2014.08.23:Return to Undercity pt1

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Return to Undercity Pt.1
A cleansing mission uncovers a threat.
IC Date Aug 23/2014
IC Time 1:00pm
Players DaniST, Deil, Chance, Steinar
Location The Caves under the forest
Prp/Tp Undercity Chronicles
Spheres Gaian

Chance makes his way to the cave and glances around "Hello?"

Deil shows up wearing some unusually classy leathers, at least for him.

Dani has already gathered a few things into her bag, most meant for cleansing, so she is ready to go. There is a few snacks packed as well, dried goods that she's gathered that are healthy, and even a little tasty, but no resteraunt food. All four of her water bottles are being taken along as well, no good getting dehydrated down there, plus it doules as a pure source of water, at least where she got it from. She looks at those who have come and gives a nod, "Okay...You boys ready to work?"

Someone invited a Get of Fenris! Steinar has been in the cave for a bit, waiting for this to go down. When the time comes for it to happen, the young man breaks out of his silent meditation he has been sitting in, waiting. He stands up slowly, looking around to see if all are gathered. His eyes then goes to Dani, "I am ready." Staying alive

Chance nods "Yes, I think I am. This should be interesting. Do you know what you will want from me, or are we doing this the fun way?"

Deil eyes Chance uncomfortably, but he nods anyway. "I'm set."

"You Chance, well you're going to help me remake or dispose of some of the bigger stuff while the boys take care of some of the cleansing duties." Dani looks to the others, "Don't get seperated, I don't want you guys getting lost down there. And if Chesire show up, don't taunt him, and don't let him lead you. He thinks it's funny to show people the wrong path."

Chance nods and smiles "It is funny..." He glances to the folks here, then adds "But not good. If some one does get lost, I can be many, and search many places at once. Though it would still be a bad thing."

Steinar gives a quick nod to this, "Whatever is tainted down there, it will be fixed." he says, "Rooted out, killed.. cleansed." he states. He eyes Chance, "Just remember, I don't think that whatever is down there is afraid of bunny ears."

"I wone kit loss." Deil assures Dani, a man of few words today.

Chance looks to Steinar and grins a bit. "Would you like to see what it is afraid of?" He looks to Dani "Or should I wait?"

Dani starts to move towards the back of the cave, "You say that now, but for some reason directions get mixed up down there, and even gifts of finding don't work. Trust me, three weeks buried under rubble is proof of that." She looks between Chance and Steinar, "Both of you behave...Chance, keep yourself together for now."

Steinar gives his head a nod to this, "I always behave." he notes, then as Dani begins to move for the back of the cave, so too does the Get of Fenris begin to move.

Chance nods to Dani. "I did not mean that to sound as a challenge, just an offer." He looks to Steinar "I apologize if I spoke poorly." He then follows folks on in.

Deil pauses long enough to cast a spell, one that will enhance his vision. Then he follows along after.

At first the spell of the eyes is very useful, but it gets less so as the move deeper and the bioluminescent lifeforms become more and more common in the tunnels down. First there is one fork in the tunnels, both sides marked by heavy claws, and Dani takes the group down one of them. She is familiar with the signs, and she rightly should be, she made them. More splits, more tunnels. It's over two hours of walking before she calls for a halt in a cave with five seperate tunnels to chose from other than the one they came in from. Only three of these ones are marked. "Just going to rest here for a bit..." She says as she pulls out one of the water bottles for them to share from.

Deil settles down, he's not yet tuckered from the travel so he muses over the walls. He has a headlamp but the light on it is very dim.

Steinar takes it slowly, making sure to not lose the person in front of him as it is essentially very dark down here. Caves are nasty places to walk.. thankfully, if you sprain your ankle you can regen it and not be trapped. So, he moves until she calls for a stop.

Seeing as nobody accepts the water, Dani puts it away, saving for later, they'll ask if they get thirsty or hungry. "Okay, long enough sitdown, let's keep moving..." She says as she leads them down the second tunnel from the right. "You guys sure are quiet. Did I choose a group that really doesn't like each other? Or is it just me?"

