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"I am Puddle Jumper, called Waziyata by humans and friends. Athro, Ahroun, Child of Gaia and of Earthquakes. I was born Lupus, touched by the Wyld, daughter of the Wind that Sleeps at Night and Wakes and of Sweet Trees Singing with Cold Water. I was sister to Kaskapahtew, Osawaw, Nikamew, and Twilight's Glimmer. Mother to five who will make their own names one day."

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Silverfangs.png They are troubled. Many are too proud, too scared of failure or dishonor. It breaks many of them, even if we try to save them.

Childrenofgaia.png We are healers. But I think we must heal ourselves, first.

Fianna.png I lived with them for many years. My first pack brother was of their Tribe. They are headstrong, proud, fierce, fun, full of love and hate and life. Be careful of them.

Homid.png There are too many of them, and their words were very hard to master. But, they have much to teach us.

Metis.png I suffered for my birth, my looks, and my Wyld curse. But they suffer more, for less fault. Some call them false Garou. Those are fools.

Lupus.png We are dying. I am afraid we will not survive the End. But we have much to teach.

Wyrm.png It does terrible things and must be stopped. The worst thing it does is get into our hearts. Be very careful.

Weaver.png Too strong. I don't know what to do to fight it, but if we can stop it, we should.

Wyld.png It gave me strength, passion, and power. With madness that drove me to kill my own kin during my cubhood. Be very, very careful.

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Close Friends

Noise Maker - Battle Singer, my dear friend. We were pack, twice, but things went badly. If he has need, I will be there.

Faith - Battle Singer's Mate. My good friend.

Frost - No voice, but she speaks and I listen. Fought with us against the Nergüi.

Shieldbrother - We were friends, once. Almost pack, but not quite.

Chases Wind - I like him. Formerly pack, but only for a short time. We rarely speak.

Weathers the Storm - Giant man. Metis. I like him, but we rarely speak.

Just a Glitch - He taught me to be strong, and to heal. I hope he can learn those lessons, too.

Twilight Glimmer - My new sister. She left and I have not heard of her. I hope she is alive.

Many Names - I liked him, even though he was annoyed with me. I tried very hard to get him to like me, when I was young. We both learned a lot.

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She lives in the forest, of course.

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Race: Garou
Full Name: Waziyata Northstar
Rite Name: Puddle Jumper
Rank: Athro
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Breed: Lupus
Personal Totem: Earthquake
Apparent Age: 6 or 7 years old? In dog years.
Height: Around 3 feet at the shoulder?

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RP Hooks

  • Curiosity
Almost everything is interesting to Waziyata, and some of it is new (she's less than a decade old, after all).
  • Lupus
She's a formerly non-verbal lupus who prefers to be in her breed form, and is trying to find common ground with humanity in her "old age"
  • Wyld Touched
She is more than a little crazy and prone to doing things big. Either big successes or crushing failures. Nothing in-between. She's toned this down a bit over the years, but the Wyld is still the Wyld.
  • Haunted by the Past
She's an Ahroun that has survived a lot of terrible situations and done a lot of horrible things. She's an optimist, but she's got empathy for the broken souls. She's not that far from rejoining them, after all.
  • Mother Wolf
She keenly felt a lack of guidance as a young werewolf, and it led to some pretty awful formative experiences for her. She's very interested in looking out for others when and where she can.

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