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Caern Confrontation.
A one line summary of the log.
IC Date April 9th, 2014.
IC Time Evening.
Players Kathryn, Jennie, Fidelia, Sahael, George, Piper, Devlin, Toshio, BryanO, Tyler, Rhyanon, Alandra
Location Caern, The Sept of the Enduring Spirit.
Prp/Tp none.
Spheres Gaian Shifters and Assorted Kinfolk.

Deep Forest - Mystic Valley(#1747RJU)

A vast lush, dense underground forest surrounds the area as thick, tangled vines creep on up past high, rising treacherous, slick, black walls. The volcanic rock face that surrounds this natural valley seems to reach on up to the brink of infinity and beyond, making it nearly impossible to climb with its slick, plate-like surface. Inside the surrounding chasm lies a dangerous lush and vibrant woods as while the deeper one goes only seems to surround the area with eyes that watch from afar. Strange, foreign sounds echo throughout as odd beasts mock those that dare to travel in here, simply waiting in hiding to prey upon the weak and less fortunate. Numerous deep, dark, twisting caverns wind ever downwards to make up the expanse of the labyrinthine structure of the underground tunnels surrounding the area.

The ceiling of the caverns reaches something of hundreds of feet tall, far beyond what the eye can see into the dark as great stalactites and stalagmites meet each other in grissled embedded rock structures of enriched, pure minerals. Differently colored crystal pools of shimmering mineral water cascade down from flowing indoor springs as a cool, eerie air seems to constantly blow through the area, howling like a banshee on the wind. Photoluminescent algae clings healthily to the rock beds near the pools of water as they glow malevolently, casting a dim light for those to see that pass through these dark paths. Deep abysmal, dark and dense caves completely surround the area as the latent sound of dripping water lightly echoing against dried, crusted, volcanic rock and stinging gentle mineral pools with their soft *Hiss* as the cool water gently touches to make a light steam in the thick air.

The pathways that lead around these eternal caverns here are exceptionally deadly and dangerous as all lies within complete darkness except for the brief moments of glittering light against soft pools of crystals, green moss, illuminated algae, and shards of silvery reflections inside cavern waterfalls. The lush, thick, dark underground forest seems to surround the dense area in tight entanglements of vines, bushes, jungle and shrubs. The trees hang down in their weeping willows as branches mix with gnarled roots that sink beneath the cracked, rocky, stygian, encrusted earth. Depths of coiled mist surround the thick humid air in a serpentine pattern as spouts of steam spit out from the dark chasms in bursts of fiery hot gaseous flames.

Contents: Kathryn Jennie Fidelia Sahael Totem Pole

Obvious Exits: Hidden Nest <HN> Heart <HE> Catacombs <CA> Temple <TE> Amphitheater <AM> Clearing <CL> Large Cavern <O>

Jennie smiles at Fidelia being comfortable enough to stand close, likely having more to do with her type of shifter than having even an idea of the Bikini part. "I know a few of the tech loving Corax have some stashes out a ways in the woods where they leave anything technical to avoid the problem. It will keep escalating until the item is removed or destroyed. Easier to do the first than force the second and bad feelings."

Fidelia moves just a tiny bit closer, then leans into Jennie lightly as the conversation continues, and she listens and watches the others talking. The Rainbow much preferred keeping very quiet whenever people discussed rules and regulations!

Kathryn smiles "No one has touched my stuff yet." She puts the ipad away.

Sahael grins. "Given I don't see anyone missing an arm I figured as much." he replies to Kathryn.

George comes ambling in from the woods having totally missed the ipad as he pulled his patchwork leather poncho over his head and drapes it over his arm. Jennie gets a smile and a wave as he heads over to join the group.

Jennie adjusts her weight, half leaning back against the rainbow colored kinfolk while watching the interaction going on. Her smiles come quick and often but seeing George makes one bloom wide and bright. "Lord of the Sand Castles!" With Fide leaning on her one side, she offers a hug with the other arm."

