2020.11.30:Sept of Abundant Waters - Medical Team

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Sept of Abundant Waters - Medical Team
The medical crew has an issue while setting up.
IC Date Dec 1, 2020
IC Time Midday
Players Ulf, Bryan, Taika, Tabi, Erin, Heidi, and Miguel and Killigrew as ST's
Location Florida
Prp/Tp Sept of Abundant Waters

Finding a spot that's level and dry and safe puts the moonbridge for the healing crew about a mile from the main dropzone for the heavies and the Bluejays. It's a nice little island with a decent view of the area, barring some brush and trees. Not too wet, either, all things considered, the swamp grass can be packed down to help mitigate the muddiness well enough. It's a beautiful, sunny Florida day, pushing near the eighty-degree temperatures. The swamp is alive with the sounds of insects and frogs, all chortling along and living their best lives.

Erin arrives with Kringer not to far from her side as she looks around. She is at the back of the arriving wagon of course because no one would let her go first that be silly, so she is somewhere in the middle or the back that's for sure. She looks around then looks to the others "Ok guess we got work to do"

Chases-the-Wind is here to make sure that no one dies, but especially Zoe. He's right there with HER, because he's her best bet for protection, really. Whatever form she's in. Gone is the carefree hippIE and here is the mighty Athropants Galliard, in his crinos form (sorry, Zoe), watching the Umbra, watching meatspace, even keeping an eye on the Dreaming, though that is far from his focus.

Ulf gets the medical tent set up quickly, having preassembled most of it and told everyone what their jobs were. Once it's standing he tosses down the foam mats and the aid kits and the MREs and the jugs of water where they need to be, sometimes with Munin on his shoulder snapping berries out of his hand and sometimes solo. "Everyone should be on their most sentinel-like watch," he comments, giving direction to anyone who looks like they're standing around for more than a couple of seconds. "We need to keep this place safe, defended, and prepared. And remember that when you approach after leaving to scout or retrieve the injured or whatever, you care declaring your arrival with your name and if you are bringing in wounded! No surprise arrivals, please!" The last is said as he deposits a surly snapping turtle into the nearest body of water, clearing the little island of inhabitants.

Someone delivered a number of portable heaters for the med tent Supplies. A note on the stack of boxes said 'you'll need these later' stamped with the glyph of pegasus.

Taika walks across the moon bridge in Hispo. He bears his fangs and sniffs at the air as they pull up in a place that is relatively dry and has good sight lines. The Skald immediately sets out looking for trouble. He is gold in color and not stealthy in the least, so he is some acting as bait. His wolf head is on a swivel and ready for action.

After clearing the moon bridge, Tabi clears the LZ and takes a look around, unslinging her ruck of supplies and 'dropping' it at the tent. "Hard to believe there's a nest of Spirals just over yonder."

Munin eats the last berry from the Godi and suddenly takes off in flight once the tent is up. Black raven wings take to the low sky above the island and a low perimeter sweep is taken around the MASH unit.

Erin takes off the saddle from Kringer that has supplies and goes to set them up before she pats him "Be a look out" the rather large cat moves just a bit off to keep a look out as his ears roate from side to side.

There's a little time to get everything set up. And then, in the distance, the warhowls of the Elders drifting across the distance, their fury more felt than heard as the wind drags their voices towards the medical team. There's a stirring of the breeze and a white wall of mist moving across the swamp at an incredible speed, flash freezing everything it touches.

Ulf just consigned the snapping turtle to death with his kindness. The initial snap is painfully cold, riming everything with a thick layer of frost and remaining below freezing after the originating shockwave.

The Umbra, in the far distance is a roiling mass of banes and gaian spirits - the Elders bringing an army to their service to join the battle, and the gauntlet itself shimmers with a toxic green hue.

The bellowing of Mammoth can be heard-felt across the frozen land.

Fucking cold. Chases the Wind lifts his head as he hears the howls and he nods. With the first chill, Bryan frowns and eyes the heaters and sighs. "Fuck... Ready." He eyes Ulf. This is his show right now. Thank GAIA for fur.

Well one minute it was hot now it's cold and Erin hugs her jacket closer as she looks up to the skies then looks to Kringer who is watching and keeping an eye on things.

Zoe is quietly helping to unload and prepare places for the injured to rest, trying to organize the supplies. When the cold wave hits, the Fury kin shivers and looks towards Bryan, worry lining her face before she gets to work, moving faster to try and help as she can.

Chases-the-Wind shakes his head at Zoe and gives her a very large thumbs up. He doesn't smile, because that's even worse. <<Shift to something with fur>> he instructs her.

