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Kinfolk (Human)

Stat Baseline Freebies per additional dot
Attributes 1 in each + 6/4/3 5
Abilities 11/7/4 2
Backgrounds 5 1
Willpower 3 1
Freebies 21


  • If you side with the Wyrm, then set Faction = Wyrm and Tribe = Black Spiral Dancer. (If you ICly belonged to a different tribe in the past, then put that in a +note.)
  • All others, set Faction = Gaian. (If you're multiclassing and ICly consider your kinfolk-ness secondary, then use your race or subrace's chargen rules instead.)

Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk with Pure Breed are not allowed as PCs:

  • Pure Breed kinfolk's children are more likely to be shifters.
  • Pure Breed kinfolk can be auto-identified as such by all Garou shifters (Gaian or BSD) on sight.
  • Black Spiral Dancers lack Gaian ethics/morals.
  • Thus, the likely fate of Black Spiral Dancer kinfolk with Pure Breed ranges from 'kept on a tight leash away from all mortal society, lest they be seen by Gaian Garou shifters', to 'kept as breeding stock in a deep, dark underground tunnel'.
  • We consider this unsuitable for PCs, as their RP would either be too limited, or require too much suspension of disbelief to explain why they weren't so limited.