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In your eyes, I see something to believe in... Your hands are like a flame, your palms, the sweetest pain.

Let the darkness lead us into the light.. Let our dreams get lost, feel the temperature rise.

Baby, tell me one more beautiful lie...

One touch and I ignite.


Fluff text related to retirement will be added eventually. Amethyst's adventures continue, though not in the City of Prospect anymore.

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Note: Are you not in Contacts? Real life sidetracks me a lot. Just nudge me in a page, I don't forget people. :)

Typhanie *stares very hard* Words are not required. <3 I have blood relatives who haven't done a fraction as much as you've done for me. You pulled my ass and my soul out of the fire and set me straight. I won't waste what you've given me, and? Fair game for you to totally call on me for anything. I'd probably be chained in a rape pit somewhere, wishing I were dead, if you hadn't saved me.

Sharpe There's really only three things to say: Thank you, I'm sorry, and I owe you. Sometimes my instincts are spot on when seeking people out.. you're smart. Brilliant, even. Probably one of the smartest guys I know, and you don't let your heart get in the way of logic or tactics. I owe you, too.. you called Typhanie to bail me out of mistakes that were made. Annnnnd you make a tux look fuckin' hot and have a fuckton of tricks up your sleeves, so, that's totally a bonus. You know where to find me, if you ever wanna compare notes again. Wouldn't mind burning some of those fangy bastards down.

Cody Too adorable to stay mad at. Really, dude.. I see through the cheshire grin. You'll grow into your own. Meanwhile, try not to get us both killed, eh?

Serenity Sister from another mister. I can feel the song struggling to free itself from the confusion. Breathe, and stay centered. You have friends, we'll help.

Ross Man, I didn't think a toaster could -run- like that, but it apparently does. Dude's a genius. I don't usually see him without Valentina, who only speaks in riddles and vagueness. Cute, but confusing to me.

Mike If Fury were still around, he'd be really damn proud of your intellect and precision. I might be higher ranked, but you are very dedicated and focused.. and you have no idea what a relief it is to talk Code with another reality hacker in fleshspace.

Vertigo Nope. I had a bad feeling, and it was right. I'll work beside you towards a common greater goal and good, but I don't have to like you OR the mess you left me to fix, soothing over pissed off peoples.

Sumter Someone I'd trust to come pick me up if I were ever drunk off my ass, or high as a kite. Good heart, wise words, and a pretty peaceable, friendly guy.

Furio ... so.. I got my answers. I'm so sorry, papa bear. I don't know what really happened, but, you always taught me family will take good care of you, no matter what. I gotta believe that. I hope you get better. Until the day you do, I'ma not bug you, cos.. cos maybe I was the cause of your break. Everyone I love in life gets murdered, or goes insane... maybe I should just stop loving people.

Steele You've got wisdom beyond your years, are an amazing friend, and the closest thing to a big brother I'll ever know. No matter if it's a simple lesson, or life and death, I know I can bring anything to you, and you'll help me see how it needs to be made right. I strive to be able to guide the lost like you, when I find my way. I'll get there. Meantime.. if you need an extra set of hands for anything, from helping you juggle your triplets to magic to business.. I'm your apprentice, dude. I'll help with anything, happily.

Gloria My BESTIE! First glance, we couldn't be more unalike.. I love technology, and she leads a simple life. I breathe Code and gnaw on PDFs, she binds books by hand in a dying but much-needed art. But there's just something -warm- about her, I just wanna hug her and squeeze her and protect her from the world. She's got a brilliant mind and a huge heart, I could talk with her for houuuuuurrrrrs on end. Our love of learning is a shared passion. If ever I got to pick a sister in life, she's totally it. And now we're apprentices together in the same Tradition, WOO!

