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The Get of Fenris' focus on becoming the strongest of Gaia's warriors isn't a simple philosophy of bodybuilding and martial training. Strength is where you find it - an iron will, a clever mind and the swiftness of a hare are all strengths worthy of praise. Although the stereotype is that all Fenrir focus on physical and combat skills, that isn't the case at all. A Godi without the wit and insight to wrangle a spirit to his will is as useless as a warrior who gets tired easily and can't outfight a weak human without shifting form.

That said, strength is defined in how you use it. The Get of Fenris who has cultivated speed and agility over strength and endurance is praised if he uses his speed to great effect in battle - he is reviled if he uses it to run from fights. A shaman needn't be as powerful a warrior as a skald or Modi, but if he isn't even trying to fight well, there's a weakness in him. Great Fenris accepts that his children have flaws, and can be forgiving - so long as those flaws don't rule them.


Active Get of Fenris

Tribal Leaders

Name Rite Name Auspice Breed Gender Rank Position
Aldric Hegdahl Ironsides Ahroun Lupus Male 4 Jarl
Sten Blixt Stormhowler Galliard Homid Male 4

Get by Auspice


Tribal Holdings

  • The Longhouse at Ravenscar is the home of the Get of Fenris pack, Frostbite. It is also the headquarters for Ravenscar Outreach.
  • Stonecreek is a collection of cabins nestled within forested ravine along a fast-moving stream. The cabins and surrounding lands have been claimed by Aldric as part of the Protectorate of the Get of Fenris; usable by the tribe and its allies as housing; a quiet reprieve from the city.

Get of Fenris NPCs of note

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Additional Information

Get of Fenris are usually led by the strongest local member. Any Get that wishes to obtain a higher rank has to beat his opponent in a challenge. Tribal moots are full-moon affairs, beginning with a vicious gauntlet-running to determine who's worthy to participate in the rites of the tribe. Rites of Renown entail bloody runes carved into werewolf hide; even mystical rites dealing with spirits involve ritualized combat between rite-master and spirit as often as not. Even their belief in an afterlife reflects the concept of Valhalla, a grand battlefield awaiting its heroes.

Ongoing Plots


When the Get of Fenris split into camps, it is less often due to their vision of their individual roles or duties, and more commonly along lines of each individual's particular intolerance and hatred. One group, focusing on the core tenets of Fenrir philosophy, is unwilling to be distracted by the presence of someone or something that a fringe element feels is intolerable, and a new Get camp is born. Despite this fracturing along lines of prejudice, however, not all Get camps are bigots; intolerance of those who prey upon children is still intolerance, and hatred of corrupt war leaders, cowards or wife-beaters is still hatred.

Source: WW3852 - Get of Fenris Revised p. 51

Fangs of Garm - The Fangs of Garm seek to better integrate the Get of Fenris into the Garou Nation and seek to mend bridges with the other Tribes, so that at the time of the Apocalypse, they can stand together.

Hand of Tyr - The Hand of Tyr is comprised of Get that have turned their attention to fighting the Wyrm's influence within humanity, targeting rapists, child molesters, terrorists and violent criminals.

Loki's Smile - Another faction that is more rumor than fact, Loki's Smile is said to control the Tribe from the shadows, it's members communicating via storm-spirits and hiding from the rest of the Tribe.

Mjolnir's Thunder - Mjolnir's Thunder dedicate themselves solely to the combat against the Wyrm at any cost, eschewing every other activity for the sake of dedicating themselves to eternal war. Most members are seen as homicidal maniacs by the Tribe as a whole.

The Glorious Fist of Wotan - The Glorious Fist of Wotan believes that only the eradication of mankind can save Gaia. Humans have become the greatest vector through which the Wyrm spreads, so in order to curb it, they have to be killed.

The Swords of Heimdall - Born from the aftermath of the American Civil War, these Get adopted American ideals of racial supremacy as their own. As a result, they sought to cleanse the Tribe from "impure" elements, including Black people, Indigenuous people from the Americas, Asians, Gypsies, and in extreme groups even Lupus, females and other Garou. In the 1930s, the Camp gained a major member upsurge and was nearly eradicated by the rest of the Get at the turn of the millenium.

The Valkyria of Freya - The Valkyria fight for the equal station of women within the Tribe. While most Fenris scorn this Camp, believing it to grow their females into bitching weaklings that will only complain endlessly instead of taking what is theirs by right, the Valkyria themselves maintain that they are important for breaking many of the human preconceptions about the role of females within a society. They clash often (sometimes violently) with the Black Furies.

Ymir's Sweat - More of a bloodline than a true Camp, Ymir's Sweat is rumored to descend from Fenrir settlers that landed in northern Canada with the Vikings and interbred with Kin from the Wendigo and Croatans. If the Camp exists, they do their best to be kept secret.

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