2020.11.20:A Wandering Gathering

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Friends and Families meet under Luna's light to share good food, great stories and a friendly competition to build the bonds of community that will ensure our continual survival and eventual victory against the forces of the Wyrm and its allies.


IC Date: November 20, 2020
IC Time: Early Evening

Killigrew Bergin Aldric Einar Oyvind Taika Minna Vasyl Evonna Erin Dalibor George Ulf Heidi Theron Ben

Location: Kinfolk House
Spheres: Garou, Gaian
Plot Threads
* Weekly Gaian Gathering
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Scene: Setting

Food: The food has been set out upon tables set out on the front porch of the Kinfolk house. Large aluminum pans of mashed tatters, corn, biscuits are set up to cater to whatever sized group shows up. Grills have been set up near the house to handle things like hunks of steak, chicken and other meats.

Drinks: At the end of the line are a mixture of different coolers, each one filled with ice and drinks in a set up where people take what they want and move on.

Seats: Chairs, benches and everything in between have been set in a large circle around the central fire.

Scene: Welcome


Welcome & Introductions
Bergin walks into the center of the yard and glances over to the food being served for tonight's feast before raising his bottle to get people's attention. A few of the Boyz(tm) are running between the pans of food out for people to pick from as well as the coolers to make sure that everything is ready for the guests.

The young, bearded theurge smiles at the kinfolk's assistance and clears his throat with a faint smile. "Hey folks...thanks for heading out here. I know things are a bit different this week but I wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the Gathering. For those who don't know me, I'm Jay Bergin, called Foe Hammer by the People but most people know me simply as Bergin or Berg." He smiles and looks around the gathered crowd as folks still continue to arrive and grab their food to settle in.

"As you can see we have plenty of food and drink for ya tonight and you're welcome to take your fill." He takes a sip from his beer and smacks his lips with an audible 'Ah' in enjoyment. "Just like every week, and since there are some who are either newly arrived to the community or it's their first time at the Gathering, I'd like everyone to introduce themselves so we might get to know you a bit better."

It seems like Ulf must've missed the clothes that were left out for him, since he ends up walking out of the Kinfolk House with a towel skirt, a towel draped over his shoulder, a turban towel for his hair, and another big towel wrapped around his torso like one of those blankets the paramedics give you after a fire. "Did anyone have any clothes near my size?" he asks, drying his hair and looking around to see if anyone he recognizes is nearby.

George calls over to Ulf "We got some literal giants in this sept. There's got to be some spares that'll suit you. Or you can hit wolf form and just run about in your fur." Then he turns to Bergin and stands and offers his introduction "I am George Andrews, rited 'Mocks the Dark' from my taunting of the Specters in my Rite of Passage, 'Trains the Weak' for my service in teaching the kin of this sept how to hide and protect themselves, 'Kills in Silence' for ending of four war twisted Fomor and leaving no clue or sign for the Wyrm loyal handlers to know why, 'Render-of-Shadow' for driving out the Specters who were plaguing the halls of the sept's honored dead and 'Finder-of-Ways' for the insights to secret paths that my attunement to Gaia brings. Homid born Elder Ragabash of the Silent Striders Called Harmerti and Speaker to the Dead for the Remembrance and special blessings of my tribe. Scout, Thief and sniper for my skills. Wielder of the Fang of Anubis. Member of the Council of Elders for the Sept of Enduring Spirit."

Minna comes in after having parked her own car, thank you very much. She moves on over to the food, scooping up some potatoes, some corn, mixing both together. It's just the kind of rib-sticking hot food one could use on a cold night. She glances, here and there, new faces, quiet and attentive.

Heidi stands up and is still wearing her corporate suit from town as if she rushed to get here in time. "Excuse me," she doesn't want to interrupt but she goes to help Ulf find the clothes she left out for him. "I left you this blue leisure track suit that looked like it would fit. And all I found for shoes in the box were some flip flops." Hopefully no one else scavenged them after their own shower.

Erin looks over to Ulf then to George and then back to Berg as he begins to speak. She tilts her head. She waits for someone to go first this time before she speaks up "I'm Erin Harrison, Kinfolk to Mother Ananasa and related to the Fae" she leaves it like that before she sits down again trying to shrink just a little bit.

Evonna waves to Heidi! Aah, but it is introduction time. Being new, she moves more forward into the group. "I am Evonna Kummerow, rited Blood Thorn, Cliath Forsetti of the Fenrir, daughter of Henrich Kummerow, rited Bathes in Blood, Ahroun, son of Elder Godi, Helga Kummerow, rited Vision of Northern Lights. Ready to help, support, and always available to listen."