Harikumo What do I think of Kumo, self? Oh man, she's a really cool cosplayer, I followed her a few years ago on YouTube. And she -makes- things, like I do, except they are spectacularly enchanted unlike my noob stuff. And.. uh, she sees things like I do, too. What is she? I don't really know, Sorceress probably by the armor she made me, but I know she's the kind of friend you can call up, tell her you just had a vampire cry blood all over you, and she will arrive and take you home with no questions asked. Yep. True friend, RIGHT there. Whatever her secrets are, I'll keep them to the grave. Next asshole to even THINK about hurting her's gonna get my fist in his face, and it may or may not be on fire, depending on my mood.

Bronwyn My sister from another mister, I swear it. Your temper and mine, man. STORMS of righteous fury. We totally could. Think of the fun we could have.. I'll bring pizza. Still TOTALLY convinced pure awesomeness had a baby with Chaos, and she's the result. Anyone who stands up for a bullied Vanny is a badass in my book. Just don't go barefoot around her. Like, ever.

Solara A new resident of my house, and, uh, she's.. my... guildmate? Yeah! From way back in the day. On like four MMOs. We go way back, yes we do. I think I even knew her on Dark Souls. I have awesome internet, she needed a place for her and her pals to crash, so here she is! Yes, there's a new cat lurking around, I'm pretty sure she belongs to Solara. No, it's totally your imagination her coat sparkles, maybe she bathed in a glitterbombed bath, or it's the delicious fishes we feed her.

Branton Kumo was right. She always is, I shoulda listened to her. Sorry, dude, I know what a broken heart feels like all too well. Maybe when you're not so busy we can catch up? The bracelets you made me have literally been a life saver, you've got NO idea. I still owe ya, maybe my magehax will be strong enough by the time you call in that favor I owe ya to really make something awesome.

Jacqueline Steele's hot wife. I mean awesome wife! ... can she be both? Because she's totally both.

Thana Duuuuuude. You better behave, or we're both gonna get our asses kicked. Please please please listen to Nash and be a good girl, yeah? I pushed for a noob 101 class and got it, so, stuff like us doesn't happen again. K? K. Now, return my calls so we can smoke a bowl and gossip. <3

Eloise MOM! No, really. You're an awesome Mom. You're way too young to be my MOM mom, but, I lost my mom, and you're totally the closest thing I know, now. You're the Tradition Herald, a Master Mage, and ohmygodIloveyoursacredgrove. I can't live here, I'd never leave. You're also a Kinfolk, like me, so there's -so- many things you know. I don't trust a lotta people, but, I feel pretty sure I can come talk to you about anything, and if it isn't okay, we'll find a way to MAKE it okay.

Carver Maaaaan, you make me missing being a cute little goth girl. Yeah, yeah, below the rainbows and bright colors.. every flower starts as a seed below the earth, wrapped in darkness. For an Orphan, you know a hell of a lot, and you don't let bullshit or drama color ANYthing you say. Love helping you out with projects, and watching just how off-kilter your fuck-all attitude makes people. Heh.

Gwydion Mr. McBryde! My ex landlord. Gone more often than not, but my rent check's dutifully cashed, and the wards hold on our building, sooooooo I'm pretty sure he's alive. Maybe the rumors are right, maybe he and Cross are out fighting space aliens and Nephandi off-world? Whatever it is, kick some ass, sir.

Giselle So damn talented! And your spirit dodos are a riot. If I had to name one name as a strong woman, it'd literally be you. The things you've survived, man, they put my problems to shame. I know I'm young, and stupid, and inexperienced, but.. I'm learning, and I hope you'll forgive me hiding for a few months until I could wrap my head around everything and find myself again. It wasn't you, I promise.

Jake You're the best friend of the love of my life. And, I can see why. I keep hearing stories about how scary Garou are supposed to be, and I'm totally sure they're right.. but, you've got a refined, civilized side. I can see how much you love Giselle, how careful you are, how much you treasure her, and it isn't just for the cheesecake. May all men, Garou or not, endeavor to cherish their partners like you do.

Rose Doyle Omg, your kitteh... such floof! No.. literally.. he's awesome, I love him. Does he want some Awakened Catnip? I actually MADE some. Man. I NEED to come see you for more ink. Y'know, right after I get the terrible ink off my back I just.. ugh, life keeps happening. I swear I'll make it to your shop.