Fidelia blinks as Jennie greets George in that unusual way, and the rainbow haired woman smiles politely towards him, giving a respectful little curtsey. Since Jennie is letting her, Fidelia is more then happy to lean against the other woman. The Rainbow is one of those comforted-by-touch Kinfolk. Not /that/ kind of touch though.

Kathryn smiles a little "I am Kathryn Michealson glasswalker cub of the P-dox persuasion."

Sahael bows again. "Sahael Al-Atrash, Ragabasg cliath of the Silent Striders, rited as Walks Alone, at your service... and likely about as fond of titles as yourself, feel free to refer to me however you want. Rainbow overthere just calls me Trashman."

George doesn't need to introduce himself at the moment, everyone currently here actually knows him already so he stands there with his patchwork leather poncho draped over his arm and the ornate bone handled fighting knife in a sheath at the small of his back.

Kathryn nods "Yes Sir." Her face smiles slightly. Her fingers twitch for a pocket.

For a change.. first time since fall last year..not only is he bringing a duffel of supplies, but he has a guitar case on his back too for a change. He makes his way up, nodding to those he knows as he goes over to drop off the supplies and get an empty duffel in exchange.

Jennie comes off much the same, happy to casually lounge or be lounged against. "Speak of the Devil and he shows up about a half hour later. George dear, you were just being mentioned as to be the one.. Given a problem.. To." She sighs at working though that conjugation in English. "Ahh hello then Kathryn of the glasswalkers! I am Jennie Hanniver, known as Kaiju, a Homid born Warden: somewhat akin to a Theurge of the Mokole, a follower of proud Peregrine, and member of Misfits pack." Pause, grin. "Sahael is a Bone Gnawer of the Middle East." Very much teasing voice. Though as George does not take the offered hug, he gets a tongue stuck out at him instead. And a Devlin too, he gets waved at!

Connor wandered in through the caern quietly, having left his motorcycle far off to make the last leg of the trip on foot, his brow would cock upwards a bit at the sight of new people, but that grin of his didn't falter for a second. Nodding to those that he knew

Fidelia waves quietly towards Kathryn as Sahael introduces her as 'Rainbow'. Well, its pretty obvious if you take a moment to look at her. When Devlin comes into the Caern though, there is a warm smile towards the man as she waves towards him. "Hey Devlin." Her voice is soft, but carries well enough to greet the man.

Sahael chuckles and shakes his head towards Jennie. "I know many gnawers that would be insulted by that." he chuckles. He leans in a little. "Jennie's just upset because the bikini looks better on her when she's a dinosaur."

Kathryn says "I refrain from comment at this time."

George sticks his tongue back out at his pack mate and gives her a little thwap on the arm that isn't around Fidelia. His head swivels over to Devlin as he comes in and George waves at him and Connor then gets a quirked eyebrow and a "Hey there new guy. Who are you?"

Connor would stop in his tracks, offering an upnod over towards George "Ah, would be time for formal introductions wouldn't it?" he straightens up in his form before speaking out in that Irish brogue of his. "My name is Connor McMurrough, Shining-Walker. Born on two legs, Theurge and Claith of tha Fianna. Follower under Hyperion, Theurge of tha Flames of Gaia."

Jennie waves to the arriving Conner as well and parts her lips to say something to him and Devlin. But that ends as Sahael causes her to huff a laugh! "Oooowwwy ok I surrender!.. Dam Ragabash comedians." She grins again and shakes her head at her packy's arm-thwap. She lifts a brow at him while being silent for several moments then looks over at the others, enjoying the interactions.

As Devlin draws closer, those that are observant and know Devlin can see he is moving a bit stiffly. Beneath his shirt, one might spot the hints of bandages under his shirt. He smiles to Jennie, "Hi there." and then seeing Fidelia, "Hi Rainbow" He makes his way to the edge of the group.