The golden Polynesian wolf in Hispo pauses as the cold snap comes in. To be fair, fur and Florida heat isn't exactly grand, but this flash freeze isn't much better. The golden Hispo picks up the pace now that the enemy knows they are here and battle has started. The Maori moves towards the sound of battle, looking up to ensure he has a small shadow in the air keeping him company as his eye in the sky.

"Oh no, Donatello!" Ulf declares when he sees the snapping turtle half-in half-out of the ice, and he immediately switches to claws to hack away the rime that imprisons his little buddy! Not today, Death! The snapping turtle may not be happy and may not thank him for it, but Ulf takes those seconds to get him free and put him back on land with a grumbled, "You are being a /good/ turtle now!" He sighs, and calls out to the camp, "Okay, this is the part in the Star-Spangled Banner where they are saying things about rockets' red glare. Secure your shit and be ready!". He takes his Glabro form, walking over to Munin and picking the bird up to stroke its feathers a few times and murmur, "You are being my true eyes now. Go find what I can't." THEN the bird can fly off.

Munin AKA Eye-In-The-Sky knew this was coming in some shape or form. As the cold wave hits outstretched wings rides the flash of current in the temperature change. Wings flutter and then keep soaring. The raven watches Taika's wolf below to ping his proximity to its flight path as they begin to search for incoming wounded or others on the ground.

Tabi quirks an eyebrow. "Damn. That's... something." She moves to make sure the heaters are up and running. They weren't kidding about needing them. If they're gonna start taking in wounded, they need to make sure the environmment is going to do even more harm. That done, she take s the adviuce of Taika and shifts up to her towering Crinos - fur and somewhat usable hands/paws. Though when the wounded start coming in, she might have to downshift to her bred form again. Paws are good, but hands are better.

Erin looks to Kringer and points to Taika "Stay at his side and you are to do what he says protect where needs protecting" she looks to Taika "He will listen and he can attack if need be" she takes a breath before she turns to help the camp where she can. She looks to Ulf "We will be ready" she admits

Ulf walks over to give Erin a hug and a reassuring smile. "Yes, we will," he agrees, nodding once and turning to look off at the distance, replying to Tabi, "That is several somethings smooshed together into too-small a place."

Munin emits a short <<Caw>> above the running wolf and clockwork cat on the ground. Its wings turn to the NORTH EAST changing direction to see the multiple contacts now inbound. Another longer <<CAWWW>> sharply emits in the brisk air.

From the northeast comes a long, blackened arrow with gold bands just below the black feathered fletching. It arcs in a precise way and *SLAMS* into Munin, tangling in feathers and wings as the raven drops, fluttering in a tumble to softly thump against the ground near the foam mattresses that have been laid out.

Killi nods to Bryan, trying to pick a good, cold weather animal when the raven hits the ground, all the color draining from her face when she sees the arrow and golden bands below the fletching. "Oh, no." Recognition for the weapon, and a glance to the others.

"Mother's coming."

Erin nods to Ulf as she looks to see if anything else needs to be set up when she hears the Cawww's and turns to look. She blinks and moves to take cover as she pulls out her bow and some arrows.

Tabi growls. <Bird down!>> in the unlikely event someone else here speaks Gurahl. She lunges forward to retrieve the downed birb and see if it can be healed.

<<Zozo. You don't worry about this. YOU have a job>> That's Bryan, speaking in the first tongue, and getting his shit together. He's ready for just about anything. Except for the bird. But Tabi's on that. She's got it. No one's dying tonight

Ulf is fiddling with one of the heaters when the arrow screams through the air and strikes Munin, and he spins around with his eyes wide. "NO!" he yelps, then has the presence of mind to shout, "ARROWS! DEFEND THE SITE!" before diving over to the downed raven and taking a deep breath as he hurriedly examines it for the extent of its injuries.

The bird has not taken any actual damage. The shield Erin provided kept her flesh whole but something else about the arrow likely dragged them from the air.

Taika doesn't know what Munin is, but it is a sentient creature that was helping their cause, so when the bird goes down, the golden wolf swings around to check on the critter. When he spots the bear form of Tabi heading out towards them though, he knows what she will do and rights his course in the direction of the arrow. A howl goes out <Coward!>. Kringer is glanced at to make sure the beast is there with him as Taika charges.

Munin struggles as if pinned with that arrow stuck between feathers and the bony prominence tucked in its wing after the initial strike. Its not impaled but it was hit HARD. The sheer force of that hit alone stunned the raven as it spiraled down from the air in a tangle. When it drops, it DROPS. The raven grows still from where it landed on the MASH line of bedrolls. One black wing of feathers extends outward as it lays on its side.

