Nathaniel Gregory

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Dr. Nathaniel Gregory

"Veil, Masquerade, call it what you will. Inevitably, someone will make a mess that threatens the safety and order it brings. And that is when my services are most valuable to you."


Date of Birth: August 8th, 1988
Change Date: Date
Height/Weight: 5'11" / 165 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Breed: Homid
Race: Ananasi
Faction: Tenere (Weaver-Dedicated)
Aspect Viskr (Wizard)

General Info

It's relatively easy to find out that Dr. Nathaniel Gregory is a medical examiner with a specialty in forensic toxicology. He's well-published and well-regarded within his field. He's known to be extremely meticulous and methodical, and values the same in his colleagues. Although rarely rude, he tends to aloofness, so while he's typically respected by his colleagues, this doesn't necessarily equate to being well-liked. He originally worked for the city back in 2016 after finishing medical school, but tendered his resignation around a year and a half later due to family issues and left the city. It seems that 2021 has marked his return, and that he was able to get his old job back.

Less Common Info

As a rule, Tenere Viskr see it as their duty to mend the damage to the Great Web. Nathaniel takes this quite literally -- he sees it as his duty to preserve the Veil (by whatever name a group may call it), and so he uses his position in the Medical Examiner's office to conceal random evidence of the supernatural that may come up, and he uses Arthrus Industrial to help conceal more overt displays. Have some dead enemies that you need disposed of, or a battle site that you don't want the authorities to find? Nathaniel is well-equipped to deal with such things while maintaining discretion.

RP Hooks

  • OOC - Storyteller: While I'm most familiar with Werewolf and Vampire, I'm willing to run PRPs for nearly anyone if our schedules allow. Feel free to page me if you need a GM and we can discuss it -- advance notice is preferred (especially if your PC isn't from a game line I'm as familiar with.)
  • Arthrus Industrial: A small chemical and HAZMAT cleanup firm run by Nathaniel's older sister Melissa, an NPC Ananasi kinfolk. While the bulk of its work is entirely legitimate and has only minimal connection to Nathaniel himself (he has consulted for them on several occasions), it also serves as supernatural site cleanup when the need arises, and is one of the primary instruments by which Nathaniel helps to maintain the secrecy of the supernatural community.
  • Civil Service (First Responders/Judicial): As a medical examiner and forensic toxicologist, there's a chance that any first responders could have met him on the job -- he's one of the people that will come to the scene when they've found a body. He may also testify in court in the course of his duties for the city or occasionally as an expert witness, so he's at least familiar to a few judges and lawyers.
  • Medical Community: While he doesn't typically work with living patients, Nathaniel is still a medical doctor. He maintains professional ties in the medical community, and may consult with doctors if their specialty is relevant to an investigation, or be called on to consult should his own expertise be relevant. It's also not uncommon for hospitals to call in a medical examiner when patients die, especially on the operating table. He's had several articles published in medical journals, although they'd likely be of little interest to anyone not specializing in toxicology.
  • Shifters: As an independent agent, Nathaniel will work with any shifter if they need his assistance and can find an agreeable payment for his services. Although he's more inclined to trust Gaian and independent shifters than Fallen, ultimately, keeping humans in the dark about the supernatural community is more important than who the client is. If his services are needed, he's willing to provide them.
  • Vampires: Nathaniel is well aware of the existence of vampires, and as Ananasi, shares certain dietary requirements with them. So long as the vampire in question maintains the Masquerade, he doesn't particularly care what faction or clan they fall into. He's more likely to have things in common with more traditional vampires than the street punk crowd, but is potentially open to working with anyone.
  • Melissa Gregory: NPC Ananasi kinolk. A chemical engineer by trade, and one of the kin who runs Arthrus Industrial. If you'd know Melissa, you might well know Nathaniel.
  • Ricky Lance: NPC Ananasi kinolk. An accountant and businessman, Ricky handles the financials for Arthrus and is the other face of the company. Nearly as methodical as Nathaniel, but much more sociable. If you'd have a reason to know Ricky, you could easily meet Nathaniel through him.