungry, so he is often seen at various restaurants and food spots around the city. He especially likes Smoke and Barley where he is a manager, Wafflemania and Prospect Roasters

He is also into creating usable items from recycled materials, and enjoys creating crafts such as fire and bbq pits from old scrap metals.

He has a thirst for knowledge.

He is searching for signs of others from his elusive kin, and extended family. And he is trying hard to attempt to create bridges between the different branches in the family tree.

He is from Egyptian heritage, his great Grandmother came to this country for a particular reason, something those only within his family even know a bit about. He is always ready to discuss anything concerning his family's homeland. For all he knows he might be the last member of his immediate family that is left alive in America.


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