2019.07.13 Bar good time

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Bar good time
A bar
IC Date July 13th, 2019
Players Erin, Hjalmar, Jae-Eun Ryuk, Kaati, Miguel, Rafe, Ryla, Xavier, Ratsputin as ST
Location Out of State
Spheres Garou Gaian M+/Kinfolk Fera

The van is driving down and there is a parking off to the side, in the middle of the forest halfway to both points towards the Lake, the other path leading to the bar. The group is meeting outside of it, ready to talk to out finding out where to go first.

Ryla waits to meet with everyone and see what they say, and who comes on this trip out. She stands ready for whichever direction they wish to go.

Miguel got picked up when the group was leaving the territories around Prospect. Miguel and his big dumb hammer were hanging around the caern looking for something to squish. He came with, having been asured of things to squish. Rafe and Jae-Eun are known to him and he to them. To the rest he'd introduce himself "Miguel Hernadez of human name. Rited Mirror-Shadow, Jaguar Warrior of the Tenochca Balam."

Rafe doesn't like the van or vehicles. He took a more well, Rafelike approach to it. In his massive hispo form, he ran through the wilderness to the meeting. Serving as a war mount, Jae-Eun was on his back for the long run. When they arrive at the meeting point he circle around it twice, sniffing and looking before finally approaching and stooping with his tongue lolling out to the side and panting.

Erin kinda just shows up with Kringer a little bit after everyone has arrived. She gives a little wave befor climbing off of Kringer (Who is a big black panther by the way)

Xavier in his lupus form runs with Rafe and Jae, faster than his brother Garou, the charcoal gray wolf moves easily through the woods, having been doing training that was asked of him by Shaderunner-Rhya not long ago, Xavier has become quite adept with this form. Still it's not long before he makes it to where the others are, his nose in the air sniffing the scents around them.

Jae-Eun slides down off Rafe when he reaches the others. Adjusting the simple, black silk baldric and the way her sword lays against her back, Jae-Eun bows to those gathered, resting a hand on Rafe's shoulders. She's wearing heavy, tready boots, black gi pants, and a long sleeved shirt made from t-shirt material. All snug enough to avoid catching on things, but loose enough to move in easily, and all black. Her long hair is plaited back into a thick braid, then twisted and bound into a bun at the base of her neck.

Ryla nods to Rafe and Erin, recognizing them from last time. To those she does not know, she begins as a Silver Fang typically does - with a LONG ASS introduction. "I am Ryla Irina Penfield, known as Twilight's Glimmer, born on two legs at the time of the new moon, Adren of the Silver Fangs, from House Wyrmfoe. Daughter of James Penfield, Elder Crescent Moon of the Sept of the Golden Eagle known as Glimpses-the-Unseen-Soul, son of Kristin Penfield, Elder Full Moon known as Voice-of-Blades, daughter of Darren Penfield, Elder Half Moon known as Brings-Calm-Through-the-Storm, son of Anthony Penfield, son of Theodore Penfield, Elder New Moon known as Whitestreak, sister of Puddle Jumper." Yeah, that does it. "I assume those of you that were not here before have been read in, and know what is going on." She realizes she is the ranking Garou here, and the New Moon steps up it seems. "I would recommend that we go deal with the bar first today. The lake is .. well, underwater. It can keep a pin in it for now. Unless there is intel I do not know."

Erin smiles at Ryla and Miguel and Xavier before she follows along with intro's for those that might know her "I'm Erin Harrison, Kinfolk and mate to Chuck Harrison of Mother Ananasi and I am also related to the Fae" she ohs "And this is Kringer" she gestures to the panther.

"Ryuk Jae-Eun, kin of Fenris, promised to Rafe of Baldur's Blade. We follow Black Unicorn." The Korean kin offers, untying the little bow that peace-ties her blade.

Hispo-Rafe starts on his intro. <<Rafe. Rites as... Those of you who don't know me probably can't understand what I'm saying now.>> He rubs Jae-Eun with the cheek of his massive head. Possibly knocking her off balance and points his nose in the direction of the bar. <<Let's do this. Every movement is another they can prepare.>>

Shifting from Lupus to human, Xavier checks the area a bit more and now he focuses his attention on the others. He walks over to where Rafe and Jae are and he pats the big hispo on the shoulder. "I'm Xavier Rosario, rited Shield of the Heart, born under the New Moon on two legs. Cliath of the Children of Gaia and member of the pack Baulder's Blade. Nice to meet you." he says to everyone.

