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The throbbing sound of propellers was hypnotic to Quentin. He sat on a bench within the Helicopter alongside his brothers in arms. Everyone was painting their faces with camouflage while others were checking their gear. He had kept his Pack Link off for some time since he was brought back into the ranks of Dies Ultimae for the mission. Thoughts of his Pack Brothers and thoughts of Annabelle spun through his mind. This was the last of it though. Soon they'd be on their way back to camp. Just one last extraction.

The plan was easy enough. Extract a few known kinfolk who went on a mission to ease the suffering of the village's people (Classified: One kinfolk was Garou and they were moving in to cleanse the area for potential future operations). Communications from the village Kinfolk indicated that the cleansing was completed but that a local warlord was rumored to be coming through.

The shout of incoming was only a few seconds before the impact. A rocket hits the tail of the helicopter and it begins to spin wildly out of control. Some of the Garou are thrown from the helicopter, landing in woods while others trying to lock their lines to the cable and descend. Quentin grunts as he slams into the pilot who is frantically trying to stabilize the craft.

"We're not going to make it!" Quentin shouts as he draws a blade and cuts the safety belt from the pilot. "Come on!!" he pulls the pilot from the seat and attaches the other end of the line to the pilot's harness. "See you on the other side!" Quentin grins at the pilot as they both exit the helicopter. The pilot zips down the line but looks upward as the helicopter explodes while Quentin descends. The line severs and Q drops into the woods nearby in a free fall.

They have not been heard from since...

....Until now.

Quentin steps off the bus and shoulders his backpack. The familiar scent of Prospect pollution causes his nose to cringe but a quiet sigh of relief escapes him. How long had he been gone? His footsteps carry him towards the forest. After a long walk, he finds himself standing before his cabin. The wilderness had already begun to reclaim it. He steps inside and closes the door behind him.

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  • Black Furies: I don't think they're a huge fan of chauvinistic jokes. In seriousness though, they are mighty and formidable.
  • Bone Gnawers: We both dwell in the cities and among man. I got a soft spot for the Gnawers.
  • Children of Gaia: Haven't met one I didn't like.
  • Fianna: Who doesn't like a culture that enjoys partying, drinking, and culture?
  • Get of Fenris: I admire their discipline and honor.. as long as it isn't being flopped about in my face like a penis.
  • Red Talons: I get it.. we're part wolf.. we need to be in tune with that... but we're also part human. Don't matter if you were born on four legs or two. We're part of both. You can't forsake one for the other or your fuck up the balance.
  • Shadow Lords: I've not worked with them enough. From what I hear, they are efficient but demanding.
  • Silent Striders: While we can operate through technology, they can operate without it.. it's a good pair; covers both sides.
  • Silver Fangs: Sorry but I prefer to follow a leader because he or she displays leadership, not because he or she was born into it. Just cause your ancestors were Kings doesn't mean you have the qualities of one. Still - I respect you for being a Garou.. for trying to aspire to leadership.
  • Uktena: Not very familiar with them, however, they tend to like dealing with the Spirit World.. something I personally have in common. Don't tell my tribe mates. *winks*
  • Wendigo: Not sure I've ever met one.
  • Stargazers: Don't know much.
  • Vampires: They suck.

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Marlon - My brother from another mother... we lived in Jersey together. He stood up for me when I was weak.. I hope I can repay that now. [1]

Alyssa Brooks - She is a sweet person.. She has so much potential and I think she'll be able to realize it here. [2]

Zeppelin - Her appetite for life and food are inspiring. She is the embodiment of friendship, always a smile for those she meets, a friendly affectionate lean, a feel good kinda girl. [3]

Duncan - A pack brother, or hopefully soon, I don't know him well but I already feel that bond of brotherhood with him. I hope to know him well.

Rhys - He's becoming like a brother to me. I'm there for him whatever he needs... [4]

Nika - She's cool. An exotic, smart and kind individual.

Annie - Strider Kin. She has a good heart.. even if she tries to hide it.

Sasha - One day, she just flew into my life and showed me how to smile even when I'm down.

Annabelle - She's amazing...

Amethyst - Kinmagi. Remember that you choose your destiny.. don't let someone else choose it for you.

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Homid2.png Theurge.png Glasswalkers.png
  • Played By: Garrett Hedlund
  • Date of Birth: April 20
  • Age: 28
  • Eyes: Green
  • Occupation: Ethical Hacker - Network Security Consultant
  • Pack: The Neighborhood Watch
  • Tribe: Glass Walker
  • Camp: Dies Ultimae
  • Race: Garou
  • Auspice: Theurge
  • Nature: Defender
  • Demeanor: Vigilante
  • Relationship Status: ...?

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RP Hooks
  • Medium - I hear the departed. I may have quests from them for you.
  • Computer Hacker? Got an Alias? Do anything righteous? You may have crossed paths with Quentin digitally.
  • Network Security Consultant: Quentin is a freelance "Ethical Hacker" who will help companies find flaws in their networks and offer solutions to strengthen their security so that their data is secure.
  • Garou: He's a Cliath, Theurge, Glasswalker. He's always willing to RP Garou or even Gaian stuff.
  • Dies Ultimae: He's part of the Glasswalker Camp Dies Ultimae - A doomsday cult and mercenary unit that prepares for the Apocalypse by studying urban tactics and spiritual warfare, even allowing Kinfolk to join their ranks.
  • Bonding Rite - Need a kinfolk in your pack so that they can benefit from mind link or other totem powers? Quentin may be able to help with his rituals.
  • Rite of the Fetish - Need a Fetish - Ask me how!
  • Addiction - Caffeine ... Coffee is awesome. Energy drinks in a pinch but I'd rather enjoy a cup of Joe when possible.

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