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Cynthia Garcia
Cynthia Garcia




RP Hooks
  • Crime Cynthia has a criminal record and is a convicted felon. Light fingered and able to get into places she shouldn't be. Would you like to be burglarized or have your pocket picked? I'm sure we could arrange something.
  • Mercenary Spiritualist Need some spirit work done and you don't want the judging looks from Mages or other Shifters? Cynthia provides contract shaman services. Discreet, private and reasonable rates.
  • Wanna play with me? Risk level 2, willing to do anything that helps with renown or character development
  • Fame: 1 +bbread 44/89
  • Mage "Great fun, except for the fun police. I like their world view. I think I'll keep it."
  • Vampire "Do you want to suck my blood? Go for it. Be my guest. No really. Give it a spin. What could possibly go wrong?"
  • Werewolf "Fuzzywuzzywuzzy!"
  • Mortal "Hey, my duty relates directly to these guys. Or perhaps rather die-rectly."
  • Changeling "Maried one! Go me! I can't wait to see what our children are!"
  • Demon "Super strict dad. Authoritarian household. High expectations. I get why you rebelled. You're metaphysical teenagers."
  • The Restless Dead "Hey, I'd love to talk. But if you bother me I'm calling George."

Marauder Character

Race: Unshaped Fae
Title: Queen of Ash and Nightmares

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Color: Pale
Eye Color: Brown

Looking for:
Cynthia is engaged in projects to undermine reality itself and free people from the constraints of it. Some people would likely be opposed to that. Others aren't aware how extensive her plans are. If familiar with Exalted Cynthia is best understood as one of the unshaped Fae of the Wyld who want to save everyone from the dreadful state of being only one thing at a time. As to what she truly is. Most people that know will say 'dangerous'.

Rumors and Friends (feel free to comment)

  • Rodrigo: You... are now my one true girl. Tinyheart.png
  • Deil Just remember I'll be there when you screw up. For better or worse.
  • The Rumor being that Cynthia defeated Cross, Prospects first Master of Nine, in Certamen.