Fidelia definitely spots the bandages, and she frowns a tiny bit as she moves from Jennies side. A hand moves to touch the big metal brush around her neck. "You are hurt." She says softly to Devlin, looking at the bandages. She doesn't touch him though, "Are you okay? Do you want me to make it better?"

Kathryn gets all quiet and sticks her hand in her pocket.

George snickers at Jennie and then nods respectfully at Connor "Well spoken. I am George Andrews, rited 'Mocks the Dark' from my taunting of the Specters in my Rite of Passage, 'Trains the Weak' for my service in teaching the kin of this sept how to hide and protect themselves, 'Kills in Silence' for ending of four war twisted Fomor and leaving no clue or sign for the Wyrm loyal handlers to know why. Homid born Adren Ragabash of the Silent Striders Called Harmerti and Speaker to the Dead for the Remembrance and special blessings of my tribe. Scout, Thief and sniper for my skills. Wielder of the Fang of Anubis. Beta for the Misfits pack, servants of Peregrine."

Sahael leans a little closer towards Kathryn, crossing his arms and totally not up to anything as he speaks quietly.

Sahael mutters to Kathryn, "I... the... not... you... to..."

Jennie begins to shift weight to approch Devlin when noticing how he moves but when her co-leaning kinfolk type takes that over, she relaxes and watches with much curiosity. Ok George's introduction has her looking over with a grin.

Connor would let the corner of his mouth curl up in a smile, nodding respectfully to George "I stand in august company than, a pleasure." he would take a few steps closer to the group letting his gaze fall over each of them in turn

Piper comes into the caern with her pack over her shoulder. She's changed from her usual hippy look and just seems to be casual.

"I'm healing, painful.. but healing." Devlin takes a breath, "Welcome to take a look and see if you can help if you want." His reply to Rainbow. He shifts his guitar case to the other shoulder, yah.. that is hurting a bit. "Just on the wrong end of some buckshot is all."

"Have a seat." She murmurs softly, urging Devlin down to settle as she nods her head. "I will look. I can make it better, if you don't mind being... a bit green." She says with a tiny smile on her face. The Rainbow removes the large metal paintbrush, holding it in her hand as she pulls her messenger bag around her and idly pokes the lid one one of the tin-cans, freeing access to the green paint within.

Kathryn looks at George and asks "What would you do with an ipad?"

Kathryn looks at Sahael and smiles "I'll do fine."

Jennie waves to Piper's arrival then gives her own introduction now that George has. Jennie Hanniver, known as Kaiju, a Homid born Warden: somewhat akin to a Theurge of the Mokole, a follower of proud Peregrine, and member of Misfits pack." She keeps turning her atention to Devlin/Rainbow but then hearing Kathryn's works breaks into more laughter. Then something makes her blink, sigh, and rub a hand over her face.

George looks over to Kathryn and quirks an eyebrow "Here? If it was handed over when I asked for it to confiscate it I would take it to the Smoke and Barley in town and leave it there in exchange for the owner's promise not to bring it out to the caern again. If the rebelled like your Tribe mate Tom did when I tried to deal with his misbehavior? I'd break it into tiny pieces and feed it do them."

Devlin takes a seat. He sets the guitar case to the side followed by removing his jacket. "Ok, it's healing pretty well." Then he removes his shirt. "So.. " he moves his arms so they will be out of the way to let Fidelia take a look.

Kathryn says "why?"

Piper offers a polite bow to Jennie when the woman notes her but she doesn't speak. She will head over to the fire and find herself a seat where she can observe all those around. Devlin gets a curious gaze from her however as she checks to make sure he is alright though he seems to be in god hands.

Fidelia reaches out to help hold the shirt away, then removes the bandages away. She examines the wounds with a critical eye. "Oh Devlin..." There are angry bullet holes in him from buckshot, at least 3 or 4 of the 8 ballbearing sized rounds having lodged in the poor pilot. "Don't move, okay?" She says quietly, dipping her brush in green paint. She uses the fine end of the metal brush, and begins to ever so carefully paint around the edges of the angry wounds.

