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Notable Colony Ratkin

-Shake Well for Best Results (Shelby)

Black Whispers, The Queen of Ash and Nightmares Cynthia Rrrrr't Shadow Seer - Runs various Wyld incursion projects and is an epic Fetish crafter.

Ruby Tuesday (NPC) Rrrr't Shadow Seer, and head Mama in the Colony. Very wise, very easy going, and a somewhat unique sense of humor. She's currently running her own Rat Genome Project, and is very studious and attentive to which genes are missing from the pool, who has them and how to acquire them. Needless to say, this makes the Rat Mama somewhat promiscuous (Not that rats...Are known...For being chaste.). But it's all in the name of the Wyld, and she regards her business affairs and duties with a professional, albeit pleasant, manner. She doesn't hail from any plagues, though American through and through.


Active Ratkin