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Smoke & Barley Restaurant

xxxxx Pietre Piaskovsky built Smoke and Barley when the town of Prospect was founded. The woodworking carved within the bar still is the original woodworking that he had done, despite the place being handed down several generations. The recipes came from Marina, which Timor learned and now makes. It was in Glasswalker hands after Klem left, but has now returned to its rightful owners, the Silver Fang Tribe. Here is the Menu.

Smoke & Barley Sanctuary

xxxxxSince its inception, the place has been respite for the Gaian shifters and their family within the city. The goal is sanctuary. A neutral place to talk, meet and learn of the local shifter community. This is NOT a caern, though spirits find the place pleasing. All Gaians are welcome, minus those very few who have been banned from Garou holdings. If this is you, you know who you are.

xxxxxYou may obtain enter the place via the Alley on the crossroads of Lincoln and First Streets and through the kitchen. Or enter into SAB (+hangouts/jump smoke) and through the entrance marked PD. This is not a welcome place for the Wyrm Tainted. Please do not +meet anyone here who cannot pass the lock on their own. If you aren't sure, +meet them upstairs and let them walk through on their own.

S&B Layout

S&B Owner

S&B Staff

S&B Purpose

Staff Rules
S&B-S1.jpg Paul Baraket
S&B-S1.jpg Timor
S&B-S1.jpg Zia
S&B-S1.jpg Sally
S&B-S1.jpg Nikita
S&B-S1.jpg Grigory
S&B-S1.jpg Pancho
(Assistant Chef)
  • People are expected to police themselves. Everyone knows how they are supposed to behave. If they don't, there are people who can be called to have you removed.
  • Sanctuary will be granted to those who ask, or are in need.
  • There is an item called a Rage Suppressor that hangs on the back wall. This makes all rage rolls difficulty 9.
  • Felicity, or another Silver Fang can be contacted for questions and concerns.
  • Most of the staff are Kinfolk of Silver Fang tribe. PLEASE ASK before you use them in your posing beyond ordering/receiving food and/or drinks!
  • Smoke & Barley is looking for local distillers.
  • OOC note: The lower level of Smoke and Barley is well known within the shifter community as a place to talk freely and enjoy respite within the city. Wyrm oriented characters are at automatic risk 3 entering into the place. ICA does mean ICC here. There are NPCs within the room, one might expect to see people eating or relaxing in the bar, typically those who are kin or shifters. Any other questions, please contact Felicity or a member of staff.

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