2014.07.08:Bad Apples

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Bad Apples
A group of Garou go to investigate a possible Wyrm infested business, and things get... messy.
IC Date July 8th, 2014
IC Time Mid Afternoon
Players Connor, Fidelia, Juliette, Sahael, Steinar, Trekome, Quinn, Eszter - ST
Location Julian, California
Spheres Gaian Garou, Kinfolk

Julian, California.

The small desert town is about an hour outside of Prospect proper. The community is small, and rather nice. The small town is famous for its apples, and things made from them. Apple pie, apple cider, apple juice...all of it is sold in restaraunts and stores throughout southern California. Several main roads crisscross among the steep hills, and trees cover the main streets in shade, which is nice...as it's over one hundred degrees right now. The streets are lined with cars, and tourists move in and out of the numerous shops and restaraunts. It's easy to vanish in crowds like these.

Sketty, a Corax, delivered news to the Caern that she'd spied Wyrm movements in the small community. Specifically, a van for the corporation Vendral Incorporated, was seen parked outside of a small restaurant in town. Vendral was outed a few years back as being made up of mainly Fomori and Spirals, tainting food and drugs with banes and Wyrm toxin. Normally the company hasn't been seen west of the Rockies. This is bad, bad news. The van is not currently parked outside of 'Smithson Cafe', as it had been days previous, but perhaps something can still be discovered.

Fidelia? Fidelia is totally not actually there. You see, Fidelia is not a front-line kind of person. But she'd made sure to meet everyone that was going on thius particular adventure, and had asked them all permission to make a portrait. Then... then Fidelia went home to her cabin. And there she waits, the little healing mage doing the thing she does best.... Not being in danger!

Juliette is driving the family jeep with everyone inside, it's a people mover, as they pull into the outskirts of town. "Ok, we all got the lowdown. We've got a possible tainting of the food supply. Who wants to take lead on this for the investigation purpose? We should probably look at the restaraunt they were parked at. Who feels like taking the umbra look as opposed to sneaking in and poking around?"

Trekome looks at the other three, still not entirely sure who Vendral Inc is, so he lets them take the lead on explaining things out. "I'm not much good at the Umbra... I think that's Sahael's specialty. I could probably take up a position somewhere and watch from a distance, or try to sneak in quietly after hours. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to walk around and see what we can find either." He looks out the window a moment, "I don't suppose rifles are really an option for this op, are they?" he says with a smirk.

Big Black Dog is pucked in a little odd with his head out the window. One advantage he has over most, he doesn't stick out in the slightest in a town, being VERY clearly a dog instead of a wolf... maybe, just MAYBE if someone was REALLY good with animals and had traveled estensively they'd see some jackal in there, bringing his size down, but he's clearly a mutt instead of a wolf.

The dog lips its chops a few times, panting. Unfortunately it's harder to stay cool in this shape. "I I can spirit walk. Might be less hard anyway."

Steinar is along for the ride! Someone howled, and he came. He sits in the back, although once the vehicle comes to a stop he hops out and moves to join in the conversation, "I'm good with either. The Spirit works for me." he pats his pockets, "Yeah, didn't forget my mirror."

Juliette nods "Steinar, Sahael, take the umbra side. See what you can find out. Me and Trek will take the flesh side and check out what we can find there."

Trekome nods in agreement, "Probably the best way to do it. Juliette, you're gonna have to take lead on this, unless things go kinetic. Y'all know way more than I do about what we're looking for; I mainly just hurt things." He looks around and hmms, "I still wish we had some grenades..." And once again, he is the Jayne of the group.

Big Black Dog pants away in the wolf laugh. If anything he's closer to Book, if Book were a miserable coward. He nods to Steiner. "Good to have friend... plus if stay here too long, tackle someone for pie. Not good."

Steinar glances to the sky, then back to Juliette. Eyes then to Sahael, "Well, looks like it’s us versus the Spirit." he notes, reaching to the leather pouch hanging from his belt, opening it to remove a small mirror.

Juliette pulls the jeep off to a secluded spot and angles the rear view mirror for Sahael to use if needed. "If you see opposition in the umbra, come get us. Unless you think you can take it. Then glory hog all you want and tell me about it."

Trekome lets Steinar and Sahael do their thing as he waits for the vehicle to come to a full stop. He double checks himself, making sure his pistol is tucked in nice and neat, and his spare mags are also invisible under his black BDU top. He watches the two do their vanishing act, then at Juliette, "So then, to the shop to see if we can pick up a trail?"

The other side of the Gauntlet is painted in bright colors, though the dark ones are even darker...as if the Penumbra exists in extremes in both directions. Only a handful of the buildings have reflections in the Penumbra, standing alone in the Umbral desert. One or two spiritual cars cruise up and down the main street, intent on whatever it is spiritual reflections of cars are intent on. One or two of the famous Julian apple trees stand as spiritual reflections as well, the apples growing from them glowing faintly. Beside the few cars, no actually active spirits can be seen. None. It's strangely stark and empty. Also, very few webs stretch here and there, as if they've been cleared away

Juliette nods to Trekome "Lets drive by, see if it's currently doing business. If it is.. I say we break something so the power goes out and they have to close early. That way we can investigate in peace."

Trekome nods to Juliette, "If it's an older building, then we can probably cut off the power from outside without much trouble... though, honestly, I've always let the engineers handle stuff like that." One of the few times he wishes his MOS hadn't been along the infantry route. "Kinda wishing that we had another GW here to shut down the net so that they couldn't do business and just close early... help isolate the area too."

Big Black Dog takes longer getting into the umbra than his partner, something that draws a nod of respect form him to the other Garou... not many people get somewhere before Striders. His nose goes instantly to the ground. No matter what plane people go to, they still make the same smell.

