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A Gaian at heart, even if she's a bit human to get it all right from the start. She's weird, no other way about it. She's doing her best to uphold her Matron's ideals in a human world, make the best of her gifts and improve herself. She's also prone to wanting to have fun, even in this new frame of mind.

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Everyone is simultaneously a potential ally and a threat, until she can see them not-abide under the sun. Whatever that means. If they can't, then things get complexicated. Simple!

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Notable Cool Cats:

Amethyst: The best friend, Solara lives with.

Conn: Dude's cool and appreciates keeping friend circles separate, which is important for everyone getting along and keeping stuff neutral.

Rhea: Good friend, cool headed, carries herself with strength and pride. Real pride!

Hardy: This guy is tougher than Ornstein and Smough, holy crap, people shouldn't be that tough.

Daisy: She has a fancy car and did something weird, I swear. Waiting to spar with her, pretty sure she's Cool.

Phly Friends:

Lori: Girl has a brain sharper than a 10-blade razor, maybe even 11. And knows how to have fun.

Susie: She knows how to keep house, but she seems skittish.

Angela: Knew her before she was popular, she probably needs real friends, Sola is happy to be when around.

Elizabeth: She definitely needs a friend, even just a talk helped her out a ton. Not sure if she's Cool but she's a friend.

Nisa: Bird is the word, even if she doesn't know the whole picture.

There's more but these are the people Sola's been most recently watching. (will add to this list when feeling so.)

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Here, golly!

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Full Name: Ryuri Solara (if that IS her name)

Age: 23

Height: 1.85m *

Fame: None outside of her cult, the Church of Astora.

Position: Gamer, Day Trader

Apparent Age: Young Adult, not teenage.

Plan: Unite all people within her sphere of influence, praise Helios, soak some rays.

Theme Song: Health: Arena War ( )

Office-hours: Variable, generally like 22:30 to 05:00 EST

Temperament: Cavalier, need more be said?

Short Desc: *

Actor: *

Notable Stats: Dexterity(**), Innocent, Enchanting Voice, Animal Magnetism, Appearance(3), Fighter(**)

  • - Solara has plural forms to choose from, even amongst human ones. She may not seem the same all the time unless she's keeping a specific shape for someone.
    • - Solara has an eerie fluidity to her movement. Dexterity of 5 and multiple combat skills above 2, she has to make an effort to hide eerily coordinated, minimalist movement and fluid posture and poise.

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RP Hooks
  • - Random hangouts: Solara's exploring all the Cool spots around Prospect to make friends and build her network of allies, she doesn't discriminate if people aren't antagonistic.
  • - Gaian, Ananasi Kin: The Gaian factions of prospect should have some news about her one way or another, and she's met atleast 3 Ananasi thusfar, a potential hook for Weaver types.
  • - Cult: Solara has a cult of atleast 10 people, if you think that might be a venue for play then sure.
  • - Weird, Kami: Somethin' just ain't right here...

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