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Information Hooks
Name: Chip
Apparent Age: Early Thirties
Occupation: Smokejumper, in training
Race: Garou, Gaian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 240lbs
Concept: Hillfolk Musician

Chip hails from the wilderness of Hood Mountain, located near Portland Oregon. He loves the outdoors, playing music on his cigar box banjo, and hanging out with upbeat people (or animals, or spirits). A simple, honest man that tries to enjoy life and look out for others. He's made his way south to Prospect to find extended family and see what city life, and California living, is all about. He is beginning to train as a Smokejumper to help fight the California wildfires.


Chip is a Cliath Galliard of the Bone Gnawers Tribe, Hillfolk Camp. He currently resides in the L.L. Bean inside the Dead Mall. He's working on learning how to make musical instruments for turning into Fetishes, as the Hillfolk have a tradition of moving the Spirits and Garou through music. He's always up for an adventure or helping out other Gaians.