Miguel listens respectfully to the involved introduction, even if he doesn't understand a lot of it. He hefts his hammer (the head is a rough hewn black stone the size of a cinder block) up to one shoulder "Is everything we find inside this place to be destroyed? I can attempt to be subtle but I am stronger if I don't have to be."

Erin looks to Ryla and then to Miguel "I think so.. There is a log on the roof that I need to have a word with but other than that I think it all should go up in flame, though don't we need to like have some kind of burial for the guy on the roof or something?"

Ryla looks around, not hearing any new information, and nods to Erin. "Yes. We need to pull out the bodies of the pack that was killed there, to be sure they are given proper death rites. Then take the bar to the ground and cleanse it. With fire. No BSD is going to create a hive there."

Hispo-Rafe rubs his cheek on Xavier after the pat and listens to the others talk. He nudges Jae with his nose to get her moving and starts off towards the bar. << I can make fire. >>

Jae-Eun inclines her head towards the others, giving Rafe's ear a light tug-tweak before starting towards the bar. Just in case, she draws the long, slightly curved blade from it's sheath as she goes.

Erin climbs onto the back of Kringer as they head for the bar, someone is a lazy red head.

The bar is not as it is left at all, there is something different as you walk up the music is not the same pouring out of it, this time it. There are no bodies, there is no blood it has been cleaned, a sign is hanging there now back open new management.

Miguel nods at Ryla "I understand. If it is moving and not one of us, I will hit it till it stops. If I stun enemies with my hammer it will be loud, prepare to take advantage." As he follows along to go in he frowns at the music, his head shakes.

Erin looks towards the roof and then kinda slows down "Hmm guys I think someone has moved in" Erin looks towards the others. She stays close but they seem to be more cautious.

"I'm sorry I'm not familiar with what's happened before, this is my first hunt with you all." he states to Ryla as she is the ranking member of this hunt. Standing next to his pack mates and waiting for direction.

Hispo-Rafe looks towards Ryla. << Kill everything and burn it to the ground, or go in soft? >> He hovers at the edge of the woods to watch there from concealment. Gaining what intel a short observation will before heading closer.

Ryla signals everyone back while she does a sniff and check from where she is. With it she wrinkles her nose and backs them up a moment. Quietly she tells them, "The Wyrm is back with a vengeance here. I cannot tell how many are here, but this is worse than before. There could be innocents, so we are not going to just full attack yet. But be ready for that. Who is best at scouting? And stealth?"

Looking around towards the others as she raises her hand "I can be pretty stealthy and so can Kringer" Erin offers up as she reaches back to the hood of her jacket that didn't seem to have a hood in the first place.

"Xavier'nim is the scout for the pack." Jae-Eun provides for Ryla. "Rafe and myself are very capable in a fight." Even if she is just kin. Which means she waits for orders.

Miguel shrugs "I can summon a fog but that will hinder everyone except me. I can also open locked doors without using Fang-breaker. I am reasonably stealthy but I have not made a particular study of gifts to enhance it."

Xavier bows his head to Jae, "Thank you Jae." he says to her first then looking to Ryla, "Jae-kin is correct, I'm the scout for our pack and can be damn sneaky." he says just re-iterating what Jae said.

Ryla considers it, and decides. "Shield of the Heart, and Erin, come with me. Let's go see what we can find out. The rest of you, watch out around here for any other movement, or anything coming." She talks to Xavier and Erin, "Erin and I will go around one side, Shield of the Heart, you go the other side. Then report back to the group. Just a basic quick look, so we can make a plan."

Erin sagely nods "Ok" she climbs off Kringer and goes to follow Ryla. She looks to Kringer "Stay out of sight and try to get an look from above, for peaks sake change into a bird " she looks to Ryla and nods "Ready when you are"

<< I'm more of a boulder than a gust of air. >> Says Hispo-Rafe with a wolfy grin. He paces back and forth. Taking twenty plus foot rounds while staying to the woods as best he can. Waiting for the recon to finish.

Ryla walks with Erin and her pal up toward the bar. Keeping very quiet, stealthy, and moving around the edges toward the opposite side as Xavier went. Once they get around, she stops to see what they can see. There is no one she can send a message to through her mind at the moment, but she does see something.

Miguel slides his hammer up so the handle can lean out the passenger window for easy grabbing. That done he hops out the side and leans against the van, seeming to look over his phone boredly while surreptitiously watching the building.