Vasyl arrives and glances around, "Ah, a full house once again. Excellent." the galliard smiles. He looks around with a pause for a moment, "Do I know everyone? Perhaps not. I am Vasyl Madovich War Cry. Recognized by the spirits and nation as Adren in rank, born under the moon of the Talesinger to the great Silver Fangs of House Crescent Moon. Son of Lev Madovich Leads-By-Luna's-Grace, Elder of the Silver Fangs, descendent of Fyodor Madovich Gaia's Talon, hero of the nation. Companion of Borya and the Talons of Horus. Child of Buzzard and Talesinger of Sept of Enduring Spirit."

Heidi finishes helping Ulf find donated clothing and returns to the group. She catches the round of introductions and slips off her heeled shoes for now. This evening, she is overdressed and begins to unbutton her suit jacket. "Hi everyone. I'm Heidi Vardanyan, kin to the Fenris." She keeps her lineage simple for this evening. A wave goes to Bergin up front, and then she smiles at Evonna before retaking her seat.

Dalibor comes out of the House, slightly wrinkled wearing fresh clothes and hair still damp from the shower and scalp still tingling from the scrubbing. But he seems to be goop and ichor free. Ahh. Introductions. "I am Dalibor Gataric, rited as Burns-the-Night. I am Cliath Modi of Fenrir, born on two-legs to the great Godi, Andrej 'Cleaves-the-Sky' Gataric of the Gaiine Suze Zagrmise."

Taika comes walking out of the kinfolk house carrying Kora on his back. He finds a spot out of the way and sets her down. She starts doing what big sisters do and starts using some rags to clean her brother up.

Ulf takes his flip flops and secondhand track suit and walks back into the house, coming out a minute later looking like a Ukrainian loan shark but not making any complaints. He flip-flap-flip-flaps over to the group, waiting his turn, and quietly says, "Ulf Kennet Haakon Danesson, Rited Grimshade and Deeded Tears in Rain, Godi of the first rank of the Fenrir." And he steps back, getting out of the way, because there are a lot of other people.

From the edge of the surrounding woods comes Ironsides, large in his hispo form. He pads slowly into the clearing, carrying a likely wind tousled Killigrew on his back. It's entirely possible there are dried leaves and twigs on the both of them, since shortcuts were on the menu.

"Taika and Kora Ngata. I am rited Calls Forth The Wyrm, Cliath Skald born to a strong Maori woman. Get. This is my sister Kora. Don't mind her, she has Tourette's.". She is missing a leg at the knee, the other is twisted and she is wearing a knit cap.

Oyvind is getting into the swing of things, being.. social. There will be outsiders here, not of the family or tribe but he will be respectful and decent. He follows the path he was told, and arrives, "Skal." He calls out, his voice sharp and clear. "I am here to witness and be. Ye family to know me as Havamal by my Deed Name, I am student-Godi seeking a mentor in one called Foe-Hammer, I am grandson of Heimagotten and great grandson of One who was Disohonored by his own tribe.".

Minna finishes at least some of her food, or, enough of it that it sits like a fire-chewed log in the hearth of her stomach and wards away the cold. She stands up, dusts herself off and assumes a posture of casual confidence, chin raised. "I'm Minna Rosing, Wind-That-Sweeps-The-Mist, Cliath Philodox of the Black Furies. A pleasure," she says, giving the collective Garou a dignified bow. Then she turns, sees Zoe, and smirks. She sits and resumes eating.

With the mad run through the woods turning into a more sedate pace, Killi sits up, starting to brush leaves out of her still-wet hair and brushing them off Ironsides, the huge black wolf carrying the kin like she's nothing. She's traded her usual jeans for her other usual - over the knee kitty socks, a plaid skirt and a button up blouse to go with the hoody and spiked leather jacket combination. Leaning down, she whispers near the thick, furry ear before sliding off and offering thanks to the Athro for the ride. Then falling right into introductions, "I am Zoe Killigrew, daughter of Mist-Walker, grand-daughter of Shatters-the-Throne, great-grand daughter of Death-Sings-Loudest, great-great grand daughter of Voice-in-the-Silence, great-great-great grand daughter of Patriarch's Bane. Black Fury kinfolk, shapeshifter and enchantress."