Steinar gives Sahael the Dog a nod before he lifts his mirror up. He peers into it, letting the part of him that is spirit reach out and poke at the Gauntlet. He bends his will to it, and the gauntlet yields easily. Its like stepping through a shin sheet of paper for him, and he ends up on the other side without much further ado. He glances about, "Well, this is .. clean looking." he ponders.

Juliette grins at Trekome "There's always breaking shit. Also if we want to go in, I can just talk people into leaving. But the excuse would have to be carefull as it be hard if I cried fire and the fire department showed up."

Trekome hmmms, "How to do it without ruining the business... 'cause we still don't know if they've alligned with the other side or not. If it were flat out corrupt, I'd say just burn it to the ground." He thinks a moment, "Break the main breaker and try not to get electrocuted in the process?"

The cafe in question seems quite open...and in fact much busier then all of the others. There's a line out the door, actually. As for the Umbra...it's eerily calm.

Big Black Dog nods and sighs. "Right... see any sign of fight?" he asks trotting about quickly, ears perked ready to try and follow any scent or sound.

Steinar shakes his head, "There are no signs of .. anything." he says, looking around, "Its .. clean. Empty." he rubs his chin a bit, "This is strange." he then begins to look for the building that would be the restaurant, "Let’s see if we can find that place. If its new it wouldn't show, but if there is crap there it'll show."

Juliette thinks for a moment "I've got a bachelor in psychology. Not much for electronics. Hmm. Though we can always try and wing it. I've got a gift that'll make you smarter and more creative."

Trekome grins at Juliette, "Works for me. I'm thinking trace the cable line for their internet and disconnect it. Could knock out phones and internet, so they won't be able to do any electronic transactions... not too many carry cash. Could try sneaking into the utility room and messing with the circuit breakers too."

Big Black Dog pauses for a moment, closing his eyes he lays down. After a short moment his eyes begin to glow and his nostrils flare from the scents of the city flooding his nostrils. "Right... place this way I think... can smell the cooking." It's a little disorienting walking through walls and buildings from his senses, but he's pretty used to it.

Steinar nods once to this, "Alright. You got the scent, I will follow you." he replies to this. Since the wolf already has the place zeroed in, he does not do it. Instead, he keeps a lookout here, to warn incase something comes a-running.

The cafe does, in fact, have an Umbral reflection. As those in the Umbra walk through walls and round corners it comes into view. And it's...different. For one, the walls pull out and in...as if it is breathing. Second, just outside of the door a twisted, smoking creature is devouring a weaver spider. It's about the size of a mastiff, and black, viscious oil drips from its slick, disgusting body. It takes another bite from the Weaver spider, snarling softly to itself.

Juliette says, "Maybe shut off the gas so kitchen can't work?" Julie wracks her brain. "I can also go in and see if I can smell the stink of corruption. Though that isn't as accurate."

Trekome nods to Juliette, "Every building has a gas shutoff... let's hit up a hardware store and get some LocTite before going in so that they have to close for the day and get in a repair crew. That'll close 'em for a couple days at least."

Big Black Dog is currently blind to the umbra as he moves. Once he has the place in view in teh real world though he stops and enters pointing pose.

Steinar can see the place alright, and before Black Dog can move any further he reaches out to nudge its side with his foot. No, not kicking it. Just a light nudge, "Hey, stop. Its there. I can see it. And.. I don't think you want to go any further without preparations." he grins, "That looks bad, though. But definitely something we need to tackle."

Juliette wheels the Van around driving down the street, arm out the window, just relaxed as can be. It isn't a jeep of mass murdering feral monsters, just a couple driving down the street. Nothing to see here.

Trekome waits until Juliette has parked somewhere they can grab a few supplies with before stepping out. He grins at her, "LocTite, bolt cutters, and thick rubber gloves? Better try to make this quick too..."

The big, oozing beast finishes off the weaver spider. It pauses to sniff at the air, before turning to pad back into the building. The strange, seemingly alive building

Big Black Dog shakes his head quickly, the glow in his eyes vanishes. He stares at teh building for a moment and lowers himself by reflex. "Not sure can kill building."

Steinar shakes his head to this, "I do not think the building is the problem. What is in the building though, that .. yeah." he nods once, "Well, I do not think we will see much more here. Its a question of wether or not to attack this thing in here, or in the Realm. But either way we should find the others."

Juliette says, "Zip ties just in case we have someone that needs to be put out of the way. Duct tape cause you never know and vinegar if we need to wipe away traces." She digs out her wallet "Oh and rope. Gotta do this like professionals."

Trekome smirks at Juliette, feigning his best Irish accent, "You an' yer stupid fuckin' rope" He steps into the local hardware store and starts to grab the items, letting Juliette get the prisoner kit together so it doesn't look totally odd. Just another trip to the hardware store to deal with some repairs. It's easy enough to get what they need, just a quick in and out.

Juliette smirks at Trekome "Whatever you say there Rambo." as they make their shopping run before returning to the jeep with their action kit. "Back to the meet up spot then we'll see about clearing the house to check it out."

Trekome gets the gear together in a neat kit in his daypack once they're back at the Jeep. He looks around, "Did the other guys say when they were going to meet us again?" he asks. "And maybe we should look around the store and see if something stands out before they get back?"

Juliette nods to Trekome "Lets park where we left them, then walk over. We can check the trash and see whats making it out. Then walk around the premises and see what we're dealing with."

Trekome gives a thumbs up and lets Juliette drop off the van so they can walk over and check out the shop. "Seems odd that there's such a huge line there, isn't it? Most other places seem to have the usual business... there was a line right out the door for that place though."

Big Black Dog slinks his way back towards where they were dropped off, ears high but body low. Even if tehre's lots of visibility no telling what's out there. "Yes... want to be as far from that as can when trying to kill insides."

Steinar ms, "Well, it needs to die. But it needs to die with a bunch of claws, not just our pair." he grins, then turns to start following the wolf back to where they had first entered the Spirit.