Reed Y'know, I have never seen you without Rose. Iunno what to think, but I know you're a supportive dude, and those are really rare these days.

Journey You're awesome, but you scare me. No, really, not even joking. Elder Theurges know more than some of the most experienced of my Tradition, I WANT to learn from you, I WANT to know you and your awesome mate, but not only are you busy fighting a war, I insulted the hell out of you bringing human rules to the Garou world. I can't get a read on you, nine times out of ten, and it.. just unsettles me. Were you a lesser man, I'd be dead on the caern floor. I know this all too well, now. I wish I'd known even half of what I know now, months ago. I could have avoided so many mistakes and given you the respect your station and a man of your caliber deserves.

Vesta You're one of the few Kinfolk outside the Glass Walker camps I know of who was formally allowed to join a pack. Not a single soul I know has anything bad to say about you, and you're connected. You also made possibly the cutest baby EVER with Journey. You're a lot less scary than your mate. Maybe when the dust settles, I can finally get to know you, and help where I can? I don't really know what's needed of me, but.. I'm willing.

August von Heidelburgh So, hey, we just met, and this is crazy... but did you seriously just ask me to flay you open and paint your ribs with gold for Helios, no maybes?

Barbie Hey, the first day I was sorting out stuff with Steele, I saw you touch base with him.. where'd you go? We're in the same Tradition, now.. and our numbers are growing. Come back and hang out with Gloria and me!

Russell *narrows eyes* You're fun to unsettle, but there's a -dark- streak running through you, pointdexter. Don't think I don't see it. Keep running. There's no place in the world the Spirits and the Internet don't reach.

Simon Jones No licking! No, seriously. If you ever lick me with my bracelets off, PROBLEMS will happen. Ask me about it, I'll totally explain it, just, yeah. Last two Garou to get Spark of Life'd freaked the fuck out, please don't make me feel like more of a mutant than I already am.

Octava Alphie is THE cutest. No really. Those eyes. I'm glad you saved him, and THANK you for doing the noob 101 classes. *blinks* Also, bewbs. I don't really like them as a rule, but yours. Holysmokes. That is all.

Vanny PROFESSOR! Omg, your classes are the best. I miss you, stop grading papers and come OUT of your OFFICE! You'll have to tell me how you and that lamer are getting along. (What? It's a proper title. I'm a noob, he's a lamer.)

John Sloan Refined elegance and a gentleman. And you sure know how to treat your wife well. I wish I could ask you more questions about our Tribe, but.. stuff happened. Maybe I'll get another chance.

Wormwood .... creepy. NOPE. Nope, nope, nope.

Albert *checks her phone* I don't even know how I have your number in here, but I remember your name. Don't remember your Tribe, sorry. You were super quiet, too. Hope you're okay, whatever you're doing.

Dantes Man, the Spirits told me the Weaver went crazy, but seeing you I KNOW it's true. Maybe if I unravel how you work, I can figure out a puzzle piece on how to fix it..

Rhys You are probably the sweetest, kindest, funniest guy I've ever known, and I hardly know you. Nobody's ever left me icecream when I was sad before. I hope your girl appreciates you, I really do. Your pack told me you were gonna take me in, but that never happened.. and, you know what? You got bigger problems than whether or not I'm okay. You do you. I'll always be here, somewhere, if you need a friend. That's a Kinfolk's job, right?

Kanu ...holy hotness. Man. It kills me half of me would kill you just for what I am, and what you are. I so wanna touch, because you CALL to my -other- half.. but.. I shouldn't. I'll just admire from right over here, carefully. We don't pick flowers if we love them.. right? We water them and take good care of them. Friends don't hurt friends if they can help it.

Andrew Everyone told me Gets were loud, scary, and brutes.. you're anything but. I can't read you well... can't tell if you're shy, or just reserved, but I know you're a badass when you want to be. If your patrols ever bring you by my place, always happy to offer hospitality.

