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Liberty Rosanna Carter
Libby has come from North Carolina to stretch her wings. Always curious about what the West coast had to offer in new cuisine and game as well as craving the exposure to the great redwoods and vast deserts she's come to explore new land and meet new people.

As a butcher, she's well known for keeping up to date on all permits and handling practices. She's known for being able to get her hands on strange meats and offering various more exotic pieces of meat not offered in most stores and even butcher shops that could not maintain the permissions.

As a Kinfolk, her family is known of but not heard from often and it's rarer they venture out on their own.

She was raised in North Carolina along the Mid-Atlantic forests in Harnett County, along with an extensive network of aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings. They're a strange clan, known for their health and longevity and also for their sought after hunting techniques. Her family maintains that they descendant from Croatan peoples a coastal tribe of the First Nations. Rarely seen, especially the women and children save for attending school in packs they are somewhat infamous locally as insular and a bit xenophobic as is evidenced by stories of teens getting chased off lands in the middle of the night by people on ATVs.

But that's behind her now and she's come to the culture shock of California.

The Hunteress
'Mostly Average'. It's the best way to describe this woman. Average height, somewhere around five foot six with an average atheltic build. Average coloring, slightly tanned maybe a bit of something native in her heritage. Thick chestnut hair with a few sun-kissed highlights that hits her just below her shoulders most times when it's worn down. Even her clothes are usually average; affordable jeans, Tshirts occasionally covered by a sweater or flannel and hiking boots. What is remarkable about her is her face, wide-eyed and curious. Big hazel eyes gaze out upon the world over high cheekbones, a slightly upturned nose and full lips that are pouty at rest but more often found in a smile.

Libby's Many Faces.

Faces and Names
The Butcher
Race: People
Full Name: Liberty 'Libby' Rosanna Carter
Date of Birth: July 4th (rub it in) 1997
Heritage: American Mutt
Occupation: Butcher
Tribe: Wendigo
From: North Carolina
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Height: 5'6"
Build: Average Atheltic
Meat Hooks


RPhooksLibby.png - Butcher - Exotic and Local meats of all kinds.

Unusual cuts. Offal. Eggs.
Just about any part of an animal anyone could want.

RPhooksLibby.png - Taxidermy - Just about /any/ part..

RPhooksLibby.png - Hunter - She hunts as much as she can on her own.

She doesn't trust Big Meat ;)


RPhooksLibby.png - Bars

RPhooksLibby.png - BBQs

RPhooksLibby.png - Woods


RPhooksLibby.png - Wendigo Kinfolk

Mad Skills
Perception Beefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.png
Dex Beefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBonedot.png
Wits Beefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBonedot.png
Appearance Beefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBonedot.pngBonedot.png
Crafts Beefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.png
Hunting Beefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBonedot.png
Occult Beefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBeefdot1.pngBonedot.png
Pure Breed Beefdot1.pngBonedot.pngBonedot.pngBonedot.pngBonedot.png

Bard's Tongue
So Many Words

Blep. - Lib


Pleasures of the Flesh
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