Two bat-eared, black wolves covered in pus-dripping postules and tumors emerge into the edge of the clear, froth dripping from their jaws, claws long and jagged looking. From behind them comes a howl, driving the two forward.


A second arrow follows the first, banded with silver below the fletching. It, too, moves in a precise arc, hitting the ground and exploding with a thunderous burst of sound that pains the ears and threatens to knock the air of out lungs.

One minute Bryan isn't far from Killigrew, the next minute, he's just.. gone. Gone gone gone. There's a snarl from way back in the forest somewhere and a yelp. Bryan misjudged just a tiny bit and barely nips the archer way back in the woods. There's another snarl and a yelp as she retaliates, taking a good rake across the big crinos' chest, tearing open a couple layers of skin.

The Spirals attack the camp while Ulf is still checking on the stunned Munin in Tabi's care, which means they're out of range for an attack and more within the sphere of others. The Glabro Godi pulls one of his throwing knives out of his belt and whips it at the nearest Spiral where it thunks into the bastard's shoulder, likely doing minimal harm but possibly distracting it from mayhem. Standing his ground in defending his medical tent, the Dane takes on his war form, glaring at the enemy and roaring, << CRY HAVOC! >>

Erin blinks and shakes her head a little bit as she blinks as she seems to just be kneeling and taking her bow at the ready but then she doesn't do anything, thankfully her amulet does it's job to help her from taking any damage because shit that would have hurt. Well that's a first for her to do nothing but to stare.

The Golden Maori was running full throttle at the BSD with bat ears when they meet mid field. The wolf is slashed at. As Bat-man's claws scrape Hispo fur, they don't take hold of flesh. He might as well just have gotten fluffed for combat by this Spiral. Calls Forth The Wyrm howls in fierce celebration for the joy of combat <hiiiiiiyeeee>. The force of their meeting is heavy, two 18-wheeler trucks colliding in the road at full speed, and they tumble. The Polynesian is up first and stalks around with Kringer backing him up. As Taika lunges with sharp claws, so too does Kringer. They both sink claws into the Spirals legs.

Tabi lunges forward, wrapping Ulf's newest friend into a monster bearhug. Crinos arms straining as she squeezes. <<Don't mess with Bear, asshole.>> Again, not like most people will understand her grumbling... but still.

Bryan? Bryan! "NO!" The Fury kin takes off towards the figures of golden fur and black, tangling. Sprinting on ice isn't easy, the kin sliding and flailing her arms, pinwheeling them and crashing into the tangled mass of fur and muscle. "Bryan! NO!" Mother is Mother, and feelings are foolish.

It rewards the kinfolk with a harsh rake that nicks her jaw and crosses her chest. Not as deep as it could be - she's a tough kin - but it draws blood and sends her spinning on her ass on the ice.

Munin makes it through being stunned from the fall, followed by the first and second arrow hitting the ground with a shock. Now spirals are coming in fast and the Raven sees much more movement as it flutters wings on the ground attempting to get up again. As soon as the Dane shifts to Crinos and Tabi lunges, the Raven flutters, shooting upward into the air with a burst of black feathers.

Kringer indeed turns to attack the spiral that is attacking Taika as that was the job he was sent to do protect and attack.

Bryan doesn't know this is Mother. Like, he heard the word, probably, but that doesn't mean much of anything. Not when your true mission in life, the whole reason that you are what you are is to KILL THE WYRM WHERE IT BREEDS. It's a favor, really, a mercy. He'll make it as quick as he can. But now he sees just where Zoe gets her stubbornness from. The bitch won't DIE. This time, it's a little better than a nibble. He manages to bite deep into her throat and he jerks his face aside, taking a big chunk with him. But at the same time, she digs those mighty claws into his belly. He wraps his arms around the fallen Fury, claws finding purchase between ribs and he digs in and just.. holds on. Both bleeding, neither doing well, they're locked in a tight embrace to the death. One of them's gotta go.

The Maori are a Warrior people. They were bred to fight. The mixing of the Get and Maori cultures in Taika led him to be able to shift his body masses to enact stronger blows than most would take the man for, and that translate over into his Hispo form too. The BSD dropped to its knees as both Taika-Hispo and Kringer ripped open sinew and popped bone. In a burst of the Mother's emotions, Taika snaps a clawed paw out and rips the creature's head from it's body. It doesn't fully decapitate though as it hangs on by the back fat, tissue, and mullet.