Sahael turns his attention to Rainbow and Devlin to see their works. He simply mutters to himself though not interupting.

Sahael mutters to himself, "That..."

Devlin grimaces as Fidelia removes the bandages and then pokes at them. He grits his teeth, saying nothing..

Jennie finishes rubbing at her face with a deep breath, held, then slowly released as if blowing a strong emotion away, more so a second time before relaxed again. That passed, she walks over to the Raninbow and the flack shot looking Devlin. "Did the shooter at least have the curtesy to yell for you to get off his lawn first?" Ok.. George's reply causes her to begin grinning again.

The Rainbow works silently, dutifully applying green painted circles around each of the angry red wounds. She does murmur a very soft apology to Devlin as he grimaces at her work. After a half-dozen seconds have passed their is a sharp flash of green. The wounds on Devlin are completely gone, although the circles of now completely dried paint stay over the sites of the injuries, marking where they had been. "There." She whispers, hanging her brush back around her neck. One of her hand flees to her stomach, as a brief look of disquiet comes over her features. She rubs her stomach idly for a few moments, but doesn't seem any more bothered then that. "You should come to me, or anyone that knows mothers touch next time, Devlin." She chides gently. "You had those wounds for so long..."

"Mother's touch?" A voice ask as Toshio comes, he was leading Alandra to the caern when he came upon the scene before him and looks concerned. "Healing gift? Bastet have something similar, only we lick the wounds." He says as he studies the going on intensely. "What happened?"

George frowns at Kathryn "The council of elders in this place is of the Children of Gaia, the Uktena and the Bone Gnawers. They have decreed this place not become tainted by the weaver. I don't even bring my guns here any more because they aren't fetishes. This is holy ground, we come here to become closer with Gaia not more disconnected from it."

Connor would give a dip of his head "Another reason ta keep my bike so far off, aside from not leaving an obvious trail ta follow through tha woods."

Sahael can't help but break into a chuckle as hea hears Toshio speak and moves towards him and Alanadra to give them a big hug. "Oh really? I got a wound maybe you guys can help me with." he laughs.

Kathryn says "Tainted?" She folds her arms and gets all baby phildox. She has a cute and very judgemental expression on her face.

Devlin takes a breath having been asked about how he got wounds. "Got shot in Ireland a couple of days ago. Helping to rescue another kin, Meave's cousin."

Jennie pretends not to see the Tiger after hearing his words. "Breath is so much more sanitary than anything as filthy as a feline might do." Then she bends over and blows slowly across where Fidelia held her mid. Streighening she looks over at George/Kathryn, enjoying to overhear the teaching begin. THen to Devlin she ohhs softly. "Good cause, poor evading."

Piper will stand , not finding her place here tonight and so she quietly slips off towards the hot springs.

Fidelia nods her head quietly, and she leans back a bit from Devlin, relaxing on her heals. "I'm glad I could help." She says quietly to Devlin. She straightens up with a bit of surprise as Jennie blows towards her, and the Rainbow kinfolk turns her head to smile softly towards the woman. "Thank you." She says quietly. She does look back to Devlin puzzled. "Those wounds were at least a month old."

George cocks his head at Kathryn and isn't quite glaring but there's a definite patronizing aspect to the look he's giving her "If this place was run by the Glass Walkers then their beliefs and policy would take precedence. The rest of the tribes, except possibly the gnawer consider the weaver Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know."

Alandra stands besides Toshio as she comes into the area curiously. "Why are, there so many people here?" she asks, "Is anything in particular going on?" her tone a bit curious and concerned.

"Thank you, Rainbow." He slowly starts to put his shirt back on, "I heal fast.." Devlin explains but leaves vague. "If you need a a favor, just ask. Feels good not to have the steel in me.." he rolls his shoulders a bit before putting the jacket back on.

