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  • My name is Akecheta Echohawk I was a founder and President to the outlaw club Lords Of Destruction. I come from the Sioux nation and lived on a reservation my entire life. I left home at the age of 18 and went to New York for a while to find out who I was away from the tribe. Of course by then Id already figured out I was more than just your average Sioux that I was in fact a Garou. The Uktena tribe took me in and taught me so I am a Cliath of the Uktena tribe born under the full moon and rited Bloody Blades. Before I left for New York Grandfather gave me advise this is what he said. Wisdom comes from knowing that it is best to know that we have two ears and only one mouth for a reason. Listening over speaking guides you on the path to knowlege and wisdom bringing you closer to the great spirit.
  • Upon arriving in New York I met up with a man who was forming a motorcycle club Id always had an interest and a love for Harleys so I said I was in. After two years I left and moved to California and starting drifting as a nomad for a while. By twenty two I wound up in Prospect Id only intended on passing through but decided to stay when I found out a Charter had been set up here and that things werent going as we had intended when we formed the club. But the real kicker that caused me to stay here was I met a woman Kokimi she was nice and sweet and a kin to my tribe. She showed me around and introduced me to whole lot of people and that included her older brother Yuri. I decided to stay and realized things with my club were damaged beyond repair I decided to turn in my patch and form a new club by the name of Lords Of Destruction. Now I seek to prove myself of value and worth to the local sept. It is time that I rise and do as is necessary to gain respect and most importantly defend the sept my brothers and all the Kin.

Kinfolk Kinfolk Our family but our way of ensuring our species survival most importantly. It is the kin that help us breed and keep our people survive.
BSDs BSD Warriors for Gaia who betrayed Gaia and sided with the Wyrm these Wyrm tainted Wolves need to be eradicated.
Gaians Gaian Others like us though not entirely like us. They too have their parts to play for Gaia and the war at hand. I hope to help repair our relations with them locally.
Werewolf Werewolf Its what I am we are all of the same blood though we are all different. We fight the Wyrm thats what we do. Though some of us are better at it than others.
Vampire Vampire Text.
Mage Mage Text.
Changeling Changeling Text.
Wraith Wraith Text.
Demon Demon Text.
Mortal Mortal Living in complete blissful ignorance. These fools have no Ideas the pains we take to protect them. Nor do they know the terrors we protect them from on a daily, nightly, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

RP Hooks

  • Native American: Akecheta Hails from the Sioux tribe if you too are a native or are interested in Native Americans perhaps we will speak.
  • Garou: Akecheta is a Garou a warrior of Gaia.
  • Uktena: Akecheta is of the Uktena tribe a tribe that sadly has no real presence in the city.
  • Ahroun: Akecheta is an Ahroun which means he was born under the full moon which means he is of the warrior class.
  • Biker: Che is a biker you got a convo about bikes or you want to compare bikes hes your man.
  • *Outlaw: Che is an outlaw he deals guns as his primary source of income. Need guns hit him up he can probably get whatever you need and if he cant he can probably find you who can.
  • Daddy to Be: Che just found out his beautiful mate Jun is pregnant perhaps youve been through it or are going through this exciting time now and want to have a few beers with a fellow daddy to be.