Einar is stalking in after the rattle-rumble of a few bikes rolling up to the Kin house. Heavy boots cronch against the dirt as he wanders up without only a couple of the crew, the rest left to watch the bikes. It looks painful for him, but he grins through a salute, "Fuckin greetins brothers and sisters," he rumbles in a bassy timbre. Then he takes in a slow breath and then unleashes the spiel in lightning fast words that almost sound like a speed rap verse, except nothing rhymes, "I am Einar Skallgrim, rited Rides-Thunder, born on two legs as a Rotagar of the Fenrir, Cliath in rank, born to Elder Modi Brynhilde Skallgrim rited Battle-Born, of the Iced Rune Sept in Nova Scotia, third bearer of the Jarlhammer Skjoldbresta, daughter of Elder Modi Harrolt Skallgrim rited Hammerhands, of the Frost Fang sept in Greenland, second bearer of Skjoldbresta, son of Athro Godi Torsvald Skallgrim rited Wyrm-Biter maker and first bearer of Skjoldbresta." No breaths in there, just a rapid recitation that he sucks in oxygen at the end to fuel burning lungs and his cadence returns to normal. "A pleasure."

Ironsides pauses to give himself a good shake after Zoe is off, then transforms back into his human self with the expected popping of bones and muscle. He walks over towards the group then to offer his introduction to those that do not know it, which might be more dignified were he not barefoot. "I am Ironsides, known amongst humans as Aldric Hegdahl. Modi Athro of the Get of Fenris, born on four legs. Descendant of Tarjei Hardrule, Great grandson of Ragnar "Spirit's Way", Grandson of Hilde "Battlemaiden" and child of Thurston "War Hammer" Ahroun leader of the Sept of the Endless Moon."

Scene: Plan


-The Plan-

The bearded Get theurge gives people a bit to take in his welcome before he explains how he has planned the evening. "As has become tradition here at the Gathering, and while we're all getting nice and cozy around the fire, I've asked one of the Community to tell us a Tale of the People. This week we have the fortune to have one of the Tale-singers of the Silver Fangs back as our Storyteller." After a quick sip to let that sink in, the lumberjack of a Get picks right back up and continues to walk around the fire as he speaks.

"Also, because we had to move the Gathering this week, the competition is also had to change a bit. So /this/ week we'll go back to the first games we held; the axe throw - with a twist. Three axes...three targets. But...you have to decide -which- target you want to hit the most. There are consequences." The bearded Get smiles and gestures to what looks to be a spinning triangle of three targets setup at one end of the yard.

Dalibor drifts around the gathering, to get closer to Ironsides, to whom he bows his head respectfully - before reaching up to help brush some leaves out of Zoe's hair.

Ulf makes sure to give respectful but reserved nods to all who introduce themselves, with deeper half-bows to those of note and rank. He finds himself lurking a bit closer to his more lengthy acquaintances of all of a couple hours, standing near Taika and Heidi and Dalibor and trying not to look too uncool in his borrowed blue tracksuit and somewhat-bashful carriage.

Oyvind is .. doing what people do at social gatherings, or at least trying it best to not stick out or anything as the such. He nods to a few words said in the background, keeping his mouth shut. A closed mouth gathers no feet. Soon he'll be ready to try being social out in the manskr world.

Killigrew tips her head so Dalibor can get the leaves out of her hair easier, "Thanks." she says, hip bumping the Modi lightly, looking in high spirits and unable to stop grinning. "Vasyl is a fantastic storyteller. You're going to love this." she murmurs towards the Heidi, Taika, Ulf crew.

George took a seat on the porch of the Kinfolk house and is watching the gathering from there. He's got food and drink and is just watching quietly for now.

Einar gives a firm nod at the mention of axe throwing and he gives a broader grin. There's no wallflowering for him, the garrish dress of a 1%'er is unmistakable and love them or hate them, he is one. One hand lifts up to semi-tame the mane again. There will be story time, so he remains alert, even if there's a look of nearly lambent blues fixating on Oyvind a bit, his toothy grin showing and then remaining as his respectfully quiet focus changes towards Vasyl.

Dalibor bumps the Kin back, finding her grin infectious. "Is not problem." And he nods. "Is true. Is great storyteller."

Scene: Storytime


Once people have finished introducing themselves to the crowd and he's gone over the basic plan for tonight, Bergin continues to encircle the fire to address the crowd. "It is great to see all of us gathered under Luna's light like this."

"I'm sure that the Mother is smiling down on us as we gather together in common cause. Stories are important, they are our history - our legacy so that we do not forget from where our People came. So please have a seat (read: Places) and help me welcome tonight's Storyteller.

The Get theurge gestures over to Vasyl to step into the center, "Good people, I give you Vasyl, called War Cry-Rhya, Adren Galliard of the Silver Fangs"

Erin looks over to people she knows and gives them a little wave before turning to look at the Berg as the storyteller is announced and her eyes follow Vasyl as she gets comfy to hear the story.