"Hey, we arent as filthy as a wolf, we atleast bathe ourselves. Dogs piss over things and is happy with it." Toshio says somewhat defensively to Jennie. When George speaks, he tilts his head. "The weaver, or Rahjah as we call him, is the king of cats and by channeling him, Khan can devour banes and wyrm taint, purifying it." He says calmly. He then moves to Alandra can investigate before hugging Sahael. "I dont like the taste of wolf in my mouth, suffer." He says playfully.

Kathryn nods "Yes Sir."

Fidelia is still near Devlin, and she bows her head politely. "I am happy to help." She says quietly, getting to her feet. And then Toshio is there, in a garou caern, insulting the garou and arguing with an Adren. The rainbows eyes shoot up as she looks at the known-to-her Fera, and she scoots swiftly to stand behind Jennie.

Connor would cock his brow faintly upwards listening to the other man insult garou, chuckling a bit he steps aside, flicking his gaze over to the others

George rounds on Toshio and fucking scowls at Toshio "The Khan do not rule here nor does the court that you come as a guest from. You have proven yourself a poor learner, an embarasment and a fool. Apologize for threatening to murder my tribe mate or I will skin you alive, drag you into the woods and fling you into a lake."

Alandra sighs a moment and gets a look of concern on her face when she hears Toshio talk, "It's ok love" she says, which might be a unique thing for her to say out here but when Toshio is threatened she freezes, immediately tense. She doesn't react though, but George's words definitely don't have a calming affect on her.

Devlin gets up quickly grabbing at his guitar case and backs off with George's pronouncement on the khan.. yeah.. kinfolk NO taking silly chances after getting hurt. And keeping BIG trap shut

Bryan strolls in, thumbs tucked into his pockets. He hears the words, acknowledges them with a faint nod of his head. "That's great," he says, announcing his otherwise silent approach. "But the elders of this caern don't want weaver stuff here, so we don't allow it." He strolls on over, still in no rush, but much more alert now, hands coming out of his pockets, standing at George's side.

Kathryn stands aside and lets the big boys argue and talk.

Jennie winks at Fidelia and smiles. "It's less than what you did, deserved." Alandra being noted, gets a wave in greeting. "Lucky hapenstance. And ohhh hello there Toshio, I did not see you!" Smirk. To the part about channeling Weaver to kill/purify Banes she lifts her brows, ohh soo curious about that. "An.. Alien way to do it but very interesting. If I was more lernid I would love to debate about the merits of that." She grins at Fidelia. "He is just tea... Ohhh.." She blinks at George's words, looking between the two. "Would the Kinfolk assembled please move over here for a bit, this might get messy." While serious she can not help but smile some seeing Bryan come along.

Fidelia was ahead of the curve! The Rainbow is now hiding behind Jennie as she makes the request, leaning against the bikini-clad womans back. Both of her hands are on her paintbrush, and she has readied one of the tins of paint... This one is pink. Be afraid, for the Rainbow has pink.

Alandra looks more and more concerned and tries to get Toshio's attention. She might not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but she's not dumb as a rock either. She looks REALLY worried and tells Toshio in a pleading voice, "You have been very hurt, and very violated my love" she says attempting to calm and convince him of something, "But I don't think now is the time or place. Please, apologize and let's go somewhere and talk about this later"

Toshio blinks when George turns and gets into his face. "I did not threaten your tribemate. I responded in jest, as we both usually do back and forth since I trust him with my life and he trusts me with his. The fact I have such great respect for him, is keeping me from being insulted by your ignorance." He says as he studies George.

Ok.. side step near the big dino woman.. or well she could be. Devlin moves over towards where Jennie is. "So.. how is the weather today?" the wonderful false.. nice conversation starter.. either a joke or may be serious on Devlin's part?

