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"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

― Patrick Henry


  • Crime - Deil has his fingers in a number of different criminal concerns.
  • Gypsy - Deil is Rom, but also an orphan. He honors the familia.
  • Music - Deil sings and plays in a speedmetal band here in Prospect called The Unwanted.
  • Fame - Deil was tried as an adult in a murder in Nevada 14 years ago.
  • Gaia - Whose side is he on? Is he even a shifter at all?
  • Sorcery - Deil doesn't advertise he's a sorcerer, but we might work something out.
A young Lou Diamond Phillips
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  • Kalisha - Magic, sex and mystery incarnate. In no particular order.
  • Dani - Trapped by a past she cannot recall. Freeing her should be her kin's highest priority.
  • Leila - Some things never die. Some things were never meant to.
  • Steinar - Contracts and barter are a poor substitution for honor. Accept no substitutes.
  • Trekome - You got your one free shot.
  • Leandro - You won't get one.
  • Cynthia - We speak a similar language, an error in translation could be fatal.
  • Cross - He knows when to back down, I'll give him that.
  • Klem - Mama Piakovsky. I know a lot of women like her. Older than she looks too.
  • Cristobal - I don't always want to learn what he wants to teach.
  • Mei - Negotiations have been opened.
  • Akecheta - Could be one of the good ones.
  • Nascha - Interesting. Not sure what she is. Not entirely human I think.
  • Kevin - Living embodiment of nipples on a guy.
  • Gavin - Useful little bird.
  • Fergus - There but for the grace of <redacted> go I. But grace isn't really the right word.
  • Kai - Never had someone owe me their life before. Not sure what to do with it.
  • Corin - We'll talk more then decide.


  • Posing - If I have a pose ready, and no one has posed in the last six minutes. I will go ahead and pose jump. I'll pose twice in a row. I don't care. I'm crazy like that.
  • Hats - I don't subscribe to the theory of hats. Black and white are relative values in this case. Be polite OOCly or, regardless of what role we are playing, we won't get anywhere.