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I am called Ulf Kennet Haakon Danesson, Grimshade by Rite and Tears in Rain by Deed. Mine is the blood of Great Fenris. of the Danish Sept of Mjolnir's Anvil in the heart of the Silkeborg Forest where my father, Jarl Dane Haakon Fists-of-Ice of the Dogs of War Pack in the Silver Record, noew reigns. I was born under the Crescent Moon of the Godi and sing the chant of the Old Gods, and honor my mother Zo Haakon, she of Munin's getting who birthed me in the way of Man. I am ranked Cliath, and was once a member of the First Snow of Winter pack under Wise Ratatosk, though I no longer run with them. Now I seek the gods in America, the land of my parents' birth, and I will seek here until I can look Fenris in the eye and hear him call me Brother.

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Heidi - Forever.

Aldric - We are left wondering in which direction to jump

Ben - A warrior of deep conviction. Take care with my sister (for your own sake).

Dalibor - You will find yourself in America, eventually.

Detlef - You are a terrible cook, but there are worse flaws to have.

Einar - Immune to the taste of soap and the assumption that Elders know best.

Erin - You made my Venom more than a mere motorcycle, and have proven your friendship.

Evonna - Like Sif in the flesh.

Freya - The darling of Stonecreek and an incorrigible bacon filcher.

George - Even in Denmark your name is known. You do not disappoint.

Journey - I am paying attention, athro.

Katja - I apologize for doubting your ability to slay the stench of skunk musk.

Killigrew - Beware the rhinoceros; its horn is fierce.

Leif - The Wyld apparently grows its avatars a bit on the larger side.

Oyvind - Uncouth and uncultured, but a Fenrir to the very bone.

Rook - Sisters; am I right?

Sten - Ravenscar is a fine territory, and we know it is always where you are found.

Taika - Even in far distant lands a Get is a Get, and a brother is a brother.

Theron - That you could trounce me is impressive. That you do not do so is appreciated.


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RP Hooks

FAMOUS FATHER: I am one of the children of Dane Haakon Fists-of-Ice, Grand Jarl of the Sept of Mjolnir's Anvil in the Silkeborg Forest of Denmark, Legendary Elder Modi of the Fenrir, Alpha of the Dogs of War pack under Fenris himself, hero of saga and song and Silver Record alike. My father is famous among Fenrir as a champion on and king, and as a Danesson I often find great things are expected of me despite my relative youth and inexperience. I'm also often confused for my older brothers Elias and Jens, who are members of my father's pack whereas I am not and have never been. My father is a great man, and set the bar very high for achievement, the way great men do. My path is a different one, but still an honorable one, I hope.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: I am an Asetro doghi; a priest of Tyr and a missionary performing community outreach for the disadvantaged and the bereaved. Doing this helps ease my own grief at the loss of my sister and my first pack, and fulfills my spiritual duty to bring clarity of heart and mind to those who need it.

STONECREEK: As one of the original Fenrir of Stonecreek, I stand with my brethren united as a force within the Sept of the Enduring Spirit through which the strength of Fenris flows for the greater good. All Fenrir in Prospect are welcome to join us here, and all of Gaia's own may seek our hospitality and aid if they be of honest heart.

THE GODSHOUSE: In Stonecreek I have built a spirit lodge to welcome the gods of this land, be they the ones we bring with us or the ones who waited for our coming. My godshouse is open to all Gaians who wish to meditate, offer tribute, or seek the wisdom of the gods.

DANESSON: I am but one of ten children of Dane Haakon Fists-of-Ice, and not even the only one in Prospect now that my sister Rook has joined me. I worry that Fenris will send more of my kin here, following in my footsteps, as where we go strangeness awaits.

THE FIRST PACK: Jan Volnitza Steals Odin's Eye and Peder Gepasst Broken String; the friends of my youth, as close as brothers from childhood onward. Clara Haakon Clarity of Ice, my twin and my eternal companion; the yardstick by which I measured everything in my life. We grew up together, we had our First Changes within a season of one another, we completed our Rite of Passage together, and we sought Ratatosk together to form The First Snow of Winter pack, with me as Alpha. We were going to be heroes together, but we were fools instead; we fell for a trap and my pack paid the price with their lives. My sister saved mine by pushing me off a snowbound cliff, and the last sight I had of her was her death at the hands of the Wyrm's monstrosities. I will never forget them, though few enough will remember them. Too many of Gaia's best hopes die young.


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The Haakon family is one of the most powerful political dynasties among the Get of Fenris. An offshoot of the Haakonsen line, patriarch Dane Haakon Fists-of-Ice is the abandoned eldest son of Soren Haakonsen Iron Rule, with whom he was reconciled in his adulthood. A Modi of great renown and storied deed, Dane Haakon and his pack -- The Dogs of War, under Fenris himself -- have had their deeds recorded in the Silver Record, with Haakon and his Beta Kazimir Volnitza Odin's Mark having briefly been a part of the Silver Pack itself. After achieving such high status and the Legendary sixth rank, Fists-of-Ice became Grand Jarl of the Sept of Mjolnir's Anvil in the Silkeborg forest of Denmark, where he currently rules alongside his two wives; the Corax Zo Ball Haakon and Antonia Bronstedt, daughter of Jarl Tine Bronstedt Fires of Hel of the Sept of the Old Sagas. They have numerous children, among them Ulf Haakon Grimshade and Rook Haakon.


The First Snow of Winter pack under Ratatosk was formed after the Rite of Passage of its four members, all friends since childhood and relations of the original three members of the Dogs of War. Ulf was their Alpha, and after catching word that a Fetish had been stolen from the Sept of Mjolnir's anvil the pack decided to track down the thief and return with the Fetish as heroes. Instead they ran headlong into an ambush and were slaughtered, with Clara managing to save her brother's life by pushing him off the side of a snowy cliff just before being torn apart by Wyrm beasts. Ulf carries the loss with him, always.

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Ulf Haakon

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Full Name: Ulf Kennet Haakon Danesson
Rite Name: Grimshade
Deed Names: Tears in Rain
Played By: Charlie Hunnam
Date of Birth: 2000-02-02
Apparent Age: 20ish
Height: 6'1"
Heritage: Danish-Italian
Demeanor: Machine
Breed: Homid Garou
Auspice: Godi (Theurge)
Rank: Fostern
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Camp: Hand of Tyr
Pack: First Snow of Winter (former, NPC)
Totem: None
Concept: Asetro Godhi (Priest of Tyr)


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