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If you're new to the sphere, please review this Primer for Cliaths before proceeding further. This will give you an idea what to expect.

Choose Concept

Decide what your character is like. On your +sheet, this is a short (29 character) synopsis.

Choose Breed

Breed Gnosis Gifts (pick one)
Homid 1 Master of Fire
"Persuasion (gift)"
Smell of Man
Metis 3 Create Element
Primal Anger
Sense Wyrm
Lupus 5 Hare's Leap
Heightened Senses
Sense Prey

Choose Auspice

Auspice Rage Gifts (pick one) Glory Honor Wisdom
Ragabash 1 Blur of the Milky Eye
Open Seal
Scent of Running Water
Any combination totaling 3
Theurge 2 Mother's Touch
Sense Wyrm
Spirit Speech
0 0 3
Philodox 3 Resist Pain
Scent of the True Form
Truth of Gaia
0 3 0
Galliard 4 Beast Speech
Call of the Wyld
2 0 1
Ahroun 5 Falling Touch
Razor Claws
2 1 0
Black Spiral Dancers Power Infamy Cunning

Choose Tribe

  • If you're Fallen, then set Faction = Wyrm and Tribe = Black Spiral Dancer. (If you ICly belonged to a different tribe before falling, then put that in a +note.)
  • All others, set Faction = Gaian.
Tribe WP Gifts (pick one) Restricted Required/Recommended
Black Fury 3 Breath of the Wyld
Heightened Senses
Sense Wyrm
Black Spiral Dancer* 3 "Rathead (gift)"
Sense Wyrm
Toxic Claws
Bane Protector
Resist Toxin
Bone Gnawer 4 Cooking
Resist Toxin
Pure Breed
Child of Gaia 4 Mercy
Mother's Touch
Resist Pain
Fianna 3 Faerie Light
Resist Toxin
N/A Kinfolk (Recommended)
Get of Fenris 3 Razor Claws
Resist Pain
Visage of Fenris
Contacts N/A
Glass Walker 3 Control Simple Machine
Trick Shot
Pure Breed
Red Talon 3 Beast Speech
Scent of Running Water
Wolf at the Door
Human Allies
Human Contacts
Human Kinfolk
Shadow Lord 3 Aura of Confidence
Fatal Flaw
Seizing the Edge
Silent Strider 3 Sense Wyrm
Speed of Thought
Silver Fang 3 Falcon's Grasp
Lambent Flame
Sense Wyrm
N/A Pure Breed 3+ (Required)
Stargazer 5 Balance
Falling Touch
Sense Wyrm
Uktena 3 Sense Magic
Spirit Speech
Wendigo 4 Call the Breeze
"Camouflage (gift)"
Resist Pain

* If you set a +note that you were rank 1+ in another tribe and then walked the Spiral, then you can pick a starting gift from that tribe instead

Choose Stats

Stat Baseline Freebies per additional dot
Attributes 1 in each + 7/5/3 5
Abilities 13/9/5 2
Gifts 1 breed, 1 auspice, 1 tribe 7 (level 1 only)
Backgrounds 5 1
Gnosis by Breed 2
Rage by Auspice 1
Willpower by Tribe 1
Freebies 15

Lupus may not spend baseline dots on the following Abilities, though they may be purchased later with Freebies:

  • Skills: Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms
  • Knowledges: Computer, Law, Linguistics, Politics, Science

Backgrounds: See Tribes Table for restrictions and requirements.

General Shifter-Specific
Allies Ancestors
Alternate Identity Familiar Spirit
Contacts Fate
Fame Fetish
Influence Kinfolk
Mentor Numen
Resources Pure Breed
Retainers/Followers Spirit Heritage
Spirit Network

Record Renown

See Auspice Table for Gaian Garou amounts.

When you are completed, you should reset the type of renown you do not use to nothing. For example: Gaian:

  • +selfstat Power=
  • +selfstat Temp Power=
  • +selfstat Infamy=
  • +selfstat Temp Infamy=
  • +selfstat Cunning=
  • +selfstat Temp Cunning=

And then for BSD:

  • +selfstat Glory=
  • +selfstat Temp Glory=
  • +selfstat Honor=
  • +selfstat Temp Honor=
  • +selfstat Wisdom=
  • +selfstat Temp Wisdom=

Record Rank

Characters start as Rank 1 (Cliath).

You may choose to start as a Cub (Rank 0) instead, in which case you start with 0 renown and no Gifts. When you reach Rank 1, you will earn these Gifts as a reward for completing your Rite of Passage. However, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS FOR THE WRONG REASONS.

  • Several players have played cubs; most of them got frustrated and gave up before advancing to Cliath.
  • Playing a cub is highly restrictive to your RP, by necessity.
  • Please OOCly talk to the ranking PC(s) in your tribe, as well as the PC Den Father/Mother, before applying for a cub.
  • If you're unfamiliar with the source material, then playing a cub is generally not a good way to become familiar. Few players are interested in spending their RP time teaching you the most basic of basics; even if they agree to do so, they may not be around enough. The best way to become familiar is to read the main rulebook, Players Guide to Garou, and/or Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes, then apply for either a Cliath or kinfolk as you prefer.

Spend Freebie Points

Include merits and flaws if desired. You may get extra freebies from up to 7 points of flaws, or the sum of your two largest flaws, whichever is greater.

If your PC sides with the Beast Courts

  • Usually Hakken (Shadow Lords) or Stargazers
  • Affiliation = Beast Courts
  • Gifts: Replace auspice gift with a hengeyokai gift, Hakken replace tribe gift with a Hakken gift
  • Auspice and Renown: By hengeyokai auspice
  • Backgrounds: Allies, Kinfolk, and Past Life are suggested for Hakken