Jae-Eun Ryuk

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Jae-Eun Ryuk
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Information Snapshots
1998 - Ryuk Jae-Eun was born to Ryuk Chan-Ri and Njal Stenson, both of pure bloodlines.

2006 - Njal began training Jae-Eun in the martial mannerisms of the Get of Fenris, when it became clear that she inherited his tendencies and her mother's looks.

2007 - Njal Stenson was lost in the field of battle, and for two years Chan-Ri mourned her lost mate, and Jae-Eun mourned her missing father.

2009 - Negotiations for Chan-Ri to take a new mate in Las Angeles are completed, and the small family uproots from South Korea to California, where Chan-Ri and Jae-Eun join up with Burns-The-Bridge, a renowned Shadowlord.

2010 - Jae-Eun is joined by a baby brother.

2012 - A baby sister is added to the family.

2019 - Jae-Eun moves to Prospect to get some breathing room and away from her mother's traditional view of mating and tribal duties.



Contacts Quotes
Baldur's Blade

Magnus - Alpha.
Xavier - Scout.
Ratsputin - Mischief.
Rafe - Mate. Facebreaker.
Elowyn - Kin. Rats' Lady Fren'


Aldebaran - Zen AF. Best unasked advice ever.

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