A large distance away, Fidelia is settled patiently on the edge of her bed. The rainbows mismatched eyes are quietly watching a quartet of portraits. Steinar, Juliette, Sahael, and Trekome in whatever form they've chosen are displayed before her on these portraits, still but reactive. If they change form, so does the portraits! It might be boring for some people, but Fidelia would much prefer it stay boring, and she never has to jump into action and start actually painting on those portraits.

Juliette says, "Addiction is a tool of the Wyrm. It's something that makes you want something even if it's bad for you. How many people do you know that smoke cigs but KNOW that they're going to kill them?"

Trekome wrinkles his nose at that thought. "Too many... hell, I like to dip and I know that stuff isn't the healthiest. At least I have someone purify the stuff before putting in a lip." He sighs and cracks his knuckles before hopping out of the jeep and tossing on his daypack. "Might as well start sniffing around."

Big Black Dog slinks out of one of the nearby allies a few moments later, crossing back into the meatworld through the shadows of a dumpster... like he has so many times before. He then sits and waits, like a good dog, for Steinar... however he chooses to come across.

Steinar arrives out of the Spirit into the Realm in the same alleyway, close behind the dog. He looks around, "Well, thats alright then." he ponders, "Lets head back to the vehicle, see if we can find the others."

Juliette grins and nods to Trekome, she scuffs her feet a bit to point an arrow to the direction their going "They should be able to follow us. Wanna poke around then break shit? Or wait for them then break stuff?"

Trekome snickers at Juliette. "We'll start heading over and go slow... they should be able to catch up before we get there. If anything, they can help provide a distraction, or an extra set of eyes." And then they're off towards the shop.

The cafe seems completely normal on the mundane side. It's painted colorfully, and seems quite nice. The line is filled with locals and tourists, all eager for a seat in the small, but crowded place. Incredible smells waft from inside.

Big Black Dog sticks at Steinar's side, looking for all intents and purposes like a well trail... like... okay well at least he looks like Steinar's dog. That helps for something for blending in... right?

Steinar moves towards the restaurant, seeing the vehicle but not seeing Juliette or Trekome anywhere. He looks to the dog, then murmured a bit, "I think they might have gone inside to check things out." he says, "Not sure they allow animals in though. Wanna hang out here while I go in and check if they are there?"

Juliette leads Trekome around back towards where the trash is kept stopping there. "Keep an eye out will you?" as she inhales and begins walking around sniffing a bit here and there and peeking into any trash/dumpster that isn't locked.

Trekome leans against a wall casually and pulls out his phone, acting like he's busy texting someone while he watches the area. All in all it looks like a pretty common sight; a guy texting out of the sun.

While everything looks so perfect and happy, as Juliette moves around behind the building and sniffs, she is hit in the face so hard with the wretched stench of the Wyrm that it almost knocks her off of her feet.

Juliette blinks eyes watering as she stumbles a bit and wow even in homid her hair bristles a bit as she looks unhappy with whatever she just got a face full of. She moves back to Trekome and wipes her eyes as she says to him "Nail god on a stick this place is fouled."

Trekome frowns a little when Juliette returns and gives a short nod. "Damn... and the inside smells so pleasant to me..." he says with a sigh. "Well, I guess we better let the others join up before we do anything if it smells /that/ strong."

Juliette nods to Trekome "Lets shut shit down and give them time to clear out while we go back to the jeep and see what was found out and make a plan of attack from there. Because after that sniff, my plan is attack."

Trekome gives a short nod to Juliette. "We'll get Sahael to stand watch... if things get bad, he can go grab help." Two Garou clearing out a building... tough, but doable.

Juliette covers her nose and does check one last thing, popping open the dumpster to look inside.

Inside the dumpster there's a ton og discarded restaurant refuse. Specifically, however, is a plastic case with the emblem of Vendral Incorprated on the side. Inside are plastic seperators, like what you mind find for chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Somebody missed one, though. In one slot resides a single, tiny golden and brown mushroom. It's about the size of an average pinkie nail.

Juliette says, "Bingo." She looks up "Mushrooms. Heavily tainted ones. So either they've got a mold infestation or they're mixing it into the food. Lets go check with the boys and then we'll do this thing."

Trekome nods once to Juliette and pushes off the wall. "Roger that." he says and starts making his way with her towards the jeep. He gives Sahael a short nod when he sees him there, and looks around curiously to see where Steinar has gone.

Big Black Dog perks his ears and bounds happily towards the pair, bouncing happily on his paws alternating front and back, spinning in circles. You know dogs, leave them alone for ten seconds and they thought you were never coming back! "Bad things in spirit. He making sure not followed."

Juliette returns to the jeep and retrieves her guitar case of destruction and slings it over one shoulder. She reaches down to scritch Sahael behind the ears "Two stage then. We'll snafu their power and gass to halt business. Then we'll break in through the back at the kitchen. We'll purge whatever foulness is there in the flesh, possibly blowing the place up, then we'll step to go deal with whatever is there spirit side now that it's been deprived a place of power to feed from."

Big Black Dog nods. "Spirit part is alive. Steinar says bad inside. Need to weaken. Need me draw anything into trap?"

Trekome can't argue that plan. It's simple, straightfoward, and effective. "The only tough spot we'll have is if there's a lot of hostiles inside... things can get rough if that's the case. Kinda wish I had brought shotguns and rifles; something we'll have to do next time." He digs through the back of the jeep and comes up with a small Pellican case. He grabs the suppressor for his 1911 and pockets it before grabbing more mags and mag pouches, all of which tuck away nicely inside his waistband. Good thing he's wearing a sturdy belt. "You might serve best as a sentry to alert us if anything heavy is coming our way... and then get the fuck out of town if it gets /really/ bad so that reinforcements can come get to us. Quinn knows we're out of town, and I've got a burner phone in the glove box with her on speed dial. If you need to, get her to rally others here." he tells Sahael.

