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Hjalmar Hamerslag



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Tinlin: A visiting Kin of mine from back home!

Aowyn: Thanks for showing me around a bit.

Clarisse: Having a roof above one's head is truly nice, thanks!

Derek MacMillan: Was a good fight indeed.

Naiche: Scouting around, then biting all around! Good to have with you on patrol!

Catherine: Was a fun day at the boardwalk.

Lunara: Fun times swimming and forest hiking!

Rhea Logos: Helping out some family of yours, is a pleasure!

Waziyata: A tad weird. But most certainly a good fighter!

Skully: No one has a heart as big as the one beating in this man's chest.

Ildar: Teached him some stuff. And became good friends whilst doing so.

Ouray: A bear necessity!

Libby: Damn good food!

Jillian: The sky brought me a good friend on that day.

Faith: She's a fast runner!

Lleutrim: Love to listen to the man's music!

Drey: An interesting person. And truly cares for the little ones.

Dusk: Accordion!!!

Aleksandr: Nice tricks!

Halle: That was a big party! Met lots of good people that night.

Xenovia: She can slam some drinks away alright!

Johanna: Good judgements are made by you. Thank you for teaching me.

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Hjalmar is not a small man. With a length 6'4", most people look /up/ to him. This combined with a kind face and a smooth yet deep voice make him easy to recognise. He has a muscular build and long dark blond hair, a well kempt beard and lovely blue eyes.

His usual apparel.

A white linnen undertunic stuffed in supple leather pants and a leather belt around his waist. He wears fairly simple leather boots reaching up and over his ankles. A few arm rings can be seen around his lower arm and wrist. Some very well made and others of a more simple design. A Thor's hammer hangs around his neck on a chain. And next to that another chain with a small stone and yet another one with a small piece of wood with some runes on it.

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Name: Hjalmar Hamerslag

Nationality: Dutch

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Fianna

Faction: Gaian

Rite Name: Shield Brother

Date of Change: 11-11-2015

Apparent Age: 27

Height: 6 ft 4 in

Hair: Long Dark Blonde Hair

Eyes: Blue

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Notable Facts
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Framganga - Danheim

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