  • Kokimi:A beautiful woman and has been really nice to me introducing me around. Kin of my tribe. Went on a date with her had a blast hope to do it again. Shes wonderful. An Enigma this little girl keeps me on my toes and constantly guessing.
  • Nascha:Another Uktena Kin nice woman a little reserved but that works for her.
  • Journey:A nice guy he seems rather helpful and has been pleasant to talk to I hope to get to know you better.
  • Deil:A Strange man very strange. A biker as well it seems well he didnt react badly to my cut who knows?
  • Mckayla:A young soft spoken and apparently homeless Fianna Kin but she seems respectful enough.
  • Svetlana:A nice woman I dont know much about her yet just that from what she says shes rather skilled.
  • Yuri:An Elder of the Shadow Lords didnt speak with him much but he was rather polite.
  • Kalisha:apparently an aquaintence of Deils. Though she doesnt seem to like me much, might be because Im a wolf?
  • Eloise:Thanks for all your help youre great. A motherly type of course but thanks for taking such good care of Jun and the babies.
  • Gavin Rosenthall:Dont know much about him yet but again seems to know Deil.
  • Chambers:A spirit warrior meh it works right.
  • Kyra: Nice enough I really dont know her that well though.
  • Alessio:They tell me hes called double tap and that we have a lot in common from what Ive seen so far they are right.
  • Joey Russo:A kin of the Glass Walkers shes a nerdy type quiet and reserved but nice none the less.
  • Furio:Another Kin intriguing if I say so myself didnt speak with you much but hope to more in the future.
  • Connor:A Fianna Irish to the bone straight down to the Brash way of speaking he holds nothing back and I respect that.
  • Justine:Didnt meet with her for long but she seems rather classy though potentially snobby.
  • Quinn:A gun slinger and blade wielder we could get a long nicely.
  • Liam
  • George:For a trickster he sure seems to like busting banger heads.
  • Fergus:A cub that I just met at the Caern seems a bit off though perhaps thats because I dont know him yet.
  • Viktor Balasevic:Another I must compete against, though hes got an advantage hes of my Auspice and Yuris tribe. How do I stand a chance against those odds.
  • Jada:Another Corax, seems like she really enjoys picking on and annoying me. Shes cool in my book though.
  • Chehalis:A unique girl but she gave me a chance when the others were busy trying to shun me shes cool in my book.
  • Buck:A cowboy man this should be interesting.
  • Carlos:A smartass and a jokester. But hell hes funny so thats makes it alright.
  • Ryan Quest:Another Ahroun but a Get of Fenris hmmm.... I hope hes not your typical rawr smash barbarian type. He seems cool though I like him.
  • Zoe:A beautiful girl really sweet and kind. Glad to have met her cant wait to get to know her better.
  • Annie:A cute kin girl she seems nice and wants to get better stuff to defend herself. I like her well lets see if she continues to get to know me or not.
  • Juniper: A gorgeous kin of style and grace. She was told to seek me, me of all people out when she got her to prospect. Who knew love could sprout and bloom so fast. Jun my mate.
  • Andrew:Great guy fun to pal around with great sparring partner come back for a whoopin any time buddy.
  • Alecto:Youre nice enough and I like you though you seem to take life a tad bit to seriously.
  • Ajax:You seem cool youre funny so that counts for stuff.
  • Billy:Youre awesome I really like having you youre a great friend to have.
  • Sid: You seem cool and you get along well with my mate thats gotta stand for something right?
  • Kirk: A great friend congrats to you and Bella.
  • Bella: Glad to know you youre really great and honestly congrats on the baby.
  • Halle:Thanks so much for everything you are great It was a pleasure to meet you. Not sure how you knew Jun was pregnant before she did or how you predicted twin boys and were right but I dont need to know.
  • AndreaA beatiful girl and so far a really good friend to Jun and I. Thanks for being there for my love.
  • Torsten: A great and friendly guy, fellow rider we seem to have a lot in common.
  • Justin:Glad to have met you man you seem really nice and the more we talk the more I like ya.
  • Marlon:Fellow Harley Enthusiast and a nice guy You seem cool.
  • Marcel:You like to drink and you can put it away almost as well as me Ill teach ya to ride anytime.
  • Monica:Not sure how to look at your view but we shall see in time whos right.
  • Zeppelin:Another Coggie kin a little to bubbly happy and touchy for my liking but seems ok enough.
  • Warren:New guy in town another Coggie kin not sure what to make of you yet.
Akecheta Echohawk
Michael Hudson Ches pb.jpg
Nicknames: Che, Cheta
Deed Names: Bloody Blades, Stands His Ground.
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175lbs
Hair: Long down to his mid back and black.
Eyes: Hazel flecked with gold.
Race: Garou
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Uktena
Auspice: Ahroun
Faction: Gaian
Pack: Dragon's Fire
Occupation: Outlaw Biker
Mate: Juniper
*Having Enemies is good that means you stood for something in life.
*Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.
*I am a Wolf, Quietly I will endure, Silently I will suffer, Patiently I will wait for I am a warrior and I will survive.
*Courage above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.
*Warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another life. The warrior, for us, is someone who sacrifices himself for the good of others. His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, those who can not provide for themselves, and above all the Children, the future of humanity.

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Che's Bike:
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1%er Ring:
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