Juliette grins brightly nodding with Trekome "Though if you'd like, you can always run in there and piss on the counter. That should distract them some while we play havoc outside. We need to give the place as many reasons as possible to clear out so we can go in. And if someone inside frenzies or goes Crinos, book it to us and we'll deal with it the old fashion way.."

Big Black Dog grins widely even as a dog. "Distraction is best skill." He sticks close to the pair for now while they decide what to do sitting down and wagging his tail in the dust.

Trekome checks himself over again. Eight mags, not including the one he already has loaded... that's 73 rounds of ammo. And then he'll still be able to use his claws and teeth if shit hits the fan. "Juliette and I cut the power and phone lines to shut the place down for the day and isolate it. Sahael, does something to get their attention once the place clears out. Juliette and I will go in through the back and wait until things are cleared out and they're busy with you. We'll clear things out on this side room by room while you post outside ready to warn us if there's anything incoming, or go get help if things go south. Burner phone in the glovebox for you if you need to call for backup. That cover everything?"

Fidelia remains on standby, the thrilling position of .... watching paint. Oh yes, the Rainbow is a very rapt audience for the portrait spectacle before her. She has her big metal ornate brush in hand, and is playing 'tennis' with the paintings as her eyes swing from one to the next to the next. To the woman with a poor grasp of time, minutes flow to hours with ease.

Big Black Dog nods, strangely enough not having a joke to make off of that. Damn shame too, just before a mission is the perfect time. Stupid limited dog humor.

Juliette stretches and pops her fingers "Ok, lets do this. Puppy is bait, if there is any actual hostiles his good doggy routine ain't gonna stand up to another shifter. A lone wolf is likely to get chased. If that happens, he runs to us and it's on like Donkey Kong. Otherwise we shut the business down for the day, wait for them to lock up. Boot the door and investigate in force. Once the place is swept, cleared and cleansed we move on to the umbra and take care of any hostiles there. Then we go home for beer and pie of victory." Julie is a tactical GENIUS. Yep. Machiavellian in her combat planning.

Trekome cracks his knuckles and grins. "If we kill enough of 'em, then the rest will stop fighting." Translation, we'll have to kill /all/ of them. "Quiet going in, loud once we're there. Oorah?" And with that they're on their way.

Juliette nods to Trekome and taking her own gear bag and guitar case she begins making her way towards the back of the shop in question, attempting to stay out of sight and out of mind of the line coming for food.

Steinar nods once to this, "Once we have the building down, there is still the problem with the creature in the Spirit we saw." he says, "It ought to be plenty mad once its habitat gets destroyed, but the question is wether it will seek to strike at us, or flee to corrupt elsewhere. But who knows how strong it is now.. before we destroy that which feeds its power."

Trekome nods to Juliette as he slings his pack and cracks his knuckles. "We sneak around back and cut the power so the place clears out. Sahael distracts 'em once it's cleared out, and we catch 'em from the rear." He hits a button on his phone to send a message. "Quinn should get a message in a few seconds telling her to bring some help if she can. If we find out there are more than we can handle, then we can wait for them to arrive and go in heavy. Otherwise, they can help secure the area and cleanse the place. Rah?"

Connor shifts the satchel at his waist, filled with various herbs, knives and of course a few bottles of booze. And yes it was a satchel! Indiana Jones had one! He tucks another space knife into a boot, listening quietly to the other plans as he prepares himself

Quinn is just an out of town tourist as she drives up in her ancient powder blue jeep, the color is rare and recognizable to anyone who has seem it. she pulls up as close as she can once she sees the others and joins them. She has brought her gear but keeps it un locked boxes in the jeep.

Big Black Dog gives a bark of affirmative... closest you're getting to a military chant from this guy. She sits quietly and waits for the signal, though he wags his tail, for all intents and purposes the perfe... a pet dog.

Juliette pats Sahael's head, as she can get away with it with him and nods to Quinn as she pulls up. She grins brightly "Welcome to the fun. So, do you want to be terribly cliche and climb that there water tower?"

Steinar shrugs then, "But hey, the building was only alive." he grins a bit, "And that big dog in there, that Jotunn, was feasting on a spirit of the weaving one. Thats not something to be discarded." he muses, "But, I guess we tackle the physical part first."

Trekome huhs. "Well, y'all got here faster than I thought you two would." He'll chalk that up to Fidelia mentioning something from back at home. "Well, the odds just turned more in our favor. I wouldn't suggest the water tower; too open and easy to spot. The building across the street has a flat top and probably a ladder up to it as well. Could probably set up overwatch and make sure no one gets out." He looks at Quinn, "You brought a suppressor and subsonic rounds for the rifle, right?"

Big Black Dog nods. "They think we can cut power to spirit from here, weaker for fight then. You and me can chase after if needed. Can run for a few days yes?"

Quinn hands water bottles out to everyone as she bring more than just explosives and firepower with her. she smirks at Jules "I think it's the clock tower that's the cliche." she looks up to the water tower and assesses the killing field. "What's my exit if the local authorites get called on me? The water tower is not my first choice. the building.... yeah what Trek Said. Will there be anyone guarding my six?" not that she minds being on her own just that she will have to change her tactics. She nods to Trek at the question of her surpressor and ammo. "Affirmative."

Connor gives a faint snort "Clock tower or chuch bell tower. Both dead obvious. I can watch your back or circle around in tha umbra, depends on what's needed and where."

Juliette thinks "We'll need someone that can cleans in the Flesh. We'll take out it's reflection on this side, then move to the umbra to deal with the stuff there. Cleanse on both sides. Then we get waffles."

Steinar gives a quick nod to the black dog, "Yes, I can run for a few days, worry not about that." he replies to this, "If we knew its name, we could summon it.. keep it from escaping. Pull it forcibly back to the killing circle." he nods once then, "But, one step at the time." he agrees.

Big Black Dog tries to make a joke about the creatures name, but it doesn't translate well into wolf, and probably not everyone here understands his growls and body movements. "Can clean too. Probably someone less terrible."

