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Xiaozhi Mei

Full Name: Xiaozhi Mei
Occupation: CEO - Jade Dragon Imports
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Nature: Perfectionist
Date of Birth: February 4
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Height: 5' 2"


Xiaozhi Mei is an import from China. Her family had sent her along to expand their business and be their contact on the west coast in expanding their Import and Export business. Needless to say, Mei has her own dealings on the side that she uses to help things expand and, well, to make some massive amounts of money.

RP Hooks

Jade Dragon Imports - She is the CEO of this large venture.

Owner of Utahime Karaoke - She is now the brand new owner of a karaoke bar in Chinatown and underground street fighting arena.

Unsavory Types - She has a few contacts with the more unsavory types, you scratch her back, she will scratch yours.

Gaian/Fera - Her family is large in China, Khan through and through. She also has a billion brothers, so if you need a contact, she can provide.

Sor/Psychic - She's not one to overtly show her powers, but she doesn't seem to hide it from the supernatural community either.


Inner Circle
Lyric "I adore you."
Hideaki "You are an amazing Master craftsman, I am honored to know you."
Jordan "You keep feeding me, are you trying to fatten me up?"
Cody "You are amazing, just apparently not for me."
Viator "You're pretty busy for a lazy guy..."
August "You scare the shit out of me... no seriously."
Danny "Balance is important, I agree."
Frannie "Sushi partner! I'll take care of what you need, you take care of mine."
Hjalmar "You have such beautiful eyes... and heart. :)"
Jacob "I wish for you all the things your heart desires, you are a good friend."
Kadin aka Smoke aka Mochi "I want to help you very badly, but you'll have to let me know when you are ready."

Seimei no Kongen

Created by Hideaki

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RP Logs

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