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Lucie Jorgensen Davis





Date of Birth:
Height/Weight: 5'2"/105 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Lake Blue
Kith (Kinain): Seelie Satyr
Tribe (Gaian): Get of Fenris
Pure Breed 5
Risk Level 0 - Page for info


Two Get of Fenris kin married and left home, finding a spot in the middle of nowhere to raise their daughter. For whatever reason, her blood was especially pure, her scent quite tempting to the garou. They didn't want that for their daughter, to be seen as a breeding bunny and not treated like the princess they felt that she was. They kept her safe, isolated, in the dark about her heritage. Both of them had much more than wolf in their blood and only wanted to keep her safe. She was fast, joining track and becoming a cross-country runner, getting a scholarship to college.


Lucie was a college student in the midwest when Steinar tracked her down. He smelled all that pure breed on her and tracked her over campus until he found her. Taking her back to California with him, he put her under his protection and eventually the pair were mated. That didn't last long, unfortunately, when Steinar was called back to Iceland to take care of a problem. Thinking he likely wouldn't ever return, he released Lucie from their mating and moved on, leaving her very pregnant.

New Home

She was able to get a scholarship for the track team at University of Prospect and transferred schools. Settling in, she finds herself mated, knocked up, wondering how that's going to affect her scholarship and figuring out that being kinfolk to the garou is not all that's in her blood. That speed didn't come from the wolves, but from the other side of her heritage, that blood especially pure as well. She ended up the tender of the kinfolk house in the woods and then in a chance meeting, met an amazing man. It only took a moment and they were inseparable. He treats her son like his own, playing with him and talking to him and teaching him all the important things a boy should know. A wedding, a mating, two lives joined.


Wall Hanging at the kinfolk house.
Kinfolk Wall.jpg


  • Andy -- Husband. Mate. Heartbeat. Isn't this overwhelming thing supposed to be a myth? It's too perfect, too right, too amazing.
  • Steinar -- Former mate, friend, Einar's dad. I wish him well in all his future endeavors.
  • Einar -- My baby. He needs me so much. He makes me want to be a good mom and a better person.
  • Zoe -- Andy's sister, a good friend. I hope she's able to find those things she seeks.
  • Caerwyn -- My primary contact for the other side of things. Trainer. Friend.