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A Finer Point

* Ratkin - Rats are everywhere! Some are bigger than others. Not everyone can be a shiny wolf fighting the fight.

* Weaverstuff: - Engineering is life! Technology is helpful. Build build build for Moma Rat!

* Wyldstuff: - Engineering is life! But he's still a Ratkin and the Wyld is King. Moma Rat sez!

* Fire!: - Do you love fire, too? Want to burn something together? Should've been born a Twitcher!

* United Salvage!: - It's gone. Destroyed. Returned to the Wyld. Momma Rat decreed!

* Washburn Recycling: - Washburn Recycling is your Go To place for recycled Weaver Stuff! Get Yers Today!

* Contracts: - If you really need their help, ask for a Contract. It'll help. Really! We love Contracts. Just love.

* Crime: - When you do not have something you need, you find it and you take it. Sometimes it requires planning and help!

Ratkin2.png Say Cheese!


My name is Harvey. But those who matter calls me Great Balls of Fire! Well, ok. Thats mostly me calling me that. It's a good name though. I like it. It has a ring to it, don't it? Try it out for yourself! Scream: "Look out! Great Balls of Fire'! Everyone take cover!" Yeah. I like it. I like that a lot. Go with that! So here I am, me and my trusty boomstick.
Family is never far away, even though they seem to look at me at times as if I had leprosy. It's just a bit of Weaver-stink, you gits! Give an Engineer a break. Well, I don't got no leprosy, so they are just going to have to deal. So, now we have a new city, and a new group to get to know. This'll be interesting
Ooh, look at all those buildings to burn....

Avoiding Death

To avoid death, any good ratkin need a few things and quotes to live by. Here are some of Harveys:
. Home is where the RV is, because thats where the flammables are stored!
. Trust in the Tunnels. The Tunnels are good!
. When in doubt, use the Rite of the Bolthole! And doubt factors into everything!

Bits 'n Pieces

There is scrap and pieces of things all over the place. All of it an absolute treasure! With a fifteen minute visit to any scrapyard, a quick raid in any store reasonably stocked to help your avarage household person keep their kitchen clean and you will be set for life. You can boobytrap your home to unleash holy hell 'n fire on anyone trying to break in and steal your shit. Everyones goin' on 'n on about guns and how good they are. Screw that, I say! Shrapnel bombs. Fire. More fire. And then more fire on that! And then perhaps some burning shrapnel! Thats all a rat needs to clean house. Everyone are on 'n on about how bad the Weaver is. Well, I say the old Spider has provided us with the tools needed to really fuck with the humans. And the mangy wolves.

The Cage Whisperers & the Chateau le Pinto

The Nest

  • Deep under the depths of the deepest depths of depthhood exists a thing so dark and dangerous that is hardly bares talking about. You could also say that hidden just under Washburn Recycling is a thriving Nest housing a Colony comprised of Ratkin and Kinfolk of Caged Folk origins. They are lead by Ten Times Ten Ways of Revenge whom defends and leads the Nest with the usual Ratkin zeal. They call themselves the Cage Whisperers, although at this stage they are hardly large enough a group to be called even a young Tribe.

Washburn Recycling & It's secrets

  • In the northern industrial quarter of Prospect lays the still running business of Washburn Recycling. It is, in all it's glory, simply put a Junkyard. It takes in cars, machinery and electronics and recycles what it can while junking the rest. However, deep within the tall stacks of cars and junk lays a small secret. The Chateau le Pinto is a small shanty village that has grown within the piles of dirt and junk. Fiercly defended, few dare venture to this place that are not invited or hail to a very specific cheeseloving persuasion.

She's a Karen!

  • The business of Washburn Recycling is owned and operated by a woman, whom in many peoples eyes, his highly unpleasent. Her name is Karen Smith, a woman of both girth and musculature whom few dare to go up against. She lives and breathes junking things. To her help, she has a group of people that call themselves the Junkyard Brigade. Shady, weird people whom lurk about in the Junkyard at all hours of the day. If approached, they will always turn away and lose you among the stacks until Karen finds you and yells at you. Best have a good reason prepared for why you are there!