Arthur Fairchild ... I loved you. I trusted you. I wanted to help you. You used BLOOD to fucking bind my soul and heart to yours, without consent. It wasn't a two-way street. Slavery isn't love. You fucked over the only thing I hold sacred in this life, above my own life in importance. My bond with my Totem. I would die to defend it. I'm just lucky there are people who were there to break my chains and hold me while the agony of your mark of slavery was ripped from my SOUL. If you weren't DEAD dead, I'd have shared with you the agony YOU visited on ME when you BOUND ME and fucking LEFT ME TO ROT. Fuck you, and your disbelief of love. Bob Marley once said.. "The biggest coward of a man is to awaken the love of a woman without the intention of loving her." I'm NOBODY's slave girl.

Heathen Ohmygod. I don't know who's cuter, you or Harvey. Can I keep him, dude? I can pretend I'm a Psychic, I got Mind Sphere!

Bob *squints* You're just a bit too smart for a regular raven.

Stryfe Darth Stryfe! Dude, I still think Prospect seriously misunderstands you. It's okay. You haven't killed anyone yet. I knew you were one of us! You should really and SERIOUSLY take a look at the Grey Jedi code, if you're truly seeking power and self improvement. It's like having your cake and eating it, too.

Phoenix I seriously don't know what I'd have done if you didn't grab me and help me find my inner rhythm. Probably still be a wallflower who drinks too much. You're beautiful, every inch of you oozes sensuality, even though I'm totally not your type. You seem oblivious to just how much the crowd loves you. I hate seeing you so sad all the time. For teaching me to dance.. I gift you with eyes, so you can see what I see. May you never forget Phoenixes ALWAYS rise again, no matter what life throws at them.

Acacia BOOTS! <3 No, seriously. You make me wanna be a cute goth girl again, too. Is it just a Prospect thing? Shocked as hell to find out we're in the same f'd up family, even if we're different tribes. You need anything, you call me. You know us GWs are loaded. We got you covered.

Phil Y'know. Your fronts of business legitimacy don't really fool me, but everyone's gotta make a living. You're smart, you're a Master, and you were a Master when Mr. McBryde was a noob like me, or so I hear.. I feel like there's a lot I COULD learn from you, but, can you be bothered to teach? Heh. I wonder how mad you'd be to know some of your Trad's secrets? We'll just have to see. Pretty sure you don't give two fucks, and y'know, that's okay by me. You need anything, dude, I'm around.

Daxos I didn't realize how hot not-human could be, until I met you.. you know I can see you for you, and you just tease the hell out of me over the elephant in the room, huh? ... probably good for me you're outta town a lot on business, you're cloven-hooved trouble.

Juliette Enjoy the lens? It DID arrive, right?

Drake Thank you for your service. Also, my big brother thinks you're a waste of human existence, so... yeah, now I know why you bolted when his name was dropped. Small world.

Annie I know what it's like to be hurting. Really, I do. But pain and anger, it's like a sickness. If you hold it in, it festers, and if you lash out with it, it spreads. I don't think I can help you, but.. here's to hoping you avoid the bad boys, and you can find a way to purge your heart of the darkness that wants to devour it. May you find love with your girlfriend, may she mend your heart, and help you find solace.

Patty Dude. I knew you before you had fangs. What the fuck even happened? Why are you always angry or crying?