"Greetings great Warriors of Gaia" The Silver Fang Adren begins, "How could I come to a gathering as tale singer and not tell a tale. And so, I shall. A tale of Silver Fangs long past. A tale passed on to me through the generations?" he waves his hand through the air to depict the passing of time. "A tale from the Silver Fang home lands of Russia. A tale of Boyka Wyrm's Bane, A Warrior King of the Silver Fangs." As he says the last words he draws his head down, closes his eyes and is silent for a moment as if getting into character.

"The great Warrior King, Boyka Wyrm's Bane began to pace up and down the lines of packs, garou of the purest Silver, as if touched by Phoebe herself. His eyes alight with a silver glow. Speaking now to his fellow:

'From a battle I've come,
To a battle I charge,
I'll see you again when I die.'
High and Mighty alone we are Kings,
Providence of Gaia brought us the Crown.'

The Silver Fang smiles and lets out a howl then of triumph, "A howl rang out admist the Silver Fangs. Championing their alpha as he continued?"

'Heroes await us,
The Wyrm comes fast,
Knowing not, this day is their last.'

Ulf listens intently to the story being told, getting himself something to drink and following along quietly but with animated facial expressions. The packs ready for battle, the rousing leader's speech, the great howl. He smiles, one hand in his pocket, and takes it in.

The Talesinger again lets out a howl of triumph, "Again, the Alpha wolves ring out their howl, building themselves closer and closer to a battle fury! And then, Boyka gave his final words before charging into battle.

'Falcon I await thee,
Your true son am I,
I hail you now as I prepare to die,
Ready my armor as I drink my last ale,
Claw and Klaive, I will prevail.'

as he finishes this, his spiritual familiar, Borya gives out a falcon's cry, dramatically flying over head.

"And so, Boyka and his pack of Wolves of the Kings blood charged across the frozen tundra of Russia." Boyka exclaims dramatically as he continues to pace around the group. "On the otherside of the battlefield was the enemy. Dakar DragonKnight, Ahroun and son of the Green Dragon. He too was giving a speech to his troops:

'Brothers, the battle is raging,
We have chosen our side,
Call out your battle hymns,
To glory we ride!'

"He climbed atop his steed, a powerful avatar of the Green Dragon given flesh?not a small Wurm like the one faced at Three Rivers, ancient in power and size!" Boyka explains. "Like the Silver Fangs, the black wolves howled with madness and ferver in response to their battle chief." The Silver Fang then getting back into character:

'On a dark crusade to the caern we bring,
Death to the Silver Fangs, Fight to the end,
Til the blood on your claws, is the blood of a King!
Til the blood on your Klaive, is the blood of a King!'

Killigrew listens intently, content to lean against Dalibor while she watches the Silver Fang work his magic. Spying a Bergin, she wiggles her fingers at him in silent greeting, then leans to whisper to Dali, eyes on Vasyl.

The Silver Fang Galliard snarls out with a face turned to rage as if to emulate the battle cry of the minions of the Wyrm. "The DragonKnight held his sword up high and then thrust it forward, the forces of the Urge of Power howl out a glorious war cry and charged the children of Falcon."

He pauses for a few quiet moments. Letting that hang in there like a lingering cliff hanger?and just when you are about to ask what happened next?! The Galliard speaks again. "So there it was, glorious ancient Silver Fangs, meeting Dakar DragonKnight on the fields of the bawn outside their caern."

"Furious and total was the conflict. Soon blood and flesh soaked the snow and frozen soil of the earth." The Galliard sighs exasperated. "It was actually a visitor, a Wendigo named Kaga who first charged the DragonKnight. A Wendigo admist the Silver Fangs land, ancient and pure warrior before they traveled across the great land bridge to what they call the pure lands. Calling upon the greater winter spirits to give him flight, he rose into the air attacking the dragon and Black Wolf on its own terms?he fought and fell back to the earth. The Dragon landing and preparing its death blow when Boyka appeared."

Erin tilts her head as she listens to Vasyl speak. She looks a little thoughtful.

Dalibor tilts his head, darting his eyes from Vasyl to Zoe and back. Did the Talesinger pick an epic tale of conflict to get the Sept fired up for their upcoming mission? Or was this just a happy coincidence?

Minna eats and listens, though her eyes travel, regarding Zoe, Dalibor, Bergin. She considers them but nothing more, scraping the last of the potatoes off her plate.

Vasyl bends over and scoops up a yard long tree branch and lifts it as if it were his sword. He then steps forward with a powerful downward strike, "With a single strike, the head of the Dragon removed. Never has the world before scene such a blow, and perhaps never again since."

'Spirits of War I call upon you,

My Klaive by my side,
I seek a life of honor,
The DragonKnight must die.'

