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Kelli O'Connor, Fianna kinfolk trying to avoid the reality that comes with that sort of family life. Able to convince her parents to let her step away and go to college, build some skills and that she'll come back to the lifestyle of the garou, here she is in Prospect.

So how does a College Co-Ed ignore her duties as a kinfolk? By having college parties of course! Burying herself in school work, and finally time at the gym.

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Wyrm.png The boogey men, right?

Werewolf.png Family...just give me some time, ok?
Mage.png Like the stage magician? Fun!
Wraith.png I have a friend who swears her house is haunted! Scary!
Changeling.png Of course I believe in fairy tales.

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OOC: This Box will be used for occasional IC updates that Kelli might throw up on Social Media, such as Facebook, Instragram or Twitter

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Race: Kinfolk
Full Name: Kelli O'Connor
Occupation: College Student
Tribe: Fianna Height: 5'6"


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RP Hooks
College Student at the University - Always looking for fun co-eds. Maybe a roommie?

Gym time - Kelli loves working out and staying in shape. Going to school for physical therapy and nutrition

Party girl - She's a college student, of course she parties on weekends!

Kinfolk - She may not want to indulge in the garou business, but she won't deny help if she can offer it.

Self-Indulgent - she likes to take selfies!

NPC Family that has come up in RP and may in the future:

- Kalli - Younger sister [1]

- Kellen - Brother, Full Blood Fianna [2]

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