The Spiral with Ulf's knife in his neck -- we will, for the purposes of this event, call her Dartboard -- tries to grab at the steel blade projecting from her neck, but it's at an awkward angle to her claws and stuck behind her collarbone, so she ends up clawing at the wound and making it worse without dislodging the item. Furious and chagrined, she lets out the Whippoorwill cry of the Dancers and charges the stalwart Godi braced for her assault.

When the Spiral lunges and swings, Ulf pushes back on his lead foot to move just past her reach and throws an uppercut claw that sticks his fingers into her armpit up to the last knuckles. He pulls with that hand and stomps the back of her knee, bringing her weight down and ending her momentum. He attempts to rip her throat with his free hand, but her fangs clamp down on his wrist and halt the attack even as her free arm reaches up to rake claws along his triceps while he has her pinned to that spot. The Godi Fenrir snarls, trying to jerk his arm free, and roars, << YOU WILL NOT TAKE GRIMSHADE TO HEL WITH YOU, DEMON! I SEND YOU TO DEATH ALONE! >>

Erin snaps out of it after all the bad guys are done and looks just a bit emberrance and moves to actually clean up or set up what has fallen or got out of place because well she was not just sitting there looking like she was all out in somewhere. She looks to see if Anyone has made it back or if anyone is hurt so she can start working on healing them.

Taika lets loose a howl and calls forth for more opponents, <Is that all you have to offer us Wyrm? Come, meet your end.>. When nothing else appears to be making its way toward them with his taunt, he checks on Kringer to make sure it is good and then starts heading in Bryan's general direction, or knowing he is there or what is happening, but the arrows stopped so - something happened.

Tabi standing behind the last standing Spiral, which she's been struggling to grapple, she simply growls and reaches up with beefy paws and twists the things head with a sickening crack. <<Bored now...>> And she turns to lope towards where the Spirals came from. "See.... any... thing?"

Rolling clear of the tangled gold and black crinos wolves, Zoe leaves a smear of blood on the ice, just desperate to stay out of the way of the two fast moving monsters.

The fallen Black Fury snaps at Bryan's neck this time. He's met his match. With his grip still on the woman, he lunges into the air, going high.. higher.. Higher, claws still dug into her ribs, wiggling around, doing as much damage as possible, using her own weight to further wreck her insides. There are snarls and snaps and yowls and cries, but Bryan's doing none of that. Finally, the hold on his throat slackens and Bryan, barely conscious himself, lowers them both back down to the ground when Bryan hovers over the now quite dead Black Fury, panting, spitting, licking his chops, trying to get the nasty taste out of his mouth and making sure that the body is not only dead, but identifiable as it shifts back to its breed form.

Now that Munin is above the healing MASH team the raven hovers until the spirals are going down. And once they do the Raven will let out a satisfied <<CAW!>> and begin the hunt for more wounded. Black feathered wings now untangled stretch out wide and soars to find the Maori and the Clockwork to continue their pressing mission.

Kringer is next to Taika having just helped him kill off the BSD that tried to get frisky with them, but now it's like gory dead and all. The cat shakes because eww blood onn his fur then looks to Taika.

lunatic and colored burnt orange. The beast of a Polynesian wolf yips to Kringer and heads deeper into the ice woods to find Momma and Papa Bryan.

Once the Spiraled Fury reverts to human, there's no mistaking the clawed out Tribe marks on the raven hair woman's body. Everything grows quiet as the fighting eases, then ceases.

There's just one more thing to check on. To be absolutely sure. CHases the Wind leans up from where he's sprawled across mama lady and leans in close and SNIIIIIIIIIFFS. And then promptly gags. You don't intentionally inhale wyrmy people, but he had to make sure. This one might be ... MOTHER! OH SHIT. Bryan's kind of had enough of being conscious for right now, so he lets out a little 'awoooo' and then flops over on mama again to make sure that the body's protected so it can be properly cleansed later on. Zoe's not gonna like this.

Once the Spiral in his hands is dead Ulf huffs and spits on the corpse before dragging it off to the edge of the MASH unit to leave it for later. He shakes off the worst of the gristle and shifts back down to Glabro, grabbing a water bottle and rinsing off the bite on his arm. "Back to work, Rescue Rangers! Go find me the injured and those who need our help! They are out there!"

Erin wrinkles her nose at the stinky wyrm things. She looks over to Zoe to see how hurt she is because there was blood or is Zoe like not near the camp. She starts to move towards where Bryan is at next but pauses when she sees that other people are heading that way. Someone has to stay in the camp damit. She rocks neverously looking around.

