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Update: 10/30/20

RP: Stacks and Snacks: The Lair of the Rat King
While exploring the stacks at the back of the Salvage Yard, Bergin, Killigrew, Minna, and Taika took either the wrong turn or the right one and came upon a strange statue of a rat made from scrap metal. The four investigated the box canyon of old cars piled up in the rows and rows and noticed that they were surrounded by a swarm of hungry rats and offered what snacks and food they had on their person to appease the honored statue before carefully leaving. Bergin even tried to offer the swarm pizza in an attempt to pacify the colony. The Bone Gnawers should be told of the place - if they could find it again.

Log found here: Stacks and Snacks

Update: 10/28/20

Renewed shall be Blade that was Broken
Bergin is given the broken remains of a two handed sword, a Zweihander, that was recovered by Heidi and Sten. The sword was named "The Sword of Bergin" but it's unknown as to if it is connected to the Get shaman at all. However, when Bergin left his home up in Canada, the spirits and his theurge mentor said "Go south to find yourself boy" so who knows about the connection. Either way, the idea of trying to reforge the pieces of the old sword just seem like an EPIC idea. He'll probably need to find a more skilled smith to help him with this though but talk about a legendary weapon in the making.

Update: 10/27/20

Poisoning the Well
Bergin, Aldric and Chip go off to investigate reports of the nearby water supply being somehow contaminated. They discovered a few Black Spiral dancers and a well-armed kinfolk who had nearly killed the human workers at the pump house while pouring toxins into the water supply. While Chip took on one Dancer /BY HIMSELF/ and Bergin engaged another, also /BY HIMSELF/, the kinfolk kept taking shots at the two of them while Aldric handled the Alpha of the group. The two Get and the Bone Gnawer managed to slay the dancers and heal the humans and then removed the corrupted bodies for disposal.

Update: 10/23/20

Announcement: The Gathering
Round two of the Scrapyard BBQ party for next weekend

-Arrival: People should feel free to pose their arrival.
-Greeting: Welcome everyone to the Yard and start the Introductions.
-Storytime: Vasyl will tell a story of the Silver Fangs
-Competition: Axe and spear throwing
-Teaching: Bergin, Calvin and Brooke have offered to teach rites
-Ending: Those not interested in the rite can chill around the fire, enjoy the free drinks and food or head out with a bunch of leftovers.

  • People wishing to volunteer for Storytime or Rite Teaching for next week should page/mail Bergin.

Update: 10/21/20

RP: Breaking the Ice
While getting the yard ready for this weekend's barbeque, Bergin and Taika run into another of their tribe, Aldric. Having recently returned from a visit to his home, the ranking warrior heard that more of the Tribe had showed up in the area and he came back to check in with them. They learn of the former pack of Get, Frostbite and the lands they once protected. It looks like the tribe will have their hands full with the yard and the pack lands.

Update: 10/20/20

RP: Breaking the Ice
Bergin is back in the Stacks chopping firewood for the big campfire this weekend when Dalibor, Chip and Calvin come by to chill. Since it's uncertain what's up, it takes the four guys a while to figure out who's who but at the mention of the Dead Mall, things become thankfully more clear. Bergin, uncertain as to who stood before him, introduced himself and promptly sticks his foot in his mouth.

Quote: "I'm Bergin...and you're on Get lands. So let me ask ya again, where do you get your Blood from bro?"

Update: 10/19/20

Announcement: Scrapyard Barbeque
A few new loads of scrap cars and trucks have come into the United Salvage yard and the owner is letting local shifters go through them first for any needed materials. This is sort of an open house event whereby crafters can rp getting materials, poorer folks can have an excuse to get things they can't pay for, theurge can talk to any new trash spirits that happen to be attracted to the yard. Beer, Bbq and campfire is the theme. So bring kin and allies out to the scrapyard for a simple meet and greet and scrap grab.

Contact Bergin for more info.
Date: Fri Oct 23 20:00:00 2020 EST
Storyteller: Bergin
Genre: Gaian

Contacts & Allies

  • Aldric: Another new face but thankfully this one's family. He's got a clue, thank the gods. We got work to do.
  • Branton: Priest of wha? Ok, you're cool. We can talk.
  • Calvin: Totally tasted my foot when I first met him. Thankfully he didn't make me eat it.
  • Chip: Seems like a good fella. No money or transport so that's gotta be ruff on the feet - walking around all the time. He offered help for the barbeque since he doesn't have money to really buy anything he might want. Old Man Johnson (tm) has a soft spot for hard cases. He'll probably do well if he shows up.
  • Dalibor: Strange accent but he's family. Mrs. Mary invited him to the barbeque so if he shows he's good people.
  • Erin: Red head with a cat. Who could be more innocent than she? Heh.
  • Heidi: Nice gal. Great nachos.
  • Sten: Nice longhouse. Going to have to understand the local powers a little better now. Seems like an ok guy.
  • Tabi: Totally did -NOT- expect that.
  • Taika: Another Strange accent but he's family.
  • Zoe: Seriously cool adventure-loving girl. If she heads back into the Stacks, we may never see her again.
RP Hooks


  • Northman : Having migrated south from Canada, Jay is originally from British Columbia along the west coast. He eventually wandered down into Vancouver, then Seattle and now down into California.


  • Blue Collar Tradesman : Jay is good with his hands and typically finds employment as a tradesmen; often construction work depending on where he can find a job
  • Tinkerer : Call it being thrifty or just being broke so often that you're more accustomed to making it work rather than doing without - Jay's the guy that collects the broken cast-offs that people don't want and fixing them up. Whether it's fixing someone's carburetor for a lift somewhere or repairing someone's dryer for a load of laundry, he likes to help people and pay his own way with things.
  • Crafty: When Jay's not tinkering machine bits and tearing apart old cars and trucks, he likes to put his hands into making stuff that's usually. Typically this is in the form of metal-worked weapons like simple tomahawks, blades of various sort and the occasional spear.


  • Road House Bars


  • United Salvage : Jay started working at the United Salvage Yard a few months ago, helping to clear the place up and do some of the work that Old Man Johnson and his Boyz (tm) either couldn't handle or didn't want to.


Fullname Jay Bergin
Ritename Foe Hammer
Race Garou
faction Gaian
Tribe Get of Fenris
Auspice Theurge
Rank Cliath
Age 25
Concept Blue Collar Tradesman