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Full Name:Felix T. Sinclair
Tribe:Bone Gnawers
Auspice:Galliard (Waxing)
Rank:Adren (3)
Pack:Last Call
Pack Position:Beta
Occupation:Musician & Thief
Date of Birth:April 7th, 1998
Age:20 (Unless you check
ID. Then 23. Honest.)
Eye Colour:Blue-Green
Hair Colour:Copper
Demeanor:Bon Vivant
Photo Reference:Seth Green
Notable Stats
Specialty: Quick
Specialty: Enduring
Manipulation: Choc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.png
Specialty: Charming
Specialty: Music; Ability Aptitude
Rage: Choc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.png
Honour: Choc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.pngChoc-dot-f.png
Conspicuous Merits
Self-confidence is like armor. If it fits, you can stand up to almost anything. In game terms, whenever another character tries to mislead or intimidate you, the Merit lowers your Social difficulties by two and raises the other character's difficulty by two.
Enchanting Voice
There's just something about that voice. Rolls that involve using the voice are at -2 diff.
Fair Glabro
You don't suffer penalties to Social attributes while in Glabro form, and will be perceived as a powerful human instead of an animalistic humanoid.
Gifts & Rites
Rank 1 Gifts
Rank 2 Gifts
Faded dots are boons
from his pack totem.
"If you feel dirty, insignificant, or unloved, then rats are a good role model. They exist without permission, they have no respect for the hierarchy of society, and they have sex 50 times a day."

— Banksy

"I'm pretty sure I don't think quite so much as you. I mean, I'm not a still water, I ain't all that deep." A sudden, roguish grin, "Rapids are more fun anyhow."

— Felix
For LilahFor Lilah
Gnawer Pride!
OOC Quotes

<OOC> Jasen hurls confetti! Should not have eaten confetti. [Garou] Zeppelin says, "Now I want cookies."
[Garou] Tabia gives Zep a 'C'. That should be good enough for you.
[Public] Silly Vanny is a rebel, but also weirdly fond of following rules. -_-
[Public] Congenial Claudia says, "Fuck the police! With consent!"
Regarding whether Felix could avoid getting dirty looks at a Fury sept:
<OOC> Monica says, "Probably not. Whereas some people have resting bitch face, I'd imagine he has resting cocky face. ;)"
[Garou] Brightheart Percy sidles up to Kevin.
[Garou] Brightheart Percy says, "I got a note what says you n' me are family."
[Garou] Kevin says, "BUT I KEPT IT IN MY PANTS!"
[Garou] Brightheart Percy blinks.
[Garou] Kevin says, "Ahem. Oh, you don't mean... right!"
[Garou] Felix says, "Keeping it in your pants only works if you also keep everyone else out of them."
[Garou] Kevin says, "HUSH YOU!"
[Garou] Brightheart Percy says, "You a pants ninja, Felix?"
[Garou] Felix says, "...yes. Yes, I am."
[Garou] Brightheart Percy says, "New Rite Name."
[Garou] Pants Ninja Felix is sneaky. You'll never see him coming.
[Garou] Future Dictator Billy has it on good authority that Felix is in fact a Disco Bandit, having successfully stolen his OWN pants without alerting himself to his presence. The man's an artist in the pants.
[Public] Abe 2.0 Dusk says, "Alright, changing the topic. This one time, in band camp, we had this guy that really like the trumbone, and he like to bring it with him everywhere, and then we went canoneing, and it took it when him there, and the canone tipped over and he lost his trambone and he was so sad that his mom had to come and get him."
[Public] Lenore says, "wtf dusk"
[Public] Gruff Dusk says, "Whut?"
[Public] Gruff Dusk says, "And then this other time, at band camp, we were preparing to hold the end of camp concert, only we were missing a few kids because they got home sick and they had to leave, and so we didn't have a whole horn section, and that one the one time we needed the trambone kid."
[Public] Felix nods solemnly.
[Public] Toasted by HB Ty Sargent gets ready for the brick at the end of the joke
[Public] Gruff Dusk oh goods, someone is listening, "And then this other time in band camp, a bunch of friends and I saw a a shrunk in the woods, so we followed the shunk and it went from tree to tree and dug at the roots but one of my friends, only he wasn't really a friend because it was camp and you have your real friends and your camp friends and he was definately more of a camp friend, well anyways, my camp friend Dave got to close to the skunk and it turned around and hissed at him but he frooze, so it turned around and sprayed him. He had to take three tomato juice baths before anyone eould even come near him, and he got called skunk head after that and it made him cry until his mom came and picked him up.
[Public] Lenore says, "this had better be good"
[Public] Toasted by HB Ty Sargent says, "Wake me when we get to the brick, brb"
[Public] Abe 2.0 Dusk says, "I think that's everything that happened at band camp."
[Public] Lenore says, "oh"
[Public] Lenore says, "is that fucking it? I feel let down and dissapointed?"
[Public] Felix says, "I can't believe he forgot the time Godzilla crushed the ampitheatre."
[Public] Abe 2.0 Dusk says, "I wasn't there. My mom had came and got me."