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Rohana Skjaldaer's Public Info.


  • Bon Vivant: (Heavy Metal)She is vivacious and jovial, loving the joy of friendship, the serenity of helping others, and the passion of fighting things she hates.
  • Job: (Survivor) She teaches meditation, fitness, and defense, part time at a local shelter. So she is poor, contentedly so though.
  • Musician: her music) Using a self made lute/tabor-pipe with better tap-drum resonance, and relying heavily on melodic vocals, she sings folk, 'bard', or 'fancy tavern' type songs.
  • Athlete: (The Champion) She is extremely athletic, loving surfing/diving, parkour(Urban and Forest), free solo climbing, Crossfit, and Lausa Tok fighting.
  • Neo-Pagan: A cross between nature and Aesir religion. She revels in nature and works at doing cleanups, possibly even some eco-sabotage. Allegedly.
  • Quirks: Really dislikes reptiles. Anti-materialist, happily owning very little. Reads Runes/glyphs better than English. Hates sugar products except vanilla creamer. Oddly while she has blonde hair, her fur is black. She had her first little of pups at age two, and a second at age three.
Foehammer's Supernatural Info.


  • Get of Fenris: (For the Glory) She exalts in her Tribe's war against the Wyrm, loves the Norse spiritual and warrior culture.
  • Hand of Tyr: [ ()] Slumloards, traffickers, child abusers, pimps, pushers, corrupt cops, rapists, serial killers and violent gangs, etc are Wyrm blights.
  • Black Unicorn: (Stand My Ground) "To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its value and is taken for naught, then the pact is to avenge."




  • Blood for the Blood God: (Let there be Blood) This Wyrm tainted cult makes their money, gains influence, and spreads their insanity/taint by creating and spreading physical copies of true-gore videos. Abduction, humiliation, torture, and murder are just the beginnings. Cannibalism and worse following. They seek out the impressionable or those already infatuated on the dark web, create groups, and arrange distribution for the Wyrm tainted physical copies of the media.
  •  ??????????: (Kill 'Em, Eat 'Em, Fuck 'Em) These cultists are mostly influenced Human spree-killers when they erupt, though occasionally low-to-moderate formori might occur.
  • Becks: Very kindly sweet Fenrir nurse-kin. Quite likable.
  • Branton: Deeply intelligent, and likable Fury kin sorcerer.
  • Erin: A little odd. But in a very likable way. Spider kin!
  • Lenore: Very Helios seeming corax. Likable, must spirit together.
  • Ben: Kind and curious Forseti. Respectable and likable.
  • Kendrick: Curious Corax, seems down or grumpy?
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Rite Name: Foehammer
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Camp: Hand of Tyr
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Theurge(Godi)
Totem: Black Unicorn
Architype: Bon Vivant
Rank Wis/Hon/Glo: Cliath 3/0/0
Ht/Build: 6' / Ripped
Hair: Honey Blonde
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Heritage: Norwegian
DoB: "April 20 2000"
Birthplace: Vestfold, Norway
Job: Volunteer Worker
Record: None, so neener!
Wis/Hon/Glo: 3/0/0
Rite of Binding Rite of Cleansing
Rite Of Summoning Rite Of The Fetish

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