Sahael sighs and raises his arms. "Alright everyone calm down a second. I think it's time to explain something for everyone here. If someone threatens me at any time it is always safe to assume I have done something to deserve it until proven otherwise."

George inhales deeply and his nostrils flare as he gets so angry you can almost see his skin ripple as he snarls "You call ME ignorant? Your incompetence caused the Nation a loss of face and this is not even the first time you have spoken insults towards the nation that we don't find at ALL FUNNY. I stayed my hand before because your fellow couriter Hwan asked the chance you might learn a more Respectful and Honorable path. Leaving aside whatever relationship you have or not with Sahael, you will apologize and make penance for your serial disrespect of your hosts. My pack is of many fera-type and we joy in our diversity and mutual RESPECT. Being of the Emerald Court you should know this. I say you have fallen from the Way, Forgotten Honor and I. Have. HAD. ENOUGH!"

Kaiju (Jennie)missed a bit about the confrontation so watches curiously until all the Kinfolk willing to take her offer/advice have arrived. "Could be a bit more humid I think." Then she is falling to all four and pressing her back to both Rainbow and Devlin so that they are effectively above her to be scooped up as she erupts in a massive flow of growth, getting to ride her expanding form to end up sitting amid the spikes of her armored top shell, quite removed from any general violence that might happen.

Kathryn steps back away from the angry elder. She keeps stepping back.

Bryan doesn't say anything. George is doing just fine all by himself. He crosses his arms over his chest and he just waits, standing there with his beta. He just nods faintly to George's words. Nothing more.

Alandra upon hearing George Alandra gets more and more nervous, "Sahael!" she shrieks, "Do something!" she's extremely worried about Toshio at this point and her pretty face shows her urgency to get the situation resolved, "It doesn't look like they're doing ANYTHING to back down! Do something! Now!" the pretty redhead looks like she's about to flip out. Elder rules and other things are not her concern, at least compared to Toshio but she obviously looks very concerned for him.

There is just the tiniest squeak of surprise from Fidelia, as suddenly Jennie turns into Kaiju, and the bikini-clad woman she had been hiding behind turns into a freaking dinosaur. Fidelia has never seen a real dinosaur before! As she is carried upwards, she stays quite in place amidst those armored plates, her rainbow hair peeking down at those below.

Devlin blinks as suddenly he is atop a natural spiked tank that a moment ago was a woman named Jennie. "Jennie.. not a bumpy ride.. right?"

Connor would cross his arms over his chest, silently shifting his weight to stand closer to George, he wasn't part of the pack but he was garou and would follow along with his brothers, he seemed strangly calm though his muscles coiled tightly beneath his flesh

There had been some peace and quiet in the forest and perhaps Lacey thought that it would be even more quiet in the caern as she emerges from the tunnel leading into the underground sanctuary. The sound of loud voices gives her pause and the Black Fury, complete with labrys stops at the entrance to the tunnel. The butt of her enormous axe thumps onto the ground and she just stands there, eyes slowly narrowing as she listens to this debate. A lip might curl a bit.

Toshio looks almost as if he was about to counter back to the Garou, his skin seeming to become stronger slightly and he was about to speak when he hears Alandra. It causes him to clench his jaw before closing his eyes, taking a breath. "I back down from your challenge. I apologize for causing offense and will attempt penance. I suggest however, you learn more of the way of bastet, before taking offense." He says as he bows deeply. "I will study more of the way of the garou, so I may not cause more offense."

Fidelia would normally have noticed Lacey, but she was currently a dozens of feet off the ground, peeking over the edge of her dinosaur-ride down at Toshio, his screaming kinfolk, and the Garou facing the man.

Alandra continues to look tense, but hopefully Toshio's apology did some good. At least, that's her hope. She turns to look over at George and attempts to say, "Please Sir, please accept his apology please" her eyes pleading to him, but it might not do any good. She's trying but, rage is a dangerous thing.

Kathryn is still stepping away from the angry garou.