Trekome hmms... "I don't like the idea of posting a sentry on their own, but Sahael is going to be working as a distraction while the rest of us get in place. Three as the main effort isn't a bad number though, and Connor can probably get down the roof and over to us from the front if it gets bad in there."

Connor gives a nod of his head "Can cleanse the area as well." he winks over to the others "Besides three's a lucky number. I'll watch tha umbra for any stragglers or runners and keep an eye on Quinn as well."

Quinn shifts a bit akwardly not sure how to act in the group. she however does offer "I'll be fine with the rotating guard. I want to be able to get in my Jeep and go. is there a meet up place if this all goes pare shapped?"

Juliette thinks for a moment then nods to herself "There's a fruit stand about 5 miles down the road. Meet there if it goes belly up." then glances around "Ok, new plan. Connor, you're with me and Trekome. We'll hit the inside. Quinn you're on overwatch and make sure you're hidden. Steinar, and Sahael you'll be spirit side to make sure nothing gets away. Once we finish with the inside we'll exit the back and we'll join the umbral team. Unfortunately that does leave Quinn out in the open. Quinn, second smoke starts coming out of that shop move out of the direct area and just watch. If vans or enemy reinforcements show up, do not engage. Just note where they came from so we can possibly figure out our next target." She looks around at those present. "Got it?"

Steinar gives a nod to this, "Spirit again, got it." he replies to this, then looks to the dog, "Well, this will be a first. Never fought next to anything other then Get of Fenris before." he grins, "Lets see if we can't rouse some trouble." he pauses, "I mean, watch and make sure trouble doesn't sneak away."

Trekome slaps his hands together. "Rah." Can't argue the plan; covers most of the bases and it's simple, so it's harder to mess up. "So then, shall we?" he asks with a grin. "If we keep talking over the plan they'll be closed and gone before we get there."

Big Black Dog trots alongside Steinar panting happily. "Not our fault if we nicely point out the truth of spirit mother being whore and he gets angry."

Connor gives a dip of his head, crossing his arms over his chest as he listens to the plan "Sounds fine then. Quinn, give me a strand of hair. Just in case."

Quinn nods and has her orders. she quirks an eyebrow. she has to undo the bun of braid just to be able to single out a hair and when she plucks one it's well over two feet long. she then goes about pinning that back up because it's hot out here. "you think that's gross try vacuuming my place. Many many dead motors." she isn't sure why she gave up hair but... at least she's got a lot to spare.

Juliette grins at Quinn and gives her a thumbs up from the long hair club "Hardwood floors are my answer." she looks around "Lets move. By the time the Loctite and the lines are cut Quinn and Umbral Team should be in position. Then we just have to wait for the place to clear of non-combatants."

Steinar nods once, "Well, OK then. Back to the Spirit we go, eh?" he says to the dog, "Same alley as before?" he wonders, "I think that would be best." he nods, "It seemed empty enough."

Trekome gives a short nod once everyone has rogered up and starts to make his way over to the shop with the assault team. He stays in front of Juliette, keeping an eye out for anything unusual and to make sure that the way towards the back is clear.

Connor takes the hair and rummages around in his satchel, coming back with a needle shaped piece of connemara marble, he threads the hair through it and settles it back into his pack. "Tracking stone, can never be too safe leaving a sentry alone.." he nods and joins up with Trekome and Juliette

Everything sees just as it was before. Business is still booming, and it's still hot as hell.

Big Black Dog nods and sticks with Steinar on the way back to the alley, wagging his tail. Dog so happy for walkies in strange new town! Somewhere in the distance a Red Talon enters a frenzy without knowing why.

Quinn checks either alleyway between the building across the street for fire escapes or drainpipes that are saleable. And whether or not she can get away with parking her jeep in the alley or behind the building. she then shoulders her pack and begins to get into position. She's not so careless as to let her muzzle hang out over the edge of the building, but sets up back a ways where it's hard for anyone not actively looking for her to find her. If there is a air duct of some place sturdy to set the rifle’s tripod on she will set up there.

She finds a simple drainage pipe to scale, with little issue.

Juliette is all casual like as she leads her 3 man group over to the back of the shop and starts poking around looking for the gas and power and where it enters the building "Trek, do the dirty. I figure you know more about this stuff than I."

A few moments of searching reveals a heavily locked energy box beside the rear entrance.

Juliette stares at the boxy thingy with the colors blankly. "Don't they usually cut the green wire in movies?" Click click goes the cutters as she snaps at the air idly while trying to decide. "Though black is sometimes evil. Maybe we should cut the black one?"

Trekome huhs as he looks around. Well, he can follow wires, but the large number of them just leaves him guessing. He points to the locked box, then at the others with a raised brow. "I'm gonna guess we gotta bust into that one..." he asks the other two before unslinging his pack to grab the heavy rubber gloves and bolt cutter.

Connor flicks his gaze quickly over the wires following them down to the lock box and pats down at his satchel "Yeah, I didn't bring my picks with me.. oh wait.." he kneels down and pulls the knife from his boot and goes to use it like a crowbar to leverage the box open

The box makes a creaking sound as the metal bends a hint, but it does not open.

Quinn Is over watch, which means her job is done, after getting into place, out of sight, covering everyone else ass. she scans the area looking for signs that the fun has started, or that any reinforcements are on their way in.

The streets are crowded with people. It's hard to note a threat in the crowd, but nobody really stands out, at least.

Steinar goes Umbrawise where he quietly wonders where the hell the Dog went! DOG?!

Big Black Dog tries to do that trick, where you run at the wall really really fast, knowing it won't be there when you meet it, because the umbra totally works like that. It works if you BELIEVE it works.

Protip: It doesn't.

It takes a moment or two of strain, but this time the box pops open, revealing the tell-tale wires, fuses and circuits.

Juliette grins at the two men with her "You totally loosened it for me." before wiping her hands off on her jeans and looking back at the wires. "I suppose just flipping the little switchy things won't do much?"