Quentin Y'know, I'm just going to defer to my Totem's opinion of you. According to him, you're very nearly the worst possible Theurge he's run into in several millenia, with instincts so thin he is unsure if you actually have a Wolf. All I wanted to do was learn what my place was in the Nation. To learn about our Tribe. You talked a good game, about how you'd bring me into your pack, teach me our ways, and how I just needed to get myself mated to a strong Garou, and all that. How you wanted to learn more about mages, and how Dies Ultimae had a place for me. You fucked with my head and my heart, and instead of calling the Den Father or a Philodox as a mediator between Furio and I, you decided you'd just take counselling my relationship woes into your own hands and make things explosively worse. You went from wanting to fuck a Pooka, to leading me on, and then to running away with a Bone Gnawer Kin. Did you warn your new girl YOU urged me to end my relationship and drove me crazy with tons of broken promises on your end? Probably your biggest fail, though, was the mission I did instead of you. When you do battle with the Wyrm, you are to do a Rite of Cleansing EVERY DAMN TIME you come back. Every time. Considering how important you felt it was to stress so hard how the rape Annie experienced left a tiny bit of taint on her, I came fucking toe to toe with it, and you left me after my OWN TOTEM went to get you, without cleansing me. I'm your Kinfolk. You're supposed to look after your own. I side with Firebird on this. I hope someone of proper authority hands you your ass, before you corrupt any more Kinfolk with your failures. I wonder if your insidious, malicious whispers are what drove Annie to attack an Elder? When was YOUR last Cleansing? *narrows eyes*

Andy Den Father! <3

Monica You're the first Garou who actually sat down to really talk with me, who wasn't trying to get in my pants or ruin my love life. I won't forget your wisdom when it comes to how to fight corruption and violence against women.. I'm in the streets, doing it every day I can. If I can ever help, you know where I live.

Antoine Didn't get to know you terribly well, but you seemed like a pretty cool guy. Firebird sings songs about Silver Fangs, I wonder how many of them are true?

George You'd make a Bastet green with envy for how utterly silent and one with the shadows you can be. I really don't know you too well, but, the Falcon of pure light that follows you around really speaks volumes for your honor and wisdom.

Meilin I LOVE your tea shop. You do know you have dead people in it, right? ... right. As long as you know.

Kevin Man, Furio speaks worlds of awesome about you. I have got to come see how you do things! For an Orphan, you sure sound a heck of a lot like a Virtual Adept! ... maybe it's just the Glass Walker in us? Regardless, we need to meet up more often than never!

Billy So, the memories jacked into my head tell me, our Tribe hardly ever has any Lupines, which makes you both amazing and rare. But I could have told them that, your pigeon bot is adorable. I seriously wanted to come over and see your collection, but.. I felt like I was too much of an imposition. You ARE fighting a war. You DO get busy. So I stopped asking. And, then I pissed you off, too, bringing human rules into Garou society, and defending someone who should have known the way she did things was NOT the right way to do it. Maybe I'll get the chance to apologize soon. There's a lot a Philodox can teach, like you said, and, next we meet, I'll have open ears and an open heart for learning if that door hasn't been shut.

Tabia Take care of Annie, if you can.. She needs someone she loves more than the pain that consumes her. Maybe you can teach her to love herself? If not.. you know, it's okay. Keep your heart in tact, you need it to save Gaia.

Felix Always missing you, coming and going! Mutual friends, we've got plenty, but are we ever going to have time to sit down and actually properly meet? Who knows! Hopefully so. When I found out I was a Kinfolk, I also found out like half my friends are Gnawers, so.. look me up for anything, dude.

Bliss *stares* You're beauuuuuuuutiful. I... didn't know Phoenix or Firebirds.. y'know.. is... is there even a rule or a protocol on HOW to inquire politely? Were they Mom, or Dad? Or, y'know, are you a Kami?

Brohain Nope. NOPE. Noooooooope. Last fucker who tried to puppet MY strings around's a headless pile of ashes. Don't go there, Bro.

Byron Huh.. the prosthetics expert found the one friend I've got who badly needs your mad skills? Damn. Serious luck or fate, right there.

Carica *peers* Something seems super familiar about you.

River I don't know where you came from, or where you're going, but you're ADORABLE. *hugs*

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RP Hooks
New to Town?: Amethyst is a local, friendly face. She shows up all over the place, and really has no holds barred on just generally being a kind and helpful person. Whatever you are, she won't judge you by anything other than your actions.

