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I's born Evan James Pridemore II, but most folks jus' call me Skully. It's short for 'Numbskull' on account I ain't too bright, but folks ain't allowed to call me that no more. Skully's good, though. Always been fine with Skully. Can abide by Weathers-the-Storm, too, if'n you're feelin' formal, but I usually ain't an' don't 'spect anyone else to be.

I come down on the bus from Los Coyotes Res a while back on account my farm got burned down and ain't no one wanted to pay to rebuild it even when I said as I'd do all the work myself. Grampa Dave told me to go off an' make somethin'a myself in the world an' sent me to Prospect, where Miz Vesta met me an' took me to meet other folks. So... now I'm in Prospect.

It's funny how things work out, ain't it? Fire burns down your house, you end up movin' to a new place 'cause you ain't got a choice, an' suddenly you fit in. You make friends, you build a family, you start a pack, you find a girl, you build a house, an' one day you're an Elder. Sneaks up on you if you ain't lookin'.

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Tinlin: How does a man talk about a rose without soundin' like a fool? Love ain't never simple, but it sure is great.

Johanna: Sometimes you jus' find a person what knows you instantly, an' that's us.

Mason Cooper: Lil' Star, you got so much world to see an' so many folks what wanna show it to you.

Pearl Cooper: Another blessin' from Gaia, perfect as can be.

Giselle: Miz Giselle is the nicest lady I know. Ain't nuthin' I wouldn't do for her.

Jake: Prefers to call me 'Pridemore', ain't allowed no one to call me 'Numbskull' no more.

Journey: He ain't shy with sharin' what wisdom he got, an' thanks for that.

Vesta: Miz Vesta was the first to welcome me to Prospect, an' made me welcome ever since.

Libby: It's nice to have family what cares about cookin' as much as I do.

Khol: As solid a fella as I ever known, an' great-hearted.

Xenovia: Some folks got pretty strange hidden talents. Sweet lady, great friend.

Sergei: Tough ol' Wendigo. Knocked me flat out once.

Rhea: My dearest friend; I love you mightily, ma'am.

Ildar: It's a privilege for a teacher to know he has a student what's gonna eclipse 'im some day.

Faith: Always got your back, lil' sister. Always.


Branton: Smart to my dumb, but same goals. A partner in industry.

Lleutrim: 'Bout as good a friend as a guy could ask for, Little Brother.

Acacia: She fell on her butt when I met her. She also give me a sandwich once.

Alecto: She wears yoga pants. That's all I have to say about that.

Erin: Make sure'n bring Lil' Possum around any time.

George: Gave me most'a his beer, which was right nice'a him.

Halona: She don't like talkin' much, neither. Ain't mean she ain't clever.

Hjalmar: Solid fella what done looked after mine. I owe 'im.

Iris: Strange things just sort'a happen around her.

Kaati: You feel free to talk to me whenever you got troubles on your mind, lil' sister.

Nascha: You ever meet Rocky? Anyhow, she makes nice jewelry.

Natalie H.: Ain't never seen nuthin' like her in my life. What a beautiful kitty.

Ouray: Almost as big as me. Almost.

Phillipe: Fleep is a big golden talkin' kitty!

Sean: Looks a bit like Jesus, but ain't talk much like 'im.


Bronwyn: Keep a respectful distance, know where the exits are, an' always keep an eye on this'n.

That Damn Squirrel: He has a gun. I see 'im again I'm'a make a tobacco pouch out'a 'im, an' that's a fact.

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RP Hooks
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Master of the Challenge - My job in the Sept now is the overseein' an' assignin'a chellenges. Matters'a dispute come to my doorstep, these days.

Crafts - I'm pretty good at makin' stuff an' fixin' other stuff. I work at the forge a lot, but I can do other stuff, too. I made this bracelet, an' sometimes I make stuff for people. Even built me an entire house in the side of a cliff an' up in the redwoods, if'n you can believe that.

Pack - Our job's to improve the Sept, empower its members, an' bring hope to the hopeless. Ain't no job too big that a step forward won't make it that much smaller.

Los Coyotes Reservation - S'where I grew up. Wasn't to go back 'til I made somethin'a myself, an' that's what I did when it was time for Grampa Dave to go to the spirit place. Ain't home no more, though.

Fighting - Could always go a few more rounds in the Amphitheater. Ain't many can keep up with me anymore, though.

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Skully's Guide to Good Citizenship
001: +Votes & +Noms

002: Group Scenes

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Evan James Pridemore II

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Full Name: Evan James Pridemore II
Rite Name: Weathers-the-Storm
Nicknames: Skully; Numbskull, Skulls
Pack: Kandula's Hope (Alpha)
Played By: Jim Thorpe
Date of Birth: In the springtime.
Apparent Age: Very Tall
Height: Seven-Foot-Six
Heritage: Los Coyotes Cahuilla & Sihasapa Blackfeet Lakota
Demeanor: Adjudicator
Breed: Garou Metis
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Wendigo
Rank: Elder, some-damn-how


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Strength (Homid): Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.png




Notable Merits: Huge Size, Calm Heart, Can't Lose
Flaws: One Eye

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