Trekome smirks a bit and holds out the bolt cutters. "Could've just cut the lock." he tells the two. Oh well. "There's a master switch that can be flipped into the 'off' position... should be marked. That'll kill the power to the building and leave less traces of tampering. They'll probably check the circuit breaker inside and then check out the one back here."

They also aren't likely to immediatly shut down business if the power goes out.

Connor looks over the flips and switches inside the box "Doesn't leave much time ta get in and get out. We cut em though and they'll probably call tha electric company. Who knows how damn long they'll take ta get out here."

Quinn is crowd watching.

Juliette holds up the LocTite applicator that Trekome bought "Can we use this on the switch and the gas feed?"

Trekome looks for the gas shutoff. Should be a pretty well marked line and switch considering. "That /should/ make the switch stay stuck after a few minutes... I got the quick setting stuff. Can't do business without power and gas." He smirks, "I should've learned how to tap into phone networks to intercept calls."

For those who cross over into Spirit, it is just as quiet and strangely empty as before. The umbral reflection of the cafe itself breathes like a living thing, the walls pulsing.

Connor nods and helps in the search "Well there'd be no use in tapping the land line, there'd be no power to it anyway. And everyone carries a damn cell now a days."

Steinar, as he waits for the black dog to come through, takes his time as he watches the building. He takes his time, focuses and slowly lets himself flow into the form of the Lupus. In this case, he seems to think four paws is better then two legs and two arms.

Big Black Dog takes another runing leap at that damn wall, getting airborn this time! Oh hey look a wolf.

Juliette thinks for a second. "How quiet is Quinn's rifle? Can she tag the wires coming off the pole transformer thingies on the power lines in a 3 block radius? Not a direct hit as I think bullet holes would attract attention. But like shoot the tops off them or something."

Trekome shakes his head, "I wouldn't recommend it... that bullet is still flying at a thousand feet per second, and can do some serious damage in this type of area. Wouldn't be worth the risk. Gonna have to let things clear out, or figure out another distraction."

Juliette shrugs a bit, like she's not too concerned about random bullets flying about small towns, but then points at the box "Apply the stuff, cut power and gas, then we hide."

The power inside flickers off, and some confused murmers can be heard. However, plenty of food has already been cooked, and the servers inside spend a few minutes explaining that they won't be accepting cash until they know what is going on. The line remains, as does the crowded interior. However, after several moments the back door opens, and a young girl...probably just pushing eighteen, steps outside wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with the name of the cafe on it. She blinks as she spots the two. "What are you guys doing back here?"

Juliette looks over at the girl "We saw some kids doing something back here and when we walked up they all ran for it. Is everything alright inside?" Julie's voice drips with powerful sincerity, truthiness and unstoppable force of personality.

Trekome eyes the girl cautiously while Juliette explains why they're there. He doesn't say anything to her, but does murmur a few choice words under his breath about 'damn rotten teens'.

Connor glances up at the girl, well shit they responded far faster they he would have thought, though it looks like Juliette has it on lockdown as she starts speaking up, he keeps quiet until he sees how it plays out

The teen blinks and glances between the three. As soon as she steps into their presence she is clearly nervous. "R-right," she offers softly to Juliette. She glances sidelong at the bent cover to the fuse box, and she clears her throat. "I'm...going to...go get my assistant manager so he can...fix that." With that she turns, attempting to quickly head back through the door.

Steinar is .. well .. lets face it. He's alone in the spirit! His companion did not seem to make it through, but he can't quite leave his post either to go check on him. This creature of the Wyrm might escape! So, still in Lupus, he moves to watch the place now, making sure nothing will escape.

Juliette calmly waits for the teen to go back inside and idly sticks her foot in the door so that it doesn't shut, she looks back to Trekome "Finish the gas, we might have to be a bit messy."

Trekome is way ahead of Juliette, waiting for the teen to go back inside before he switches off the gas. "She didn't buy it." he tells Juliette. "We've got a witness now... Gonna have to deal with that later." He draws his pistol and mounts the suppressor onto it. "Let's not have anymore witnesses."

Connor rolls his eyes a bit "Well they still have cellphones so unless we can knock out a tower in about.. oh ten seconds... Lets get movin' then?"

Juliette nods "We'll cleans the ashes later. Purify with fire now. Investigate in force." as she idly pushes open the door and begins to peek inside.

Just beyond the door is a small hallway, with a storage freezer door on one side, and the kitchen just beyond. The cooks inside are trying to make-do without power at the moment, mainly by slicing already cooked pies and cakes. There are three chefs in there. Two older Mexican men, and one younger Mexican woman. They looks pretty normal. The girl is seen slipping through the other far door beyond the kitchen into the main cafe.

Trekome holsters his pistol again, actually finding it useful to listen to someone at a gun store for once. Probably helps that the same clerk was also in his unit, so he's not full of shit when giving advice on what to get for cerain wants and needs. He lets Juliette take a peek first; she's probably less intimidating than he is. "Should've waited until it was closer to after hours." he murmurs to Connor with a smirk.

Connor shifts his weight, padding forward carefully through the kitchen, following the path of the others to make their way to the freezer

There is little that the wolf that is Steinar can do, really. He moves to find a good spot from which to observe the building, sitting down on his haunches and just .. watching. Feeling abandoned by the Black Dog. Oh, how he will give him a hard time about this once this is over!

The wolf in the Umbra notices something. The door to the breathing building darkens for a moment before the Hispo sized beast of a spirit stalks out. It's as black as night, and drips dark, viscuous fluid. It sniffs the ait and glances about before it's strange, glowing green and yellow eyes land squarely on Steinar. Lips of the muzzle pull back to reveal twisted, rotten yellow and black teeth in a silent snarl. It then takes a deep breath...and spores erupt from its form. They kick high into the Umbral air, filling the street within seconds.