Hispo-Rafe paces back and forth along the edge of the woods. Horse sized primeval wolf of nightmares, staring at the bar with the eyes of a predator. Step. Step. Step. Relentless. Twenty to thirsty feet one way before turning and repeating over and over. Anticipation, excitement for the upcoming battle barely restrained in the Ahroun. Threatening to burst forth at any moment.

<Baldur's Blade> Rafe says, "Let us know what you see. If we need to come immediately."

Xavier nods his head and he shakes a little bit, this is only his second hunt and he looks a little nervous but he reigns it in and Rafe would notice a stronger squeeze on his shoulder from Xavier and Jae would notice his intake of breath. He begins walking towards the other side and shifting back into his lupus form.

Sneaking off and in moments the wolf is gone from sight using the shadows to hide him. He moves to the opposite side of the bar, moving slow taking his time and making sure to pay attention to his surroundings. Allowing his wolf to take over as he moves, Xavier is silent, nothing can be heard coming from his side of the bar, but as he moves to the back, he crouches down as he sees their enemies, but he pulls back his lips over his very sharp canines having caught scent of something. He looks around a bit more to see if there is anyone else here and once he is sure of what he sees, he backs away and as he does he makes his way back to the others.

<Baldur's Blade> Xavier says, "I found 15 bikers in the back, all with shotguns and silver bullets. We have to be careful"

<Baldur's Blade> Jae-Eun says, "-You- have to be careful."

Jae-Eun tenses up, looking towards the building. Lowly, to fill in Miguel, she murmurs. "There are fifteen in the back with silver and shotguns." Trotting to Rafe, she grabs a handful of thick ruff and swings up onto the massive wolf - getting pretty good at catching a ride mid-step from the huge Ahroun.

Erin quietly walks along with Ryla and then when she sees something in the window and gestures quietly to Ryla the biker she sees at the bar who is cleaning glasses. She keeps following Ryla till they meet up with the others.

Ryla returns with Erin, hoping that Xavier found more than they did. Very quietly she tells them all, "From our side, we only found one guy, big guy, with a mohawk, at the bar. Acting like a bartender. There is obviously more going on, but I did not find it. Hopefully Shield of the Heart caught more?" She is not on the pack chat and was not present when other information was already given.

Miguel is listening and considering the information brought back "Just over a dozen, armed with shotguns loaded with silver. Do any of you have ways to shield yourselves from Silver?"

Hispo-Rafe dips his shoulder and rolls just a bit. Enough to make it easier for Jae to swing herself up for a ride. There's a short pause after the intel and he stares at the bar. << Burn it and block the doors. Pick them off as they come out the windows. >> More pacing then another suggestion. << If someone can bring the bar down on top of them. Then set it on fire. >> He stops again and looks at the van. << Can anyone make that thing explode? Crash it through the wall and explode it. >>

"The one inside is probably bait. Rafe can make elements and fire is one of them. We'll need to break morale, fast. Is there a way we can get them on fire and scattered? Or one fire, dead, and scattered?" Jae-Eun asks, settling on her Rafe-pony.

Xavier is the last to join them, he trots up after Ryla speaks on what she and Erin found, as Miguel speaks on the information he provided to Rafe and Jae, he bows his head. Stopping and turning around and moving back to look at the building. They are a little exposed, he didn't like this, << I will keep a look out while you plan, I can't bring down a building and my fighting skills isn't that great, so I will do my best and try to feed you all intel. >> Xavier says to his pack so that they can relay his words to the others.

Looking towards the Hispo-Rafe with some confusion as she doesn't understand what he is saying then she looks to Jae as she speaks and nods "I can rig it up to explode if you want, that will be simple" she sagely nods then looks to Xavier with that blank look as well before looking to Ryla "I can also use fire, I can even set mister Mohawk on fire" Erin sagely nods.

Ryla listens, and considers the options. "I like the idea of the van being used as a well, bomb on wheels to take out the building. It should make them scatter, and then we take them out. Erin, you know the mechanics of this - how can you get the van to go and do this, or do we need a driver for this that can teleport out?"

Sagely nodding to Ryla, Erin replies "Yeah I can rig it to blow up and drive right into the building for sure so no one will get hurt." she sagely nods

The sound of a distant motorcycle reaches the group.

Ryla moves around the van, ready to help Erin if needed - even if just to encourage her. She does take time to summon her baseball bat - which seems an odd weapon in this fight, but it is special. VERY special.

Miguel gets his hammer from the van so it doesn't get exploded and he gets ready to charge in when its time.