Chance tilts his head and shrugs "Nothing to say yet. It happens."

Steinar nods once to this, "I am.. focusing." he says, "There are dire matters ahead, and this is not an area in which to lose your focus." he replies to Dani, "As for liking each other. I would say that I have a respect for one, and the other I do not really know much other then that he does listen to suggestions." he grins to Chance, "No more chaotic swirly entrances."

"Winna we kitta parr where hyu ane pinn yet?" Deil asks, gesturing to the marks on the walls, having deduced that the marks on the walls are hers.

"This path I've been all the way down. This one leads to the city. They are free and slean up to the Beasts's cave, and even that one was cleansed a while ago. Mostly the physical cleaning today folks, and if you can't concentrate while talking a bit...." Dani sighs as she takes another of the splits again, running her hand over her mark as she does so, "...Well I guess that I'll leave you alone. We still have a couple hours to go."

Chance smiles "I am happy to talk if you like. There is always something that can be said, normally far too much. When all is said and done, most times more is said then done. But, if that is what you wish. I do not mind." He looks to Steinar and nods "Yes, I have managed to remember. I forgot that you have seen me like that. It is something that they will recognize, and fear."

Steinar nods once to this, "Recognize, fear.. and perhaps even attack out of fear." he says, "Not all fear is good fear, you know." he looks to Dani, "If you wish to talk, Dani, then I will listen. I simply.. have little to say myself right now. I know, in my mind, that we are walking towards a possible fight." There is perhaps a bit of tension in his voice as well about this.

Dani shrugs and continues to lead chatting with Chance to kill the time, nothing important, just general chatter. That is until they come to a cave that looks to have collapsed once before, and she gives an involuntary shudder. But it has been cleaned away since, and a few wooden reinforcements added. "Just through this way..."

Chance nods to Steinar. "Yes. They would likely attack me first, and you would be able to end them when they make that mistake. I do not fight well, but I am hard to harm." He looks to Deil. "Some can see past this world. Many find hope when they look on my family, others find it uncomfortable."

Steinar does not reply to Chance to this, but rather silences. As he moves after Dani, he takes deeper breaths, "Smells like something died down here." he says.

Deil inhales and agrees. "Smells worsen hyu in wolf form." He tells Steinar.

Chance nods "Wolves, or once were wolves. There are corrupt things that lived here, there is a lot to cleanse down here."

Dani nods, "I smell them too, and Deil there's no need to insult, picking fights is not the reason why we're down here. That smell is more recent than when I was stuck down here though..." She gets a little more cautious as she leads them throught that tight tunnel, at least for her and into a gigantic cavern, in the center of which rests the bones of a large Boar-like creature, though the tusks seem to be removed.

"If airce a fye, I'm kunna porrow chure shepp if we kit inna fye Steinar. Chuss so hyu know." Deil says softly. "Or meppy Tannise. Cheesa pickess."

"So what you are telling me is that there are Black Spiral Dancers down here?" Steinar says, looking to Chance, then to Dani, "If there are, we will be outnumbered. They do not run around one by one." he grins though to Deil, "Hey, you're talking about the Bone Gnawers, not the Get of Fenris." he glances to Dani, "There there Black Spirals here last time?"

Chance says, "I think they will also be surprised if there is a fight. But better that we pick the fights."

"I don't know about corrupted garou. But there were corrupted wolves., A pack of black ones, but none of them shifted. There was also one white one, I mean like pure white, that one never got involved." She looks around a bit, but she doesn't seem to see anything out of the ordinary. "Better to be careful though, just in case."

Deil lets Dani take the lead, his light playing over the walls more than her back.

Steinar nods once to this, "Corrupt wolves, and a white one that did not join.." he silences, "That sounds bad." he gives his head a light nod.

Deil doesn't know what to expect. He didn't bring a weapon other than his knives. His left hand fingers the switchblade in his pocket speculatively. He's not sure he could kill a wolf one on one without shifting. He casts his gaze aside to Chance who walks beside Dani and considers whether he wants to risk that.