Steinar inhales a hint of those spores...and everything swims. The colors of the Umbra blur together, and the beast before him duplicates into another four...as the footing beneath his feet seems to tremble and turn. Sounds blare in his ears, ungodly scents assault his nostrils, and his stomach turns in on itself as he wretches on the umbral ground. Everything swims around him...and everything hurts.

Meanwhile, several of the intrepid murderers...er...Garou...peek into the walk-in freezer. They see shelves filled with labeled boxes. Nothing appears out of the ordinary at first glance.

Juliette glances around, thinking she's missing something, then remembers she didn’t take the 'Give a Fuck' course in college. She starts looking around for flamable liquids to start pouring around the floor behind the cooks backs. Yep, she just intends to burn the whole fucking place down right now.

Trekome notices Juliette start pouring the flamable fluids out and raises a brow. Well... shit. This is /indeed/ going to get messy. He motions for Connor to get out as he starts to slowly step away from the soon-to-be arson scene. Now he's kinda glad they shut off the gas: they can wait until everyone clears out before turning the gas on and then blowing the place sky high.

Connor lifts his brow but backs out the way they came, his nostrils flaring as he catches the scent of something flammable..."Well that escalated quickly."

Big Black Dog shakes his head a few times and tries to blow the spores out of his nose, this unfortunately doesn't do shit. He starts scratching his muzzle on the ground trying to find any place with clean air, hoping the spores are like smoke, and getting low will help... he's not so good at the sciences. The only advantage the dog has is that frankly... he's used to being kind of nuts, being more spirit than man more often than not things getting weird doesn't entirely steal his focus. He doesn't growl or make any threatening movements for now though; the dog just gets low, for all intents and purposes lost in his own little world.

Steinar has not fully noticed the black dog entering the spirit with him yet. He did move a bit away though, and then took the form of wolf. And he is keeping his eyes on the building. And then? The poison fills the air. The spirit has seen him, and it is attacking! He lets out a retching sound, backing up suddenly, smacking into some firm surface behind him. This is not good! He tries to shake his head to clear the ooze, but that is also all he can do for now. The idea to even escape the Spirit and back to the realm does to fully occur to him yet.. he's outmatched in here for now.

Fidelia was just... doing her thing. The Rainbow is at home, watching the paintings with a quiet and studious expression on her face. But something has her leaping to her feet after a moment, as she peers at the paintings of the forms of Steinar and Sahael. She rushes in that direction, and whips out her paint brush. Its dipped into a white paint, and she immediantly sets to work clearing this odd image of green flecks that are hovering around both their heads. Her teeth fly to her wrist, nipping sharply to draw blood before she wipes her brush through it. A quick line of red is painted across the tops of both Steinars and Sahaels portrait before the rainbow closes her eyes and focuses -really- hard.

In the umbra, Sahael and Steinar are both suddenly shrouded in a brief flash of rainbow coalescing lights. When it fades, the stench and disgusting aroma of wyrm isn't gone, but at least the debilitating poisonous effect is!

Juliette quietly removes the fire extinquishers and puts them out the back door. Opens up the grates where the greese trap is to add that extra level of fun to all this then pulls out a lighter. With a flick she starts the fire and walks up behind the working cooks and screams in their ears with a panic filled voice "OH MY GOD! There's a FIRE! I smell gase! Run! Get out! OH MY GOD! Move!"

Trekome is actually rather glad to have gotten out of the building now. Things are going to get quite messy very quickly, and he doesn't want to be near the area once the fire spreads. He stays just outside by the gas lever, waiting for things to clear out before he turns the gas back on to /really/ make things rough.

Connor lingers only briefly to make sure everyone got out before slipping back out of the rear entrance to join the others Juliette isn't too concerned with the fire, as panic spreads and people flee she begins whistling to herself as she looks around to make sure the sprinkler system is shut down, turned off or if need be broken the fuck out of. She's still inside as the fire spreads whistling while she works.

Trekome only smirks at Connor and shakes his head. "She's has a certain charm, doesn't she?" he asks, still waiting for her to come back out so he can turn on the gas.

The dark, wicked spirit whirls about as the building begins to burn. It snaps its teeth at the two wolves before turning and charging back inside.

There is nothing about this that the wolf that is Steinar likes. The sudden poison attack that severely crippled his mind, or the fact that it just vanishes! Who knows what rainbow-y taint the Gandwere left behind! RAR! Etc. Still, it is gone, and for now the wolf will capitalise on it. He looks back to the building, seeing the dog there. He lets out a growl, to then slowly look around. Does he see the Black Dog there? Ooh, yes. He is there, <Do we attack?> he growls out.

Big Black Dog is frankly terrible at being a wolf, but even he knows to chase something when it has suddenly turned into prey, frankly it's lucky for him someone cleared his head a bit because he'd probably be chasing anyway. <Yes.> he says closing in impossibly fast. However he is still thinking like he does, he doesn't run for the door. He makes his way towards a window, waiting for the wolf to get into position.

Juliette picks up rag bin that the dishwashers use and making sure the bundle is on fire she chucks it into the main room. Then it's back to the shiny metal freezer door, she opens it so that the fire can get inside and uses it as cover from anyone staring from the main room to stare into its surface preparing. Then she pours the cooking wine over herself and looks back to the door the boys are waiting for "LET LOOSE!" and pushes into the umbra. Bringing the fire with her. Wyld. Angry. Burning. RAGE.

Connor crosses his arms over his chest, watching the building "Just as long as only tha right people get hurt. Then I'm onboard." His brow rockets up as he watches Jules come flying out of the building

Trekome looks rather... perplexed... when Jules douses herself in flames and then steps sideways. Well, that's pretty... insane. And he's the one who volunteered to get shot at on multiple deployments. He texts Quinn to see if the building has cleared out, hand still on the gas lever. "If Quinn says it's clear, then we blow the place and cross over. Savvy?"