UC Prospect: This one is the most obvious. Are you at UCP? Do you WANT to be at UCP? Amethyst probably has classes with you, somewhere, or will help you figure out your way to the Financial Aid office. Her major is Climate Science, but the girl knows way too much about biology, horticulture, physics... where does she find the time to study all this?

Streetwise: Ame is a well-known street medic, anyone can ID her by the various political tags on her backpack or Red Cross symbol displayed prominently on her person when she's 'on duty'. She's actively on the streets, feeding people she finds. Soon? Bigger projects. Everyone needs to eat, and a safe place to live. Unsurprisingly enough, you may find NPCs on the streets referring to her as Street Medic.

Political Activism: Know what antifa is? Know what Cascadia is? Concepts of social structures that don't include capitalism? Know anything going on currently (politically) that would affect the west coast, our climate, and fighting major corporations from poisoning the earth? Ame does! Open that can of worms at your own risk.

Portland: Born and raised in Portland, OR, and outlying areas. (Down with the gentrification and uncontrolled rent increases!) Been through there? Lived there? From there? Have you and she met before? Keep Portland weird.

Things that Go Fast: Amethyst has a passion for cars, motorcycles, and technology. So, she doesn't have a shop devoted to it, but that doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate it. Is it a machine? She probably loves it and will go on and on and on in admiration.

Not Actually Blackwell Family: Amethyst's father, Jake Blackwell, is not actually her father genetically. Her Father is a Glass Walker from the Corporate Wolves, residing in Seattle, present-day, and only recently learned of her existence.

Kinfolk: Amethyst is Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe. The Veil is serious business, but if you're Fera/Garou, you have probably heard of her at least in passing. She's been focused a lot on her studies in the city, lately, and not wandering the wilds.

Mage: Dual Tradition, Dreamspeaker / Virtual Adept. Resident Technoshaman. Ghosts in the machine are real, dude.

Herbalist: Yeah, she's well-versed in ACTUAL herbal remedies. Her favorite remedies, though, are her own strains, heavy on the Indica genetics. What happens when the Green Thumb merit is combined with a grower? Yeaaaaaah. Fun times, right? NOTE: Yes, if you are a splat who cannot be normally affected by Cannabis, Amethyst is a Spirit specialist, and DOES have Awakened Cannabis, which will work for you. Cannot suggest vampires come calling to the Gaian shaman, though.. might want a third party intervention. :p

Crafting: Need jewelry made? Amethyst is fairly good at delicate metalwork, glass-blowing, and gem-cutting (both by hand and machine guided). Rarest stone in the world? Six point star garnet, and she's got a knack for cutting them. Workshop located in public RP Space, Raven's Treasure Box, inside Thru the Looking Glass (+hangouts/jump Raven) I entertain all manner of requests for commissions, mundane and potentially magical. The more specific you can be about what you need, the faster I can find a picture and make it happen.

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Things I've Made (Mostly for others)
Zepring.jpg Phoenixring.jpg Glorianecklace.jpg Rebeccacharm.jpg

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Amethyst Wickward



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Name: Amethyst Wickward

Age: 24 (Sept 8, 1994)

Height: 5'9"

Weight: ~130lb

Hair: Fiery tones, from yellow fading to deep reds, like a sunset.

Eyes: Blue-green. Appears to wear contact lenses.

Skin: Fair

Demeanor: Rebel.. not so much these days.

Profession: Gemcutter/Glassworker at Raven's Treasure Box, UCP Student, +more.

Hobbies: Herbalist, Political Activist, and more.

Tradition: Dreamspeaker / Virtual Adept

Faction/Tribe: Gaian / Glass Walker (Kinfolk)

Kinain: Sidhe

Resonance: Primal

Played By: Milla Jovovich

Totem: Amefirebird.jpg

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Noteworthy Stats

Green Thumb merit

Spark of Life merit

Spirit Sight merit

Burning Aura merit

Echoes flaw

Spiritually Noticeable flaw

Dual Tradition merit

Arete 5

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Played By: Milla Jovovich