"This is a big place, we'll likely all have to work to cleanse it. I'll start on the far end towards that cave mouth, you guys take this half." She starts off towards that end of the giant cave to set up for her ritual. Slowly drawing a circle with the pure water on the cave floor which is her base point where she will start.

Steinar isn't the sort to bring weapons either; he is a weapon! Not a terrible good weapon, but a weapon none the less. When Dani walks off to start her ritual, the Get stops. He looks to Deil, "Well, you brought a lamp atleast." He did not, "I can't see.. shit." he chuckles, "But, lets get going."

Deil came prepared for such a ritual. His part in it is a circle as well, delineated by sticks driven into the crevices and propped up by stones. Each stick is decorated with a different color flag. There are dozens of the sticks, the dominant color of the tiny flags is green. But with an unerring sense of direction he determines true North and clusters the white flags on that side of his circle. Yellow for the South. Red for East. Black for West. A few, not many, are driven into the ceiling and feature tiny dangling blue flags.

Deil nods to Steinar. "Chu wanna see inna tark?" He asks. "I kin meck tat happen."

Anyone who takes a close look at Deil's 'sticks' will see that they are actually fancy chopsticks stolen from a sushi restaurant.

Steinar brought some stuff as well. He, however, brought his pouch in where he keeps his little ritual stuff. His circle is made out of carved pieces of wood, each one with a futhark rune on it. He begins to chant as he lays it out, or rather talk.. in Icelandic.

As soon as the three finished the ritual, I mean the moment of, there is a sound coming from the far end of the cave. The sound of many things running. Being the closest and likely the first to hear, Dani drops her things and runs towards some of the bigger rubble near that tunnel entrance, shifting into her massive crinos form as she does.

Deil shifts too, but not into a beast. Just into a larger version of himself. "Company!" He shouts with perfect diction. "Sounds like those wolves found us!"

To this, Steinar lets out a growl. He begins to stand up, but as he does he leans forward to take on the form of Hispo. Its a cave, and he don't want to risk butting his head to any low parts, so Hispo it is.

Chance expands as he manifests the pure Wyld and lets out a shriek to get the attention of the attacking wolves. He seems to manage to do so rather well, as some piddle and flee, while others have a different reaction...

Deil hestitates long enough to see whether the boulder gambit will actually be succcessful, when it is clear it won't catch all but the slowest of wolves he lunges forward silently. He wraps one arm around the front of the lead charging wolf. The snik of his switchblade is lost amid the clatter of claws and the grunt of collision. The blood is not.

There is one attempt from Steinar to shift into the form of Hispo upon the sound of the arriving foe. It breaks something within him though, and he feels the inability to shift again. Forced to call upon his inner rage, the man lets out a loud growl before he takes the form of primordial wolf. Just in time too! As the creatures mills into the large cave, the Get of Fenris charges forward and .. bites the air. The vicious evil air.

There is an immense roar that Echoes through the cave as the crinos Dani hoists the giant boulder with her rage inspired strength, hefting it towards the tunnel entrance, forcing it closed with two of the wolves trapped behind it. A feat of strength that few could accomplish. As it fits into place, she turns to se a set of snapping jaws coming in her direction from one of the wolves.

One of the wolves that caught sight of the whirling mass of chaos had it's mind snapped in a way that could almost be described as berserker fury. The other two though were caught behind the boulder.

The one facing off against Deil is worse for wear, but looks almost immune to the pain caused. At least mentally.

Deil is surprised by the size and resilience of the beast, but he's towering at over seven and a half feet tall himself right now. Perhaps his unfamiliarity at that height is what allows the wolf to hamstring him after a glancing blow with his knife. His lanky form hits the dirt and he is too stunned by his change in fortunes to react immediately.

Rune-Tongue is far from a good warrior, far far from it. However, he seems to have taken a page from Toshio's page and is now fighting in his primal wolf form! This gets him to land atleast one bite on the wolf that attacks him, growling deep as he tastes .. something. Blood? Flesh? Spiritfluff?

