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"I am Waziyata Puddle Jumper. Ahroun. Child of Gaia, Wyld, and Twister. Daughter Wind that Sleeps at Night and Wakes. Also Sweet Trees Singing With Cold Water. Sister to Kaskapahtew, Osawaw, Nikamew, and Twilight Glimmer."

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Silverfangs.png They are not silly. I will be strong like them.

Childrenofgaia.png Healers. Hardest thing to do. I must heal.

Fianna.png Wise, strong, mostly good. They are for living.

Homid.png Many names and many words. They are silly, but know many good things for every bad.

Metis.png Sad things. Like me, I think they are Real Garou.

Lupus.png Too many try to be human. I will do better.

Wyrm.png Can it heal? If it can not, can I heal?

Weaver.png Too many names. Too many humans. Too many Weaver.

Wyld.png It has touched me. Do not trust. Strong, but weak.

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Noise Maker - I will be pack to him, if he can swallow his fear.

Just a Glitch - Never again. I will be strong.

Twilight Glimmer - My new sister. I will kill and die to protect her.

Many Names - He is silly, but we are both learning.

Dapplegrim - Friend. Quiet, but Galliard. Frightened by the Cyber Wolf, like me.

Thunder's Fury Might be a Friend. He is fighting dead things that wield magic.

Shieldbrother - My friend. I like his knife. Very lusty.

Two Souls - Smokes too much. Good movie recommendation.

Chases Wind - Strange, but I like him. Does not understand Twister's need.

Splits the Mirror - Strange, gave me my first drink of whiskey.

Weathers the Storm - Giant man. Den Father.

Silly Wolf - Confused lupus. Like I once was. I hope he has learned, like I did. Gone now?

Howl in the Dark - Uktena Friend. He does not like turkey. I liked him, but he is gone now?

The Gurahl - Said sorry when I killed a bear. It confused me.

Forest Lady - Gave me food and blankets. Very strange. I wonder what she is.

Weaver Voice - Mated to Many Names. Went to the Legendary Realm with us. She is strong.

Faith - Battle Singer's Mate. I wonder if she will challenge him.

Silly Lady - Speaks English worse than I did. Very silly. Gave me my first taco.

Costume Lady - Strange. Dressed me like a ghost when I was very young and new.

Crazy Hair - Strange kinfolk. Deed names like a Garou. Strange smells. Phoenix Totem?

Half Naked Man - Twin Souls' Mate. I've usually only seen him hiding in her bed.

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She lives in the forest, of course.

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Race: Garou
Full Name: Waziyata Northstar
Rite Name: Puddle Jumper
Rank: Adren
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Breed: Lupus
Personal Totem: Twister
Apparent Age: 3 years old? In dog years.
Height: Around 3 feet at the shoulder?

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RP Hooks

  • Curiosity
Almost everything is new or just interesting to Waziyata. Fast food, motorcycles, whiskey, walking barefoot on the beach... These are some of the things she has recently discovered.
  • Lupus
She's a partially non-verbal lupus who prefers to be in her breed form, and thinks humans are silly at best, and need to die at worst.
  • Wyld Touched
She is more than a little crazy and prone to doing things big. Either big successes or crushing failures. Nothing in-between.

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