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A listing of logs featured from City of Hope MUSH.

Guidelines (look at existing pages for examples):

  • You don't have to post a log of every single scene you're in. Players running PRPs typically post logs of those scenes.
  • Name of page should start with the date.
    • Don't use slashes in the date, it messes up sorting.
    • In case of IC ambiguity or weirdness, use the OOC date.
    • If it runs over multiple days, use the start date.
  • Body of page:
    • Should start with Template:Infobox_Log
    • Should have at least one blank line between poses/paragraphs, otherwise the wiki lumps them together. No other special formatting code is required (but you can add some if you want). Alternatively, you can just add <pre> before the first pose/paragraph and </pre> after the last pose/paragraph.
    • Should include category code [[Category:Logs]] as well as a category code for each PC involved. For instance, if the participants were Alice and Bob, then it should include [[Category:Alice]] [[Category:Bob]]
    • May include race/faction categories if the scene was primarily for PCs in that race/faction, e.g. [[Category:Vampire]], [[Category:Camarilla]]. Do not add these categories just because the scene happened to include such PCs. Do not use categories like [[Category:Vampire Log]] at all.

For an auto-updated list of logs involving your PC, include the following somewhere in your character page. For instance, Alice would replace category=YOURNAMEGOESHERE with category=Alice

Note that some character-page templates (e.g. Loki's) already include something like this, in which case you can just use it according to that template's instructions.


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