Erin moves to work on the van to work it so that it will drive in and that the gas tank is being emptied into the cargo only she has problems trying to do the fist task of the gas leeking into where she wants too and she grumbles "Son of a bitch what is wrong with you fucking thing" ooo potty mouth. Seems the potty mouth super mechanic is sucking ass. She looks to Ryla "Sorry let me try this again" she digs into her pockets to see if she can find a better tool

Hearing the motorcycle, that damn thing is loud and Xavier looks back and sees that the others also heard it. Moving quickly out of sight, he hides so not to be seen and also moving into a position to attack should the biker catch the others and try to attack or warn his friends.

One thing about Erin is she is determine and she has always claimed that she can mechanically do anything and she wasn't about to let others down now. Granted it's not one of her better jobs but she gets the car to move in full speed "It's going get ready" as the car builds up speed to ram right into the building as planned she begins to work her magic as she begins to do little circles and chant in a low voice, oh boy this might be good who knows.

Kaati arrives a second before the wolf that is ShieldBrother does. He looks up to Kaati and dips his head, waiting for her to cut the engine off and stash it away. He takes a sniff of the air to scent his surroundings whilst his gaze scans this area.

Ryla spots Kaati and Hjalmar arrive, and moves over to them, and gets them over with the group. She takes a minute and quickly fills them in on what has happened, what they are facing, and what their plan is with the van. Telling them to be ready.

Miguel puts his big dumb hammer up on his shoulder and strides off to find a hiding spot to jump out of once the diversion goes off and the anthill is well and truly kicked over.

It's a small v-twin bike, nothing big. The motorcycle halts some distance away--in sight of Xavier, perhaps, but just barely. A rather small rider piles off the bike, stripping off a pair of goggles. She has a substantial messenger bag at one hip, and she immediately unslings a long rifle case from her back before heading in the direction of the bar. Rather than walking in plain sight, she makes her way right along the edge of the trees... without the least bit of stealth. And then, when she sees Ryla (familiar face!), she abruptly halts. Dark eyes sharp as obsidian, she listens, and gives a curt-but-obedient nod to Ryla, checking the rifle and turning on the scope.

The sound of the truck and then he is burning then the sound of the engine, then boom it is nothing but fire in the bar. The sound of crowing, and then a ravens and crows coming out of the woods, and then the men are heading forward, with snarls. It is go time, the fire is behind them as they are moving forward.

Twilight's Glimmer prepares herself, calling on luna to give her protection, and then shifting up from the 5' tall small woman, into a white silvery fur beast in her Crinos form! Baseball bat still in hand, and ready to kick ass

ShieldBrother changes into his war form upon seeing, hearing and feeling. That explosion.. He wills himself into a quick shift, his anger flaring up to support this. His axe is in his hand. And upon seeing the first of their enemy, he acts as if hurling the axe. But instead of throwing it. Half a dozen jagged darts of ice, fly at the enemy. Two of them impaling them self into one of them. The others missing and splintering upon impact. And on he goes!

From the tree Miguel went to hide behind comes an impossibly large Jaguar-man making a barking roar noise as he leaps into the middle of the enemy formation, bringing his massive hammer down on one of them and he splatters into a mess of black goo, a thunderous shock wave ripping through their group. Some of them effected rather badly.

Hanging well back from the Garou, Kaati finds a target on the edge of the group of bikers, preferably someone who looks stunned and unarmored--and definitely someone without a Garou dance partner, a good distance from the jag monster. The sudden report of the rifle sounds odd, after the thunder.

One of the bikers has a red dot on his chest--and then more red, as he goes down.

Shield-of-the-Heart has been silent and was already keeping watch, though now things have changed and birds and the other bikers are racing out here. Knowing that he isn't the strongest fighter here, he knows what he will do. As a loud thunderclap goes off, the charcoal gray Ragabash rushes out of his hiding place and rams his chest into one of the bikers who was already hurt pretty badly. With a mix of his supernatural speed and the damage he took, the biker is slammed hard off his bike landing at an awkward angle killing him. Shield-of-the-Heart growls and than stops bowing his head to the man, before dashing off to another target.

Erin was already working on damaging the birds cuz they might go bring in more people and there is already a lot of bad thing here so she calls on the power to strike down onto them and at least 4 of the birds are affecting taking some damage as weird jagged lacerations appear on random parts of their body. She begins to back away to try and find a spot to hide as she calls for Kringer to join her.

Mirror-Shadow is standing fierce and splattered with ichor from his first kill and he takes a quick swing at one of the bikers stunned by his thunder. Knocking the poor fucker's head clean off like a golfball from the tee.

