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Changeling "Like....faeries? I don't get it...."
Mortal "I'm mortal....squishy...."
Demon "I've seen the movie Annabelle....gotta be a demon."
Mage "I love watching the show The Magicians!!"
Vampire "I LOVE Bram Stoker's Dracula!"
Werewolf "My family - my life. Though I may be small and not a fighter, I'm here to help how I can."
Wraith "Oh...you mean like from House on the Haunted Hill?"

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Aaryn - Sweet...in her own way...and hell of a right hook...or was it a left?

Atloe - Seems quiet....but I have on room to talk.

Brooke - Super sweet! Can't wait to start working with her on projects!

Jae-Eun - She's a fiery one for sure....hope to be even better friends.

Magnus - My new pack alpha...and very helpful.

Mora - Great to talk to and really down to earth.

Rafe - Much to teach that one...but very loyal.

Ratsputin - Slowly winning me over...and I'm enjoying it.

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RP Hooks
Kinfolk - She's kinfolk! Are you kinfolk? Let's kinfolk together!

Jeweler - A skilled artisan by trade and focuses on mainly jewelry making.

Weaponsmith - Even though she's a jeweler, her equipment allows her to make weapons. No...not guns; think old school.

Irish Ancestry - First generation American but very much in touch with her Irish heritage thanks to her parents.

Street Racing - Do you like cars? Do you like drifting? Do you like possibly tearing stuff up with your car? She's your girl!

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Race: Mortal+ (Kinfolk)
Full Name: Elowyn Marie Kelly
Date of Birth: July 4, 1993
Heritage: Irish American
Occupation: Jeweler
Demeanor: Survivor
Nature: Artiste
Age: 25
Height: 5'2"

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