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I am called Ulf Kennet Haakon Danesson, Grimshade by Rite and Tears in Rain by Deed. Mine is the blood of Great Fenris. of the Danish Sept of Mjolnir's Anvil in the heart of the Silkeborg Forest where my father, Jarl Dane Haakon Fists-of-Ice of the Dogs of War Pack in the Silver Record, noew reigns. I was born under the Crescent Moon of the Godi and sing the chant of the Old Gods, and honor my mother Zo Haakon, she of Munin's getting who birthed me in the way of Man. I am ranked Cliath, and was once a member of the First Snow of Winter pack under Wise Ratatosk, though I no longer run with them. Now I seek the gods in America, the land of my parents' birth, and I will seek here until I can look Fenris in the eye and hear him call me Brother.

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Heidi - Confident and capable enough that when she says 'jump', even the four-footed leave the ground.

Aldric - Gracious and regal. A man of honor.

Ben - Quite a warrior, and such an imposing silhouette!

Bergin - The very lord of hospitality.

Dalibor - When it came time to lead, you stepped forward.

George - Even in Denmark your name is known. You do not disappoint.

Killigrew - Beware the rhinoceros; its horn is fierce.

Oyvind - Uncouth and uncultured, but a Fenrir to the very bone.

Sten - A great Fenrir in the making, on the cusp of that greatness. It is my honor.

Taika - Even in far distant lands a Get is a Get. I am pleased that it is so.

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RP Hooks

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Ulf Haakon

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Full Name: Ulf Kennet Haakon Danesson
Rite Name: Grimshade
Deed Names: Tears in Rain
Played By: Charlie Hunnam
Date of Birth: 2000-02-02
Apparent Age: 20ish
Height: 6'1"
Heritage: Danish-Italian
Demeanor: Machine
Breed: Homid Garou
Auspice: Godi (Theurge)
Rank: Cliath
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Camp: Hand of Tyr
Pack: First Snow of Winter (former, NPC)
Totem: None
Concept: Asetro Godhi (Priest of Tyr)


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