This time the rifle's report cracks through the air and... *maybe* one of the fleeing bikers flinches? Then again, maybe it was just a momentary stumble.

SB charges into their enemy's midst and hacks with his axe. He still has some annoyance of the other day to get rid off. And this helps just fine. His first chop caves in a chest. Making the target have a rather large chest /cavity/ now.

As one of the bikers tries to run, Shield of the Heart scrambles after him, the gray wolf is damn fast and quickly he is able to catch up and bite the biker along the leg, clamping down hard and pulling him down causing him to hit his head on the way down and hitting his head knocking him out. He lets out a howl letting the others know he captured one.

Erin bends down to pick up some piece of dirt "Earth hear my plea and stop them from escaping, grab them hard and don't let go" Erin climbs on the back of Kringer, clasping her hands together, before begin to give chase cuz well everyone else is too right? Besides the bad guys can't get away that was the point. At least one has stopped.

Mirror-Shadow looks around at things about finished up and he sees one looking woozy and jabs his hammer at it, caving in its rib cage.

The fleeing men leaving the shotguns, behind the bar as they are running screaming about the coming of the garou, they are scared black blood and bodies dying in the dirt, the birds long gone heading for the lake, if you think about it maybe that hive is still active, maybe it is not as damaged. It seems like the cries for regrouping and aid, might be a bad idea. Then their is a sound of a large roar of displeasure there is something out there, something large out there, with blood filling the air.

SB does not linger at his kill. For others are still trying to escape. He lunges and opens the back of a second. He twists around, almost cutting a third in half with a horizontal swing.. He looks up as he watches the leftovers run out of reach for now.. And growls. <<Well fought everyone. But do not think it over yet..>> He looks at those guarding prisoners and nods. <<Let us see what we can gain from these.>>

Kaati's just starting to run in pursuit when that sound happens; she freezes, looking to Hjalmar for cues.

SB shakes his head at Kaati, signaling to not pursue.

Erin and Kringer begin to take speed after the ones fleeing though when the roar is heard they stop and blink and begin to make their way back. She was getting ready to capture another but well she is learning not to wander too far away and she just got a bit far. They both return to the others "Something is pretty pissed off.. Hmm I say we burn the bar so that it can't be saved and get out?.. I can teleport us out if we have too" she suggest "well maybe"

Mirror-Shadow stays in his hybrid form, lumbering over to where the group is gathered with the captives and wiping the goo from his hammer on one of the corpses that he didn't turn to pudding.

Breathing hard in the aftermath, Kaati checks the rifle and then slings it onto her back. She seems to be focusing on Ryla and the axe-wielding Crinos, her face nearly expressionless.

Xavier drags his unconscious prisoner back to the group, with everything going on, he wanted this one to be taken care of.

Twilight's Glimmer does not know Shieldbrother that well, but knows he is a half moon. >> See what you can find out from them with your skills as a judge. We know where they are going, and can plan accordingly. << She will help with gathering the dead together, and if appropriate, start collecting heads. >> Someone should collect these weapons, and be sure they are taken to the Forge for appropriate treatment of the silver. <<

SB looks at Twilight and nods. << I shall see what I can gain from them.>> He looks up then at where the sound of the big thing came from. <<Though I do not think that this place is the best place to do so.>> He looks to Erin next. <<The teleport sounds like a plan. Though do not bring us to one of our own places. I will not want to foul them.>> He looks down at a prisoner. <<By bringing these wretches there.>>

Kaati's brow furrows as she looks over to the shifting man. "Gather the silver? You mean just to get rid of the ammunition?"

Mirror-Shadow frowns as he resumes the human shape "I cannot gather the silver, my only form that it wouldn't burn does not have thumbs. I will take a bridge or disappear into the woods away from the hive and escape through the Umbra."

SB looks up at Kaati and nods at her. "Take the bike. Leaving it here. Would be dangerous." He points in the direction of the bike. "Be fast. And of course have permission." He looks back up at Erin. <<Take us somewhere in the desert or far away woods. Or any other location you know to be safe to take them to.>>

Kaati's brow furrows as she looks over to the shifting man. "Gather the silver? You mean just to get rid of the ammunition?"

Twilight's Glimmer goes about, collecting heads first. Once done and into her special bag for them (don't ask), >> Yes, get the prisoners to a location we control and get a patrol on them to guard. We need cleansed after that. I can moon bridge us as well. We need to cleanse this area for sure. <<

Kaati takes a breath and nods to Hjalmar, taking one backward step and then running off toward the parked Norton.