The soft prayer of Boyka Wyrm's Bane before he faced Dakar in single combat." Vasyl murmurs in a soft voice. He turns and continues once more, "Those still alive could feel the earth shake, could hear the song of Klaive against Klaive. Each of the champions a whirlwind of doom unto themselves!" he calls out, drawing again on a deep powerful call to carry his words. A smile across his lips that then fades.

"When the smoke did clear, their bodies lay broken on the battlefield." Vasyl tells the gathered. "Dakar the DragonKnight dead at the hands of the King of Wolves?Boyka not spared of his battle scars, memories written across his body in deep wounds, lived on. Triumphant. So ends the tale?"

Taika sits back as Kora grooms him, much like a chimpanzee would groom its sibling. There are a few bouts of Taika being punched, and the occasional shout from Kora, but Taika does his best to shout at the same time and it kind of just flows together into a shout of encouragement and cheering (with the occasional swear mixed in).

Dalibor suddenly looks at Zoe, grinning proudly. He gives her a hug and spares Aldric a bow. Something is going on over there. Composing himself, the Modi turns his attention back to the Talesinger - offering cheers and applause. Heidi applauds the Galliard telling the evening story from where she sits. She shifts slightly in her seat to see what Kora is doing and making sure Ulf is sticking around. Casually, she glances around the crowd to see who she knows.

Erin smiles and claps as the story comes to an end and even does a little wolf whistle.

Killigrew whistles, clapping and cheering for the Silver Fang. "Well done, Vasyl-rhya!" Praising the Galliard, then grinning at Dalibor. Another hug! Two in one night! Squeezing the Modi tight, she takes advantage of the hug, eventually untangling. "I need a drink. Still got that taste in my mouth from earlier."

Ulf applauds the story politely but doesn't hoot, howl, or holler anything. He sips his drink, and comments aside to the nearby sitting Heidi, "He is a good storyteller. I hadn't expected a story. It was nice. Is this normally what goes on here in the evening?" But he shuts up right quick when it's announced that Ironsides has something to say.

Bergin claps as Vasyl concludes the story, giving the Tale-Singer a whoop of congrats for telling such an epic saga. The bearded host continues clapping as the Silverfang returns to the seats around the fire and calls everyone's attention. "Just one thing before we get into the competition tonight folks. The leader of my tribe, Ironsides-Rhya has an announcement for the Gathering." He turns to Aldric and gestures to the center of the fire ring as if to say the stage is his.

Minna gives the story a polite bit of desultory clapping, then turns her attention to the coming announcement or, whatever it is that is about to come.


Aldric steps forward and lifts his hand, drawing folks attention as he speaks up. "Concerning the matter of United Salvage. To catch up everyone that may not know, there is a matter of some pockets of Wyld energies covering the land in the Stacks, and after surveying the issue Elder Shaderunner'rhya, Journey, has found the area too dangerous to be wandered into. The Stacks themselves are closed to everyone for the time being. The Main yard itself is also closed to Kinfolk. The matter will be shelved for the time being until more can be looked into after we return from Zoe's Sept." He takes a breath and lets it out on a sigh. "In the meantime, if anyone needs to reach a member of the Tribe, you are welcome to seek us out at Stonecreek. If any Get wish to reside on the location we only ask that you prove you are willing to contribute to the community before being given a cabin." He looks to Bergin and shrugs, his hands motioning. "Did I miss anything else?"

Erin looks towards Aldric as he speaks then bites her lip and looks over to Berg then back to Aldric then back to Berg.

Taika leans back into his sister some, the weight of the day crashing down on him. He sits back up though as Aldric speaks. He nods and then side-glances to Zoe long enough to catch her attention. He looks back to Kora who is busy waving at Heidi.

Bergin takes a moment...then two. The news hits the theurge like a punch to the gut and he needs to take a breath before he can continue with the events tonight.

Vasyl smiles and offers a nod of thanks to everyone that applauds his story, its what he is there for. Hopefully it inspires those for the war to come. He moves then to a place to settle in and sit.

Einar gives a firm three full claps for Vasyl's tale. It was epic, but maybe the Taleteller was worried about the delivery too much, either way the Raggie isn't going to say nothin about it. Just move right along to giving Bergin his attention again. Then to the Jarl, there's a sharp eyebrow that goes up. A hand is raised, "Has there been any word on the fuckin spiritual scouting of the corrupted Caern, speaking of the damn deed," he questions Aldric, or whoever will answer honestly. There's concern for the Junk Yard, but the biker has no attachment to it quite yet.

George nods as Aldric makes his announcement and then slowly turns to measure Bergin's reaction with a bit of idle curiosity.

