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Life wasn't easy for Maria growing up as a Romany child of the streets. Getting by when and where she could, she's moved about, calling no place home for long. Her short stature and friendly appearance were some of her only advantages, often overlooked and underestimated. The girl's quick hands and disarming look made her a natural at snatching a roll out of a bin at a bakery unseen, or slipping a wallet from a pocket.

The gypsy girl's ancestry is a melding pot that most recently includes a strong strain of Faerie blood. Those familiar with Fae who notice her combination of a pixie-like stature, proclivity for picking up what doesn't belong to her, and her general good-hearted nature might very well suspect at her Piskey heritage.

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The other side of her family brings in her strong Romany blood, and with it a heritage that ties back to the Silent Strider Garou. Maria has spent some time in various Septs along the way, but never for long. Eventually something calls to her, whether the streets or her Strider blood that pulls her on down the way.

Maria's near constant companion the last half decade is a German Shepherd named Rex. The dog is smart as can be and has played a big role in keeping the waifish girl safe from the dangers of the darker city streets.

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Rex - guardian and bestest friend. That's him on the right.

Thorn - would a beer have been too much to ask?

Journey - bacon wrapped shrimp

Kaya - pizza

George - bbq ribs

Samuel - smoked fish you say?

Abioye - from years long past. Can't remember what we ate?

Galen - oranges on the beach

Ajax - Redacted

Kelli - dorm food

Akecheta - shots of Jameson! Woohoo!

Locke - sausage and egg sandwich

Alessio - no food, just shooting

Felix - dinner music!

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RP Hooks
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Shifter - She's Strider Kinfolk

Fae - Maria sees Fae miens and can be found in the Dreaming once she knows of a way to get there.

Theft - Maybe you catch her pickpocketing something, or she breaks into your house?

Dogs - Maria has one! If Rex likes you, there's a good chance Maria will like you.

Homeless - Volunteer at a soup kitchen, sleep in a squat, or maybe you just leave your shed unlocked one night.

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Maria Cooper
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Apparent Age: Teen
Occupation: Pickpocket and petty thief
Race: Kinfolk / Kinain
Kith: Piskey
Tribe: Silent Striders
Played By: Alizee Jacotey

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Video of Maria's PB

Simon and Garfunkle - The Sound of Silence

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

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Played By: Alizee Jacotey