The wolf leaps at the spinning swirling mass of Wyld, trying to rip into it with its teeth. It latches on to the wyldling as it starts to change, and comes away with a fluffy bunny in its jaws. Other animals drop to the ground as the wyldling disperses. It picked some forms for the situation as there are a number of porcupines, mocking birds, squirrels, bunnies and even some skunks... One can hope the skunks are for a last resort. When Deil goes down to the disgusting wolf, she turns, her protective natuure taking over. With a geat swipe of those deadly claws, the already wounded beast is shredded, much like a hot knife through rancid butter. The one nipping at her heels connects, but is unable to pierce her thick hide.

The wolf heading after Chance doesn't even pause in its running, it just Bites down on one of those poor cute bunnies, black teeth shredding the things apart.

Over near Steinar, the one wolf has taken a bit of a bit, but the frenzied look in its evey gives a feeling that it won't feel a thing until it dies.

Deil doesn't move immediately, sitting on the ground, his short knife is not particularly good at fending off the wolf that assails Dani from behind. It is only after that wolf slips past his guard and strikes her that he loses some of his composure and hisses, like and indrawn breath, but backward and drops the knife to swipe at the wolf with bare claws. For the moment, he only makes it wary.

Rune-Tongue lets out a growl, angry now that he has to fight this wolf that just will not die, while his fighting compadres are down next to him! He lets out a loud howl as he suddenly leaps up on the back of the black wolf before him. His fangs dig into the spine of the creature and with a strong bite he snaps it before he slides off the other side.

Some of the animals start leaping at the wolves, and their mouths... Some of the squirrels actually seem to be trying to tangle up the wolf's jaws.

It's in her nature to do as she does, And the crinos Dani leans over to use some of her spiritual energy to head Deil's rather injured form. This costs her though, as even with the attempted interference from Chance's critters, the black wolf lands a nasty bite on her ribs, black teeth this time tearing through flesh.

The other remaining wolf seems to be making little corpses out of the bunnies and squirels.

One of the squirrels leaps into the wolf's mouth, biting and scrabbling deeper. One can only imagine what the wolf could be thinking about this...

With a howl of the joy of battle, Rune-Tongue spins around to see yet another wolf rush for them. He does not wait, but immediately turns to RUSH towards it as if he had a pack watching his back. Screw tactics! He charges forward, slamming into the foe and closing his maw around the other wolves face. He rips it off, tossing half of it to the side, leaving the other wolf on the ground.

Deil claws snag on the beast the second time around and he bears his teeth. "Strike!" He snarls to the bearish thing, turning the wolf toward it for her attack. Staying alive

Chance starts pulling himself back together and looking to the rest of the group. "Is any one harmed?"

Nuna-Numees rears up her head and lands a crusing bite, breaking what little was left intact on the black wolf. With a twist of her neck the bear tosses the corpse aside, spitting out the foul thing's blood. Seeing that there is no more, she allows herself to return to her normal form, placing a gentle hand on Deil's shoulder, healing what is left of his wounds. "Better..." She says rising.

Rune-Tongue remains in Hispo form, however, not shifting back to human. He begins to prowl the perimeter, sniffing and growling; just in case there is something else coming through. Deil checks the tear in his clothing. That was dangerously close to his femoral artery. "I'll be fine." He says in lightly accented English. "Thank you Dani."

Chance looks around. When he's sure every one is OK, he returns to his more spirit form and starts to tend to the mess. He washes over the corpses, breaking them down and returning their substance to the Wyld.

Dani takes a painful breath, "No problem. I guess we better cleanse again, but maybe leave that rock in the tunnel until we can deal with it..." Then she realises that she didn't have to put that through the usual Deil to English filter. "...You okay?" She says, holding her side a bit as she moves towards her bag of stuff.

"I just said so." Deil grumps. He moves over to his circle to check how many of his offerings were disturbed when he left the space in a hurry. "Bleeding is stopped. That's what matters."

Once things are finished, Chance looks to Dani. "There are still two down there, and I did not see the white one you spoke of. There are likely more. I should come here as many and explore. Even if they kill a part of me, I will know what it saw and where it was when it dies."