Quinn will respond that there's a big, big crowd outside at the moment. The detonation, depending on how bad, will hurt innocents. Some Garou won't care, though. The fire truck can be heard on the other side of town.

Connor looked just a little bit confused but then realizes he fights in exactly the same way and gives a dark chuckle. He gives a nod of his head as he listens to Trek "Sure thing, she has tha eyes."

Steinar lets out a growl, seeing that the black dog rushes towards the building with such speed, <Coordinated...> he growls out, but silences as he sets off to rush to the building as well, needing to back up the dog looking Garou.

Erupting into the umbra is a burning angry thing that bursts into full height and howls imprecations, rage and anger into the Umbra. The fire lights its way making it visible quite clearly. Then among the fire a spiritual mantle settles around her speaking of a force. He is called many things. By the Get his name is Surtur. Among the Furies he is Ares. But regardless of names he is WAR. The trappings of the Weaver's world burned away in the inferno of her passage leaving her cleansed of the human world and now bearing only 3 things. Two of them are Axes, the 3rd is the need to kill.

Trekome waits until he gets the all clear from Quinn and slowly starts to turn on the gas, letting it build gradually so as not to fully blow out the place. He's turning it up somewhat carefully, giving the crowd enough time to back away as the flames build up.

The two Garou rushing into the Umbral reflection of the building find it odd. It's very, very stuffy in here, for one. Second, that big black...thing lets out a silent howl when Juliette hops through as well. As in, it throws back its head to howl but no noise comes out. It never makes noise. It turns then, and it snaps at the wall, the wall opening as it reforms the spirit stuff. It is attempting to flee.

Thankfully that’s why the other two are in the Umbra! Sahael is already next to the building, the other wolf making his way over... if nothing else that thing is about to get a surprise tackle.

FairVerona swings low to try to take the spirits legs out, but with a hop it's through and running. Fuck that. The angry wolf shifts down into her gloriously beautiful lupus form, and races through the umbral realm a like a fiery missile to strike the foul thing and knock it to the ground. And now it's on the ground. The better to rend it limb from limb.

The beast of shadow and fungus is a blur of tainted movement. It sprints at amazing speeds, ducking and dodging pounce after pounce. It's out of the alleyway and climbing a hill outside the town when Verona knocks it to the ground.

Steinar has no chance in hell to tackle that thing. It is much too fast, much to slick to let something as obvious as a tackle hit it. The Wolf lets out a growl of frustration as he simply sails above it and past it. He lands back on the ground running, turning to give chase..

Big Black Dog does one thing, and one thing well. Running. No fucking WAY is something outrunning him. He's on that critter the second it makes a break for it it, and is actually gaining ground a little... up until he makes a dive for it, claws out to try and tangle it up until Verona can get a hold of it. "I should have readied a snare..." he thinks to himself as the speedy beasty ducks to the right, leaving him with a mouthful of dirt.

FairVerona roars back up to Crinos as they thing begins to puff, with a mighty swing she smacks the thing farther away from her allies as it explodes engulfing her in schnozzberry spores. She stumbles around for a bit swinging axe, and by axe now that it's not a fight that thing looks like a terrifying maw of jagged metal that looks like it was shaped like clay rather than hammered. It more PULLS her towards the Enemy as more things need to die by its blade. The BANG. No more enemy. Sad axe is sad. Julie starts to wander towards Sahael, tongue lolling out but stopping to puke every few feet, then during one of the purging moments she tastes the Rainbow and her senses are clear.

Trekome still hates stepping sideways. It's not often he does it, and so it's not something he's overly used to, and for some reason, he just hates that first few moments after he pushes into the Penumbra. It takes a couple seconds for him to get his bearings, though it's made easier by the sound of fighting, growling, and yelling from the others. He gains his senses just in time to see Verona bring her ax up like it were a golf club, then just SMACK it with the blade to send it into the air. He draws his pistol and levels the sights on the... thing. The... thing... goes into a smooth arc, easy for Trekome to follow with his pistol. He waits for the beast to hit the apex of the arc, and drops the sights just a couple hairs further before sending the round. WHUMP! The round hits the beast, turning it into nothing but essence and dust.

Was he stoned? Not as long as the first time. Seems the Gandwere was faster this time! Still, he did puke a bit, just a little, which might have hit Veronas foot. Which would only have been interesting had she still been here! But there is a sense of .. well, it’s written on his face. A look of slight surprise on Steinar's face. A bit of disappointment, perhaps? In his genera lack of showing that he can be, in fact, a good warrior? He rubs his chin a bit, "Well.." he comments, "That was .. at least effective." he looks to his own hand. And oh yeah, he took human form again.

Big Black Dog watches the little bastard explode and gives a wolfish grin towards Verona and Steinar. <You smell terrible.>

For the second time, at least for Steinar, there is a few long moments where that damn cloud of mind-effecting and body-addling spores has him sick. And poor Verona got stuck with it too. But now! Now there is a flash of rainbow light around them both, freeing up both of their minds and bodies... though unfortunately, it doesn't do much for the copious amount of Wyrm taint.

Connor smoothly steps sideways, blinking a few times only to spot the spirit go up in a cloud "Oh that's goin' ta be nasty. He gets his supplies from his satchel and goes about the business of cleansing everyone with Sahael.

Quinn decides that now is a good time to make herself scarce. While everyone else is distracted by the fire, she makes her way back down the way she came up and sticks to the alleyways back to her Jeep. Her military training serves her well, and she makes her way out without being noticed. Even if one were to make note of her, she looks enough like a SWAT team member responding to a scene that they won’t pay her too much mind, especially not when there’s a fire roaring for everyone to watch.

The fire truck ends up pulling up, along with the local Julian police. The crowd is cleared back to the edge of the block. The fire spreads to the restaurant and general store on either side, and by the time the fire is put out, both are destroyed. Three big businesses of Julian are destroyed, and it is bad. However, the Wyrm presence is gone...and many people will be free of the addictive taint of those strange mushrooms.