Kaiju murmers to her two riders while watching the interplay unfold. "Pretty smooth, I am too heavy to bound so much as trundle.." Her bulk half turns from the angry shifters to bring her knoby tail into view and point herself towards the Temple's entrance. She waits though, seeing if things defuse or not.

Sahael cheers and quickly steps between the two. He's not a philodox, why the hell is he standing between two fighters? "Alright, we're all chilling out then good." he grins. "Now we have all these pretty people about, why don't we all go soak in the springs to get over this?"

George takes a few deep breaths and, still frowning at Toshio, continues to lecture (though now less yelly) "Except for possibly the bone gnawers, calling a garou filthy or comparing him to a dog is a grave insult." Turning his attention briefly to Alandra "See that he gets lessons in garou ways and teach him to mind his fucking manners and he'll do much better." Sahael gets a nod at and George quirks an eyebrow at Bryan as he gestures in the direction of the spring "Alpha?"

As the situation seems to relax, Fidelia takes a moment to glance around. There was really a lot of people here, but the one she saw that had her expression light up was Lacey. Fidelia taps on Kaijus armor plating, and says quietly. "Down? Can I get down please?" She asks the Mokole that had taken over as her interim-protector. Fidelia was peeking over the side, trying to find the easiest way to the ground for the decidely unnimble artist.

"This is a caern," Bryan says, lifting his voice just enough to be heard. "Your ways mean nothing here. There are rules. You will obey them or you will not be welcome. The same goes for any garou who does not wish to obey the rules. this is a holy place, not a place for fucking around. You follow the rules, or you get out. Plain and simple." His eyes roam to ALandra. "And at your next earliest convenience, you will come speak to me." His tone isn't angry toward Alandra, but it is firm, unrelenting.

Kathryn was the trouble maker and is backing out quietly.

As the tone of the 'conversation' changes, so does Lacey's posture. Sure, she still holds that god aweful huge axe, but at least her lip isn't curling anymore. Though her eyes catch something that eases her expression considerably in some ways and takes her eyes off of Toshio and George for the moment.

Alandra bows deeply to George as hopefully her pleading has helped to calm the situation, "Yes M'lord" she says as George hesitates to punch the crap out of Toshio, "You are most honorable and gracious." in fact, it looks like she's about to get on her knees to thank George for calming down.

Kaiju sighs with relief when things calm down then huffs a laugh at the rapping on her armor. Front legs bend and lower her head to the ground to make it easy for for disembarking Kinfolk. One eye turns to watch the redheaded kin with much curiosity. "Thank you for riding Misfits airline, we hope you have enjoyed your ride and travle with us again."

Fidelia is staring at Alandra, more then Toshio, her mismatched eyes bright and focused. She looks towards Bryan, but then continues her attempt at 'escaping' from her safety perch. She giggles softly, smiling towards the big dinosaur. "Thank you." She murmurs quietly in return, before turning and scampering over towards Lacey to give the Fury a big hug. Fidelia stays over there by Lacey, mumbling to her briefly before she turns to look back at the others.

Devlin slides off the huge dino and teases back at her, "I lost my luggage again." He smiles seeing Rainbow hug Lacey. He gives Lacey a nod as he positions his guitar over his shoulder again. "I think perhaps I should head home.."

Kathryn has almost backed out without getting yelled at. She keeps an eye on George and Bryan as she make her move to escape.

Sahael looks over to George and Bryan, he doesn't stop Alandra though. Because he's a dick. "Sorry, she's still new to this stuff."

An arm is lifted slightly and embraces Fidelia as she comes to Lacey. The Black Fury doesn't look down at the kinfolk, her eyes now on Toshio and the others in that mess. A faint nod is given when she hears what Fidelia says, but the Greek woman remains mostly still, happy to just stand there now.