The Maori now has his eye in the sky again. It heads nearly directly for the fallen duo of Bryan and Mother and caws for Taika to follow, which he does. Stalking through the iced wilderness, he and Kringer come across these two tangled lov---enemies. Kringer would be told to grab Bryan carefully by the fur while Taika snags Mother the same way. Not separating them, Taika starts to instruct Kringer to pull them both back to camp to be sorted. And that is what Taika would continue to do - find people in various states of needing repair using Munin as a guide and then he and Kringer would get them back to camp for sorting (in as long as Kringer stayed with him).

<<No.>> Chases the Wind pushes at Kringer's face, pushing him away. Pushing Taika away too. He's had a minute to heal and he's at least on his feet again. He reaches down and scoops up the body with at least a little bit of care to trudge back to the camp. He's not going to make Zoe see a dead Fury being lugged around like a sack of potatoes. This is going to suck no matter how it's done, but at least he can spare the girl SOME ... yeah, her throat's pretty much ripped out. It's just gonna suck no matter what.

Kringer gets pushed but does offer Bryan the saddle to help him come in still standing or at least to carry the body back if Bryan still says no then he will continue to help Taika to bring back others.

Killigrew gets her feet under her, looking down as the blood on her front and wincing. Then focusing on... Oh. Bryan won. Zoe just stares at Bryan as he carries the dead woman back towards the camp. Then looks down at the blood smeared and puddled ice. There's a shuddery breath and she waffles in place, moving to rettrieve the dead Fury's bow before trailing after with shuffling steps.

Okay, dead Spirals are out of the way, and someone is seeing to Zoe, so Ulf gets back to making ready while calling out, "The seriously wounded should come to me or call out for me to come to you! Otherwise on your feet and back to work!". They may not be a battle unit necessarily, but Ulf's certainly a field sergeant, keeping people busy and giving little pushes to those who are moving too slowly.

Chases-the-Wind shifts down to Glabro as he walks, still carrying the body just as easily as he did in Crinos. Bryan's a strong boy. And the transition is a smooth one. He's still dripping blood and his face is stoic. There's a glance to Zoe, but that's all. When they make it back to camp, he lays the body down with the others. "I made it as quick as I could." And that's all. Then there's work to be done and he rises back up to his feet to set out to find more. "I'll go up with the Corax and look for people," he says, then lifts off the ground.. flying glabro.

Erin watches Bryan walk in and she is about to speak but leaves it alone before she does move over to Zoe and reaches for her "Come" she says softly as she leads her back to camp and a place to sit down. She looks for the wound so that she can heal it as Ulf and the others treat and find others. She chews on her lip as she has nothing to say that will make this shit better so she just tries to work on her taking some oil out and rubs it on Zoe it smells like oak.

Killigrew follows Erin, but shakes her head at the offering of healing. "Don't." Shellshocked sounding, but firm. "I think I'll keep my Mother's last gift." A hint of an edge creeping into her voice before she chokes it down. "Are they all down?" she asks, left hand holding the broken bow tightly.

The first rescue scout returns carrying an injured Kinfolk, a teenage girl with bruises all along her neck and the side of her face and glassy eyes. "Injured incoming!" the Garou yells, and Ulf immediately dashes over to take the Kinfolk girl and carry her gently over to the tent. "It is all right now, young lady; you are among friends," the Dane says soothingly even as his fingers brush her bruises and the soothing energy of Gaia flows from him into her. The bruises fade before she's even laid on the foam mattress, and her eyes clear as a bottle of water is held to her lips. "Drink; you are needing fluids now, and food soon, and then sleep," Ulf says to her, nodding once. "We are here to protect you. No further harm will find you, on my grandfather's soul."

Looking at Zoe as she grew a second head and sighs as she looks to Ulf then around and shrugs "I don't know I think the 3 that came are. Sorry" sure leave poor Zoe at Erin's hand who has like 0 empanthy here. She chews on her lip "I can fix the bow later if you want, that would be a better gift to keep than the bleeding wound there. How about we patch up the bloody one and fix the other?" I means he's trying to help here. ----Erin

The Kinfolk teen is given a blanket and some food to eat, and Ulf goes back to standing sentinel out front and keeping watch for incoming wounded. He battles his instincts to comfort and console those who need it, knowing his focus should remain on his duties as a medic and the swift movement of its team.

Erin looks to Ulf as another is brought in and lets Zoe there though she does keep and eye on the woman she knows that this has been hard and while she has no real empathy here she also knows what shit can happen so she keeps and eye as she moves to give one of the wonded Kin some water when they seem thirsty.