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Update: 12/23/20

Announcement: Barbeque Part Two

This hangout is under construction and is no longer Get of Fenris territory

Update: 10/21/20

RP: Breaking the Ice
This hangout is under construction. It no longer belongs to the Get of Fenris

Update: 10/20/20

RP: Breaking the Ice
Bergin is back in the Stacks chopping firewood for the big campfire this weekend when Dalibor, Chip and Calvin come by to chill. Since it's uncertain what's up, it takes the four guys a while to figure out who's who but at the mention of the Dead Mall, things become thankfully more clear. Bergin, uncertain as to who stood before him, introduced himself and promptly sticks his foot in his mouth.

Quote: "I'm Bergin...and you're on Get lands. So let me ask ya again, where do you get your Blood from bro?"

Update: 10/19/20

Announcement: Scrapyard Barbeque
A few new loads of scrap cars and trucks have come into the United Salvage yard and the owner is letting local shifters go through them first for any needed materials. This is sort of an open house event whereby crafters can rp getting materials, poorer folks can have an excuse to get things they can't pay for, theurge can talk to any new trash spirits that happen to be attracted to the yard. Beer, Bbq and campfire is the theme. So bring kin and allies out to the scrapyard for a simple meet and greet and scrap grab.

Contact Bergin for more info.
Date: Fri Oct 23 20:00:00 2020 EST
Storyteller: Bergin
Genre: Gaian

RP Hooks

  • Scrap Metal / Recycling: The yard reclaims the derelict vehicles from around prospect and gathers them to be processed for repurposing, recycling and reuse - in one form or another.
  • Repair: Those vehicles that can be repaired with a bit of work and spare parts salvaged from other wrecks are put back together, sometimes even given a new paint job and sold or given to worthy (kin)folk in the area.
  • Crafts: With all of this scrap metal just laying around it'd be a shame to let it go to waste. Metalworkers, blacksmiths, craftsmen of that sort could easily find scrap materials for cheap here.
  • Off the Beaten Trail: The scrapyard is located outside of the city on the forested edge of what could be considered the rural countryside. This can make it difficult to find but that may be part of its charm. You have to know where to go, what roads to go down to even find the place.
Supernatural Stuff
  • Kinfolk Business: The scrapyard is owned by a family of Get kinfolk: Old Man Johnson (tm), Mrs. Mary and The Boyz (tm).
  • Garou Hangout: Since the business is furry-friendly, the place is under the protection and operation of the Get of Fenris. Members of other tribes and their kin are welcome to visit.
The Gathering

Details: The Gathering is a weekly assembly of the Gaian Community to include Garou and Bete. The festive occasion involves a feast, storytelling, a friendly competition and announcing news for the good of the People. Logs:

The Stacks

The stacks is the back end of the salvage yard and is where the crushed cars have been assembled into brick-like walls that have created a number of what could be called "Box Canyons" where the twist or turn ended in a dead end. These many "boxes" have been found to be filled with a number of things - from small statues of scrap metal to old wrecks to strange fungal growths. The stacks have become somewhat of a strange and mysterious location where no one knows what lies around the next corner - a heavy Wyld presence can be felt by those close to the spirits but no one seems to know what has happened or what to expect.

Things that have been found:



Name United Salvage
Manager Jay Bergin
Location: Deep Forest - North West (Old Gravel Road)
Concept: Rural Scrapyard
Contacts & Allies

United Salvage/Contacts


There's something hidden in the back of the salvage company, nestled deep within the scrapyard. People call it just "the Stacks", a maze of twists and turns of crushed and flattened cars that contain more secrets than rust. Some say that they've found things back in there - statues made of scrap metal; manifestations of creation and lessons to be learned.




Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Paint It, Black - The Rolling Stones


Stacks Logs