Heidi nods up to Ulf to answer his question, muttering, "weekly." A wave is given over to Kora and then she listens quietly to all the tribal leader has to say. She winces, and looks quickly over to Bergin as if this news is a bit of a shock to her as well. Her head turns to see if Ben is in the crowd. Doesn't see him, but she knows he was living there. Her hands suddenly lift up in a little shrug, of what now?

Aldric shakes his head slowly to Einar's question. "I have not heard anything on the front of the Umbra near the Sept. I know it is Shaderunner'rhya's priority though, so answers should be coming soon." Then he inclines his head and walks over towards Bergin, reaching out to grasp the man's shoulder, "It is not an end to your home, but the safety of those we watch over must be the priority."

Dalibor's exuberance fades a little, his face tightening. Well, the news could have been worse - but it could have been much better too. He looks over at Berg to gauge the Godi's reaction (though he likely already knew). And, more importantly, what of the Kin that own and work in the yard? What will they do being deprived (hopefully only for a short while) of property, home and livlihood?

Minna gives a nod of approval as if she considers it to be, well; the right thing to do, all things considered. She surveys the reactions of others, curious, more than anything else, seemingly unsurprised.

The announcement catches Killi off-guard and she blinks, then turns to look towards Bergin nd Aldric. "Damn." she murmurs, fetching a pair of random bottles from the cooler, carrying them back towards Dali and offering his choice of them. Taika gets a look, then back to Bergin and she gives Taika an 'are you sure?' kind of look. Then abandons ship and moves towards Bergin, offering the fermented goody in her hand and a touch to the elbow.

Heidi sees Theron sliding in next to her. She asks the Berzerker, "Can Ravenscar offer emergency housing if Stonecreek gets overloaded? There's not enough cabins up there yet. Unless we get some tents which is roughing it."

"Oh, that's nice," Ulf responds to Heidi before Aldric makes his announcement, sneaking it in before going quiet. The words don't really mean much to the newcomer, but he can take the pulse of the crowd, and says to Heidi, "I take it this is a big deal?"

Aldric looks to Theron and nods at Heidi's question and Taika's offer. "It may be needed. Those of us that are Lupus can give up their housing for the moment as well. It will not kill us to spend a little time sleeping in our fur." Then he takes up a seat and sighs, hands folding in front of his face. Expression growing thoughtful.

Scene: Competition


Bergin walks to the center of the fire pit after the storyteller finishes with their tale. "So...who's ready to test their accuracy and..." he takes a second before finishing the phrase, "...patience?" he asks with a thin-lipped on his face; the one you reserve for school and ID photos. "This week we're combining the skills that have been demonstrated by our people in the past and adding an interesting twist." he smiles and points to the spinning pair of targets by the end of the yard.

"Tonight, our people will have to focus not only on hitting the target but also in /choosing/ what they're aiming for." His face is stone, flat and unmoving as he crosses his arms over his chest before starting things off. "So let's get to it."

Ulf notes the nature of the contest and considers, then sets down his drink nearby and strides forward. "I can do this," he says quietly to himself, smiling slightly and nodding to Bergin. So there's a contestant.

Ah. Now comes the part of the night that Minna has been waiting for. She stands up and dusts herself off, putting her plate down on her seat. Then she limbers up her arms and neck, rolling, stretching, grasping at nothing. She even goes so far as to take a little bit of powdered chalk out of her pocket and dust up her hands- a small edge, that extra grip. She'll take it. She throws a casual little salute Zoe's way, nods to Taika, and takes a good, deep breath, waiting her turn.

Killigrew moves away from Bergin and heads towards the lists, taking her jackets off, then unbuttoning the cuffs on her button up shirt and rolling them up. Brushing some of Aldric's wolf-hair off her skirt from the ride in, she grins at Minna, giving the Black Fury two thumbs up and a mouthed, 'You got this.'

Dalibor steps up to the challenge, looking over the target and axes - listening to the rules. Nodding he takes his three axes and points one at the green target, like Babe Ruth calling a homerun. Not that the Bosnian is probably familiar with such things. "You go big, or you go home."

George chuckles at Dalibor's gesture "Go for it Mighty Casey. Hopefully this goes better than that game did for the original."


Player Target Roll 1 Roll 2 Roll 3 Total
Dalibor Green 2 2 2 0
Killi Black 2 4 2 3
Taika Black 1 1 1 0
Ulf Green 5 5 2 4
Erin Black 2 2 1 0
Minna Black 0 0 2 0

Taika takes his turn and hits the black target three times squarely, but it isn't enough to really do anything and he shrugs walking back to his sister who golf claps for him with her tongue out. He flops and very quickly starts to fade to sleep.