The Rat Swarm

Former Deceit: Noble Magic Rats (to Honour the Munchmausen)

. United Salvage - Deceit Claimed Territory; Claimed from the Get of Fenris Mutts and now returned to the Wyld!
. They left me, Gogh & Perfection , both of them. It has happened again.

Former Deceit: The Terror Squad.

. And now I have abandonment issues. Fuck. R.I.P, fuckers: Davidson, JimmyNotJimmy, Adrien

Trust in the Rat!

. Wheezington - Lord Rasp-Gasp St. Wheezington the Filth, Esquire. <reaches for inhalator>
. Kierik - Came in like a bowling ball!

At least you’re not ugly

. But you are still not pretty enough to be here if your name is missing!!

Fuck your own face!

. Garou - Diiiieeeee!
. Vampire - Buuuuurn!
. Mage - Explooooooode!
. Changeling - .... whut?

Food for Worms .. possibly

. Gogh - Ex Deceitmate, Contract Holder & Former Deceit Leader Extraordinaire!
. Perfection - Ex Deceitmate, whom are far too clean to be a Ra... wait, you're a Moon Mouse! Nevermind. Carry on!
. Nurin - Momma Ratkin. She's a momma. Cause she's got a youngling. Here and gone again
. Cynthia - Foodbringer. She's too clean for family! But she is family. Will trust. Will not burn. Leader of the Impossible Glade.
. Shelby - Leader of Angels. Dispenser of Bullets. Lost to time.
. Nora - She loves fire. Fire.. FIIIREEEEE!
. Carolina - Milkeyes. Liked this one. Now she’s gone somewhere.
. Davidson - Ex Terroriffic leader. M.I.A. The fuck did you go, punk?
. JimmynotJimmy - Ex Deceitmate, Mr BLT. Motherfucker stole my fire!
. Adrien - Ex Deceitmate. Cough Cough Wheeze. Vaccinate your kids, people! GAWD!
. Clea - T-shirts galore!
. Zeke - What in the bleeding sewer are you?

Jury Riggings & Engineerings!

. Rattery - Battery Fetish (Custom). Made January 2021
Made from an old powerbank and a Freak-a-chu Spirit.
- Personal Use

. RatCopter - Modified drone
Made from a real drone. Death from Above!
- Personal Use

. Burn-o-Matic 3000 - Flamethrower Fetish (Custom). Made October 2022
Made from a sawnoff shotgun stock with added canisters, along with a Fire Elemental Spirit.
- Personal Use

Ear Noise

Fire Water Burn - Bloodhound Gang

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
Burn motherfucker burn'

I hope you die - Bloodhound Gang

Die Die Die Die Die Die Die
Die Die Die Die Die Die Die

Feuer Frei - Rammstein

Bang bang
Bang bang
Feuer frei
Bang bang
Bang bang
Feuer frei

Make It Bun Dem - Skrillex & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

We mash up the place
Turn up the bass
And make them all have fun
A-we ablaze the fire
Make it burn them

Hateful Love - Little Big

I'll break you
I'll kill you
I hate you
More, more, more

Ode to a Rat - Heidi's Song (ft Sammy Davis Jr.)

R is for your Rotten disposition
O is for the Odours that you spread
D is for the Dirt, your happiest condition
E is for your Evil eyes of red
N is for the Nausea you keep causing
T is for the Traps... well, we won't go into that
Put them all together, they mean Rodent. Just another fancy word for RAT!

Rats Rule - Die Antwoord (ft Jack Black)

Rats are all that you can think of,
The only thing that you discuss
You can try and find a rat solution
But you'll never get rid of us
Rats, rats, you think that we're disgusting
But actually we're really cool
Us rats, started in the gutter
But in the end the rats shall rule
In the end the rats shall rule!
Rats rule mother fucker

Great Balls of Fire
Lone Rat
Skinny. Pale. Sickly