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Changeling color.png
Changeling color.png

Susanna Nikolayivna Tereshchenko


She is like a cat in the dark
And then she is the darkness...

- Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac


Intelligence Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Wits Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Appearance Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

Occult Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Empathy Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Kenning Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Awareness Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Etiquette Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Academics Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Enigmas Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Gremayre Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

Lore Changeling Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Lore Sorcerer-Psychic Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

Dross Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Sanctuary Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

Metamorphosis Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Dream-craft Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Soothsay Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Primal Fdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

Oneiromancy Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Divination Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Fortune Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Weather Control Fdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

Willpower Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.png
Glamour Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.png
Banality Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png


Iron's Curse
Bard's Tongue
Defective Sense
(Eyesight; Correctable)

Basic Information

Name: Susanna Nikolayivna Tereshchenko
Date of Birth: October 1967
Apparent Age: Late Teens/Early 20s
Race: Kinain Sorcerer (Faerie Witch!)
Kith: Mixed
House: Commoner
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 2"
Played By: Georgie Henley

Forty years ago, a young couple emigrated from the crumbling Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to the shining jewel of New York City. They brought with them their four children, the eldest of which, Susanna, was just eight years old at the time.
Thirty years ago, Susanna, now 18, vanished one night without a trace. This wasn't the first time she'd vanished of course, but this time she never returned. Nobody knew where she had gone or why, and the very few people who had even the slightest bit of knowledge about the disappearance weren't ever going to share that information with the mundane authorities or the girl's family.

In truth, she tarried overlong Under the Hills, as mortals still refer to The Dreaming, and became unstuck in time and space.

Fae These are my spirit-kin, and I theirs. My soul may not be fae itself, but it is tied to them in ways no mortal could encompass.
Sluagh I feel the closest bond to these, like the leshenka of my homelands. Why they go by such a strange name I have not yet been brave enough to ask. What is that, Welsh?
Trolls Another kinship forged by closeness to my homelands, honourable and proud though perhaps a bit intimidating.
Vampir Many legends tell of dark-dwelling blood-drinkers, hiding from the sun and manipulating humans... there must be some truth to this, nyet?
Werewolves As the vampir, the werewolf is a common myth around the world... or is it a myth after all?
Wise Ones I know for a fact I am not the only koldun'ja in the world.

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