Ulf picks up one of the throwing axes, testing the heft and balance so he's got it straight. Nothing terribly fancy at first, just tossing it from hand to hand and making fore and back cuts, and then a couple spins that look kind of cool. "Good," he says quietly to himself, nodding once and then stepping aside to wait his turn. He keeps playing with his axe while he waits, tossing it to spin and catching it, then whirling it around and down. Somebody's done this before, looks like.

When it's his turn, the newcomer steps up to the throwing line and thins his eyes. His hand whips around with a wrist-snap, and the axe whirls through the air and strikes the green target dead center. The second throw? Almost an exact repetition of the first. His final throw looks like he's going to threepeat, but it clips the edge of the target instead, failing to stick. He shrugs, then laughs to himself and says softly, "Father would be proud."

Dalibor's axes fly pretty true. On a 'normal' axe throwing challenge he would have scored pretty well. But with the all or nothing nature of this challenge, being just off the bullseye means... he gets a whole lotta nothing. But at least his throws were nice and consistant? Hey, somedays you take your wins where you can.

Killigrew hefts the throwing axes in hand, picking a target and trying to track it. The first throw misses, as does the third, but the second lands a solid stick with a lovely *thunk*. It's only one of three, but the Fury kin puffs up with pride, regardless. Three weeks ago she wouldn't have even gotten close to the targets.

Einar gets in line and takes his turn. He's winging it and it's pretty obvious by the two misses and one thunk. A smirk given and he moves outta the way for someone else. Course he's giving Killi a chin-up in encouragement for the spunky Kinfolk. The other throwers each observed as he picks out who to start mimicking later. Ulf it seems?

Having won the first event, Theron sits this one out. Content to be an undefeated champion. He watches with a smile however as the others throw their axes.

Evonna has been busy people watching all this time. Trying to learn more about these people, and really probably a bit overwhelmed. Socializing with big groups is not an easy thing. She's better with smaller groups. So she stays toward the outside for most of this evening.

One day, there will be one day when the red headed, pouty Erin will hit the darn target or something. She goes to sit back down but does clap for the winner cuz no one like a sore loser.

Heidi is waiting on Ulf to be done. She is only somewhat paying attention to the contest as she is focusing on other matters currently. In her hand she writes out a quick note on a piece of paper and hands it over to Theron. "Can you send this out by spirit totem?"

And it seems that at the end of it all it's Ulf who threw true, and the Godi realizes that fact and then smiles bashfully. "We used to do this a lot back home," he says by way of explanation, spreading his hands. "It was the only thing I could ever do better than my eldest brother." He maks his way back to his drink, picking it up and then catching Heidi's request. He nods to that and says, "Of course. He is the ranking Fenrir? I would be honored."

Minna hefts her first axe and gives it a little back and forth, testing the weight, grinning at Zoe. She adjusts her grip in response to what she feels, breathes in, breathes out- throws. It goes high, sailing over the black target and whirling off into the distance. She frowns and adjusts her stance, throwing another- it hits, and she snaps to attention with a fierce grin, her eagerness causing her to throw the third with more enthusiasm than skill. Another miss. She closes her eyes, breathes out a long sigh, and stalks off to get her jacket.

Long late to the party, a white wolf emerges from the forest and pads up to the clearing and the gathering of people finishing the night's game. She walks quietly, tail and head held high in the sort of casual confidence of one high in the typical pecking order. As she draws closer, the wolf grows into a scarred-faced, blonde woman. Wazi straightens up and brushes herself off briefly, before moving toward the food. Leftovers? More like it's time for calling dibs.

Aldric straightens up and looks to Heidi as she and Ulf focus their attention on him, rising back to his feet to look between the two. "Well met." he offers to the kin and the new Get.

Scene: Wrap-Up


Wrap-up and Toast
The Get theurge once again walks up to the center of the yard as people start to retake their seats. "I want to congratulate our winners tonight and thank everyone for playing along in the competition. I hope everyone's had a good time with it. I'll admit that with strength and friendships like that our people will not go gently into that good night."

The kinfolk make sure that everyone's got something to drink around the fire before the final toast of the night as Bergin raises his bottle to wrap things up. People are already starting to mill around, fixing up containers of left-overs to take back and such as the event starts to wind down.

"Once again I want to thank everyone for coming by tonight and I hope you enjoyed what hospitality we could provide. If ya like it well enough, plan on coming back next weekend. Gaia knows we have plenty of mouths to feed, warriors to train and bonds to build if we're going to win the War." He smiles widely to the crowd and makes eye contact with a few of those gathered before finishing his thought. "But in parting, let us all raise our drinks to the Mother...and Fenris, the Wolf."

