Character Generation/Ratkin

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Choose Concept, Faction (Gaian or Wyrm), Nature, Demeanor, Breed, Aspect

Shifter Rank: 1

Attributes: 7/5/3

Abilities: 13/9/5

  • Munchmausen also get Expression 3
  • Plague Lords also get Medicine 3

Gifts: 1 Common, 1 Breed, 1 Aspect

  • Some levels of Freak Factor give an extra free gift, see below
Common Breed Aspect
  • Cloak of Shadows
  • "Darksight (gift)"
  • Resist Toxin
  • Shadow Throw
  • Smell Poison
  • Stash Cache
  • Homid: Eau de Rat, "Persuasion (gift)", "Cooking (gift)"
  • Metis: Mother's Touch, Sense Wyrm, Cloak of Shadows
  • Rodens: Absolute Balance, Leap of the Kangaroo Rat, Survival
  • Engineer: Control Simple Machine, Open Seal, "Scrounge (gift)"
  • Knife Skulker: Sticky Paws, Truth of Gaia, Death Mark
  • Munchmausen: Persuasion, Spirit Speech, Tale Spinning
  • Plague Lord: Poison Food, Sniffle, Virulent Curse of Hatred
  • Shadow Seer: Mother's Touch, Sense Weaver, Sense Wyrm
    • Shadow Seers also get Spirit Speech free
  • Tunnel Runner: Danger Sense, Silent Running, Scent of the True Form
  • Twitcher: Firebug, Sense Angst, Sense Weaver
  • Warrior: Resist Pain, Razor Claws, Sticky Paws

Backgrounds: 5

  • Resources must be less than 3 (0 for Tunnel Runners)
  • Metis must include Colony 1+
  • Knife-Skulkers also get free Contacts 3
Aspect Free bonus Rite
Engineer Rite of the Shopping Cart (still level 3)
Knife-Skulker Contract Rite
Munchmausen Rite of Artifice Dedication
Plague Lord Rite of the Birthing Plague
Shadow Seer Dedication Rite
Tunnel Runner Rite of the Bolthole
Twitcher Rite of the Cardboard Palace
Warrior Rite of the Pain Dagger
Aspect Must include Freak Factor
Engineers 4 (Unbalanced)
Munchmausen 5 (Unnatural)
Plague Lords 4 (Unbalanced)
Twitchers 3 (Unhinged + Unstable)
Freak Factor Free gift
3 (Unearthly) Spirit Speech
4 (Unbalanced)
  • Engineers get Sense Weaver
  • Plague Lords get Sense Wyrm
  • Others choose one of these

Rage: by Aspect

Gnosis: by Breed

Willpower: 3

Renown: 3 (any)

  • Wyrm: replace Obligation with Power, retain Cunning and Infamy

Other bonuses:

  • Warrior: 1 extra health level
Aspect Rage
Engineer 2
Knife-Skulker 3
Munchmausen 4
Plague Lord 3
Shadow Seer 2
Tunnel Runner 1
Twitcher 5
Warrior 4
Breed Gnosis
Homid 1
Metis 3
Rodens 5

Freebies (15):

Type Freebies per dot
Attribute 5
Ability 2
Gift 7 (level 1 only)
Background 1
Rage 1
Gnosis 2
Willpower 1

Beast Courts (Nezumi):