George frowns and waves off Alandra's bowing "No groveling, just try and make sure he doesn't fuck up again. Does the Emerald Court have an equivalent to the Rite of Contrition? He might want to consider looking into that." Sahael gets a nod "I've been chasing specters out of the the halls of the fallen here for the last bit. Once they realized how hard my cloak makes me to kill and the wards I carry against their powers? They keep running away. I need to actually catch one and make an example of it so they'll stay away."

Heading out with an empty duffel, Devlin makes his way to the outside world. "don't forget.. any kin or garou needing a roof or help, my doors are open.. mind you there is an exception to that .. just one. Easy guess.." He then winks to Sahael, "and your not it.." And with the hospitality reminder given, the Fianna kin heads out.

Kathryn smiles as George seems totally calm down. She sits down making sure to keep her sweater out of the dirt.

Sahael nods. "They tend to leave me alone, suppose I should do more than make fun of them though... speaking of spectres, if you feel like something... interesting I might have a little romp you might be interested in."

Fidelia leans into Lacey, relaxing there as the situation seems to become calmer. And with it growing calmer, so does the Rainbow. Her easel was a short distance away, closer to the large Kaiju, but she didn't plan to go get it anytime soon

Alandra begins to slowly rise and tells George, "Thank you noble Sir" she doesn't seem to be paying attention to much else outside of Toshio, George, and possibly Sahael. However, she now looks relieved and, assuming that the situation is calmer, she laces her fingers with Toshio and watches everything carefully.

Sahael walks over towards Toshio and puts an arm around his shoulder. "Sorry old friend, looks like it's my turn getting you in trouble."

Alandra begins to slowly rise and tells George, "Thank you noble Sir" she doesn't seem to be paying attention to much else outside of Toshio, George, and possibly Sahael. However, she now looks relieved and, assuming that the situation is calmer, she laces her fingers with Toshio and watches everything carefully. She does nod in Bryan's direction though to acknowledge what he said (re)

Kathryn sits and watches the game play out. Her arms are wrapped around her knees.

There seems to be .. or has recently been.. a confrontation. But things are calming down. There was a little shouting, but no ACTUAL tussle. Bryan stands shoulder to shoulder with George. Alandra has just bowed to George. There may or may not be a big fucking DINOSAUR standing nearby. Lacey and Fidelia are snuggling. Most everyone is looking at Toshio, who seems to have frozen in one place since he went AFK for a REALLY long time.

"I am sorry for breaking your rules. I will do better in the future." Toshio says as he remains in a bow. Once it seems that everything seems to be ending peacefully he rises from his bow and he turns to Alandra and laces his fingers to hers as he turns to watch the others now.

Bryan nods to Toshio, dropping his arms from across his chest, down to his side. He reaches and gives George a little pat on the back and turns to look his way around the area briefly, eyes landing on each person in turn before he turns back to Alandra and Toshio

Kathryn freezes as Bryan might look at her and holds her breath.

Alandra continues to look relieved but she still holds Toshio's hand. "Thank you" she says to whoever may listen to her and she leans in to mutter to Toshio.

George nods and shrugs as he glances back over towards the Temple and the hotsprings within "I could use a soak, either here or at our beach. What do you think Alpha?"

Tyler looks about as if he's not sure if he's found the right place or not, he looks over to Rhyanon and back as he walks into the caverns hearing other voices. As he comes upon the owners of those voices, he slows his walk and waits there to be recognized by the group at hand.

Rhyanon walks very close to Tyler - mostly because she can barely see where she's going and he's at least the devil she knows. She smooths a hand through her long hair as the two of them draw nearer to what appears to be other people, after wandering around here for quite some time. But she follows her mate's lead and says nothing, merely waiting by his side, blue eyes clear and taking in the scene before them with interest and no small amount of caution.

"We're here. I think we all need to soak our heads for a bit. Me included." He motions over toward the temple and glances back as Rhyanon and Tyler walk into the area. "Welcome," he calls out, his tone pretty damn friendly, considering what just went down. "to the Sept of the Enduring Spirit."