Heidi protects her work shoes by carrying them now in her left hand. She walks barefoot in the grass and smiles at Ulf, "Yes." A tilt of her head shows the direction Aldric is sitting in and she leads the way. "Good evening, Ironsides'rhya. This is..." she pauses as the toast goes out.

"Of course, I'm connected to him at all times through Hildisvini...(assuming he's online)." Theron replies to Heidi, accepting the paper and looking it over so as to send the message requested.

Dalibor nods gives Erin a nod. Good sportsmanship is important to the Nation. Without it the tribes would be at each others throats constantly over this slight or that snub. And first Zoe and the Ulf, the newcomer, get applause. The Modi gives props where they're due. In fact he's kinda proud of the whole group. Nobody suffered any penalties, so the group didn't do too bad really.

Ulf follows after Heidi, but when Bergin calls the toast he raises his drink in salute along with everyone else before returning his attention to the man before him."It is an honor, Ironsides-rhya. I am called Ulf Kennet Haakon Danesson, Grimshade by Rite and Tears in Rain by Deed. Mine is the blood of Great Fenris. of the Danish Sept of Mjolnir's Anvil in the heart of the Silkeborg Forest where my father, Jarl Dane Haakon Fists-of-Ice of the Dogs of War Pack in the Silver Record, noew reigns. I was born under the Crescent Moon of the Godi and sing the chant of the Old Gods, and honor my mother Zo Haakon, she of Munin's getting who birthed me in the way of Man. I am ranked Cliath, and was once a member of the First Snow of Winter pack under Wise Ratatosk, though I no longer run with them. This is my first day in Prospect. It has been very eventful."

"Well played, Ulf!" Zoe calls over, lifting the bottle a kinfolk hands her in salute to the new Garou, then bowing to him with a silly flourish. Straightening she takes a long drink from the bottle, swishing a bit before swallowing. She may never get that taste out of her mouth.

Erin smiles at Berg as he speaks again then smiles at Dalibor of course. She looks towards to Ulf a little curiously then looks towards the others. She still keeps pretty much to herself.

Aldric nods and offers his hand out to clasp Ulf on the forearm. "I am Ironsides, known amongst humans as Aldric Hegdahl. Modi Athro of the Get of Fenris, born on four legs. Descendant of Tarjei Hardrule, Great grandson of Ragnar "Spirit's Way", Grandson of Hilde "Battlemaiden" and child of Thurston "War Hammer" Ahroun leader of the Sept of the Endless Moon." He chuckles and shrugs. "Such is life here it seems. Many things are happening as of late. Do you need a place to settle and collect yourself? Stonecreek and Ravenscar are the current Get territories."

Einar now circles the main party with his hands hooked to his pockets. Observing and watching, listening to more introductions and generally being social without committing himself to conversation.

Oyvi has totally been here all the while. Silent as a stone and blending in learning to be more social. Totes.

With the formalities out of the way, Killi grabs her jackets, slinging them up over a shoulder and doggedly goes to try and catch Bergin.

A nod of approval at the way the event has gone, "Not a bad showing." Theron says of the group, rising to his feet once again.

Minna slinks off back the way she came, wiping the chalk off on her jeans, muttering, the way you do when you're definitely not annoyed about something.

Heidi watches the exchange between Ulf and Aldrich. If Bergin is also nearby she will prompt the days earlier events. "We had a run in with a Fomori in the city earlier today. That's where I found Ulf handling the situation and then back up was needed. Several from the Scrap Yard, and Stonecreek came to assist." If George is still on the porch she also gestures to him. "Our Sept Elder also came to assist and make sure all went well. But I'm sorry to hear about your home. If there's anything I can do?"

"For the moment I am staying at a hotel called, I believe, The Summit? But I had intended to look for a more permanent place. The charity I am here to represent has given me a small per diem for my ministry, but it is fairly humble in terms of money to live on in America."

Ulf gestures aside to Heidi and notes, "I met Miss Vardanyan earlier by chance, and through her several other brothers under Fenris, but this is the first place truly of Garou territory I have been since... well. Since I arrived this morning." Heidi mentions the run-in with fomori and the humble Ulf simply nods and says, "Your Garou are very brave and dutiful. I was glad to have them at my side to face such a threat."

Oyvind readies himself and goes to find his potential mentor. He takes a drag of his mead and makes his way. "Hail and skal." He calls, hearing what Heidi has said, "Etin, in the city lands? Has the beast of the World-Serpent been slain?" he asks.

Bergin slowly walks away from the center of the circle as people start to pick up and head back. His shoulders are still tight, his face cold. He's probably still in shock.